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True Alibi
True Alibi 小时 前
Danny riciardos first win made me tear up, you can hear the raw emotion in his voice
Antonio Capicotto
Music for my ears
Slippschitts Hey
Slippschitts Hey 小时 前
Why add the shit music? It ruins the video.
Louis Woodward
Louis Woodward 小时 前
leclercs car broke down he still beat the williams :/
Peter Szanto
Peter Szanto 小时 前
It's Me
It's Me 小时 前
So Leclerc, Kubica is is faster than you, please confirm you understand that message
Maylan Tohara
Maylan Tohara 小时 前
Live streaming F1 give me a link plss:(
MitsuFQ400 小时 前
i blink, this i miss his blink??
Karlore 小时 前
wow i'm so impressed with that British born, British raised, British accented, British fathered, Alexander Albon. He sure is an amazing 100% Thai driver! his mother should be very proud of all his accomplishments. I never hear about his mother? she must be busy being a stand-up Thai living in Brittishland citizen?
File MS
File MS 小时 前
Maldonado caused all these crashes....
Elrod Jenkins
Elrod Jenkins 小时 前
.........if only these things sounded like race cars.....
Se7en 小时 前
Those are not his eyes. They painted a new set of eyes on his eyelids. Vettel is driving with his eyes closed!
nubserver 小时 前
$10 says Williams wins this one
Chanel Mansell
Chanel Mansell 小时 前
AHH Lando and Daniel are so adorable ♡
Alfa 小时 前
if he blink he spin
Stroll Is not an F1 driver! Glad to see Albon in top 5
Eli Bokhobza
Eli Bokhobza 小时 前
Best video wow
killabeezle 小时 前
there is a video on youtube of Lewis playing a racing video game vs Ali A, at some point the camera focuses on him and he doesnt blink just like Seb
killabeezle 小时 前
Elbow room: Let the drivers race and give them a wider track..like all other contact sports, there will be an elbow here and there! Bring it all back please.
Ratt Pack
Ratt Pack 小时 前
The vettel onboard looks like max moved over in the breaking zone.
gay freakin frog
gay freakin frog 小时 前
removing his eyelids gives him an extra 0.001 seconds
Grant Mason
Grant Mason 小时 前
Whyyyy is Haas keeping Grosjean????
ReLXe 小时 前
Who won?
Konstantin Chernenko
Ferrari sandbagging in Practice. Could this be a 1-2?
cjflash99 2 小时 前
I’m kinda feeling for seb, I sure hope he’ll win a race this year This is coming from a guy who isn’t the biggest vettel fan
Daniele Centenaro
Daniele Centenaro 2 小时 前
the iceman...great kimi the last winner for ferrari. thank you!!!! KIMI!!!
Danny 2 小时 前
I saw it...it was a bug flying in at 1.36
Cesarota 2 小时 前
Frederik Mudri
Frederik Mudri 2 小时 前
Hamilton is using tears for getting his eyes wet during the race
shashank rao
shashank rao 2 小时 前
Bravery has always been a hallmark of Finnish
Renato 10
Renato 10 2 小时 前
Bottas fighting for the championship😂😂
Mar 2 小时 前
the mass damper is a classic piece of dynamic engineering. not many engineers even learn that art at university. such a shame they banned something that's so much part of every automotive development.
leighrg350 2 小时 前
Grosjean practicing his spins just in case Ferrari want a test driver in 2021.
Matt Mellor
Matt Mellor 2 小时 前
Shhh Seb is just timing his blinks for the tightest turns when the wheel covers his face smh
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 2 小时 前
Everybody was like "oh Mercedes is sandbagging because hard tires". Now they are all on the softs and the difference between RB and Mercedes is not that big. So they were all sandbagging, not just the evil maquiavelic misleading Mercedes.
tdurbo 2 小时 前
Wow! Just imagine that....just....wow
Valentino Casino
Valentino Casino 2 小时 前
Dont blink and drive
Ramon Trindade Silva
Nem dá tempo de piscar os olhos. Muito difícil correr aí
Ramon Trindade Silva
Esse é o grande Sebastian Vettel. Desejo que vença o GP de Singapura 2019.
Jay Mchelsea
Jay Mchelsea 2 小时 前
Haas to score good points in America Grosjean P4 the team manager for saw that
Artur P
Artur P 2 小时 前
Always someone pushing Lewis into the wall, hmm
Fabricio Tyczkowski
Fabricio Tyczkowski 2 小时 前
O primeiro que piscar perde kkkkkkk
jaredloveless 2 小时 前
LeClerc last!?!?! I think he was just going easy on the car, or tires.
Fabian gaynor
Fabian gaynor 2 小时 前
👀 🏎 wow
Luka Vukovic
Luka Vukovic 2 小时 前
Its funny bcs he looks scared for the whole time
Ceejay 2 小时 前
Today in the F1, the times of 1° position until 10° position almost does not has difference basically 3..4 seconds. Pilots and cars are equals.
