RFA 自由亞洲粵語
RFA 自由亞洲粵語
RFA 自由亞洲粵語
自由亞洲電台 (Radio Free Asia) 總部設在美國華盛頓,為言論自由受限的亞洲國家和地區提供完整而免費的新聞報道。致力以多媒體形式發送新聞,成為一個讓大眾獲得可靠消息的平台。
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Junior Kwok
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wh cheung 9 分钟 前
glory to hong kong this promotion is glory of hong kong
Yaliema Kickass
Yaliema Kickass 15 分钟 前
Burning this city down and call add oil fake freedom .
潘健快 15 分钟 前
東方巨龍又搶購美國手機 爭氣用华為產品
D R Tam
D R Tam 26 分钟 前
These delegates from Hong Kong are truely representative of the Hongkongers voices and determination for democracy. Go Hong Kong Go!
Junior Kwok
Junior Kwok 27 分钟 前
Junior Kwok
Junior Kwok 28 分钟 前
Hakkan Wong
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Kwai Choi Cheung
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===英國人能,中國人撚=== --「黑社會過黑社會」就是今日常自稱亞洲第一(Asian's finest)的香港警察的最佳現實寫照(前稱皇家香港警察),想必無人反對。也是「英國人能,中國人撚」的寫照。(這裡的「中國人」是指大陸佬。)是大陸佬及其香港代理將亞洲第一閃變為「亞洲最柒」的,或叫「亞洲最柒黑幫」, 全世界都睇你地吾起。 --我希望有人將黑警嘅所謂每日簡報會加上中英文字幕,讓全世界人大開眼界,也成為歷史的見證,見證一些人的口可以幾賤,幾野蠻、幾無恥、幾禁指鹿為馬顛倒黑白。只須隨手選一次簡報會即可,任何一次都足以讓人瞠目結舌。 ===老虎蟹都不割=== 跑馬地停跑少收一日十幾億跑馬收益為乜?都不過想玩「姓賴」,賴示威者、勇武派,然後等馬迷遷怒於示威者,想慫恿割席。奠月娥正苦真係超級desperate!用盡任何機會、方法叫港人割席!叫飛機停飛已經唔知損失咗幾多,今次庫房又冇咗一億幾,有本事全年停賽,我賭1培100,馬迷同港人都一樣不割,你吹咩! 防止何真妖把這不幸的馬改名換姓然後沽出(或沽出後改名換姓),希望有梁山英雄下一度全球追緝令,防止有妖怪沽出圖利。 ===血仍未冷=== --由「亞洲第一」(Asian's finest)的皇家香港警察策動的8.31恐怖襲擊血腥慘案,疑點重重,何解嚴重傷者的數目始終無法得出一個令人信服的數字?何解不公開CCTV?何解相關的消防署記錄竟然到9月3日和10日仍然會有人暗中修改?何解有幾十分鐘的消防署人員對話記錄是空白的?何解要相當一段時間禁止消防員入內?何解捨近取遠,不把傷者送往最接近的廣華醫院?何解要兩個幾小時才能把傷者送到醫院? --如果不是死了人要搞善後埋沒證據,並用時間去肯定一切都能夠冚得實一實(例如所有直接知情人士(主要是當晚曾在站內的任何目擊者)及死者家屬都被閉口、被永遠失蹤、被關押在某與世隔絕的處所、被用了自己的方法離開香港等等),根本無法解釋為何要封站一天的。 --以目前資料看,死了人(或變成植物人)差不多是唯一合乎邏輯的推論。
Lam Lam
Lam Lam 小时 前
ken hill ng
ken hill ng 小时 前
hong kong people are very selfish , while the revoulation of china in 1966 no people protesting , but 6.4 just have ane million people coming out to protest the rioter, by the cilture revolution just the bloodshed in the china left at least 10 million death or inormally death , at the time no people coming out to protest , by 6.4 1989 the selfish hong kong prople fear that the hong kong would overturn to china so do that ,hong kong and taiwan people all very selfish , the female dictator taiwan presdeint use the fomalism cheat rhe taiwan is democract nation , in fact , whatever the congress, admintration, all tthe mechanisn are not have completely system , how to have the democeacy?
