100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut

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A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.
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100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut
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评论 9 605
Mark Ahsac
Mark Ahsac 10 小时 前
Lollllllll “I mean what breakup? 😏”
Pearl Ivy
Pearl Ivy 11 小时 前
3:20 is A YESSS!
Rere Jackson
Rere Jackson 12 小时 前
Producer: How you get over it??? “Smoke some weed”😂😂😂 MOOD
Bee Elle
Bee Elle 13 小时 前
OHMYGOD FUCK YOU DAVE!!! I still love you, but I fucking hate you!!!
Ana 14 小时 前
HE LEFT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? I'm so sorry sis! 💖you didn't deserve that 1:52 and that racist asshole!! I'm so sorry too! People are trash!!!
Ella Oosthuizen
Ella Oosthuizen 15 小时 前
My ex lied about being harrassed and said his brakes of his car was cut and he was threatened to stay away from me while I was really scared of his safety it was all a lie . He got caught cheating and even tho i forgave him . He wanted a fast way out and lied about being harrassed to be like " im sorry im really scared for my safety so i cant be with you"
freshoffthebang 16 小时 前
5:12 okay but who is he 😍
Maria Salas
Maria Salas 19 小时 前
The guy at 6:05 is gorgeous
eviiiee xx
eviiiee xx 19 小时 前
“How’d you get over it? “ “Smoked some weed “🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Danielle Rounds
Danielle Rounds 20 小时 前
“She was bat shit bananas”😂😂😂
Hoo. Monbebe
Hoo. Monbebe 20 小时 前
"How could you leave these tiddies?" 😂😂😂
Luna 天 前
"how could you leave this titties?" lmao
welangai redb
2.56 hehehehe
"Bottles of pee all around the apartment..." sHaNe?!?!?!?!!! 👀
This makes me feel better about my horrific break up.
rae 天 前
now all i can think of is “how could you leave these tittiesss”
Shorty who said he would pee in the bed and piss in bottles wins hands down.
Lenya 天 前
i love how the cuts happen so fast so you can really see the diversity of people and i find each of them so beautiful in their own way 💞
geeklette99 天 前
People's best relationships would be interesting
QueenMacaron 天 前
Rob G
Rob G 天 前
1:05 what the fuck happened right there?!
Astra Misha
Astra Misha 2 天 前
Feeling so hard for the girl at 5:24.
Niels Rossipaul
Niels Rossipaul 2 天 前
Kinda more interested in seeing all the questions answered by comment favourites than the other way around
Niels Rossipaul
Niels Rossipaul 2 天 前
You know you have a bad taste when you still consider someone cheating on you perfect ...2:45
Abdellah Salehi
Abdellah Salehi 2 天 前
The worst is when both love eatch other but she will die due to an illness and she will not give you what you want in life i had this and it's fucking brutal been a month and i am still in the dark
Rebel 101
Rebel 101 2 天 前
Why couldn't I stop laughing when that guy said "i threw a burrito"
Jessica D
Jessica D 2 天 前
“How can you leave these titties” 💯😂
Baby G
Baby G 2 天 前
I’m trying to know who the guy at 00:25 is thoughhh
Ella Mun-lai
Ella Mun-lai 2 天 前
if the last girl is in her first relationship how did she cheat on someone in the cheating video???
Mykenzie Meredith
Buttface Maximus guy is playin you know that ain’t real
Semora Council
Semora Council 2 天 前
I felt the Asian chick with the purple hair. 😞
Justin P
Justin P 2 天 前
3:10 is most definitely me
Louise Mainson
Louise Mainson 2 天 前
at first i felt bad for 2:05 ... then remembered they said they cheated in all their relationship on the video about cheating so . can't pretend to really care abt them now
Ositias 2 天 前
4:40 😂
Michelle Navarro
“How could you leave these titties” 😂
Oliviaaa624 3 天 前
Genuine question-please help me understand how someone can be hurt when they are the one who has dumped the other person
Andrea Alcaíno Piña
Oliviaaa624 maybe the other person cheated and they were really in love. Like, obviously they're gonna be mad, but they'll suffer too.
magda ramirez
magda ramirez 3 天 前
The last girl 🤣🤣🤣
exo bliss
exo bliss 3 天 前
The intro one got me fucked up 😂
Dipper Mabel
Dipper Mabel 3 天 前
Mine stole my ferret.
