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Akua Boaduah
Akua Boaduah 4 个月 前
Haitians and trini cook this way too
Chris Kishbaugh
Chris Kishbaugh 4 个月 前
I'm gonna try this thank you so much.
teresa mendoza
teresa mendoza 5 个月 前
Cuanta cantida tu pone quiero hacerlo en casa
Numb American
Numb American 5 个月 前
Pizza cutter to make line
Klaus Heissler
Klaus Heissler 5 个月 前
A New Yorker making white castle hamburgers is like asking a Chicagoan how to make a New York pizza.
ann skaggs
ann skaggs 5 个月 前
My favorite cookie. Learned to make when I lived in Boston. Lost the recipe. Thanks!
Chloe' Cesani
Chloe' Cesani 5 个月 前
you make an excellent Puerto Rican sofrito‼️ **EXCEPT.... that the purpose of your video was & is to ** Teach people that hv never made a PR sofrito .... -** how ro make it. It is not enough to know the ingredients....But you failed to give some type of **measurement of each ingredient. you said it comes to 6 cups...so how much of peppers, garlic etc. To give an appox. amt., really would help the person who has ** never made it before. Thank you though for your video.
Greek Goddess36
Greek Goddess36 5 个月 前
I have to try this recipe out. Definitely different how my family and I make it. But this looks so good
Hadesaxe 5 个月 前
Dam u sexy
Hacker.gr 5 个月 前
How to roast the garlic?
TrippinWithTracy 5 个月 前
You’re so intense
Zymone Swagg
Zymone Swagg 5 个月 前
I use this every time I make it. Thank you. My family loves it.
Emma Carter
Emma Carter 5 个月 前
Plan on trying your dry rub tonight!! Where’d you get your measuring spoon, if you don’t mind me asking.
Sophia Jevon
Sophia Jevon 5 个月 前
You made this look way easier than anyone! Love it. And you sound like your straight from Puerto Rico... Adorable.
suzySRVgirl4ever 5 个月 前
Yummy! I’m trying this tomorrow!
Margo Rivera
Margo Rivera 5 个月 前
Just made this recipe and let me tell you it came out so DELICIOSO!! This will be a keeper in my home. ¡Buen Provecho! Thank you for sharing this recipe with all of us.
skittlebeezy 5 个月 前
I just made copy cat white castle burgers the "Binging with Babish" way. It was a flippin' mess and about a third my damn onions kept burning before the meat was fully cooked. The buns didn't get steamed very well and there was next to no onion flavor. They were still good, but not at all what I remember eating at white castle when i used to live near one as a kid. I'm definitely going to be trying this videos method the next time I make these. This method looks so much better. Thank you!!
Mystic kenyny
Mystic kenyny 5 个月 前
Can you leave your link how you make the sauce that looks like some different Frank's RedHot it's more orangie
backtoedencafe 5 个月 前
You still have an accent
Joseph Marani
Joseph Marani 5 个月 前
My wife and I followed this recipe last night. We sub'd the beef for one lb of ground turkey and .5 lb of spicy ground sausage. It was the best lasagna I have ever had. Here are some pics. photos.app.goo.gl/ahPGgidTsebWmqon6
about how long does it need to be boiling?
al m
al m 6 个月 前
There is no information about the ingredients and the amount of them.
Christine Russell
Christine Russell 6 个月 前
That's a pretty color sufrito.
Kendrick Quinn
Kendrick Quinn 6 个月 前
What kind of cream?? Heavy whipping cream
Loaded Dice
Loaded Dice 6 个月 前
"Their gonna talk behind ya back and call u a shitty cook"🤣🤣🤣🤣......hits subscribe
Peaches Jackofski
Peaches Jackofski 6 个月 前
OH. MY. GOOD. GOD. This turned out better than I could have imagined!!! I love the TGI version of the sauce, I mean really really love it! I used to ask for an extra pot of sauce,already knowing the cling film in my bag was waiting...!!! I really love it. No joke. This is hands down better. How u got this recipe, all the ingredients, the quantities?!?! Just absolutely brilliant!! I’ve tried these so called copy cat recipes in the past-but they were rubbish and tasted nothing like the original. I hope you get a tv show. Your style is so easy to follow. Can’t thank you enough.xx just I’m so amazed this actually turned out like the TGI recipe . It’s a first for me,
Peaches Jackofski
Peaches Jackofski 6 个月 前
Here I am, back to try this out. I’d saved this video months ago, now I’ve finally got round to making this! My husband and myself just love the TGI’s Jack Daniels sauce....I hope I can do your justice!? 🙄 🤞.....
Hola, My Dear
Hola, My Dear 6 个月 前
The best duo. Wonderful job Rayanna and mama. Looks yummy!
Lee James Broadwood
Lee James Broadwood 6 个月 前
“Who needs vegetables when...?” Still you...to make the potato skins xD
Jules Patrick Omaña
Hahaha i love your video!
theblack bearkid
theblack bearkid 6 个月 前
Can I just say how much I appreciated the recipe and everything you needed is in the description. Bless you, you the real MVP
Jessica Cruz
Jessica Cruz 6 个月 前
Hi I bought some sweet peppers that had a little bit of spice to it and when I made the sofrito it came out spicy, is there anything I can do to make it less spicy?