Lam Lam
Lam Lam 小时 前
ken hill ng
ken hill ng 小时 前
set the arson is a serous criminal even no fatal maximum 10years behind the bar, broken itsleves public propety are no meaing just in you home broken all the house hold and hitting your family member is not useful . i suggest you rally thousnds of people take the western train across border onto mainland shouting revolution rather effective.
Rebecca Tang
Rebecca Tang 小时 前
ken hill ng
ken hill ng 小时 前
hong kong navie and stupid students please carefully use the word martyrc, the word is used by a fireflighter or other guy give a life back unfortunately losing his life are martyrs. so called the democractic guy climbing up the buliding falling down is no meaning , why say martyrs , the other girl she was suiside the anti-extradition bill is not a sole reason . hong kong people when would change to a stupid society, the coment man without any logical thoughts . the fire fighter and fireman would not cover the fatal becuse they are police and firefighter are on duty , it is legally service,rush to the scene the rioter police deperse the viloence having the death and jnjury are normally, hong kong people are arrogant , your life are precous than the police and fireman? rushing the other people home borken eveything is liberty. block the road violate the very old elderly possible he burden the whole family liveihood, the teachers if don't know what is the human right please invite the secretary of hunam rigth for united nation training them the whole lesson.
长夜微光 小时 前
1Kwongkwong 1
1Kwongkwong 1 小时 前
K So
K So 小时 前
FunGKEE 1881
FunGKEE 1881 小时 前
Ping Kan Ng
Ping Kan Ng 2 小时 前
dontaskme 小时 前
@Ping Kan Ng this is a matter of respect. No one tough you before?
Ping Kan Ng
Ping Kan Ng 小时 前
dontaskme 小时 前
I personally don't like the word 曱甴,I would rather said all the Hong Kong ppl and their younger are brilliant and brave. Sorry to put this into your comment. Please forgive me.
jurongwest357 2 小时 前
