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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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100 评论
The meme addict
The meme addict 31 分钟 前
*TODAY WE WILL MAKE TrAYs LAycHAeS AND DUlcHE DAy LeCHe* It’s okay babish, you don’t have to be Hispanic to make good tres leches -all puertoricans watching this
Kirby 33 分钟 前
When you said after the commercial break I didn't actually expect a commercial to appear 😂
LucasChicken 33 分钟 前
1:34 - 1:41 I swear I've seen that exact scene in a dream before
The meme addict
The meme addict 34 分钟 前
Every Hispanic mama, tia, and abuelita: are you challenging me?
AnonymAlkoholiker 38 分钟 前
There is no point in placing that lasagna pan on a rack, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE CAKE OUT OUT THE PAN
SaberX0 41 分钟 前
"Next you'd think I'd personally make my own human so it can start a farm, but that'd be crazy right?"
hawkturkey 42 分钟 前
Is it called carbonara because the meat is carbonized?
Everbeen3 42 分钟 前
Babish you have very nice content but I think if that cheddar ontop the chilli was melted it would been better xd
Daniel G.
Daniel G. 42 分钟 前
Sees Cognac Googles Cognac Looks at price Oh boy
Rohan Kedslie
Rohan Kedslie 43 分钟 前
Okay, here's the deal, This is a good recipe for beginners. But Real Canadian poutine Has fully melted cheese curds And sloppy gravy. The fries are slightly mushy and the poutine itself Is like a lumpy, delicious,stewy mess. like from "smoke's poutineary". Its disgusting good, cholesterol loaded And a great pick me up from a cold day on the hill or a real Canadian hockey game.
Hillary Lies
Hillary Lies 51 分钟 前
kingdomkeycrafter 52 分钟 前
8:31 OMFG ITS A DS!!!
John Shepard
John Shepard 57 分钟 前
Caramel squares, there was a bakery beside my school that sold these for 10p when I was a kid, you felt half a pound heavier after eating one, bloody delish!!
Elf Lass
Elf Lass 57 分钟 前
Takoyaki needs octopus. The "tako" in "takoyaki" literally means octopus.
sk8 TV
sk8 TV 小时 前
Make the noodles from the movie parasite when they cane home from camping.
Jeff Bumgravy
Jeff Bumgravy 小时 前
why balsamic reduction? Why not a red wine sauce, like a bordelaise?
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 小时 前
This is another nations version of a mexican taco platter lol looks amazing though I love that (I cant spell it) Greek yogurt sauce
Joshua Welch
Joshua Welch 小时 前
Where’s the recipe
Piff Doctor
Piff Doctor 小时 前
Awww fuck that's hard to watch
Angie Arredondo
Angie Arredondo 小时 前
at what temperature the oven?
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 小时 前
Do Good Burger, something from Mimi and the age of the wonder beasts and the Curry of Life
Lilbroomstik 101
Lilbroomstik 101 小时 前
“Or a large pan if you don’t have a griddle” wait......do you think I’m finna make this?!?
Lani 小时 前
As a baby born in 2000 im deeply offended you assumed I don't know how many licks it takes to get the center of a tootsie roll pop and that the world may never know.
di butler
di butler 小时 前
I was ok when you decided to remove the second a from saucepan, but using the British pronunciation for aluminum? *side eye* you're not gonna Euro fancy on us, are you? I remember when Madonna did that, and it didn't end well, man.
Days at Dads
Days at Dads 小时 前
We say it’s good as shit
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 小时 前
is that the alien from prey
The Burger Bandit
Maaaan you have the smoothest voice, I could listen to you all day! Can you start doing some audio books or something haha
Soviet Doggo
Soviet Doggo 小时 前
The fuck?
Skholiwe Zondi
Skholiwe Zondi 小时 前
I heard Murmuration and I was like "I like him already"... You have a new subbie Babish
megha gupta
megha gupta 小时 前
Man, I love how you've included a vegetarian version. First cookery channel that I've ever seen do that. Do you do that in every video ? Thank you so much (for just consideration even, if it's just this video) !
iamanonymousjoe 小时 前
2:05 IT WHAT?! (he thought he was slick trying to slide that in lmaooo)
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 小时 前
Hello There
Laura Sohn
Laura Sohn 小时 前
I actually came up a new peanut butter cookie recipe recently. It takes honey roasted peanut butter instead of the regular kind
Matt 小时 前
How was this not a proposal
halo244dewa 小时 前
hey, hey,, it's pronounce DUL-SE de LE-SH-A
k.a. desrosiers
k.a. desrosiers 小时 前
thank you for the phrase "bachelor shower"
Arvin Edouard
Arvin Edouard 小时 前
Paul got some clean ass shoes
SocialLego 小时 前
Make the menu from poultry palace from toy story
BobiBoten 小时 前
First time im seeing your channel ngl pretty liked it
Sarah Mimooc
Sarah Mimooc 小时 前
this video is a godsend for when i'm living on my own. i love cooking but i don't know anything about maintaining my kitchenware
M A 小时 前
whats is brownies ?
F B I 小时 前
Family guy shits on Bob's burgers alot, but I think it's the better show.
Green Ammo
Green Ammo 小时 前
Blue and yellow they dont get along *Sweden didn't like that*
chris blake
chris blake 小时 前
Who the fuck do you think you are to talk shit aboot family guy??
