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Jalen Lane
Jalen Lane 6 小时 前
We all know James Harden is great and a future hof but we've seen this story before.
No limit Major
No limit Major 6 小时 前
Chuck funny ash 🤣🤣
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez 6 小时 前
My pick is either number 4 or number 5
O L 7 小时 前
Fans will never be happy. If this year doesn’t equal enough parity for you guys than I don’t know what does. 4-5 teams similar chances of winning the championship.
Flip The Rat
Flip The Rat 7 小时 前
haha Barkley really did hear Donut that’s awesome. I thought for sure he was being facetious.
Vlad Makarov
Vlad Makarov 8 小时 前
Nobody: Barkley: DON-Chick
Catchows 8 小时 前
Porzingis is inconsistent. They’re giving him time to get in his groove coming back from injury.
Eden Cohen
Eden Cohen 9 小时 前
Where’s LeBron?
Jonathan Cambel
Jonathan Cambel 9 小时 前
Chinese league and Euro league they play physical basketball than the NBA. FYI.
47shaw 9 小时 前
These ppl act like this is new when it's really common to throw the ball out in the 1990's
Saru Gaming
Saru Gaming 9 小时 前
Bring back the old shaqtin' a fool format!
Marcus Compton
Marcus Compton 11 小时 前
Ernie I'm sure is a wonderful man husband and father because he is truly loved everywhere he's at.
Master J
Master J 11 小时 前
Shaq throws like a girl.
Alfwinnn 11 小时 前
Chuck said that to get a little bun so he can glue it to his bald head. That's why he keeping it.
bobbyjoefatso 11 小时 前
Lol this is quality TV. 🤣🤣🤣 Shaq and chuck fighting
Terry O
Terry O 11 小时 前
Porzingis needs to be traded😅.
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx 11 小时 前
Houston will never EVER win a title or even make the finals as long as they continue to have a zero defence all offence system centred around James Harden ( who will never win a ring no matter what team he’s on). Houston grossly depends on there 3 ball and when they don’t fall they struggle to find other ways to score, why Capela is also underated and not credited enough because without him Houston would be even worse, a lot worse. I can go on and on but a team with James harden on it will never win a title that’s just my opinion
ThatboiiMikeMike 12 小时 前
Le Bureau Du Basket
Le Bureau Du Basket 12 小时 前
The nacho eating man is still the funniest thing 😂
Bryceton Rooney
Bryceton Rooney 13 小时 前
aaron holiday
MoneyBall 13 小时 前
Still the GOAT. 2nd to MJ.
Ness 13 小时 前
You can’t flop against an Asian man like a foot shorter than you and have the ref believe it
LoSoNBanks22 13 小时 前
Oh boy this was horrible. Mavs look like a dynasty now😂😂😂
Everybody be gettin triple double against Warriors
Armin Paul
Armin Paul 14 小时 前
Chuck with that deadeye accuracy
G Man
G Man 14 小时 前
I miss the 80s and 90s....
G Man
G Man 14 小时 前
There isnt enough is absolutely right!!!! These superstars dont want to compete!!!! Thats why jordan will always be the goat!!!! Super teams are killing the league....seriously why should lets say a pacer fan buy season tickets? For what.....its all about LA this year......they barely talk about the raptors......the nba is going to be in trouble if this continues.....
LeJavius Johnson
LeJavius Johnson 14 小时 前
Kristjan Drnovšček
Kristjan Drnovšček 14 小时 前
1.5years is Dončić in NBA and YOU FCKERS still don't know how to pronouce his last name...shame on you
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava 14 小时 前
Charles Barkley coined the term Thick 😂😂😂
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava 14 小时 前
It's very easy to lose weight I pop only ate 500 calories a day for a week And lost 10lbs
ThaLiveKing 15 小时 前
Philly barely beat Indy without Oladipo
Blaine Goodwin
Blaine Goodwin 15 小时 前
Imagine the uproar if chuck was white and he said "all black people look alike. " He'd never get a job again
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates 15 小时 前
“I’ll hit a guy with glasses” 🤣
S. Shephard
S. Shephard 15 小时 前
theres a perfect amount of parity in the nba, if there was any more than it would be the NHL , with no dominant teams to root for/against , and a new random champ every year, and nobody wants that
pipifax 15 小时 前
that trousers Charles....
Kentucky Colonel
Kentucky Colonel 16 小时 前
Dang!!! I didn't know Chris Jericho was a midget!
Texas Lonestar
Texas Lonestar 16 小时 前
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 16 小时 前
Now he knows how Thanos feels
Tree Wisps
Tree Wisps 16 小时 前
5:51 chuck is thicc
Joshua Henderson
Joshua Henderson 16 小时 前
Basketball needs to discover bibs FR.
Solid Farmer
Solid Farmer 16 小时 前
Luka is special, not just ordinary dude out of college who gets drafted. Luka has great fundamentals and backround in elite league in Europe. Smart teamplayer with special skills....
James 23
James 23 17 小时 前
This should be audiotoon
Iys Toldoya
Iys Toldoya 17 小时 前
To be honest i love SHAQ SUPERMAN. I adored him so much and he's so funny😅 Very very very down to earth🤫
Iys Toldoya
Iys Toldoya 17 小时 前
To be honest i love SHAQ SUPERMAN. I adored him so much and he's so funny😅 Very very very down to earth🤫
LetsPaint 17 小时 前
Same question for 5 years
Iys Toldoya
Iys Toldoya 17 小时 前
To be honest i love SHAQ SUPERMAN. I adored him so much and he's so funny😅 Very very very down to earth🤫
Iys Toldoya
Iys Toldoya 17 小时 前
To be honest i love SHAQ SUPERMAN. I adored him so much and he's so funny😅 Very very very down to earth🤫
Peter L
Peter L 17 小时 前
Houston won't win anything!!!!No defense at ALL!!!