Acusant OGYB
Acusant OGYB 3 天 前
Why tf are there so many gay dudes
Milly 3 天 前
5:08 “how could you leave these tities!!” 😂💀
Sephiroth x
Sephiroth x 3 天 前
Has your breakup left you feeling POWERLESS and SO DAMN EMPTY…? I’ve been there... I know your pain. It sucks. It’s the worst. I was lost and insecure. All I wanted was to get her back. It damn near killed me. She had a 180 degree character flip. She suddenly didn’t want me, and I felt BETRAYED. No closure, no answers. The pain was so raw and so real… But you’re not powerless. NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME for you to say “FUCK THIS”, and unleash the beast within you. Go all out. FEEL the energy of a new man coursing through your veins. There’s a wrong way to do things and a right way. What most guys do: -Trying to get through the same old every day life, constantly thinking about the girl and all they went through. -Being reminded of her EVERYWHERE, all the time. -Losing sleep. -Drinking alcohol… -Letting the grief turn them into an empty husk. -Knowing she’s the one and not knowing what to do about it. -Or wanting to leave her in the dust but still not knowing what to do. -Sitting and wallowing, achieving nothing. These NEVER work, and are a waste of what is actually THE BEST OPPORTUNITY that you’ll ever have. You can literally use the pain of a breakup to change your life. The sudden massive changes in brain chemistry allow you to take on a new mindset. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: -Feel the pain in it’s entirety. -Open yourself up to it. -EMBRACE it. -Welcome it. -Let it fill you with the most powerful fuel… -AND FUCKING USE IT. How? Simple. Transform your body. Smash some weights. Get in shape, by working out and eating right. Just like ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Chris Evans (Catpain America), Arnold Schwarzanegger, and anyone who ever got in great shape in their lives. THE PROCESS IS ALWAYS THE SAME. No… not steroids. Not bullshit fad diets or “miracle pills”. I’m talking correct nutrition and exercise, and IT IS SIMPLE, but so incredibly rewarding. Imagine… ●Your body naturally produces hormones DIRECTLY from workouts and proper nutrition, especially serotonin, that make you feel suddenly EXTREMELY CONFIDENT, regardless of your starting point. (Women are attracted to the confidence in men more than ANY other trait). ●You build massive discipline FAST while seeing your body transform. ●With “Newbie gains”, you get the most insane results in the first weeks and months of your training. ●You don’t have to fumble around CNvid or paid fitness products, waste money on a personal trainer whose job it is to keep you as a paying customer and be nice to you rather than get you immediate results. ●Fad diets and scam miracle pills don’t do shit. Hard work and proper nutrition is the ONLY way. But you can shave most of the time and hard work off by going directly down the right path, whatever your starting point and daily schedule is. ■■Getting in good shape is not complex IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY that saves you time and effort. BUT you have to get a basic workout plan and nutrition advice, get help with it by someone who seriously knows what they’re doing, and execute. If you’ve read this far, there’s a reason for it. I have an offer for you. My name’s Peter Birzer, I’m an online fitness coach, and I offer exactly this high quality service. I’ve coached a ton of clients in specifically your position to achieve their goals in transforming their bodies, whether it’s losing a stack of fat or building a muscular physique quite fast. ■What can I do for you? Get in touch with me by DMing my instagram account below, and I will sort you out with a FREE consultation Skype session (or alternate app) at a time that suits us both. It’s quick and easy, and I’ll literally just be giving you free information on how to start. This information itself is priceless, and you don’t have to pay a dime or be pressured into buying a fucking thing. IF you THEN want more value, we can see if you’re a good fit for a 4-week fitness mentoring program tailored to your goals. It’s legendary. It will get you out of this and into a great place, like every other client I’ve had. But you have to be someone who wants it. ■All at a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to ensure every client gets what they want. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Guys. Breakup pain is crazy, and this will take you from a messed up state to a whole new chapter of your life of being a walking beast. No pandering, no BS. But if you choose not to even try, you’ve given up and set the agenda for your future. Do this for YOU, man. Start your new chapter. IG: birzerpeter I’ll see you there.
Ciara Revell
Ciara Revell 3 天 前
Just got out of a 2 and a half year relationship. Left him me cause he slept with 8 different women and took them shopping. Tried to fix it but ended up also cheating on him. I ended it because i needed space and now i got a good guy i hope
Jimin Bais Bitch
2:07 “She will take my balls if she could” lol
Heaven Orta
Heaven Orta 3 天 前
Hi Sue
Hi Sue 3 天 前
How’d u get over it? “Smoke some weed” Bitchhhh 😂🥴
Zoé Delane
Zoé Delane 3 天 前
omg the last girl i can‘tttttt
Dishya Adams
Dishya Adams 4 天 前
“I threw a burrito”
synthomys 4 天 前
"i thought they had such a cool screenname" *"what was it?"* "buttface maximus"
Anne Jean
Anne Jean 4 天 前
“I wonder why I was hurt when I was the one that cheated” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lathyr Sovi
Lathyr Sovi 4 天 前
Comment are road maps for the video I swear
88smjls 4 天 前
You have to be with someone 5 years minimum. To have a reasonable idea of who that person actually is. Got frosty on my shirt😂😂
shimkoong 4 天 前
5:23 I felt her so much. I broke up with my ex last month after a 3 1/2 years relationship because I couldn't see a future together anymore. We also took a long walk at night and talked things through. It was just like she said. I still love him, just not enough anymore. Sometimes I still think of him and all the memories and everytime I see him in the streets I start crying. Getting over something like this will never be easy I guess.
Demetra Mur
Demetra Mur 4 天 前
Wow people suck
Shriya Chaudhary
Caspian Weiland
Caspian Weiland 5 天 前
“He left me in the middle of the night and I’ve haven’t seen him since” “I just left in the middle of the night” *Ladies and gentlemen.. we got him*
Chimchims _jamz
Chimchims _jamz 5 天 前
em 5 天 前
lol mine broke up with me 2 days after valentine’s day (also my birthday). we had exchanged gifts and he sent back the thing i got him after the breakup but i purposely used up the 100 dollar victoria’s secret gift card he gave me and sent it back to him. i guess he didn’t realize i used it because he tried to give it to his new gf shortly after lol
Pichuela Newman
Pichuela Newman 5 天 前
Omg the last one I'm- 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