10 Creepiest Broadcast Interruptions In History

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Top 10 Creepiest Broadcast Interruptions In History
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Creepiest Broadcast Interruptions In History! Here is a collection of the top 10 most mysterious, unexplained and unsolved moments when broadcasts on number stations, live TV news shows and radio stations were hacked and messed with by unknown and mysterious people or groups such as Anonymous! Are these interruptions real or fake videos? Well, they are all real and very scary! Check out these strange and eerie broadcast hackings found online that will give you chills! From Max Headroom taking over live TV news to odd number stations such as UVB-76 from Russia which some say can communicate with aliens and UFOs!
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Top 10s
Top 10s 7 个月 前
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Louise Belcher
Louise Belcher 11 天 前
Just make sure to keep the commentaries to a minimum.. :D
GalaxyJazzGirl 11 天 前
+Top 10s , that link got hacked by Crafty
Lily Gay
Lily Gay 22 天 前
2.4K Dislikes!? And only 28K likes!? That's not right! There should be way more likes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍...Read More Nah I'd rather not xD
dave and aub white
I'm out
Jean-Luc Martel
Jean-Luc Martel 27 天 前
remember remember the 5th of november.
H0W_D1D_I_G3T_H3R3 9 小时 前
@ 15:06 wut
Google Bot
Google Bot 18 小时 前
Похоже на Мастерская Настроения
Evan Nadeau
Evan Nadeau 3 天 前
Anyone notice the man in the fcc staff at 3:26?
360 nosescope
360 nosescope 4 天 前
I am having nightmares now. Bye!
Why are people so freaked out about Captain Midnight? They know who he is and why he did what he did. Also, the message isn't even that creepy. I would say the Wyoming incident and the alien one are scarier.
MrShiffles 5 天 前
14:37 "It was only shown to CUMcast customers" ...well there you go :-P
JustAFan YouTube
The Splooshy 2nd Acc cuz other is temerminated Waaa
6:05 That Scares Me All Time
Austn Allgood
Austn Allgood 6 天 前
Whisky Echo Alpha Romeo Echo Alpha November Oscar November Yankee Mike Oscar Uniform Sierra Whisky Echo Delta Oscar November Oscar Tango Foxtrot Oscar Golf India Victor Echo Whisky Echo Delta Oscar November Oscar Tango Foxtrot Oscar Romeo Golf Echo Tango Echo X-Ray Papa Echo Charlie Tango Uniform Sierra ...............................................................................................
Brayden M
Brayden M 6 天 前
Thanks for skipping through the first one, asshole 🙃
Neptune 9 天 前
no im not looking at that gray face.
EthAn Gaming VloGs
Marae Martinez
Marae Martinez 9 天 前
I just finished watching the alien one when I got a phone call... It wasn’t from the states or another country..... I will update when I finish it I’m still on the call 😦
Qween Nia
Qween Nia 10 天 前
donald everson
donald everson 10 天 前
Now and day anything is possible
the Ubu 76 siren sounds like a cow
Louise Belcher
Louise Belcher 11 天 前
The guy seems like a windbag who takes forever to get to the point..
Brookes 93
Brookes 93 11 天 前
Oh no baker😜
Abercrombie LK
Abercrombie LK 11 天 前
0:55 space meatballs
GalaxyJazzGirl 11 天 前
Russians hacked the election
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat 12 天 前
Before I watched, I started screaming XD
jervon johnson
jervon johnson 12 天 前
I wach the video
"Shudders" 12 天 前
😨Mum what is she doing with Handy Mannys tool
"Shudders" 12 天 前
The unknown part in the max video was the guy laughing
Max wait..Frickin, who the H uses that word...ever...lol?? So funny life can be...Hi to you, wherever you are. Ya'll know there is no such thing as impossible isn't it an amazing time be alive!!
Just A fellow Human Being that has no life
5:48 was hilarious sorry.