Cowboy Tanaka
Cowboy Tanaka 小时 前
joshhaugh1 小时 前
lol this has nothing to do with New Mexico-style Huevos Rancheros, a dish you can get at every diner in the entire state. FYI it contains zero tomatoes. looks good, though.
mike holmes
mike holmes 小时 前
1:51 look at those love handles. they're perfect
Jonn Yong
Jonn Yong 小时 前
Lmao that was a perfect ad cut
Erik Benitez
Erik Benitez 小时 前
Netflix: are you still watching Someones daughter: 3:49
Cowboy Tanaka
Cowboy Tanaka 小时 前
This is Israeli shawarma (so an illegitimate and wrong shawarma)
Chop Happy
Chop Happy 小时 前
Wow that looks so yummy! Your basics videos are always so great and so helpful!
Chop Happy
Chop Happy 小时 前
Such a fun video! I always love your food from tv and movies recreations!
Alessandro Montemale
Where did you get that pot it looks incredible and an awesome multitasker!
Choose Me
Choose Me 2 小时 前
U could have cooked each meat separately
Trilobight 2 小时 前
Pizza aside, let's talk Scientology.
Gabriel Chan
Gabriel Chan 2 小时 前
He says Bam
Shit Head
Shit Head 2 小时 前
the secret ingredient is love.
PrinceMeatball 2 小时 前
2:47 I thought he cut his thumb off but thankfully twas only a sausage.
RKMagic12 2 小时 前
Pls make Ram-Don from Parasite!
Jonathan Dixon
Jonathan Dixon 2 小时 前
Its just called millionaire shortbread, not millionaires
AaronDidIt 2 小时 前
black olives pineapple and red onions are my fave pizza toppings. Sweet and salty is unbeatable. Also Black olives and feta cheese also very good! Sweet and salty... sweet and salty ...
Anthony Gaffey
Anthony Gaffey 2 小时 前
I love that the entire time you're saying teaspoons you're not actually using a teaspoon.
Angie Arredondo
Angie Arredondo 2 小时 前
Oliver Anderson
Oliver Anderson 2 小时 前
Would it be fine for minors to eat this
Babish: properly pepper my patty Me: ughufififu yeahhhhhhh
KallegrandStudios 2 小时 前
THat coffee ad was hilarious to watch. It is one of the very few ad I won't skip.
Nathanael Fernandes
Nathanael Fernandes 2 小时 前
Can u make Ramdon from the film Parasite
Daemon Spectre
Daemon Spectre 2 小时 前
Saw taypin
Erik Olsson
Erik Olsson 2 小时 前
Hahah Google *”Lemon Party”* it’s really funny! 😄
Koi Goi
Koi Goi 2 小时 前
these fans in the comments ruined the show
TheVaultdweller 2 小时 前
Maybe make something from Fallout too?
DrCrazyEvil 2 小时 前
I watched the whole video just to see him break it
Fog smog
Fog smog 2 小时 前
That marinade was a surprise, love how crispy the chicken looks
Jab Hutt
Jab Hutt 2 小时 前
* please consult your cardiologist (or get one immediately) before consumption:D
Sara without h
Sara without h 2 小时 前
Serpent Descendancy
Serpent Descendancy 2 小时 前
I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope she's at peace. And I hope you are doing well.
Anthony Guidice
Anthony Guidice 2 小时 前
I would KILL to see something be made from Willy Wonka. Maybe the edible grass??
Expired 2 小时 前
Shit i just witnessed Fish Genocide
matboi120 3 小时 前
You should have covered Caffè freddo, it's pretty diffrent from what you've shown and it's an actual drink ;)
Angie Arredondo
Angie Arredondo 3 小时 前
you never said how many cups of the bread flour... :(
mack Dog
mack Dog 3 小时 前
Eggs Florentine is delicious. You should try putting it in a cheese souffle. It is incredible and easy to make. A bit time consuming though. The trick for me was poaching the eggs ahead of time.
Thatkoalakenzie 3 小时 前
can you do something for madri gras? Please!!!
Jahnavi Singh
Jahnavi Singh 3 小时 前
This voice-over is all over the place lol
Calliou but it's actually Dio
Sometimes I forget Pokemon originates in Japan...
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 3 小时 前
oh the brits and the scots? wow
d-donk 3 小时 前
Babby: Season the rice. Everybody in the comments using their real names: *BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD*
rhaena p
rhaena p 3 小时 前
I’m from Scotland where cheese in burgers in batter suppers in chippies are the norm. I don’t eat meat anymore but I used to absolutely love them and I miss them sooo much lol. Do you think that using impossible meat to recreate would work?
Dank Memelord
Dank Memelord 3 小时 前
I want him to make an episode just like at 0:19 as an April fools joke
Albert Dryden
Albert Dryden 3 小时 前
I feel hungry watching these
ariel weiss
ariel weiss 3 小时 前
Make hot wings Pls
Bill Gu
Bill Gu 3 小时 前
i thought the title said 'Coronavirus Chili & Vegetarian Chili'
Old Pennywise
Old Pennywise 3 小时 前
Mushu Sure Is The Gordon Ramsy Of China
Fog smog
Fog smog 3 小时 前
Didn’t think such a specific orange existed
T E R M I N A L 7
T E R M I N A L 7 3 小时 前
Make the frosty freezy freeze from fanboy and chum chum next @bingingwithbabish
skrallan100 kek
skrallan100 kek 4 小时 前
I always thought milksteak was milk that has gone bad, become solid and then cooked.
Justina 4 小时 前
I liked this video before I even watched it, we have a "shawarma joint" in Boise! Love me some shawarma!!
Alex M
Alex M 4 小时 前
Make harly’s egg sandwich from birds of prey!!! Please ☺️
AnimlfryAnthony 4 小时 前
Egg sandwich from birds of prey
Amaterasu 4 小时 前
Eastern europeans and middle easterns: *allow us to introduce ourselves*
Shayan 4 小时 前
Make Leslie's salgur (salt & sugar) pasta from parks and rec