終共的ESN。你要學用微波/超聲波技術,用在監控和反制,二者均可穿牆,可以用嚟監控牆内的火雞竇,有效距離由50到1000 公呎。火雞隊是南下的行刑隊,不能不防。監控器材上網揾得到,安裝需專業電工知識,用PLC或RF傳輸都可以。反制超聲波監控,貓/狗/魚都可以聽到超聲波,居所被超聲波照射時寵物會受驚。所以終共長期用臨界線的微波長距離監控美國人,並做成對方被照射部位的内臟受創。感恩節用微波爐焗火雞。人面系統大數據以終共18數位身份号碼為ESN基礎,ESN = electronic serial number, 用十六進位,首6個數字出生日期,次6個數字出生地區 ZIP code,尾6個數位是人的代碼,包括性别、血型、種族,亦即聖經啟示錄所說:“人的數目”,“6,6,6”,終共是紅龍,你面對的是魔鬼的現行。ESN是人面系統内人的代碼。以後再講破解人面系統。
Sauying Wong
Sauying Wong 小时 前
Beau H
Beau H 2 小时 前
Beau H
Beau H 2 小时 前
Sam Yam
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addy shek
addy shek 2 小时 前
Sam Yam
Sam Yam 2 小时 前
貪污腐敗 2 小时 前
Tony Tsoi
Tony Tsoi 2 小时 前
大陸民眾不要對香港人忘恩負義|明居正「透視中國」【0026】sinoinsider 20190920cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-D9keUrqPP3g.html
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貿易戰 共產黨習近平打自己的臉
T T 2 小时 前
T T 2 小时 前
HaiFeng Wu
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blind seven
blind seven 2 小时 前
先將隻馬人道毀滅 然後再將個人不人道毀滅
504 aska
504 aska 3 小时 前
權力只對權力的來源負責。 人在苦難中才更像一個人。 如果你僅僅想要幸福,這一點也不難;難的是我們總期望比別人幸福。 一切擁有權力的人都有濫用權力為自己謀求私利的傾向;任何專制的國家的教育目的都是在極力降低國民的心智。 教育應當是提高人的心智,而專制國家的教育則降低人的心智。 甚至對那些處在指揮地位的人,奴隸性教育也是有好處的,因為在那裡沒有當暴君而同時不當奴隸的。 絕對的服從,意味著服從者是愚蠢的,甚至連發命令的人也是愚蠢的,因為他無須思想,懷疑或推理,只要表示一下自已服從的意願就行。 一個有才智的人,一般地說是很難與人相處的,他選擇的人是很少的。 喜愛讀書,就等於把生活中寂寞無聊的時光換成巨大享受的時刻。 衡量一個人的真正品格,是看他在知道沒有人會發覺的時候做什麼。 好習慣有四:準時,正確,恒心,迅速。 缺少第一項,光陰會虛度;不具備第二項,錯誤百出;沒有第三項,事情永遠辦不好;丟失第四項,遇上良機,都會白白錯失。 品德,應該高尚些;處世,應該坦率些;舉止,應該禮貌些。 一切有權力的人都容易濫用權力,這是萬古不易的一條經驗。 有權力的人往往使用權力一直到遇有界限的地方才休止」。 權力具有天然的膨脹性和向惡性,只要缺乏足夠的約束、監督,任何權力都會生出腐敗,要防止濫用權力,就必須以權力約束權力。 人生而平等,根本沒有高低貴賤之分。 我們沒有權利假借後天的給予對別人頤指氣使,也沒有理由為後天的際遇而自怨自艾。 在人之上,要視別人為人;在人之下,要視自己為人。 能把自己的生命寄託于他人記憶中,生命仿佛就加長一些;光榮是我們獲得的新生命,其珍貴,實不下於天賦的生命。 一切有權力的人都容易濫用權力,這是亙古不變的經驗。 防止濫用權力的方法,就是以權力約束權力。 奢侈總是跟隨著淫亂,淫亂總是跟隨著奢侈。 在人民完全無權參加政府事務的國家中,人民變成冷血動物,他們迷戀金錢,不再熱衷於國事。 人民只會為某位演員而狂熱。 他們並不為政府分憂,也不關心政府有何打算,而是悠然地等著領薪金。 美必須乾乾淨淨、清清白白,在形象上如此,在內心中更是如此。 顯要人物的特權的光榮恰恰就是平民的恥辱。 專制政治的原理就是恐怖。 在民法慈母般的眼神中,每個人就是整個國家。 要想使國家穩固,就應該使兩極盡可能地接近;既不許有豪富,也不許有赤貧。 這兩個天然分不開的等級,對於公共幸福同樣是致命的;一個會產生暴政,而另一個則會產生抗暴。 他們之間永遠是在進行著一場公共自由的交易:一個是購買自由,另一個是出賣自由。 我們在那些同我們一樣虛榮的人們面前講話,他們虛榮心受折磨的程度恰與我們虛榮心得到滿足的程度相等。 如果司法權同行政權合而為一,法官便將握有壓迫者的力量。 