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Leeroy Jenkins in HD 1080p





Leeroy JenkinsWorld Of Warcraft (Video Game)Video Game (Industry)






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Carrie Cheaung
Carrie Cheaung 5 小时 前
Greatiset battle cry ever
TheBros2theend 5 小时 前
Jesus Christ loves you God bless and save you
Mick Craven
Mick Craven 6 小时 前
Bernieeeeee Saaaaaaanders!
keystr0ke 14 小时 前
No ones gonna talk about how one of them said save him when leeroy ran in he was really gonna rush in after him instead of just letting him die that’s cool
Mellow Merc
Mellow Merc 18 小时 前
At least he had his chicken
Notmyreal nameman
Now we know it was all staged. They released the dry-run before the taped the actual video.
Silverbane 26
It was never forgotten
Justin Menego
The Reverse Card From UNO
Dandy Boy
Dandy Boy 天 前
Why does it sound scripted 😂
Dutch Master
Dutch Master 天 前
Best wow video of all time, hands down...iconic.
Lucas Haze
Lucas Haze 天 前
Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenkins
Kyaw Thu
Kyaw Thu 天 前
Did they kick him or what?
Fred Keys
Fred Keys 天 前
Kyaw Thu no and they started selling merchandise so I think that it turned out well for them.
Kyaw Thu
Kyaw Thu 天 前
That's nice and all but did they kick him or what?
Fred Keys
Fred Keys 天 前
Kyaw Thu No this was staged because they wanted more people in their guild.
Scocinfra Lin
Dandido 2 天 前
2019 anyone and still think this is the best game moment in history
rygen02 2 天 前
When it's 2019 and you realize that this was a staged video and it never really happened......so sad....fml.....fuck everything......
Johannes Albrecht
I would like to see the Math
Kitana Kojima
Kitana Kojima 2 天 前
This shit will never get old. A decade later it Still cracks me up as soon as I read or hear the name Leroy
Manuel Rendon
Manuel Rendon 2 天 前
WoW could be fixed in my opinion with these two quick fixes. Please copy and paste so Blizzard might notice. 1) Make BGs and Raids also for 40-80 and 120 at a time. Make cities and given zones as crowded as possible. We want to see massive numbers of players! 2) Let each class to use all of its abilities on demand, from all 3 specs, all spells and abilities accessible. We want complexity in our rotation and total freedom!
CorruptedJynx 2 天 前
This is what i call *THE CLASSIC*
Nino Diacono
Nino Diacono 2 天 前
Mi state dicendo che la carta di Leeroy è nata da questo video?
besbin7 3 天 前
'Does anyone need anything off this guy?'....'Christ...ok....' The long suffering role of raid leader.
HeyItsZentify 3 天 前
A hero is born
Eric Ressler
Eric Ressler 3 天 前
I started laughing from all the chaos talking lmao
Simple Cormac
Simple Cormac 3 天 前
When you ran out of Spiderman pictures to upload so you upload high quality memes instead
roninjon54 3 天 前
“Can you give me a number crunch?” What a load of nonsense.
eradicate neoliberalism
Least I ain't chicken
La Haine
La Haine 3 天 前
Lisa winn
Lisa winn 3 天 前
never fails to get me chuckling.
cat cake
cat cake 3 天 前
Who still watching this in 2019 ??????
Chris Darvin
Chris Darvin 4 天 前
あいす 4 天 前
リローイジェンキーンス! めっちゃ好き so funny
Hurgus Burgus
Hurgus Burgus 5 天 前
dammit leeroy
Christopher Adams
If you really think about this, it's not Leeroys fault but the guys going in to save him.
ctl 454
ctl 454 5 天 前
at least leeroy has chicken
Trace Rahh
Trace Rahh 5 天 前
I have a idea everybody use a world of Warcraft profile pic and spam in peoples comment section leeroy Jenkins
Tobey Matusik
Tobey Matusik 5 天 前
I remember when this happened, funniest shit ever
HyTz Burn
HyTz Burn 6 天 前
Carlos Spicyvveiner
Idk why but this video randomly popped in my head and I just needed to watch it, who else is watching in 2019? Lmao
TheChump1989 2 天 前
Me! I was 15 when this video was made.
Trace Rahh
Trace Rahh 6 天 前
Leeeeeeeeeerrrrrrooooyyyyyyy jjjjjeeeeennnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss
Jacqueline Willett
lil-sake 6 天 前
At least I have chicken
Fruit Rollup
Fruit Rollup 6 天 前
And he didn’t even know That this would become a Meme
Matthew Laskorski
(Like if you get this reference) Alright guys, lets do this! BUFORD VAN STOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 7 天 前
Cerberus 7 天 前
Btw this was staged to become viral on purpose
Harrison Dye
Harrison Dye 7 天 前
I wonder if this was the first World of Warcraft video ever posted.