S. Diana
S. Diana 2 小时 前
3:47 Norris : umm I was just parking my car here , please make race over quickly so I can get out
TrenosUK 2 小时 前
Did Daniel 👌🏽 Lando there?
nattyt2001 !
nattyt2001 ! 2 小时 前
Number 7 trending... for gaming
Pedro Cámara
Pedro Cámara 2 小时 前
Add Leclerc "They seeme rolling" at the video of the top momemts of weekend @FORMULA 1
Mark Foley
Mark Foley 2 小时 前
I love kimi and lando
Vito Augello
Vito Augello 2 小时 前
Evidently, the Haas car is so bad that they either they need Grojean to work out details or they cant afford Hulkenburg. Either way, it sucks.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee 2 小时 前
you can see the g-force morphing his face
gamer388 2 小时 前
Amazing footage ! You can see how focused Vettel is. Respect to all F1 drivers.
shauwN 2 小时 前
Really digging the soundtrack ayeeeeeeeee
yugioh master
yugioh master 2 小时 前
I didn't see any blinks from sebastian vettel but really weird to see a drivers eyes thorugh the visor
Big g
Big g 2 小时 前
Good interview keep them coming.
Antonio. M
Antonio. M 2 小时 前
Does anybody understand why Grosjean has been renewed? Insane.. Nico could be off the grid 🤔
mad Ness
mad Ness 2 小时 前
I saw vettel’s eyes👀
geonerd 2 小时 前
Stroll and Perez deserve each other! ;)
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta 2 小时 前
That onboard made me sick its scary to see how much they move around
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 2 小时 前
“ Leclerc came up to a slow moving lance stroll “ So Lance Stroll
Tristanto Pambudi
Tristanto Pambudi 2 小时 前
Hulk to WEC
Sidnei oliveira
Sidnei oliveira 2 小时 前
Alemao vigarista maior de toda historia da F1 merece cada segundo do sofrimento que ta tendo...fez aqui paga aqui
EpicMeh 2 小时 前
when did the era where f1 drivers were jacked up on coke stop
NoFaCe GaMeR
NoFaCe GaMeR 2 小时 前
You see his leg 🦵 snap ughhhh 😑
AMA200707 2 小时 前
For all the guys bashing albon, remember 2018 Singapore Q3 where Daniel Ric finished his Q3 with 1.3 seconds behind max!!
Craig Beck
Craig Beck 2 小时 前
mojoblues66 2 小时 前
"Sainz nearly put me into the wall!" where did that arrogrant prick think he was driving???
Mike Litoris
Mike Litoris 2 小时 前
The man, the true HERO.
CG4165 YT
CG4165 YT 2 小时 前
What’s the music called?
versita 2 小时 前
I feel like I just had a staring contest with Seb.
therealG 2 小时 前
I’ve seen amateurs race better at the revival
l,erwgpü3,ü2342 2 小时 前
Calling this "action" is a reach
haha 19 for leclerc ahhaha you deserve that boy!!
M_Swizzy22 2 小时 前
I’d love to see these helmet cams during the start or something like that, to see the amount of work their eyes do to avoid contact with cars left right and Centre
DieselDan09 2 小时 前
Awesome stuff f1
Engineer 314
Engineer 314 2 小时 前
Fans: How many times do you blink in one lap? Drivers: Yes
MafiaboysWorld 2 小时 前
I need Visine for my own eyes after seeing that. 😂🤣
Jon B
Jon B 2 小时 前
Kimi hasn't blinked for over 200 years
TheJohn365 2 小时 前
Kubica the champion that never was. Great driver plagued with bad luck perfect example how stats mean nothing I wish him well in the future.
Nelson Mejias Lozada
There is not conspirancies here, justo Toyota didnt want loss money in f1 and give a Drive to this pile of money
William Kang
William Kang 2 小时 前
Why do you guys refer to Verstappen as a "superstar"? He hasn't earned the moniker. Hamilton won a world title in his second year of F1 while losing the title by one point in his rookie year. THAT'S a "superstar". Verstappen hasn't even been in the hunt for a world title. I'm not even a Hamilton fan but I know how to use the word "superstar". Verstappen sucks.
RISE ! 2 小时 前
RIP Anthoine Hubert
Haviforg 2 小时 前
Basta de que analice un piloto de cuarta las maniobras, lleven a un campeón alguien con experiencia, alguien que la rompió en la formula 1 o en otra categoría, este muchacho corrió un par de carreras y listo. Nunca va a entender las maniobras que se hacen si nunca compitió para llegar primero es simple
Edward Jam
Edward Jam 2 小时 前
Stroll still trying to figure out how fast an F1 car goes.
jeanbobbb 2 小时 前
Albon even slower than Gasly. That's impressive... Kvyat and Trump 2020 u guys!💪
David Fabos
David Fabos 2 小时 前
Space don't know every told me black journal every year level no racis. She is nice every where from hungary center go and go culture what seen word him love.
Retromaniaco_br 2 小时 前
Not bad for the "perfect #2 driver"
Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen 2 小时 前
Kybo 2 小时 前
Wheres Daniel Riccardo facecam!?
Farhan Maleq
Farhan Maleq 2 小时 前
Nelson Mejias Lozada
Timmy teaching us how to do a lap in Interlagos in neutral
Sixrow 2 小时 前
Just curious, was that switch he was flicking by his right hand for DRS?
David Aleksidze
David Aleksidze 2 小时 前
FP2- Mercedes 1-2. "Guys Mercedes was just fooling around, they'll get in there again." Race Day- LecLerc 1, Verstappen 2. So boring, always the same.
Enforcer 2 小时 前
everything is banned by that shitty FIA decisive body. Old farts are scared of any innovation
DerrkuciCufo 2 小时 前
Grosjean again in 2020…what a jooooke
Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams 2 小时 前
this is an amazing on board vid! I love it! Good Luck this weekend Seb!!!
Luca Luis
Luca Luis 2 小时 前
he the best finished on your carrer in singapure p4 with toro rosso but now McLaren
thekillakid99 2 小时 前
That gear box sounds horrible on the down shifts All the cars do that ???