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The N Social
The N Social 9 小时 前
That steering looking smooth. I don't see any twitching from it. Well done.
sadiq kadhem
sadiq kadhem 9 小时 前
Fun fact: Bottas currently the only man to go under the 1.16s in the history of Barcelona even in 2019 he is the only one to do it
Andre TV
Andre TV 9 小时 前
Mercedes is dominating it
Leo Geekiyanage
Leo Geekiyanage 9 小时 前
Mercedes won both championships during first week of testing
Johnny TYRRELL 9 小时 前
I hope Racing Point win a few GP,s this year
R R 9 小时 前
Mais um campeonato monótono. Se ao menos tivéssemos um Alonso ou Max na Mercedes
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales 9 小时 前
This guy talks so weird...
Darius Adamski
Darius Adamski 9 小时 前
Der liegt wie Sau. Kein Zucken.... Viel Spaß an die Konkurrenz
Daf Nik
Daf Nik 9 小时 前
He wasn't exactly pushing to the limit, wasn't he? I guess next week 1:14s... may be even 13s if conditions are great with an attacking lap and they unleash the cars. These cars are insanely fast, he went through T1 at 5th gear! Unbelievable!
DrBIeed 9 小时 前
Listening to someone say “10 and 2” while racing always makes me chuckle when I reflect on what these drivers were handling with 1 arm as they were shifting gears.
Luke Titus
Luke Titus 9 小时 前
Nice safe lap.
Fullmetaljacket9879 9 小时 前
Bottas 3.0
mehdi 9 小时 前
It looks like lewis hamiltons lap but on 2x
TJ Sorinake
TJ Sorinake 9 小时 前
That looked damn fast.
Vineeth Prabhu
Vineeth Prabhu 9 小时 前
That's somewhat equivalent to quali lap but only difference instead of Max Fuel mix Bottas would've used Rich mix with Overtake ERS instead of Hotlap..
Andre Fernandes
Andre Fernandes 9 小时 前
James, its Valtteri. Welcome to 2020 season.
Marcelo Pesan
Marcelo Pesan 9 小时 前
Second most overtake F1. First, Piquet in Senna at Hungary 1986.
Rayhan Fauzan
Rayhan Fauzan 9 小时 前
ok who came here after das mercedes system 😂
Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee 9 小时 前
I was curious if they could create a stick shift to implement the Das? Personally I don't like the idea of the steering wheel moving and it could arguably be called dangerous.
Mrpatines 9 小时 前
♪♪ Hate to say I told yo so...♪♪
Aravind sharma
Aravind sharma 9 小时 前
Vettel to Red Bull
Tactical Ghost
Tactical Ghost 9 小时 前
I like this Bottas 3.0 🙂
harmeet singh
harmeet singh 9 小时 前
Missed this, welcome back.
Jadzia Palka
Jadzia Palka 9 小时 前
is this faster than Robert Kubica's 2007 lap 44 crash?
Olm Ne
Olm Ne 9 小时 前
James, it's Valtteri
Justin Lariviere
Justin Lariviere 9 小时 前
He did seem to be pushing fairly hard, if he was strat mode 8 there the time shouldn’t be all that worrying but if not...
Nx Doyle
Nx Doyle 9 小时 前
Happy birthday Niki. It'd be nice if you were celebrating it zooming around the Cosmos.
The dragon gate
The dragon gate 9 小时 前
Will Buxton for president.
Brendan Wagner
Brendan Wagner 9 小时 前
Even if Mercedes runs away with the championship, the mid field battle looks like it could be really intense this year. Mclaren May have a much harder time securing 4th in the constructors this year
Master Wayne
Master Wayne 9 小时 前
Ferrari: maybe we have a chance this year Mercedes: DAS Beste oder Nichts
swedelock 9 小时 前
McLaren seem to suck this season too, bad bad
Ignacio Ruiz Barquin
Lintang Pranas
Lintang Pranas 9 小时 前
Here comes the WDC and WCC and I say It's alright...
Belgian-Motorsport 9 小时 前
What still don't like about the laptimer is that when someone crosses the finishline you first show the time difference with the previous laptime and then give is the actual laptime that he drove. Up untill 2018 or so it was the other way round. And better imo. Or show them both at the same time.
Guardian of the Blind
I really enjoyed the coverage on f1tv. I watched everything except for 2 hours.
