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Cold Ones
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Cold Ones is a Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Anything4Views and co-hosted by Maxmoefoe.
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ShadowPhenix45 Akehurst
Ppplleeaasseee do episode 2 🤣🤣🤣
Psychic Duelist
yo twomad and afrosenju were brothers in a life
Paccapig 天 前
I have adhd motherfuckers!!!!!!!!
rafdrndm 天 前
fun fact elon musks full name is elon reeve musk!
Ruby Penguin
Ruby Penguin 天 前
*Tries to hug his best friend after receiving a heartfelt gift* Max: What're gAy bro!?
Simp Scree
Simp Scree 天 前
I want to clean their office lmfao
I didn't expect this to be so wholesome
byw 天 前
POD CAST, code for "Boring drivel from people who couldn't make it on talk radio".
Bouya 天 前
10:58 bro this is grove street
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 天 前
I got a pocket knife for christmas.
D Stands 4 Dope Greaves
Why do you have so many fucking sponsors
yeet yeet
yeet yeet 天 前
hey im grump im not so gay aweathe leg anchef
Danny Wells
Danny Wells 天 前
Chads laugh pulled me out of a deep depression
No No
No No 天 前
0:31 loud girly screaming intensifies
Konráð Ingi
Everyone knows this is Dan Bull
Mikhail Silaev
Challenge idea: cold ones but no drinks below 40%
Scarface 天 前
yea fuck fortnite
DJ Draven
DJ Draven 天 前
HowToBasic is faceless
20:38 im fucking dead xD
Mister Sensual
Please give Chad a different mic so we don't have to listen to his asthmatic breathing.
Angel Wings
Angel Wings 天 前
after this video had to go find that image of chad. Id still smash
jeff jeffery
jeff jeffery 天 前
31:10 hates jews
Howtobasic = lil pump confirmed
Angel Wings
Angel Wings 天 前
god the gamegrumps have changed alot
lootizin 天 前
i started drinking while watching the podcast so i get progressively more drunk so everything is even better
AzelPsycheGxming Jacobs
0:06 gay porn videos just for views!!
joelolsson 天 前
Is max still active on Snupps?
athn ali
athn ali 天 前
fuck susan
amos 天 前
Still, by far the loudest podcast episode ever.
Batuhan Eryigit
9:10 they already drunk?
Spreads bread On butter
See it’s sniffing markers that ruin you not mdma
Reincarnated King &
Get schooled kid
Wolf M
Wolf M 天 前
The drone shot felt like I was in the star tours ride in Disney land
Briand Cesar
Briand Cesar 天 前
Chad eats fruit
Michael Surran
Michael Surran 2 天 前
he was #1...
Enrique's Bass
Enrique's Bass 2 天 前
Chad is a big Australian alcoholic baby youtuber person who needs rehab
Corey Butters
Corey Butters 2 天 前
Please get the Depression hats back in Stock. Fuck.
Cade Cannon
Cade Cannon 2 天 前
OMG! Cherdley is so hot!!!!!! I just want to lick him.
Kristoff Cain
Kristoff Cain 2 天 前
Twomad "I went to go shidded" Muday
gucci vuittonsin
Girls: He's probably talking to his friends about other girls Me and the boys: 52:56
Jesse Wrangell
Jesse Wrangell 2 天 前
Let's maybe get a boom mic going there lads. I don't need to hear Chad close up breathing in my headphones. Sounding like something they'd dub over Ivan Milat footage to make him seem seedier.
TechyGeekyNerdy 2 天 前
Ok now can we have Elon Musk on this show...lol
Sm0keyR0bin 2 天 前
2:30 chad they don’t look legal
Swag Factor420
Swag Factor420 2 天 前
this is actually still the funniest videos on youtube
Sin of Memes
Sin of Memes 2 天 前
ditri desu vault komba wa
Evil Wizard
Evil Wizard 2 天 前
Where do they say bros like we
Chicken -.-
Chicken -.- 2 天 前
Pyro with makeup is fucking cute
BiRDiE 2 天 前
Things we know about HowToBasic here: 1. He has long hair. 2. He's an aussie. 3. He wears a hat. 4. His voice sounds like he's underwater.
Michael 2 天 前
"when" OHH YEAH
Martin Casco
Martin Casco 2 天 前
24:09 is that htb?
