10 Creepiest Broadcast Interruptions In History

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Top 10 Creepiest Broadcast Interruptions In History
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Creepiest Broadcast Interruptions In History! Here is a collection of the top 10 most mysterious, unexplained and unsolved moments when broadcasts on number stations, live TV news shows and radio stations were hacked and messed with by unknown and mysterious people or groups such as Anonymous! Are these interruptions real or fake videos? Well, they are all real and very scary! Check out these strange and eerie broadcast hackings found online that will give you chills! From Max Headroom taking over live TV news to odd number stations such as UVB-76 from Russia which some say can communicate with aliens and UFOs!
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Top 10s
Top 10s 年 前
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LeahGX !
LeahGX ! 24 天 前
Vali R
Vali R 个月 前
+Ольга Аиюби ya they do they do not like **us**
Horton 780
Horton 780 个月 前
The man liked his own comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂 😂
Buttered Side Up
Buttered Side Up 2 个月 前
Travis Ritenour ...
GalaxyJazzGirl 3 个月 前
The video is misleading! The mystery face @15:21 is gone which means someone hacked his video
LizzyAnnArt 12 小时 前
The names not "astrolon" its "vrillon"
Dear god if your gonna fake a zombie message you don’t lead with the dead are rising lol, you’d lead with “the department of defense has issued a contagious disease warning”
Aaron Saltzer
Aaron Saltzer 4 天 前
Some of these aren’t creepy. I would say awkward or random.
Tony Challenger
Tony Challenger 5 天 前
Gamers are powerful when playing killer/fight games to defeat stupid messages #invincible gamers4life
վԵ ցαlαxվ Եհҽ cαԵツ
__,_____ hjw / __.==--" /#(-' `-'
John Aldrich
John Aldrich 6 天 前
If you didn't know C-SPAN is what brought the VID TV mask of doom logo to America in 1991.
Achido 6 天 前
Who else thought these weren't real?
TjAngelR 9800mguy
You forgot the Wyoming incident.
Mcpe Diamondz
Mcpe Diamondz 6 天 前
The screensaver interrupts this programme for an important announcement
Sean Marcus
Sean Marcus 7 天 前
What if the perge broadcast interruption were to show up on our tv's right now?
Rosa Mendoza
Rosa Mendoza 8 天 前
No ONE should EVER interrupt DOCTOR WHO!!!
Little King
Little King 9 天 前
There was a hack on Cartoon Network about protesting. Before the hack there was a flicker of colors in little circles
Mister Chelouis
Mister Chelouis 9 天 前
Max Headroom hack. Is FUKIN SCARY
Digital Gaming
Digital Gaming 9 天 前
Captain midnight didn't go to prison he was on probation
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 9 天 前
This video was interrupted by a pokemon ad.
Bat Station
Bat Station 11 天 前
that hacker for A-P-O-C-A-L-Y-P-S-E ust have voice edited because i know the computer bot that. the voice is to low for it to be a real A-L-E-R-T!
my Thomas channel my Thomas channel
The Russian one is ok
Happy Catuts
Happy Catuts 13 天 前
The sound for like a tornado attack or like a nuke is fucking scarry when your watching a show and it pops up and it's fucking annoying also.
Suns Up
Suns Up 15 天 前
The horn thing says operation over agin
SavageSluggie 15 天 前
As much as its weird, i agree with that alien. We need peace
anne hudson
anne hudson 16 天 前
hey you all. can leave your reply for me!!!!!!! I have got a long long knowledge of history...music/conspriorys etc etc I read all the messages on here...……..good will to u'all ANNIELEE[my name]
Infamous TV
Infamous TV 7 天 前
xX_D4NKM3M35_Xx to have sex
xX_D4NKM3M35_Xx 10 天 前
anne hudson What is the cure for ligma?
anne hudson
anne hudson 16 天 前
what a load of crap...…..only true thing mentioned was KERRY PACKER talking about AUSTRALIAN CRICKET!!!!!!ANNIELEE
Sidney Munro
Sidney Munro 16 天 前
How fake iz it
Zom-be 16 天 前
that was kind of racist for you to talk about Russia that way
Marcus B
Marcus B 22 天 前
*Mr. Alien? Please dab.....*
Jake Shott
Jake Shott 22 天 前
The zombie apocolapse: happends Literally everyone in the united states with a gun: i have prepared for this for my whole life, ITS TIME FOR SOME FUN
DAVID 22 天 前
I Get the one about the sabath
OrcamdragonYT 23 天 前
Sounds like a fuckin sound in the russain one
Alida Chales
Alida Chales 23 天 前
Flip russia
Cheese Rat Quest
Cheese Rat Quest 23 天 前
9:51 4Channers speaking to the dank memers about Normies invading 4chan
Football 13347
Football 13347 24 天 前
When ur scared, hide in the comment section
Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth 24 天 前
My dad saw the one with the football hijack.
