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Маnchеstеr Unіtеd vs Νеwcаstlе 3-2 Highlights & Goals 6.10.2018

Uni TV
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2018年10月 6日






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Uni TV
Uni TV 12 天 前
Goals 2:10 2:50 9:35 10:00 10:36
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Achille Tommolini
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Nonny Jessone
Nonny Jessone 22 小时 前
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Chun Yun
Chun Yun 天 前
Score should be 5 - 2 if Rashford won't miss 2 headers
Kevi Musa
Kevi Musa 天 前
mark Wilson
mark Wilson 天 前
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Kevin Gabriel
Kevin Gabriel 2 天 前
ohhhhh juventos ohhhhhhh juventos e Brasil
BB TD 2 天 前
Forever United..⚽🙏🙏🏆
Dadan Mulyana
Dadan Mulyana 3 天 前
Trip4man 5 天 前
Jesus, you can see clearly why Mourinho is in trouble... This team is horrible!!!!! No accuracy, no focus, no effort and that goalkeeper must have a guardian angel!! Because the way he defends... He should go to the B League for real.
Flipper T{StreetThugsEmpireBoss}
OMG Pogba is really something else, what a pass to Martial. If you're a Manchester United fan as me, let me see your Like.
Roman Reings
Roman Reings 5 天 前
mabioor achiek
mabioor achiek 5 天 前
2:10 2:509:3510:0010:36
Robbie Panteleev
Jose can defense better imo
Dr Anthony
Dr Anthony 6 天 前
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Shamaka Ekkala
Shamaka Ekkala 6 天 前
sack morinho
Shamaka Ekkala
Shamaka Ekkala 6 天 前
Back Pack
Back Pack 6 天 前
good game alexis I hope this gol helps him to come back to his real level
Iqra Samuya
Iqra Samuya 6 天 前
us Manchester United fun . We need pogba he is star shining on the sky
hare 07
hare 07 6 天 前
Dobra utakmica
Rinus Kulla
Rinus Kulla 6 天 前
Mourino stay in MU
halfvolley11 6 天 前
If Pogba comes to Barcelona, it will surely win Champions League.
Ricky Chan
Ricky Chan 6 天 前
Da black man always wins
Amiel Gonzales
Amiel Gonzales 7 天 前
soccer is for fake ferrari boys, metro fuk boi mutherfuckers go bleach yr tips
llegó tu fin
llegó tu fin 7 天 前
Ashley Young no sirve para una puta mierda. Ya que regalen a ese pinche cono.
용기성 7 天 前
I love yoshinori muto. he is great attacker
מיכאל הלוי
רק ברצלונה
Hing Chan
Hing Chan 7 天 前
Antneh Kebede
Antneh Kebede 7 天 前
i support mufc every day
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green pharmacy 7 天 前
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Raymond Odari
Raymond Odari 7 天 前
Manu mmelala kabisa bure kabisa ingawa mlirequolise bt bure kabisa
mr. padilla
mr. padilla 7 天 前
Todos se sorprendieron no sabian quien era ese pequeño del gol icreiblemente un jugdoraso Alexis Sanchez quien no quisera ser como el y remontar un parido y aparte ser el que salva a tu equipo.
KidsM Bulah
KidsM Bulah 7 天 前
Mata 👌
Monroe Paige
Monroe Paige 7 天 前
Alexis love you
the new
Said Kurto
Said Kurto 7 天 前
united can do better minus morino
Lunga Sitshongaye
this was a miracle by Man United. Surely God lives
Lite Shacheez
Lite Shacheez 7 天 前
Man u not gonna win prem league this year hahaha!!! city all the way
MaN UniteD FCC
MaN UniteD FCC 6 天 前
just park the bus every match and city gonna be in 20th phahahah
Lily Elena
Lily Elena 7 天 前
Lite Shacheez!!! OMG live the content hun... keep up the good work
Richard Were
Richard Were 7 天 前
This shit defenders need to go: SMALLING, JONES, VALENCIA!!!!
MoHameD ApdulaaHi
go out Jose mouhrinHo
Nyai Youtube
Nyai Youtube 7 天 前
Josss menang lagi... 😉😊
Denny Aryan Setyawan
Bang Saroh
Bang Saroh 7 天 前
Imtiaz Sharif
Imtiaz Sharif 7 天 前
This is what happens when United attacks don’t park the bus
星暉 7 天 前
ディ・マリア戻ってこないかな… パリでベンチにいるくらいならユナイテッド来てほしい
putra can
putra can 7 天 前
Sanchez id the best
JP Faúndez Raddatz
Horrible editing.
flavour harrison
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Aymeric Fanien
Aymeric Fanien 8 天 前
Can we talk about Perez hair ?
Sa Va
Sa Va 8 天 前
sachez is shit, just lucky head
liaison dangereuse
fuck haters lol xD
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Kenny Phaho
Kenny Phaho 8 天 前
Terrible editing in my opinion
Vojtěch Gärtner
One penalty for New Castle..second goal of ManU..is offside..great comeback..with big mistakes..
jose is a winner
المحترف الجزائري
gsul.me/deWs Omg mahrez what he did !! :o
Daniel Contreras
HACKER 666 8 天 前
Fugi time
ismaciil abdi ali
Best Kids Games
Best Kids Games 8 天 前
Great game... congratulations MU!! Keep the good work up...
