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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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100 评论
Dessilou 20 秒 前
Ima make sumbitches for my friends one day
Lunar Hellsing
Lunar Hellsing 4 分钟 前
Look at the mark on her exposed shoulder... Scarlet is a Joestar confirmed.
CHEFPK 5 分钟 前
Don't worry, Babish. I'll take care of the rest of the Anime Food for you ❤️
MineCraft Awesome Parodys
dimitri ermolenko
dimitri ermolenko 13 分钟 前
but..but you diddnt roast the peppers ..i am soo dissapointed
crunchyvelveeta 17 分钟 前
Not that i would ever expect anyone to invest this kind of time or money, but do you think it wouldve tasted better if each meat had been cooked individually?
Aretha Cairn
Aretha Cairn 17 分钟 前
It sounds like his guests were Dan and Arin, which I dont understand, wasnt this super early in his videos? He wouldnt have been popular enough to get the Game Grumps, right? XD
Hariz Poljakovic
Hariz Poljakovic 20 分钟 前
"So the rabbit said to the bear, "No, no, I said 'oedipal,' not 'edible!"
David Markowitz
David Markowitz 24 分钟 前
we made sous vide crème brulees one time but we didn't have a cooking torch so we used a plumbing torch, but the bowl shattered on the first one bc of the more broad, intense heat and put glass in EVERY single cup so we coudp
David Markowitz
David Markowitz 23 分钟 前
couldn't eat any of them**
Soul Snack because I don't eat much
StudioUAC 25 分钟 前
drugs are bad.
Smuggerino 27 分钟 前
That Smiley face on the lid of the squid ink bottle
Count Otto Von Husen
Count Otto Von Husen 27 分钟 前
1:52 at this point it was looking like a howtobasic burger
Bartok 31 分钟 前
I've been waiting for this for 2 years. Thanks, so much!
Thomasito Ferrari
Thomasito Ferrari 32 分钟 前
All of the crazy ingredients are actually just the toppings so you guys shouldn't be mad about him not putting any *ethol-benzyne*
t raven
t raven 33 分钟 前
Msg isn't bad at all it was a fake scare based off of racism. Your bones, mushrooms and the ocean all have natural occurring msg. It's just racism
D A W N S K I 35 分钟 前
How many times has he had to remake it -w-"
gibu002 36 分钟 前
Young Sheldon!!! - Croque Monsieur (s2e21) and Spaghetti with little hot-dogs.
Kelsie Snyder
Kelsie Snyder 37 分钟 前
Should have made roof pizza
Ryn 41 分钟 前
Questioning Carmella's recipe? Bish you thought...
RhodesLehner 45 分钟 前
This is unceremoniously one of the best videos I’ve ever watched
BlueJ4ykb Bluejaysrule
Say auf weidershen to your nazi balls
Orlos The Druid
Orlos The Druid 50 分钟 前
God I miss home, creek on the back side, lake across the road, crayfish in the ditch and ducks in the yard. I can smell it, I can smell home....
THAT Dude 53 分钟 前
2019 anyone???
landosalemchainsaw 55 分钟 前
It sounds like the Krispy Kreme doughnuts would get soggy and fall apart before you could squeeze it together to take a bite, I’d use a stronger doughnut, than a soft doughnut like KK
Ellxsandra Nora Tora
Ellxsandra Nora Tora 57 分钟 前
Randy Brown
Randy Brown 小时 前
How about making a McWhopper?
Kevin Baboolal
Kevin Baboolal 小时 前
Those arent yams those are sweet potatoes
Hello !
Hello ! 小时 前
3:23 right there his head was brighter than my future
Time Tricks
Time Tricks 小时 前
"Next we will be putting in our DRY ingredients" *proceeds to use egg*
karla Winnethepooh
Make a dish from the anime food wars
Joshua Rehhaut
Joshua Rehhaut 小时 前
This was great! Hopefully Artie’s Rabbit recipe with the famous sautéed garlic scene makes an appearance in the next episode.