人類極其具有希望感和恐懼感。 沒有地域和天堂的宗教就不會取悅于人類。 人口越多,人口比例越稠密,人民的欲望就越多,人民的虛榮心便越強。 越是在人口眾多、大多數人之間彼此不認識的社會中,人們出乎其類、拔乎其萃的欲望也就越強烈。 人們都想證明自己比別人優秀,以獲取別人的尊敬。 尊敬也是一個有限的資源,每個人都想獲得別人尊敬,結果所有的人都無法獲得。 法律的制訂是為了懲罰人類的兇惡悖謬,所以法律本身必須最為純潔無垢。 變壞的絕不是新生的一代,只有在年長的人已經腐化之後,他們才會敗壞下去。 財產權是道德之神。 平平庸庸最安全。 禮貌使有禮貌的人喜悅,也使那些受到人家禮貌相待的人們喜悅。 大自然者既然在人間造成不同程度的強弱,也常用破釜沉舟的鬥爭,使弱者不亞于強者。 在我看來,所謂的平等可以分為以下幾種:  第一,結果平等(不可能的)  第二,起點平等(也不可能)  第三,機會平等(不完全可能)  第四,規則平等(比較可取) 一般人贊許的往往是平庸人。 對於平庸人,人們很樂於濟助;對於有才智的人,人們以有所剝奪為快。 後者成為忌妒的物件,人們對他毫不原諒;可是為了前者利益,人們不惜一切給以支援,他受人們虛榮心的擁護。 對一個人的不公正,就是對所有人的威脅。 處在幸福兩端的人,即特別幸福和特別不幸的人,都傾向于殘酷。 處在幸福中間的人,則會具有溫和惻隱之心。 有權勢的人傾向于侵犯無權勢的人,這是人類生活的一大特點。 解放一個習慣于被奴役的民族比奴役一個習慣于自由的民族更難。 政治是一把磨鈍了的挫刀,他挫著挫著,慢慢地達到它的目的。 無論是在共和制國家中,還是在專制國家中,人人都是平等的。 但是,兩者的平等是不同的。 共和國的人人平等在於大家都是主人;專制國家的人人平等在於大家都是奴隸。 法律在一般的情況下才永遠是公正的,而在實際運用時又幾乎永遠是不公正的。 如果一個人是道德完人,他不會有朋友。 一個已被奢華腐蝕了的靈魂,是充滿千百種欲望的。 為了實現自己的欲望,不惜與法律為敵。 善意的嘲笑是一種有害于人之良性,有利於才智的講話方式。 一個人想要在這世界上成功,他必須表現得像個傻瓜,卻很聰明。 一個優良的民主國家與一個糟糕的民主國家的區別是:前者只給予公民以法律上的平等,即法律面前人人平等;後者則力圖拉平不同的等級和不同的地位,使人們之間獲得絕對意義的平等。 人作為有欲望的動物,受多種情欲的支配,欲望很容易擺脫理性和良知的束縛而無限膨脹。 有些民族很變態,對它和善寬容,它反而感覺自己有理,感到對它進行寬容的國家容易欺負;如果對它進行報復,讓它也飽受巨大災難,它反而會對那個國家友好。 對於這樣沒有廉恥之心、忘恩負義的變態國家除了報復之外,沒有別的更好的手段。 人們服從官吏不過是懾于法律的威力罷了。 如果法律沒有了,人們對待官吏就會變得十分兇狠,他們要報復。 斯多亞派雖然把財富,人間的顯赫、痛苦、憂傷、快樂都看做是一種空虛的東西,但他們卻埋頭苦幹,為人類謀幸福,履行社會的義務。 他們相信有一種精神居住在他們心中。 他們似乎把這種精神看做一個仁慈的神明,看護著人類。 他們為社會而生;他們全都相信,他們命裡註定要為社會勞動;他們的酬報就在他們的心裡,所以更不至感到這種勞動是一種負擔。 他們單憑自己的哲學而感到快樂,好像只有別人的幸福能夠增加自己的幸福。 一個新的政體的建立,是以無數的困苦和艱難為前提的。
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@dontaskme 顛倒是非,黑白無常call你食宵夜!
dontaskme 小时 前
@唐偉恆 哈哈卜街唐伟恆陪住中共齐卜街!冇做亏心事嘅人会事事顺境,百无禁忌。你唔好再缺口德,咪事衰耶继续来找你啊!
K So
K So 小时 前
@dontaskme 👍👍👍
唐偉恆 小时 前
@dontaskme 你仆街先喎
dontaskme 小时 前
@唐偉恆 希望中共快点卜街。
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k.h. Tang
k.h. Tang 3 小时 前
大部份香港傳媒用十分不悄的眼光 , 批評港交所 . 但倫敦在脫歐難產 , 長陣痛期間 , 是否繼續是金融中心呢 ? 脫歐令所有英國的金融機構 , 因怕失去歐盟內大市場的經營權 , 大小銀行等 , 紛紛遷冊 , 進入歐盟國內註冊 , 根據歐盟法律規定 , 遷冊同時要將絕大部份資產 , 匯入歐盟境內 , 才生效 . 上年尾至今 , 近三萬億英鎊走了. 金融中心金走了 , 剩下 '' 融中心 '' 等耐些 , 溶了 , 變成 ''溶中心 ''. 港交可能被它 '' 溶了 '', 就算現在停止脫歐 , 各銀行和財務機構不會花鉅資再搬回來的了 .