Dale Burton
Dale Burton 6 个月 前
Oh my gosh! Love your co-host! I have to make these.
Leslie Velazquez
Leslie Velazquez 6 个月 前
Beautiful daughters and I will definitely try this recipe!! Thanks
BeaDaNurse 6 个月 前
Sounds yummy. Your daughter is a cutie pie.
miszlovable 6 个月 前
The marinade is for how much pork? It's not listed not did you say in the video.
M.G. Umbras
M.G. Umbras 7 个月 前
Some should avoid caffeine before making a video
Milagros Granados
Milagros Granados 7 个月 前
Do you have to use risotto? This would be my first time making it and I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up. Can I substitute it for something else?
Carmen Puch
Carmen Puch 7 个月 前
😅 🤗🥳👍🏼👩🏻‍🍳🍕 skip to 2:51 🙌🏼
isheka ellis
isheka ellis 7 个月 前
I followed this recipe and absolutely nailed it. Thank you so much for sharing.
JCraig 7 个月 前
OK. I'm a little slow to find this recipe. I made this and it was fun, easy, and tasted great. I'm addicted. My biggest problem was finding rolls with the right amount of sweetness. I used bakery white rolls, but they weren't sweet enough. King's Hawaii rolls might be too sweet. Any ideas for the right mix? Next time I make these I'm adding mustard and pickles, maybe ketchup. I have a feeling they're are going to be good no matter what. PS--people in the state of Wyoming don't know what White Castle burgers are. I feel sorry for them..
Killval 7 个月 前
Just a small tip, the last step of throwing them in the oven after tossed in the sauce can kind of be skipped over in favor of just simply using some cornstarch in the sauce itself. It thickens it right up and allows the sauce to adhere really well to the breaded chicken instead of being really oily and runny. Great stuff, I love buffalo dishes being from upstate NY.
kong fu lee
kong fu lee 7 个月 前
You look delicious yourself
Kiera Riddick
Kiera Riddick 7 个月 前
Lmfao 3,2... 2 1/2 😂 loved that
Lisa Patten
Lisa Patten 7 个月 前
Laughed my a** off! Thank you for being real & honest Anto! Care to meet my mother in law? 😂
Yonas Rufael
Yonas Rufael 7 个月 前
so were the cheese and parsley added at the end when you put it on a plate??
Johnny Pena
Johnny Pena 7 个月 前
Boneless chicken not wings.
RubyDee 7 个月 前
Tried it twice. This is my 2nd time. About to take them out of the oven. Great recipe. Thanks! Enjoying our crave.
Jeff Murphy
Jeff Murphy 7 个月 前
I’m not even American and I know that ain’t no White Castle. They steam their burgers on onions so ok whatever
No Name
No Name 7 个月 前
Ron Cornett
Ron Cornett 7 个月 前
your way off the bottom bun is put on the meat and the top bun is laid in the cracks between the bottom so the steam is kept in also they can be cooked on top of the stove
Nancy V
Nancy V 7 个月 前
Thank you for sharing such a nice recipe! ♡♡♡
Joe Masters
Joe Masters 7 个月 前
The oven option is a great idea! I'm definitely trying this. Thanks :)
BeatlesFanSonia 7 个月 前
I’ve seen some people add olives? I’ve never made sofrito but I love it!
Precious Mint
Precious Mint 8 个月 前
Making this recipe today it's my momma favorite cake by entemanns and she's coming into town wish me luck
chraoibhin obrien
chraoibhin obrien 8 个月 前
Cannolis are Russian
Karisma 8 个月 前
Lol, i love this tutorial! New Yorkers are hilarious!
Queen The Creator
Queen The Creator 8 个月 前
Dont take this the wrong way but you bake like an African Woman lol.that is a compliment as theae recipes come from African slaves. Imma Creole West African and I can CANDIDLY say your cake looks like mine, and my cakes are better than A lot of old people i know who bake. You Nailed it Ma!
Msfly Gurl
Msfly Gurl 8 个月 前
Mix that bitch!!! Yasssss I luv it
Nazeeah Sameera
Nazeeah Sameera 8 个月 前
Anto you are amazing and this is my all time favorite recipe! Every time I make this cake, everyone wants more! And no exaggeration...this is BETTER than Entenmans! Keep it up ❤
Peaches Jackofski
Peaches Jackofski 8 个月 前
Wow! This looks so good!! I’ve tried so many times to make TGI,s recipie for the Jack Daniels sauce, to no avail. Can’t wait to try this!! Thank you 🙏 😘
Theresa Williamson-Ramsey
I made this last night and it's almost gone today. Wonderful flavor and wayyy better then Entermanns
Ayee Itz kiara
Ayee Itz kiara 8 个月 前
Yo she definitely Italian 😂💗
Andrew_Dorsey 8 个月 前
What kind of cream?