Rodrigo Medina
Rodrigo Medina 小时 前
I love the fact that you use mexican beer pretty often. Ahuevo! (Hell yeah)
Jeff Wang
Jeff Wang 小时 前
"Swimming in their own butter", a saddening yet still oddly pleasing circularity for the life of a cow.
Kaiju 小时 前
I wasn't tearing up~ *rubs eyes* I'm just allergic to... oranges yeah! That's it... *sniffles* like really allergic... I need to use the restroom... *distant crying emerges from restroom*
Nicholas D
Nicholas D 小时 前
That's good for your soul
Skiie Editz
Skiie Editz 小时 前
*I knew about ube before Steven did*
Chickenlegs145 小时 前
Was wondering if I could substitute the chicken stock with vegetable stock. Would that have a bad effect on the risotto?
Anxious 小时 前
Emerald Moth
Emerald Moth 小时 前
casually dumps salt on floor
FreeTheKhajiit 小时 前
You live in brooklyn and you got that mushy chewy excuse for hero bread???????
Neil Watkins
Neil Watkins 2 小时 前
I bet coffee girl liked that bourbon, you bearded horndog.
TheCheck 2 小时 前
Plot twist: this was actually just really effective PETA propaganda
Molly Lane
Molly Lane 2 小时 前
I imagine this is in a folder on Babish's computer labeled "creole cuisine"
Tap Two
Tap Two 2 小时 前
You go through the trouble of making an amazing dough just to ruing it with pineapple sacrilege I say
Cassie Cage
Cassie Cage 2 小时 前
this isn't new. Filipino's ALWAYS doing this, so I'm not amused
Pique NY
Pique NY 2 小时 前
All the educators of film school must be burning inside all that debt trying to make it in the industry with crew, cast, over prices electron equipment etc And this guy a few cameras his skill set and he’s making $$$ easy as pie! Lol Director producer and star!
Phillip J
Phillip J 2 小时 前
Is msg tasty? I have no clue what it taste like even though ive probably eaten enough of it.
Crawzz 2 小时 前
I stopped watching and unsubbed at 2:46
Dessilou 2 小时 前
*_w e t s a n d_*
Arthur Harris
Arthur Harris 2 小时 前
You should make some other videos where you do it all perfectly first try so that people can know what exactly to do when trying to make this, btw you can just cut some parts of your videos and change the audio so that it's just right( this is just suggestion and maybe not insisting
Federico Ruffa
Federico Ruffa 2 小时 前
Jojo is good and all, but those aren't from jojo's
Ad Dee
Ad Dee 2 小时 前
Sorry for the delay. But you should make your Krabby Patty again. But with BLUE jelly!
Jermaine Gutierrez
Jermaine Gutierrez 2 小时 前
I remember when I was 5 I thought vanilla ice cream was chocolate
Jacob Poller
Jacob Poller 2 小时 前
Insert joke about Guga here
Grinchler 2 小时 前
so tomato soup is basicly tomato sauce blended with white bread?
Sophia Koeppen
Sophia Koeppen 2 小时 前
*Babish* bends down *INTERNET I'M BALD*
Hayree Batman
Hayree Batman 2 小时 前
iTs A pEaSaNt diSh
nahnah nah
nahnah nah 2 小时 前
is this really necessary ? isn't it just bacon and pancakes ?
Kevin Fry
Kevin Fry 3 小时 前
This is awesome and I love binging but I’m just gonna be the asshole that says this was cringe af from so many directions, most prominently that pretentious fire shot. There’s plenty of self interest and ego to go with the charity.
No Name
No Name 3 小时 前
this chat is too Filipino even for my Filipino family :/
Myra Travin
Myra Travin 3 小时 前
No onion. Ewww. DON'T boil the sauce. Are you an animal? It cooks all day on low heat. I mean all day.