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the coment man dog up ontiune to dog up , hong kong slefish people and shameless pan-democracy following the taiwsn style create fake news , cutting and connet again defraud video smeared the other civil servant, hong kong youths and students did not know what is the human rigth , block the road violate the other people human right aims to know the girl friend, the selfish guys how to say the democracy, just returned to 1912 the so called nation father used the violence just donated the money employed like hong kong blak mask black clothes black money guys overthrow the dynasty kingdom and conversation what they calle democracy, but, they are only talkng, never practiice at least seventy years.even so called democracy nation taiwan stiill staying dictator system,legislation is not legislation, law is not law , just stop into the fomalism, because taiwan people have the chinese tradional selfish character , just like the powers and selfish character but hong kong although without one person one vote chief executive , but we have the deomcracy spirit , but recently the education were failue let hong kong people being taiwan , the dmocracy politician not to accept one personone vote to elect chief executive only one conditon is not against the china ,and finally veto it. but we seen the taiwan system, they are screening and screening again finally to have their favour candidate means just a group of people seize the nation money,the currenty taiwan female dictater president even has a lot of scandal and corruption , also can seek re-election on the next year. hong kong stupid people did not get the justice one person one vote is so foolish. when we reacalled last term and seen teh teaiwan dirty political system . hong kong people regret last term not across rhe bill.
Aki 4 小时 前
Peter Chan
Peter Chan 4 小时 前
向黑警头子投诉黑警暴行是不智的,淋病血手下台日,黑警 暴手下狱時
Chong C K
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📣200+1人遊行,聲勢浩大! 約有2000多路經人士在行人路觀望,應是趕著回家的屯門街坊 📣另有真街坊指出:現場有數名激動女子因不滿家中男人經常溜連公園看大媽表演,已經痴L咗線,落到街見人就鬧,日日如是😭
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Superman Super
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Sui Ching CHAN
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China criminal party lickers are disgusting,
S S 4 小时 前
S S 4 小时 前
China criminal party lickers are disgusting, cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-ZHOUb1IAnFA.html
S S 5 小时 前
China criminal party lickers are disgusting, cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-ZHOUb1IAnFA.html
S S 5 小时 前
Mr Lam, you are wrong. A similar ACT passed in US Congress on Xinjiang. Taiwan also has similar treatments. Though the ACT is better than nothing to fight off china criminal party devils, US has proven unreliable towards colored partners ie Republic of China after WWII, Taiwan, South Vietnam, Irag, etc
林信 5 小时 前
想香港人批斗李嘉誠? 發吓夢好啦狗共!!
苦瓜汁 5 小时 前
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斯太林 5 小时 前
Chau Chung-kwong
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Yy C
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Yy C
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ling yang
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天佑香港 6 小时 前
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憑中美贸易战! 中国忘想坐美国霸主之位。 香港将被美帝充分利用直至中共大程度让利。
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Lai fun Bechon
Lai fun Bechon 7 小时 前
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hao liu
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我爱你 7 小时 前
我爱你 7 小时 前
我爱你 7 小时 前
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Cupid Producer丘品創作視頻,9月16日:靈界真相獨立調查委員會。快真相大白,請參考! 新屋嶺才是重點,已44人上天了!不送頭,快閃!
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diana chor 增至58了
Keith Ma
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自求多福,大家保重。 不是富二代官二代 哪有能力大傻人民的b, 狗共家族死無葬身之地。
Martin Cheung
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没飞机导弹 说什么都假!
KK Jhon
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Hoi Wong
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呢啲係共產黨先會做㗎咋 共產黨成日都話自古以來不可分割嘅土地嗎 咩幾千年已經有共產黨㗎咩 呢啲賣笑話囉 中國其
seow sng
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police wasting ppl's time , police-triads-China are Monster
God G
God G 9 小时 前
張偉坤 9 小时 前
God G
God G 9 小时 前
sun wa yu
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t louie