Alfie Davies
Alfie Davies 12 天 前
UVB-76 is actually a coded lunch order
Jamie Mccloy
Jamie Mccloy 12 天 前
Ok so a scary alien turned the channel into looney toons really???? lol
Reza Rahnama
Reza Rahnama 13 天 前
When the Ashtar thing was talking when it flashes that we have to get rid of our weapons “Gun Control” flashes briefly
Craig leader
Craig leader 13 天 前
And this is why i only watch netflix
brixalot 13 天 前
The mystery faces are from The Wyoming Incident video
Shari Marshall
Shari Marshall 14 天 前
Patrick star: how dare for uhhhhh..... Well ummmmmmm.....
FlurryMarShiro 0-0
ANONYMUS!!!! 0~0
Don Hanson
Don Hanson 15 天 前
I don't think todays College students would hack the news in America. It is already broadcasting Socialist propaganda. Todays college students would rather be Socialist than a Capitalist Democracy.
Jay Bofa
Jay Bofa 15 天 前
You want to know why people would do this? For the lolz
Jeremy Wiley
Jeremy Wiley 15 天 前
They did an interupption when the song thriller came out.
Sullie 415
Sullie 415 16 天 前
Moral of the story? Trolls have always been around.
Gabriel Camacaro Vivas
1:02 Me: its a god the thing: OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU Me: NANI!?
Susan Wachowiak
Susan Wachowiak 16 天 前
Want 16 天 前
If I had to hack a broadcast, I would hack with…a playthrough of pokemon blue. Yeah. Everytime it goes away, the game saves and I wait for the next opportunity, and repeat until finished. No idea why.
Rouzy 16 天 前
Даннил Грущанский
*Boat Sounds Reapeatly* Michael Dmitriй Zena 8,95,333. Kanstantin Abab Ivan Nicolai
Даннил Грущанский
Николай? Lol Great Name
Даннил Грущанский
Looking Down Of Scary Faces Yea?
The Crazy Cat Child
You May Not Know My Fellow Beings But That Warning From The Other Ones... is Real It Is Probably True And What Will Happen Is True If We Continue To Live Like This Eventually We Will lose everything And Everyone They Only Want You Help Us..
Paul.A. WÏtte-Kerr
I'd love to see the actual interruptions instead of mostly you talking about them. Thanks
Anonex Creighton
Anonex Creighton 17 天 前
I got interupted too by ads
Jonnesy TheDEFUALT
If zombies or aliens invaded us they would die in 2 days,we have Lego bricks.
Jonnesy TheDEFUALT
Anonymous is just nice people
Wet Floor Offical
I subscribed!
Mr. Oreoz
Mr. Oreoz 17 天 前
When u talked about Russia it reminded of something creepy You know this game called blue whale? A Russian guy made it for kids so that he can control them to commit suicide , even one time a 18 year old guy played this , and the blue whale told him to jump off the window , and he did it ;-;
Epicals Place
Epicals Place 18 天 前
To be honest,I believe that the max headroom one is the creepiest. That mask! Sends shivers down my spine.
Egzon Bunjaku
Egzon Bunjaku 19 天 前
(GAPS) >:O
Egzon Bunjaku
Egzon Bunjaku 19 天 前
SolidDuckling 27
SolidDuckling 27 19 天 前
Miriam Gonzalez
Miriam Gonzalez 19 天 前
These hi jacking photos creeped me out
Callum Hall
Callum Hall 19 天 前
Where was fuck her right in the pussy
Dat 0ne b0i
Dat 0ne b0i 20 天 前
zombies came from a story that parasites went into a dead person's grave and it reproduce and more dead bodies came back it was just a made up story so people should know it's not or never gonna be real
king king
king king 20 天 前
i've seen the anonymous one
Spaghetti Roll
Spaghetti Roll 21 天 前
Plasma xander
Plasma xander 21 天 前
id hack as many tv stations as possible displaying the same message of an incredibly darker and more sinister version of blackstar by david bowie along with the same message in text form NEVER FORGET THE DEAD
Project YouShut - a helper of Project Zorgo
uvb-76 is a radio station, so that must expect the crappy audio
Christopher Hunter
Flakka is the Zombie fuel of the future.