Pamela Pelosi
Pamela Pelosi 3 小时 前
Save for the bechemel, that last ziti recipe has been my go-to and everyone loves it! I call it my Italian Macaroni and Cheese - for all the potlucks I go to. :)
Camren Aguon
Camren Aguon 3 小时 前
I love this! It's different than other cooking videos
Christian Pearce
Christian Pearce 3 小时 前
“I swear I haven’t hiccuped in like seven years” Excuses,excuses lol😂😂😂😂
*Elianna Eviris*
*Elianna Eviris* 3 小时 前
*the Philippine descents have joined the chat*
Charlie Coello
Charlie Coello 3 小时 前
Rainbow six
Rainbow six 3 小时 前
what about vegan
elrichzann 3 小时 前
This makes me want Taco Bell really bad
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 3 小时 前
shoutout ridgewood
Sonnyo Fox
Sonnyo Fox 3 小时 前
Now I’m wishing for some pizza with dollops of ricotta.
TeknoBreaker 3 小时 前
Rabbit doesn't taste like chicken, rabbit tastes like rabbit, it's a really low fat meat so it looks like chicken that it's another low fat meat but they don't taste the same at all, yo can use them to substitute eachother because they work good with pretty much the same things, both can be cooked in a rostisserie or with garlic and they taste delicious
LegoGirl1990 3 小时 前
There is no such thing as too much cheese. Unless you can't have dairy. :(
kbawler 3 小时 前
My lasagna recipe: onions, garlic, un-cased mild Italian sausage, mushrooms and bell pepper, Italian seasoning and plain tomato sauce cooked down. Then I run cottage cheese through the blender to get rid of the chunks, add egg, chopped spinach and salt & pepper. Then layer accordingly and mozza/parmesan on the top. I know no one cares, but I like to see how other people make their lasagna 😊
Schmidt Schmidt
Schmidt Schmidt 3 小时 前
The end was so good i loved it
Jasmyne Deopere
Jasmyne Deopere 3 小时 前
Would you be opposed to doing an episode on foods from The Office? It would be awesome if you did!!!
SillyChotu 2008
SillyChotu 2008 3 小时 前
I wanna eat it so bad rn
Somewhere Upthere
Somewhere Upthere 3 小时 前
I'm sorry but browned mozarella is heaven.
Sopha Sopha
Sopha Sopha 3 小时 前
How many übe rolls does this guy have now? He’s gonna have to throw a party or something
SomeRandomShit !
SomeRandomShit ! 3 小时 前
The main question is does it taste like *feet* ?!🤔
Somewhere Upthere
Somewhere Upthere 3 小时 前
I like suing Rigatoni.
Yur Ma
Yur Ma 3 小时 前
Here's a tip, when adding the flour to you're eggs use your hand in a claw shape and lift the batter with a slight twist. This is what's taught in culinary school and what I've always used when making it at restaurants
Somewhere Upthere
Somewhere Upthere 3 小时 前
OMG I'm not the only one who doesn't like ricotta in a lasagna!! I thought I was a freak!
Josh Mitford
Josh Mitford 3 小时 前
Someone tell me Doug has seen this please sweet god.
Eric Hashimsson
Eric Hashimsson 3 小时 前
"Burgers typically shrink by 25%" you really know your stuff Babish also why am I binging your videos I'm on a diet now my stomach literally hurts
Paul Brozyna
Paul Brozyna 3 小时 前
How hot and wet do you like it? Very hot and very wet...
Princess 3 小时 前
Where the froyo? Lol
_D A N K M E M E_1 2 3
babish should make a collectors or limited edition version of one of his books
mcdouche2 3 小时 前
Cottage Cheese.....get the fuck outta here!
Kai Shockley
Kai Shockley 3 小时 前
He was so young
ET 15
ET 15 4 小时 前
Any fellow F I L I P I N O ppl here
zakaria600 4 小时 前
My broke ass will substitute all the vodka & liqueur with water
- S I L V A -
- S I L V A - 4 小时 前
Just started rewatching the series
Emeraldite [Green diamond]
*cries in european*
zakaria600 4 小时 前
You sound like Bob's Burger lol
Philippe Juncker
Philippe Juncker 4 小时 前
Bald, Bearded and Blue.
Nosebleed de Groselha
Any Brazilians here know if a Rocambole recipe would work?
Ethan Meyer
Ethan Meyer 4 小时 前
Pepto bismal for a shot
Triple Dot
Triple Dot 4 小时 前
"რო ჩაკბიჩავ და რო გენძრევა"