8:04 the purge!
Lit Videos
Lit Videos 25 天 前
Lit Videos
Lit Videos 25 天 前
Boo Floof
Boo Floof 25 天 前
I'm semi religious, but if i saw that while I wanted to look at tits I'd be pissed
Boo Floof
Boo Floof 25 天 前
"...and literally, OBLITERA-" *happy music begins* :D
BobTheBobCatt 26 天 前
3:25 GTFO Ajit Pai.
hi lila
hi lila 27 天 前
(switch.user-ie.fein:81-@) put that is the app cmd and boom. Enjoy hacking iPhones and governments
Inferno Kevin
Inferno Kevin 27 天 前
Next Interruption: Momo On Screen
Daniel Keogh
Daniel Keogh 27 天 前
Those photos were so SCARY
Ceiling is animating
Playboy channel and god I think we know what that means
Hakim Muhammad
Hakim Muhammad 28 天 前
Where is Waters pronounced "Waiters" and why??
John Galendez
John Galendez 28 天 前
everything on the lost accept for russia is scary not russia
trey bone
trey bone 29 天 前
Take a shot everytime he says “sinister”
Xander Underhill
Xander Underhill 29 天 前
It's just saying names
John Galendez
John Galendez 个月 前
At 11:58 was that the creeper from jeepers creepers
xans seveira
xans seveira 个月 前
I feel save in the comment section
TheOneAndOnLEE 个月 前
Asteron? I thought it was Vrillon...?
Priti Sakat
Priti Sakat 个月 前
That means aliens too speak in English
Alexiazewolf S
Alexiazewolf S 个月 前
Marty i’m scared.
Bern Isawesome
Bern Isawesome 个月 前
Hey charlie
seeker jepper
seeker jepper 个月 前
Talk about arerea.....oh crap i fogot
Ken Hasibar
Ken Hasibar 个月 前
Show your clips; stop narrating.
Brogan Loper and Nicoli Tanks
My phone just got hacked... BY AN AD.
Faded Gaming
Faded Gaming 个月 前
Abra cdabra the moments you came here for are 2:06 4:19 8:03 9:48 12:04
aleX 个月 前
Welcome to the comment section. Youre safe here. Here have some sweets 🎂 🍰 🍫 🍩 🍭 🍬 🍦
thekik 123
thekik 123 天 前
aleX i need ak47
Imran Dafterdar
Imran Dafterdar 个月 前
You forget to mention the swedish rhapsody which is the creepest brodcast interruption ever
FlamesFan NHL
FlamesFan NHL 个月 前
If I ever did hack into a tv I would just say "warning sub to pewdiepie " that's all not even being fucking funny. ( and I just got an amber alert about a kid be abducted by her mother.
F4K games
F4K games 个月 前
Long live ASTRON
Cover me I'm going fullscreen
Br4nd3d k4m!n4 【B】【A】【D】 【B】【O】【Y】
L̃ÕL̃ Z̃ÕM̃B̃ĨẼ ÃP̃ÕC̃ÃL̃ỸP̃S̃Ẽ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Julian Gayardo Gayardo
Maybe i will hack the news with the purge alert
BlapBlop 个月 前
For those who want to listen to UVB-76: Go to websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ and set it to 4625 kHz. (Don't expect any russian speaking though, it really just buzzes all the time.)
Rusty_ 0tta
Rusty_ 0tta 个月 前
I'm sorry but am I the only one that finds the Max Headroom incident funny?