Christopher Hunter
Good job USSR.
teamoconnor2008 oconnor
Hi I'm stupid
bogdan swider
bogdan swider 22 天 前
14:04 he is saying sothing about and he killed his self
bogdan swider
bogdan swider 22 天 前
i translated( bojkot wyborów naszym obowiązkiem) means election boycott our duty
bogdan swider
bogdan swider 22 天 前
5:01 wye tacking about poland i don't understand that part but might be tacking about world war 2 german vs poland then.... long story
garry frater
garry frater 22 天 前
You guys said the Polish hackers where 2 students studying astrology. I think you should find out the difference between astrology and astronomy astrology is the pseudo science of telling your fortune by the position of stars in the sky mostly used in starting off conversations at 3rd rate bars with whats your sign. On the other hand astronomy is the study of star systems as well as our own using things like the hubble space telescope, rockets and the international space station. See the difference? I hope so.
Scrambled Poopa
Scrambled Poopa 22 天 前
If the American channel was hacked by Russia then why was the interruption in English?
Epicburner Pw
Epicburner Pw 22 天 前
Whats opra?
Madelyn Moze
Madelyn Moze 22 天 前
wOw I tOtAlLy Am SoOoO cReEpEd OuT bRo!!111!1!!1
Genie Wade
Genie Wade 22 天 前
The alien was problem the gm
Rafaelle Francisco
*[that thumbnail though]*
Ultra Necom 72
Ultra Necom 72 22 天 前
For the last one, naughty hijacker, it matters exactly what they were showing. If it was just your average porn, then they were trying to corrupt kids. If it was a full movie was a bit of sex, then they were trying to teach kids that soon, they will find a guy/girl they love and yeah I think you get it
Madelyn Moze
Madelyn Moze 22 天 前
Ultra Necom 72 understanding
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy 23 天 前
My aunt was once hacked on Facebook
sir guardian gaming and vlogs
Imagine the president is about to say something important on live TV ali a Intro plays
Jadeeey Suelto
Jadeeey Suelto 24 天 前
UVB-76 is like a creepy sound on old Xbox 360. If you dont know that search it.
I was there during the handy mandy one and i remember it clearly I was like 4 at the time and i was watching the show in the living room. My mother was watching too, supervising. And then it popped up, i had no idea of what it was, but it made me feel uncomfortable. My mom told me to cover my eyes and switched the channel. I asked what was it and seh answered only with, "Just a TV mess up" and that concluded it...
Madelyn Moze
Madelyn Moze 22 天 前
EmeraldTorchEXTRA oh damn if this is true, I’m sorry
it's my memes
it's my memes 24 天 前
Russia hacked tv was a great commercial
LIL DUDE10101 24 天 前
You should have hacking lessons on this channel
Grayont gaming
Grayont gaming 24 天 前
Who else thought chills would narrate
Kuduvoyi Chizo Ata
*Tired of killing zombies* *I think now it's time to kill Alain in HALLO*
crystal hayden
crystal hayden 25 天 前
**serious speech** bWa bWA BwA BWa Bwa bwA bWAAAAA
Ryan2007PL 25 天 前
when there is an interuption they make an excuse about aliens
Challenges,impressions and a lot of Harry Potter!
Hiding.In.The.Comments 😫😫😫😫
TSM afzal
TSM afzal 26 天 前
That was CREEPY alright
Plebby 26 天 前
something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinister something more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinister something more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinistersomething more sinister
xandre xandre
xandre xandre 26 天 前
"Some say it was trying to corrupt children. some say they were trying to corrupt children."
VerdanaDaSkele 26 天 前
Because the sheet of metal was moving in the max headroom one someone was there moving it
the pug
the pug 26 天 前
I think I peed a little
Meh Ster
Meh Ster 27 天 前
That Jack Maxwell gave me nightmares... 😲
Crunchy Cookie
Crunchy Cookie 27 天 前
Notice how he showed a clip or provided evidence to each example he gave except the last one... #fake
; ;í
; ;í 28 天 前
i can handle rooters but waiters?
Railfanner777 Productions
Those grainy faces looks very similar to the ones on a lesser known hijacking, the Wyoming Incident.
Margaret Killian
Margaret Killian 29 天 前
Well I guess I've been living under a rock
grivvagg 29 天 前
so many other images. why didnt you just put the10 interruptions only?!!! you confusing us :P
Nexus [GD]
Nexus [GD] 29 天 前
That Face Tho On The Intro! {Ugly}
lord james
lord james 个月 前
i think its an old mugshot