Chimp Champ
Chimp Champ 2 天 前
This is one of the funniest episodes of any podcast
Mr -_-Dark
Mr -_-Dark 2 天 前
Bro they need idubbbz on cold one
Toomsie 2 天 前
fucking drunks seek help
Mace windus hairy nuts
This podcast is like a perfectly edited 10 min video but in a hour
Frederik Andersen
f for jack
Boxes World
Boxes World 2 天 前
Cold Ones makes Baited look like a tall show
Cahil Abraham
Cahil Abraham 2 天 前
""you ever played soggy sao bro?"" MAX hahaha
AyyeLeslyy 2 天 前
Scrolling down the comments to see if anyone else noticed the gun
Rafa Solorio
Rafa Solorio 2 天 前
I like how they do the ads
PandaBoyPlays 2 天 前
I'm hella buying the glazed ham one 🤣
Sergio Avila
Sergio Avila 3 天 前
I would buy a cool shirt but all the shirts are too cool for me
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 3 天 前
Milo Lagos
Milo Lagos 3 天 前
Now I know who Twomad really is and he's an absolute legend
Connor Seven
Connor Seven 天 前
this comment needs more mf likes
Rafa Solorio
Rafa Solorio 3 天 前
Pyro kinda cute....
Drazword 3 天 前
"maybe 3 years too late?" Uuuugghhh that hurts, bro :/ Still miss those days
Matty Vends
Matty Vends 3 天 前
Barry Mecokiner
Barry Mecokiner 3 天 前
Twitter for Android is pretty cool :)
Puglifeasher oofergang
1:23 when ur dog steals your chicken mc nuggets
Asher Bayly
Asher Bayly 3 天 前
878 commies
Frank Pup
Frank Pup 3 天 前
Waiter hey waiter there’s there’s a hair in my cake
Jacob Underwood
Jacob Underwood 3 天 前
Shane, Jeffrestar, Tana, and the rest of that group should be sent to an internment camp.
Matty Vends
Matty Vends 3 天 前
Wtf cunts America? Fuck no
Super battle Droid
You lucky bastard
Aaron Kai Macdonald
This is oddly wholesome for some reason......
lol 3 天 前
Hes being racist
Nope Bruh
Nope Bruh 3 天 前
51:00 *no*
Rob Rucki
Rob Rucki 3 天 前
wow pewdiepie is like a proper asshole to chad. i know its funny to fuck with him but some of the things he said were just mean. lost a lot of respect for pewdiepie.
motorbiker46 3 天 前
34:38 oh my god that edit tho
Ethan Wanseth
Ethan Wanseth 3 天 前
This is the Beatles breaking up all over again, they get together and become the face of CNvid, they go for sometime creating some of the best content, they sadly seperate to Persue their own dreams, they still talk to each other now and then, now look up the life of the Beatles and compare them, besides death and how the two groups entertained, there isn't a huge difference
ActualDin 2 天 前
Ethan Wanseth chad max george and ian were the beatles and how2basic was like their george martin or some shit lmao
fatman248 3 天 前
They should get a girl on here
Jaiden Gamble
Jaiden Gamble 3 天 前
Will I get this episode if I haven't seen onebad?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 天 前
Even your carton box is A E S T H E T I C
sudomemo 3 天 前
I want to marry Chad.
Mr NCC 3 天 前
Does he have adhd?
Luke faulkner
Luke faulkner 3 天 前
I want to cream your big bum
Lil Hysterectomy
46:24 faxs vro
xEn3my 3 天 前
i die evertime 11:38
Ry Lanz
Ry Lanz 3 天 前
He’s chaotic, loud, and annoying. But he’s pure of heart and I love him
Spyderz 3 天 前
Ry Lanz same
Vermillionic 3 天 前
He sounds like a middle age female news anchor.
Amin Vell
Amin Vell 3 天 前
Now i can Rest In Peace
no thanks
no thanks 3 天 前
Axel Vandamme
Axel Vandamme 3 天 前
Hey kids Wana raid
Kromazone 3 天 前
Chad, concrete & cement are two different things.....concrete is smooth. Cement has blue metal rocks in it. Fucking gronk
- IckyGuardian61 -
Where is Dolan's Face tho?
Vermillionic 3 天 前
What's the rumor?
Tam Honks
Tam Honks 3 天 前
Pewdiepies not that good at podcasts lol
Ed S
Ed S 3 天 前
My uncles run a painting business I worked a month w them and dipped fuck that shit but funny thing both my uncles actually look similar to chad 😂
fgd dfbg
fgd dfbg 4 天 前
Like 5 times. With Jesus. OHf!!!!