10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel Transylvania 3

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Hotel Transylvanie 3 is a fun movie for all ages... as long as you don't read into it too much. Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
In a world filled with monsters and ghouls, there are bound to be some pretty dark moments despite being a children’s movie. Of course we’re talking about the Sony Pictures Animation sequel known as Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. All of the gang is back for a fun-filled adventure aboard a cruise ship. Along with returning voices like Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez, the rest of the cast is filled with some big Hollywood Stars. The voice of the Mummy was originally played by Cee-Lo Green, but some real life drama makes the actor a little different for both the sequel and Summer vacation.
While traveling out to sea, our favorite monsters fly aboard the Gremlins Air flight, but there are some dark secrets associated with those little critters and a long history of horror.
Speaking of horrors, imagine real life in the Bermuda triangle and the real disasters the area is named after. Missing flights and boats are just the tip of the drama. A number of new characters are introduced in the film, including the strangest fish you’ll ever see and something that looks like a character out of SpongeBob Squarepants. In the movie, we get to see Dennis play and interact with his new puppy Twinkles. There is just a lot of sad truths about the dog the movie does not unveil. Watch to see all these dark secrets and learn more about the film after checking out Dracula, Mavis, and your other favorite characters on the big screen!
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2018年08月 3日

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Brian Kraus
Brian Kraus 8 小时 前
wtf is this trash
Erdene Amgaa
Erdene Amgaa 22 小时 前
It's JUST a cartoon bro
Sof the hunter
Well, the puppy would'nt live short cuz ITS A MOVIE AND NOT REAL LIFE. And of course VAMPIRES DON'T EXIST. Not that i hate you but just that i wanna explain.
Dumb Frog!
Dumb Frog! 2 天 前
Dumb Frog!
Dumb Frog! 2 天 前
Grisel Rios
Grisel Rios 3 天 前
Sooo spoky👿👻☠️👽🤖🎃🦠🦠🏴‍☠️
Mercy Isichei
Mercy Isichei 3 天 前
Did any one wish day didn't watch this like if you agree😱😨😵😖
Andrew Craw
Andrew Craw 4 天 前
BERMUDA TRIANGLE SHIPS BOATS AND PLANES LOST IN IT OMG😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Andrew Craw
Andrew Craw 4 天 前
Ludovic Flames
Ludovic Flames 4 天 前
Aaaa..these are not dark at all aaaand .. some are not even considered secrets..so yea. Nice vid !
Jimmy Hardiman
Jimmy Hardiman 5 天 前
Was it just me or was that human grimmlin scary
Tim Slee
Tim Slee 5 天 前
@3:48 I hate to break it to you but IT'S A FICTIONAL SHOW! Who knows how long the dog will live!
CrazyComedyKid 6 天 前
None of these are dark secrets. Most of them are references. Nobody cares about the CeeLo Green thing and it shouldn't even count for the list since it happened in Hotel Transylvania 2. The Tinkles lifespan thing definitely wasn't intentional and probably hasn't been noticed by Sony. With the Gremlins thing, did you thing that it was just meant to be a terrible plane run by terrible monsters. In the garlic bit, that's the point. At that point in the movie, she was still trying to kill him. I don't even understand the mutant fish being in the video and I wish you would elaborate.
Caleb Hope
Caleb Hope 6 天 前
Wait grimlin plain oh boy grimlins 3 is commin
Tann Bearr
Tann Bearr 7 天 前
Uh-oh, starting right off the bat with the Bermuda Triangle... not good!
Watermelon Girl
Watermelon Girl 7 天 前
I don’t think Tinkles will die because it’s a kids movie.
Savannah Helmetag
Fire started the thing with the titanic.. Then they stopped paying attention and hit an ice burg which topped it all off
Barely Able
Barely Able 9 天 前
Why dose no one talk the ship that looks almost exactly like Titanic
Sun State Builders Inc
I understood the Bermuda Triangle reference
LMS Games
LMS Games 9 天 前
I realised that it looked like the titanic
Alyss Raven
Alyss Raven 9 天 前
No... the main association between gremlins and flying is that during ww2, pilots reported strange creatures attacking the planes, which were then named gremlins. Twilight zone and the gremlins movies came way after that.