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The situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan today stems from the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. Hua Guofeng succeeded the head of the Chinese Communist Party, taking into account the backwardness of the mainland society and the hardships of the people. Therefore, an open policy is required to improve people's livelihood. After Hua Guofeng, Deng Xiaoping succeeded the head of the Chinese Communist Party. Deng Xiaoping and Bo Yibo, Li Peng, etc., designed a secret strategy for the operation of the Chinese government in the future. One is the holistic "fighting posture of the fake posture": On the surface, the CCP government is no longer self-enclosed. Instead, it is open to the outside world in order to gain access to science and technology and improve the economy. The surface is disguised and promoted outwards. The CCP nationwide is pursuing a gradual westernization policy and learning from a low profile. People mistakenly believe that the CCP has moved toward the path of liberal democracy. In fact, this is a fake action. There is a subsequent south tour of Deng Xiaoping, which is open to the public. In fact, the core of Deng Xiaoping's ruling party will always be the ultra-leftist leftist; but the appearance of the CCP government must be disguised as a right-wing government. Therefore, this is a wolf covered with sheepskin, which makes people hard to guard against. In this way, Deng Xiaoping only needs to hold on to the military. In fact, in May 1989, the Soviet head of state visited Beijing and met with the then head of the Chinese Communist Party, Zhao Ziyang. At that time, Zhao Ziyang told the Soviet head of state and revealed: "He is Zhao Ziyang himself, not the real head of the CCP." For this sentence, Zhao Ziyang was criticized for committing a felony of "leaking state secrets." Because people are deceived by the fake actions of the CCP's overall camouflage behavior, they mistakenly believe that the Chinese government has sincerely carried out an open policy of progressive westernization. So the following consequences have been produced: 1) People mistakenly imagine that the CCP will become a free and democratic country in the future, which will lead to the loss of vigilance and caution, coupled with the lure of "win-win cooperation" in the Kuomintang’s mouth. It is easy for everyone to be controlled by the CCP's "Blue, Gold, and Yellow" program. 2) People mistakenly imagine that the CCP will become a free and democratic country in the future. Because of this kind of thinking, the "92 Consensus" and "One Country, Two Systems" and other evils will naturally be used and exist. . 3) People mistakenly imagine that the CCP will become a free and democratic country in the future. Under the guise of free trade, Taiwanese businessmen are profitable and less wary of the evils of the CCP. In the late 1990s, during Lee Teng-hui’s presidency of Taiwan, in order not to be threatened by the CCP’s missiles, some Taiwanese businessmen later helped the CCP, in the Taoyuan factory in Taiwan, to study and manufacture the most important precision parts for missiles. . The above important parts of the rocket missile were sold to the CCP by the Taiwanese businessman. The CCP has offered resale to countries such as North Korea and Iran. Leading to North Korea to frequently release rocket missiles, threatening to intimidate the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. And the US-made drones were hit by missile rockets fired by Iran in June 2019. To investigate the source of its scourge, the factory host in Taoyuan, Taiwan, should be one of the culprits. For example, the company of Guo Taiming has established a Communist Party branch in an open and extensive manner within the company. All of the above, in fact, is hard to convince me that this is not a huge CCP spy organization in Taiwan. The spy organization of this technology expert has the characteristics of the Communist International; and this organization has the ability to secretly absorb the advanced science and technology of the United States, Japan, the European Union and so on. This organization, compared with Zhang Shouyi’s "Thousand Talents Plan", has the same purpose. Isn’t the leader of this organization not the boss of this company? Is it not the candidate who is currently running for one of the presidential candidates in Taiwan? In the face of this situation, why is the Taiwan National Security Ministry not doing anything?
God G
God G 9 小时 前
咪有得D 14億豬被圈養
黄娣 9 小时 前
黃之铎是賣國賊,為了賺美國老大錢,故意爆亂香港,破壞香港公物害民生,害了香港社會撕裂家庭撕裂,害己害人,是耶和華看為惡的事, 申命記:28:19 黃之鋒出也受咒詛,入也受咒詛。 申命記:28:20 耶和華因黃之鋒行惡離棄黃之鋒,必在黃之鋒手裡所辦的一切事上,使咒詛,擾亂,責罰臨到黃之鋒,直到黃之鋒被毀滅,速速的滅亡。 申命記:28:22 耶和華要用癆病,熱病,火症,瘧疾,刀劍,旱風,〔或作乾旱〕霉爛攻擊黃之鋒,這都要追趕直到黃之鋒滅亡。 申命記:28:24 耶和華要使那降在黃之鋒地上的雨,變為塵沙,從天臨在黃之鋒身上,直到黃之鋒滅亡。 申命記:28:25 耶和華必使黃之鋒敗在仇敵面前,黃之從一條路去攻擊香港,必從七條路逃跑,黃之鋒必在天下萬國中拋來拋去。 申命記:28:26 黃之鋒的屍首必給空中的飛鳥,和地上的走獸作食物,並無人鬨趕。 申命記:28:27 耶和華必用埃及人的瘡,並痔瘡,牛皮癬,與疥,攻擊黃之鋒,使黃之鋒不能醫治。 申命記:28:28 耶和華必用癲狂,眼瞎,心驚攻擊黃之鋒。
Raymond Lau
Raymond Lau 9 小时 前
King Hon
King Hon 9 小时 前