Iys Toldoya
Iys Toldoya 17 小时 前
Thats why i love SHAQ SUPERMAN.
Hanzo Kun
Hanzo Kun 18 小时 前
kilgannon like carter comment
C Dio00426
C Dio00426 19 小时 前
0:19 First Down Dallas Mavericks
Mick The King
Mick The King 19 小时 前
Shaq fired so many shots at Georgia hope they don’t get mad at him like a snake we know
Callum Gibson
Callum Gibson 19 小时 前
That was a good pick.
Edwin Teague
Edwin Teague 19 小时 前
They kind of glossed over the fact Westbrook made 7 of 30 shots in a 2OT game. Capela always produces cause he doesn't do too much, Westbrook and Harden are delusional.
The509Dopamine Xx
The509Dopamine Xx 20 小时 前
Y’all need to chill you know chuck got them bad hips lol
anthony de la cruz
anthony de la cruz 20 小时 前
thats one one of the best speeches ive ever heard in my entire life. for a man who doesnt speak english as a first language he putting people to shame
Will Meakin
Will Meakin 20 小时 前
Ernie was better than Nikki
thomas curtis
thomas curtis 20 小时 前
No lol
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
bballbreakdown video on this showed the non calls in favor of rockets. tyson chandler dunk should have been a back court violation
J 22 小时 前
1:23 killed me
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 23 小时 前
Hit the like if you think this is the best show on TV
Jax Munroe
Jax Munroe 23 小时 前
Nfl to good this season nba same old same old
Chuo Charles
Chuo Charles 23 小时 前
Harden and the rockets remind me a little bit of AI and the sixers
Bill Latibay
Bill Latibay 23 小时 前
Harden 50 pts, rw tripple double, capela perfect from the field and failed to win against an aldridge-less spurs? I say NO! They cant win a ring with their system.
James Weldon
James Weldon 天 前
It took me until the third reference to Georgia to remember that Shaq went to LSU and he's talking smack about the SEC championship. Proof that it just means more in the SEC
Shawn Michael
Shaq is shoulders above the rest? ;)
G Noyap
G Noyap 天 前
your so humble like lebron
Sime Arsov
Sime Arsov 天 前
The legend goes Russell is still dribbling.
GTR life
GTR life 天 前
Yes, people always make fun of the Rockets but they were the only team to really give it to the Warriors during their heyday. Had they beat the Warriors in any of those years they would've gone on to win the title.
wrhiv72 天 前
“He ain’t got no sponsor!”
JhunterL 117amaterasu
The bald man yells for money !
Martin Bührer
As a basketball fan, this system bores me. As a basketball player, this system disgusts me.
All 4 great class acts. Better than most politicians! (also cant believe I didnt watch this until almost 2020 lol)
Supreme Tech69
Westbrook should of gone to the bucks, Giannis and Westbrook would of been a champion ship duo
Joshua Beldad
Love how EJ enjoyed this Neat-O 😄
Shaq is ok with everything even when he gets dirty for as long as he's the center of the entire skit. ✌️👍
JC 0317
JC 0317 天 前
What's more funny than Houston Rockets lol
original cameron
I thought this was drake and justice young when the video started...instead it’s just Michael Jordan and Drago
original cameron
KSI VS Logan Paul Shannon Briggs: “6:06”
Tyler Schreck
Walker was on fire. But harden should have shout a 3. It's like he wants to fail cuz he doesn't like pressure
Randy Saypanya
You guys hiring? I want to work there
Cameron McKinney
I love how Ernie is rockin the concord’s during all of this
Seongmin Kim
Seongmin Kim 天 前
Giannis one tho🤣
Porzingas has never predominantly played from the post. You can't run the offense through him right now he isn't anywhere near himself yet. He is still getting his legs under him.
FOM FamilyOverMoney
Luka the great!
bhargav 天 前
he is true goat
dan g
dan g 天 前
I wish it was atleast 10min
Robert Joseph Torres
Chuck also said a jumpshooting team could never win a championship before golden state had won one. I wouldn’t trust 80s-90s players analysis...
Josh Schneider
Realistically I'd say about 6 teams have a shot at the nba title this yr..Id say Milwaukee,Lakers,Clippers,Nuggets,Toronto,and Boston..Maybe Philly...But playing like garbage right now...Milwaukee,Lakers and Clippers are head and shoulders above those other teams I mentioned though just in my opinion
Ah-mee-nah Be-u-tiful
Navid 天 前
lol these guys are awesome. great chemistry and they're always having a good time. Great entertainment!
ASchraub 天 前
Congrats EJ just started watching the show but I am glued to it!
Krišjānis Dzalbe
Charly Brackley has cought the Dončik disease from Stephan A
V 天 前
Its funny cause before the season I thought Porzi was gonna be at 100 going back and forth with Doncic seeing who scores the most....but it's been Doncic to goin off like this that surprised me
Kobe easily and definently top 10 NBA players of all time. Top 5 I could definitely see that too. Top 3 I think he has a very good case for it too.
Patrick Pacheco
Poor Big Fella!
Snipez 天 前
Why the Chef?
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf 天 前
Kobe said last year that the Rockets style doesn't win championships. He said he tried. Haha
Blackbean Sauce
Who threw that last egg? I hope it was Chuck but I don’t think it was.