Norma Muskego
Norma Muskego 9 天 前
We don,t care abot the guys in it or the some we only care the sectes
Stop saying kids do not understand I am a kid and I know everything you said
Lynette Airey
Lynette Airey 10 天 前
I'm my dad is born on Friday the 13th and he has a happy life
My second Channel-Exodus3:12
The titanics fate is not only a iceberg collision there was first two coal fires which weakened the rivets when the coals where placed against the haul so then when the iceberg collided with the ship they worked together to weaken the rivets New evidence now say that the iceberg ripped a hole on the double bottom as well as the side. Firemen reported one of the bulkhead damaged by the coalfire and when they lowered the bulkhead water gushed through the damaged bulkheads
Jerry Hiott
Jerry Hiott 11 天 前
*sees doctor van helsing* yup of course
Humming Healers
Humming Healers 12 天 前
Tinkles is a monster dog he won’t die any time soon!
Maseleine Grey
Maseleine Grey 13 天 前
One of my relatives almost went on the titanic but luckily for him he got sick and couldn't go on the titanic and had go on a different ship
Nika Pestvenidze
Nika Pestvenidze 14 天 前
McCrispy 15 天 前
Felipe lopis
Felipe lopis 15 天 前
Pode tomar ranitidina
ฯ Inson
ฯ Inson 15 天 前
Van Hellsing hunted Dracula cause he's the king of vampires
Overlord Lorenzo
Overlord Lorenzo 16 天 前
Omg its a Disney movie it’s not dark. First of all they aren’t hiding any thing you say they did I can almost guarantee that every kid who watched this movie knew about the titanic, the Bermuda Triangle, the gremlin reference. And it’s not dark that tinkles is gonna die before Dennis, millions of families a year have pets who die before them. And it’s not dark that they had to change the voice of one of the characters. I mean sure he went to jail but that’s not dark.
Overlord Lorenzo
Overlord Lorenzo 16 天 前
Lol it shows the sub count going up to 9 mil they have 5 mil
Bonnie Sherrah-Janssens
There is one other factor that makes Dr. VanHelsing a monster. The fact that near the end when Drac and Erica are falling, Dr VanHelsing says, “I guess the legacy ends with me, that’s an awkward ending.” He’s more of a monster for letting his own flesh and blood die to fulfill they legacy.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 16 天 前
2:20 C-Lo knows how to pick a lawyer.
Cinta Bj
Cinta Bj 17 天 前
Dude! Wow you really hated this nice movie that much! . I bet your last name got to be 'van helsing'
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 18 天 前
Yeah what about the chupacobra scene at the bar where he basically drains a goat of its blood
Randy Quilantang
Randy Quilantang 10 天 前
503 503
503 503 18 天 前
Id give mavis the biz
Alex Alidi
Alex Alidi 19 天 前
This video really was not needed. Especially since the title is very misleading / wrong. What do i know... its got over 5M views.
Justin Chappell
Justin Chappell 19 天 前
This movie was too predictable, we all knew that Dracula would get together with "what's her name" at the end
Demetrius Powell
Demetrius Powell 20 天 前
Not that dark
Rama Dalvin
Rama Dalvin 20 天 前
we know bermuda triangle so why you put it at TOP 10
Kira Whitwell
Kira Whitwell 21 天 前
*Poof!* What if someone got lost in the bermuda triangle.... BUT CAME BACK. *Mission Impossible Material*
Vivi beauty peachie
I lovveee hotel Transsilvania i want a 4 Part this Movie lives in me😭🙏❤️❤️❤️
VeixxXxxieV 23 天 前
At 220 I didn't even realize the voice change
angelina Truong
angelina Truong 24 天 前
is it me or does the kraken looks likes dave from the peguins of madagasgar
Emma Winn
Emma Winn 26 天 前
I like to imagine tinkles, along with his abnormally large size, lives for an abnormally long time
Julia Fedosyuk
Julia Fedosyuk 26 天 前
There's nothing that scary about this movie they just look for scary thing,and they also get too deep inside and they shouldn't
The Champ Gaming
The Champ Gaming 27 天 前
the giant puppy thing is just kind of a space holder. This is a kid's show they wont have the dog dying on us
ChocoBlob 27 天 前
For the first one, I think that's interesting. They used something from the real life. That's what I like in stories, that they include other stories that are quite interesting.
Apple Be Like
2 天 前