Harrison Dye
Harrison Dye 7 天 前
World of Warcraft was like the first ever gaming community on CNvid.
Csoongor 7 天 前
ezt kiell vosszahozni
TheTtpgames 7 天 前
This is a gem
luca il gatto del master
Ryhan Mortuza
Ryhan Mortuza 8 天 前
Leroy fucked everything up
Alex Bünning
Alex Bünning 8 天 前
Still a not forgotten LEGEND.
Reaction Junkie
Reaction Junkie 8 天 前
This is the greatest moment in WoW history!! I think about every so often every year haha. I also show it to as many people as i can!
David San
David San 9 天 前
I watch this whenever I need some inspiration in my life
Mirko Sotoarriola
old memes
JBakinMon Gaming
Anyone still watching in 2019? LEEROY JENKINSSSSS
shauks gamer
shauks gamer 9 天 前
Z nation season 5 episode 11 hackersville has this as a reference. 32.22 that's repeating of course. I caught it instantly and was in tears!
EZ Darren Robson
*Let's stick to the plan guys...*
Greenghost yt
Greenghost yt 9 天 前
Leeroy jankinsssss
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 9 天 前
Hearthstone brought me here lol
Channel: Negative
shay boss gaming
shay boss gaming 10 天 前
Geralt OOF Rivia
Geralt OOF Rivia 10 天 前
the leader reminds me of dutch...
Gabi Gabitzu
Gabi Gabitzu 10 天 前
12.000 Comments the 12.000 is mine
Ryaquaza 1
Ryaquaza 1 10 天 前
It’s kinda weird to say this but, I feel more nostalgia over this one clip, than pretty much all of my time on WoW I’m not saying I didn’t have any memorable moments because I had tons, but this clip, this was my childhood
wall mob
wall mob 11 天 前
What game is this lol
Mstaires ,
Mstaires , 11 天 前
The golden age of youtube
Gillian Wotton
Gillian Wotton 11 天 前
Best WoW Video ever!!!
HarkályJónás -
Leeeroy Niggrz
Communist Crustle
I think we all need a Leeroy Jenkins in our life
Nerve Gas
Nerve Gas 12 天 前
Sabrina 12 天 前
i named my boy bull terrier Leeroy Jenkins because of this
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas 12 天 前
2019 still a legend
Arkeus Gamer
Arkeus Gamer 12 天 前
this can serve you, check it bit.ly/2GzvWZ0
Spiro 12 天 前
I'm doing the math here and I think it's gonna work
Noah Sharplin
Noah Sharplin 12 天 前
Top 10 Video Game Memes
Martin Harmath
Martin Harmath 12 天 前
i was thinkin this was metin because my brother loves metin and checked World of Warcraft
Radhika Plays
Radhika Plays 13 天 前
lets do dis *LEEROOOOOOOY!!!!!!! JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
The Resistance
The Resistance 13 天 前
Sometimes you gotta return to the classics, oh nah nah.
bootycheese69 13 天 前
Man I'm screaming......
Apps GH
Apps GH 13 天 前
Stick to the pleen
Kendao 13 天 前
bsgfan1 14 天 前
Top 10 characters who could make Shaggy use 100% of his power.
Genes 14 天 前
14 years later and people still think this is real? It’s staged. The guys admit it was staged and they had no idea it would blow up like this.
Live everyday like it's your last
Gandalf The Grey
Gandalf The Grey 14 天 前
Love how leroy is just sitting there AFK before he does his thing.
GabiTehOtaku 14 天 前
Saw this in a compilation of "prehistoric memes"
O Plebeu
O Plebeu 14 天 前
Dylan Cavasos
Dylan Cavasos 14 天 前
Enjoy your chicken, Leeroy.
shoju0099 15 天 前
Elderly Raider: Gather round children and let me spin you the yarn of a seldom celebrated hero from days of old. Guild Child: Is it about the 300 Spartans and their king Leonidas? Elderly Raider: Those wankers in their leather speedos? Bah! No, his name wa- * out of nowhere * Leeroy Jenkins: LEEEERROOOOOOY JENNNNNKINS!!!!! Elderly Raider: * sigh * god damn it Leeroy.....
Tony S
Tony S 15 天 前
Still trying to figure out what numbers he crunched ...
Jorge Toledo
Jorge Toledo 15 天 前
It says Forekin over one of their heads and I legit thought it said Foreskin lol. What a vid. History here m8s
NoName 52
NoName 52 15 天 前
Benji McGhie
Benji McGhie 16 天 前
2019 anyone?
Ry Guy
Ry Guy 16 天 前
Wait this was only from 2014 or is this a repost?
Adm ivn
Adm ivn 16 天 前
Repost I think
Lenden Davis
Lenden Davis 16 天 前
I heard this first in the sao bloopers
Hinto the shape-shifting wolf
He made W.o.W great
Simone Dylan
Simone Dylan 18 天 前
not my faultXD
Rowena Madrigal
Rowena Madrigal 18 天 前
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