Kikooloolxptdr 8 天 前
j'ai mis adblock fdp
8994 Alphatar Magnus Jonathan Tambunan
cnvid.net/video/视频-MU0EjkvZtxE.html Tolong bantu like video ini yaa... makasih
demba dia
demba dia 8 天 前
Crazy game Nice play new castle
Cristián Silva
Cristián Silva 8 天 前
At 5:10 the universal gesture parents do with their millennial sons.
Jane Lambert
Jane Lambert 8 天 前
Three goals in twenty minutes... When does that ever happen in the Premier League? Not by ANY other team this season-regardless of opponent-I can tell you that. It was truly remarkable. 👑 King Mata! And I'm so chuffed for Alexis; you could see how much it meant to him. Also, it was truly heartwarming to see all the support for Mourinho from fans. A LOT of support.
lapin lapin
lapin lapin 8 天 前
ยี่คือเสน่ห์ ยูไนเต็ด
Nauval Patra Wijaya
I'm 100% with Jose ♥
Thasha Monique
Thasha Monique 8 天 前
Fuckin mad game
Abdul Chandra Official
I'm indonesian
Ucenk Celik
Ucenk Celik 8 天 前
Come on United...
Symon Njoroge
Symon Njoroge 8 天 前
Poor reefing
Maximillian Ford
Lazy defending by Man U. Lucky to come back from that deficit, but credit to their work ethic and dedication to overcome it and win. Mourinho, you have a certain Mr. Pogba to thank that you still have your job.
Onta China
Onta China 8 天 前
Satiev Kumushbek
Манчестер юнайтед Супер
sanar osa
sanar osa 8 天 前
Manchester United for life 💪🏽💪🏽
felix wcf
felix wcf 8 天 前
I am one of the 80s, but when I watched the Man Utd documentary, Sir Alex was one match away from being sacked, and the FA Cup final was a turning point, after FOUR years being bashed and abused by Man Utd supporters.
Rodrigo Da Silva Quaresma
Alexis Sanchez e Juan Mata jamais deveriam ser banco de reserva
asahakvho egi
asahakvho egi 8 天 前
Thats not a tactic that just a talent
Derek Torrico
Derek Torrico 8 天 前
Im 100% sure that Man Utd will end 6th this season.
Lachlan Taylor
Lachlan Taylor 8 天 前
matic is awful, he is the weak link in the midfield and missed an absolute sitter. Play Herrara or Fellaini
Stanley Chiam
Stanley Chiam 8 天 前
terrible start for Man United, same like this season, but who can be sure the season will not be like this game, amazing come back and do not write off MU
Brian Waweru
Brian Waweru 8 天 前
Man Utd without Pogba is shit
Alfredo Seven
Alfredo Seven 9 天 前
this game was awesome
vincent aruba
vincent aruba 9 天 前
Any body knows where under herera is
Antwi Prempeh
Antwi Prempeh 9 天 前
Hard work by Manchester united congrat
Allan Siamunyano
incredible game
rata sin futuro
rata sin futuro 9 天 前
Muhammad Abdullahi
Hanson Ibeh
Hanson Ibeh 9 天 前
Rashford's head is useless
Ritchard Ohnmacht
Millio 9 天 前
that unmarked penalty @7:47 for Newcastle might've crushed ManU
michelle alejandra bascur pereira
Alexis Sánchez!!!!! 🤩
Mufunwa Maposa
Mufunwa Maposa 9 天 前
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Stanley Becker
Stanley Becker 9 天 前
his kid should've been one of our reliable player when it come to helping Lukaku scoring goals but sadly Mourinho don't like and love him for no justifiable reason.Look what he doing for a player who doesn't play at al. I watched him against Young boys,Darby county and New Castle United all those three matches he played and ended the full 90 minutes plus he was absolutely wonderful and fantastic
Dandi Julianto
Dandi Julianto 9 天 前
music now
music now 9 天 前
Ko Phyo
Ko Phyo 9 天 前
Ammar Abbasi
Ammar Abbasi 9 天 前
You can blame the manager ALL you want because Manchester United fans are desperate. But if they stop being hateful towards just their managers and actually pay attention to their AVERAGE players then they might be able to see the real problem. How many times this season we have seen Lukaku miss open shots, tap in, free headers from 5 yards out? Too many times! Not a striker for a club like Manchester United but everyone fails to see that. Hell, take this game, Rasford can't even hit the target from 5 yards out with OPEN header. Matic skies the ball when it should have been a tap in goal! And it is not a one time thing, Every game the players are showing their average skill, not built for pressure situations. Come on guys, stop being hateful to managers from Moyes to Mourinho and everyone in between. Manchester United is filled with average/sub-par players and that is costing them.
Ludiney Pedroso
Ludiney Pedroso 9 天 前
Que jogo 😮😮😮😮
nafi bina
nafi bina 9 天 前
menang juga euy