David Lew
David Lew 9 小时 前
Niki Lauda was truly a great racing driver, courageous and also a gentleman. I will always remember him, as a supporter of Nelson Piquet, as Piquet’s only friend in F1.
Jabbadaba ahhhdadaah
Its Bottas time to shine. He deserves this years championsship
TheJokerit19 10 小时 前
0:22 - The first time I've seen a BB-figure featuring a number other than 0 or 5 appearing after the dot on the Mercedes-displays.
Pedro 10 小时 前
Sector 2 and 3 were wow; so fast and stable
Shivkumar Basanthpure
Shivkumar Basanthpure 10 小时 前
Hope rokit launches this year.
Siempie Bez
Siempie Bez 10 小时 前
Bottas is a nice man,to nice.End of the year Ric is not the funny man anymore.Perez is sucki.. Stroll, en do Ocon this year.Stroll??F1??ksssst
Siempie Bez
Siempie Bez 9 小时 前
Williams next to Mclaren?i hope.
Siempie Bez
Siempie Bez 9 小时 前
Vettel no more nice man this year,i hope?
Siempie Bez
Siempie Bez 9 小时 前
Oh Lendo to RB 2021.
Sarang Sharma
Sarang Sharma 10 小时 前
Ferrari is so screwed
AuWa 10 小时 前
Who else watches the steering wheel on an onboard shot?
Aniki 10 小时 前
2019 qualy was 1:15:4
mzf 11125
mzf 11125 10 小时 前
Valterri, it's James why don't you pull the steering wheel?
Jorrit Bax
Jorrit Bax 10 小时 前
Its declared illigal anf still fia lets mercedes get advantage this season. maFIA
badassbada1 10 小时 前
Great stuff; keep up the good work Liberty Media, #F1, Will Buxton, camera crew and the whole team. :-)
Roxanne Lyson
Roxanne Lyson 10 小时 前
Paddock Pass is back!!!!!!!! 0:53 GP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt Boyd
Matt Boyd 10 小时 前
Damn. Bottas or Hamilton will be crowned king this year. Mercedes 7th consecutive.
F1 fans
F1 fans 10 小时 前
Don't forget ferrari 😉
danguee1 10 小时 前
Why is this being narrated by someone who sounds like a newsreader who knows nothing about f1? Almost all the other channels get that done by someone who's really enthusiatic and know their stuff. Oh, I get it - it's a posh chick we're meant to fantasise about?
TheF1 Nerd
TheF1 Nerd 10 小时 前
In in in in in in I. I. In in
BTHSB 10 小时 前
Bottas 3.0 launched
John Fourshared Dotcom
MERCEDES and WILLIAMS - put some numbers on the FRONT of the car .... none visible in this video at all!!!!! - perhaps some moron has put them right on top of the nose, so it's only visible from a helicopter! ..... I expect Red Bull have their nose numbers in an equally silly position? Ferrari, Haas, Renault and McLaren and the stupidly named "Racing Point" cars have their front numbers clearly visible.... Come on FIA - kick some arse please!
Toni Siret
Toni Siret 10 小时 前
On the throttle so early, & stable! Who's going to match that??
Team Lean
Team Lean 10 小时 前
Can we get an onboard for Kimi & the other fastest laps too ...
TopSecretVid 10 小时 前
I’ll keep saying this...until it changes... Ferrari NEEDS to hire some Germans if they want to move forward and start winning!!!!
Apple DIO
Apple DIO 10 小时 前
Christian Rendy
Christian Rendy 10 小时 前
Okay, F1 2020 is done... Congratulations Lewis and Bottas... 😁
Koray Gun
Koray Gun 10 小时 前
Looks very stable
Don Lee
Don Lee 10 小时 前
Verstappen was able to get within 2 seconds while using the hard tires, I think Redbull has a decent chance of beating Mercedes finally. Ferrari will be mid-field.
dazaro3 10 小时 前
Car looks very good indeed , takes corners at amazing speed , looking like another dominating season ,hope Ferrari are closer this year ,gets a bit boring when one team is dominating the sport year after year.
F1 fans
F1 fans 10 小时 前
Wayne andrews
Wayne andrews 10 小时 前
10 secs in , That's enough for me , really hoped they had ditched this prat this year ...
Squall Leonheart
Squall Leonheart 10 小时 前
Very slow compared to his pole last year 1:15.406
Mgoblagulkablong 10 小时 前
Nice cheat codes.