R Sully
R Sully 个月 前
UVB-76 is a spy station. It's a number station that's yet to be cracked (at least publicly). Not necessarily malicious. Just secretive.
jung hobi
jung hobi 个月 前
God the people doing this must be incredibly smart and have hella tech this shit is hard
GalaxyJazzGirl 个月 前
Dumb , stupid, question for me to ask. Didn’t Russia have the UVB 76 during the cold war era? 🤔
GalaxyJazzGirl 个月 前
U Aussie, Charlie? ^-^
Schad Dalton
Schad Dalton 个月 前
You have the Max Headroom event backwards. Do even ten seconds of research, dude. There are a ton of other videos on CNvid of the event you can reference.
I luv to troll u
I luv to troll u 个月 前
I'm masturbaiting right now!!
Imnotcringey 个月 前
I just got an add about Donald trump saying build the wall,NOW IM REALLY SCARED
suicide sadness
suicide sadness 个月 前
Michael Hilton
Michael Hilton 个月 前
Who wrote this script? There are synonyms for sinister sweetie use them.
trinity gandee
trinity gandee 个月 前
12.95 a month no way lamo sounds like somthing id say if i hacked aswell
trinity gandee
trinity gandee 个月 前
im paused to scared to watch
super walluigi bros
My friend saw the mystery faces a few years back
goreandall 个月 前
Thea Castañeda
Thea Castañeda 个月 前
They are names... they seem familiar i mean i am not kidding i can barely remember everything but ivan rung a bell
Thea Castañeda
Thea Castañeda 个月 前
The vcb 76
Sorry alien, what was that? I was listening to the guy speaking in the backround.
Arsen 个月 前
0:00 Oooo, new scary video. 0:22 F*ck i'm out.
jose soares
jose soares 个月 前
your video is shit bruh
Dakoda Baker
Dakoda Baker 个月 前
Something creepy about that zombie apocolypes thing is that there is a version of it in deer's and people are scared it will transfer to humans
WorldOfDD 个月 前
:D :P :o :l instead of emojis you could make your own one P.s if you know how to make one
Alan Mclean
Alan Mclean 个月 前
Zombie apocalypse lol to funny af!! Is this what Trump meant by "fake news" ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I enjoyed this video and liked!!! I want more please
Not Actually Ben Shapiro
Solidarity wasn't communist, they were anti-communist. They were for the people, not against them
GalaxyJazzGirl 个月 前
$13.00s is cheap today!!!! xD Sorry I don’t mean to be a chatterbox. Look how we got Donald Trump as President! Russians! 😡
GalaxyJazzGirl 个月 前
I just saw a demon face 👹! 😱
GalaxyJazzGirl 个月 前
Hold it!!!!!!!! How on Earth did you get ahold of a video that was dated in 1977? CNvid wasn’t even born in the 70s! CNvid popped up in the 1980s along with the famous internet login “Prodigy” which was like safe internet web browsing interface for kids so they would keep their young minds off of adult web browsers ( and yes, Prodigy became the worse cause it tied up alot of landline phones back in the 1980s. So whenever someone needed to use the landline phone, the other person had to log off Prodigy first) So look at CNvid today. More kids are getting hooked on making their own ASMR videos without parental guidence. 🤦🏻‍♀️Okay! Let’s get to DirecTV! Those guys cannot be hacked! HughesNet, they need better security on their satellite internet ;)
GalaxyJazzGirl 个月 前
Let alone - June 26, 1977 🤔
sparlin boys
sparlin boys 个月 前
6:28 Or its just workers b&w filtered web cam shots
Tyler Lile
Tyler Lile 个月 前
I saw the rake on the news
Patx 2 个月 前
6:17 Those People Do Not Look Human.....
Pimp Megatron
Pimp Megatron 2 个月 前
I thought he said "Steve Erkol" (however you spell it) instead of "Steve Wilkes"
Blue Boi
Blue Boi 2 个月 前
I live in Turkey and today there was a message that hacked in every Channel at the same time and talking about believing in someone or something and the last thing they Said was Who are we? *PEAK* Sorry about my bad english But I searched about PEAK but nothing much showed up and it wasn’t a commercial because of was just words and it showed up in all channels at the same time I am still scared. 😟
Toxixio Gaming
Toxixio Gaming 2 个月 前
The stupid thing is that people will go to jail if they do this and they know it...
Jayden Bryan
Jayden Bryan 2 个月 前
tv bible
Jayden Bryan
Jayden Bryan 2 个月 前
i'm christian
gamzee tavoras
gamzee tavoras 2 个月 前
UVB-76 I was calling my cousin on discord and that happen two days ago
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