Scoutz 8 个月 前
White castle does not use Hawaiian rolls, those are nasty,theres only one place to go for a slider,and lady ..it isnt your kitchen
Lauren Shaffer
Lauren Shaffer 8 个月 前
What oil did you use to fry them in??
GoodFella 8 个月 前
What cut is the pork??? How many lbs of pork did you use for the amount of marinade??
Amy Figz
Amy Figz 8 个月 前
Thank you so much for this! I made it twice so far and i must say it tastes awesome...maybe even better than TGI's if i may be so bold. ❤❤❤
Pana_Montana RN
Pana_Montana RN 8 个月 前
Adam Goodword
Adam Goodword 8 个月 前
Video is missing the final part, the separating and assembly with the bottom half of the bun. :(
Janelle Chotilal
Janelle Chotilal 8 个月 前
“Mix that bitch up!” Lmaooo the commentary compliments a bad ass recipe! Bam!
Aleta Higgins
Aleta Higgins 8 个月 前
There is no recipe?!
Just missing the liver. Their burgers are 18-20% liver.
SmiTTyy 1967
SmiTTyy 1967 8 个月 前
You nailed that 👍
Jacob Abrams
Jacob Abrams 9 个月 前
Who would even want to eat this dogsh*t?
gear head
gear head 9 个月 前
Uumm I need to see the final part it just skipped right to the end. This recipe is very good but the video was not good at all.🤔
ghost rider
ghost rider 9 个月 前
Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio ...and you are definitely not making White Castles ...the hundred billion times I walked into the restaurant...they don’t bake them ..there fried on a grill with water and Dehydrated onions ..with a bun on the burger while cooking never flipped ....just had hydrated onions that have been soaking in water to the ground beef ...smash them thin ....put holes so they cook fast and even...then freeze before frying
James Carter
James Carter 9 个月 前
Maybe that's why I never liked White Castle burgers cuz I don't like boiled meat it wasn't stained it. Steamed you wouldn't have put the meat in the water you would have put it above the water on a rack of some kind so that the steam goes through the meat not soak the meat.
soda head
soda head 9 个月 前
Yeah sorry. Idk what went wrong here. Ours came out blandish, also our bottom bread was soggy and top bread was toast crunchy. I need to tweak it to actually steam for us.
carolina beacher
carolina beacher 9 个月 前
i grew up on white castle, you grind some good cuts of meat and if you d0nt have that option, you get a good butcher to grind you some prime rib, sirloin and round, then you make meat balls, fire up the griddle, throw the balls on the griddle (smash with spatula) Not bake, add dehydrated onions soaked in water, salt pepper, topped with buns so they get that soggy insides, then if you like cheese, add it, if not, dont. use a straw to make the 5 holes in the meat. and i personally use potato buns, its not what they use, but youll love them trust me. the EGO in this video is astounding. man7y videos out there much closer than this.
Rapheal Francis
Rapheal Francis 9 个月 前
Mendy Coker
Mendy Coker 9 个月 前
Quit talking already...😬
kresta leonard
kresta leonard 9 个月 前
Made me so hungry I wanna run out and get these ingredients. Good job lady! smiles
Naadira Lee
Naadira Lee 9 个月 前
lol how do you know this is the recipe for the pasta or clever close? no offense just asking.
Derek Johnson-Coulter
Wow wow I didn't know how to make that. It's a great recipe.
Bill B
Bill B 9 个月 前
i use to make them with out the baby food.. and used hot dog buns cut in 3rds
M. Shh.
M. Shh. 9 个月 前
You sound like you from Staten island or Jersey I'm definitely gonna be working on these for the summer so thanks for the video
Francis Saint
Francis Saint 9 个月 前
Thank you for saying No Onion Mix, don't people know thats for long stewed meats like beef and etc
Timothy Gravesande
Timothy Gravesande 9 个月 前
U sound sexy asf
That Mosierboy
That Mosierboy 9 个月 前
Had to start a new comment...sorry...I am saving this recipe! Easy! Looks awesome mam! New subscriber here! Feel free to return the favor! This will be great for a bunch of us fellas get together for poker or game nite!
That Mosierboy
That Mosierboy 9 个月 前
We use 80/20 for everything...
NotaBRZ NotaMiata
NotaBRZ NotaMiata 9 个月 前
Try "Better than Bouillon". It's a paste that comes in a jar. Got that tip from Pressure Luck's channel. Really good stuff and readily available at supermarkets. Thank you for the recipe.
Tina Sally
Tina Sally 9 个月 前
Man!!! I want to try those!!!
jorge lojero
jorge lojero 9 个月 前
Hold up we might just have something here
San Francisco
San Francisco 9 个月 前
The curl should be down on the paper then it won't roll up on you.
Ariauna Rodriguez
Ariauna Rodriguez 9 个月 前
Can you do everything you did up close instead of far away
Joe G
Joe G 9 个月 前
Too many steps for not too many burgers... this one is more geared toward stoners in their bachelor pad who crave White Castle but live too.... ah you know the story.
Lex The Lion
Lex The Lion 9 个月 前
Did Harold and Kumar show up?
oDieseLz 9 个月 前
I just wonder if the aftermath is the same as White Castle.