Hero Game
Hero Game 10 小时 前
Hello there maFIA
skybluesky1000 10 小时 前
could you guys upload a comparison between this lap and his pole lap from 2019. Please include the telemetry as well
Lourens Rolograaf
Lourens Rolograaf 10 小时 前
I learned from all the experts: "they are just sandbagging!"
Anonymous 10 小时 前
And then you see Indycar 😂😂😂
vladozz 10 小时 前
Carson 10 小时 前
plot twist: DAS is just a front, a distraction for something more..
eman kcin
eman kcin 10 小时 前
Congrats Lewis on your 7th title
Marcon 10 小时 前
looks absolutely rapid
GP1USA 10 小时 前
FIA really treated Senna horribly, time and time again. Ever since he was about to win at Montecarlo as rookie no less, with a lesser car and in the rain. I hate politics, but that's what every sport is all about today, politics.
michael guy
michael guy 10 小时 前
More Will Buxton Please.
Minus 10 小时 前
this year's car is fastt!
Thraser999 10 小时 前
That turn 9 flat out, just blows your mind
Jims Chacko
Jims Chacko 10 小时 前
In charm of Mercedes and Hamilton. Valtteri has been the most underrated.
Floppy Bird
Floppy Bird 10 小时 前
Everybody: DAS DAS DAS Me: 2021 2021 2021 😁🖐
free thinker
free thinker 10 小时 前
so it was a good idea ! I am surprised you could implement it in the first week of testing ! I was expecting first race since you only had very very short time ! nice to know that it works!
Colm O'Mahony
Colm O'Mahony 10 小时 前
well in bottas
Csab 10 小时 前
why Ferrari would talk negative about they car? dont make sense
Jake Feinerman
Jake Feinerman 10 小时 前
This is an INCREDIBLY stable car, wow. Watching this lap, I feel that Mercedes has been able to significantly develop the amount of downforce generated by the underbody of the car this year. The car really looks as though it’s being sucked down into the track, rather than pushed down by the air above. It’s rock solid. Super impressive stuff.
Kami Sama
Kami Sama 10 小时 前
If anyone ever tells you that laziness won't achieve you anything, keep in mind that Niki Lauda won a race with almost no gearbox because he's too lazy to walk to the pits.
F HeART 10 小时 前
And the winner is...
Sarang Sharma
Sarang Sharma 10 小时 前
Thank you for content!!!
Md. Rashed Mosharraf
Md. Rashed Mosharraf 10 小时 前
Oh! How much I missed paddock pass!! Amazing as always Will buxton. Welcome back.
klemm1985 10 小时 前
Rest in Peace Niki
GUEDES Antônio Simões
Ho my good
NippyMoto 10 小时 前
This not even how fast it will actually go, you can tell the engine isn't revving as highly as it normally would.
free thinker
free thinker 10 小时 前
Hahaha? You did not? I ll be dam ! Very good idea rofl ! truly worthy of stupidity spirit ! I wish I had came up with this nonsense lol! It is brilliant !
Atharva Chowdhary
Atharva Chowdhary 10 小时 前
The new steering wheel is weaker in hard turns, they might face a problems in Monaco and other circuits where you need to be fast and agile through corners.
Wesley Brillhart
Wesley Brillhart 9 小时 前
Where did you come up with this idea?? It doesn't make any sense.
Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje 10 小时 前
It's amazing how even looking back to the fastest times of 2016, how stable the cars have become. He doesn't seem to put any effort into steering into the first three turns.
RacingMachine 10 小时 前
Thats the perfect lap, absolutely stunning, clean and on the edge!
Sascha Kupfer
Sascha Kupfer 10 小时 前
He don't drive witch the DAS
SMOKY 10 小时 前
R.I.P Ferrari
Pete Christdisciple
Pete Christdisciple 10 小时 前
Jesus loves you reader. God bless and have a nice day.😁
argh666 10 小时 前
Merc team: Valteri you will need to use DAS to go faster. Valteri: No need to...ate double dosage of porridge. Merc team: ...
Spruce Mouthman
Spruce Mouthman 10 小时 前
oh cool another merc 1-2 every weekend. CANT WAIT.
Sekhy Hybrid
Sekhy Hybrid 10 小时 前
Ready for a 2014 and 2016 2.0 season?
steve morris
steve morris 10 小时 前
I can't wait for the first race
Shahnid Ismail
Shahnid Ismail 10 小时 前
I would only want mercedes to win the championship if bottas is the drivers champion.