100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut
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评论 8 557
misocosmis 29 分钟 前
that girl talking about the long walk.. that hit hit close to home n i teared up
Groovy Gab
Groovy Gab 2 小时 前
That girl who was crying made me cry
Groovy Gab
Groovy Gab 2 小时 前
Butt face Maximus
Samara Koch
Samara Koch 2 小时 前
The girl at 5:05 I felt that. She’s a mood. I love her ❤️
Jacob Kershaw
Jacob Kershaw 2 小时 前
So let me one up everyone on this video, my ex tried to sacrifice me to Satan, cheated on me with her best friend, tried to force me into sex, threatened to kill herself if I tried to leave, when I finally left she posted a ton of my personal information online, she released my address on tumblr for all of her internet friends who were just as crazy as her to see, leaked my number, and she still won't leave me alone to this day (it's been 4 years at this point).
Deema 2 小时 前
Well still I think I have the worst breakup y’all it was my birthday he called me breaking up with you is my gift to you then he hangs up the funny part is the day before my birthday we were fine and hanging out together...like what just happened few days later my friend saw him with his ex ! And we were together for 2 years
TheSadDog 2 小时 前
The last one is a yandere
freckle spams
freckle spams 3 小时 前
"she was bAt shIt banaNAs"
Rohan Royal
Rohan Royal 3 小时 前
I love how a majority of these people are just the usual straight women getting cheated on *sips tea
Ashe Midnight
Ashe Midnight 3 小时 前
0:55 and 0:58 are so beautiful like what
Sarah Berenice
Sarah Berenice 4 小时 前
Lmbo why is 5:25 crying??! She was practically done and moved on by the time she went on that walk with him 🤦🏻‍♀️
Nappy Headed Boosta
Nappy Headed Boosta 4 小时 前
"How did you get over her?"... "Smoke Some Weed!"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vi 4 小时 前
"he was just a whack nigga" MOOD
Alex 4 小时 前
When the last girl was like I just started to date someone for the fist time ever I felt that. First time relationship only lasted 5 days and was a relationship where that person lived 3 hours away from me and just went like yeah I don't want to be with you anymore I need someone that is living here. Like are you Sirius?
Tikkuaktuk Ivalulinik
Lashea Fiquette
Lashea Fiquette 5 小时 前
My ex cheated on me and then called me and broke up with me over the phone and told me he never loved me he just wanted to take my virginity and seeing as I wouldn’t give it to him he cheated and broke up with me . So . Yeah pretty bad it hurt alot .
Camryn Clouse
Camryn Clouse 6 小时 前
He left in the middle of the night. Next person I left in the middle of the night *does anyone else think those stories might be connected?? Or is that just me?😂
Nicole JayTee
Nicole JayTee 6 小时 前
“If you share a life with someone else and they leave, it’s like they took half of your life with them” man that’s deep but so true
Diana Rico
Diana Rico 7 小时 前
Is the girl at 5:05 Sadie from Naturally Sadie?!?!?
Kavellion 8 小时 前
“he made me choose between my kids and him” this- :(
Dani Chamberlain
Dani Chamberlain 8 小时 前
1:06 are we just not talking about that? LOL
Rayanna White
Rayanna White 9 小时 前
woah they're soo prettyy. (don't wanna assume genders ;p) edit: the one at 6:04
Shemar Stanley
Shemar Stanley 9 小时 前
6:08 he’s the realist one
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 9 小时 前
I like ur videos. They make me laugh and i forgett about things like my last breakup for a few minutes. Thank u :)
d alb
d alb 10 小时 前
‘Yh I still miss her’ ‘MY DOG THO’
christina _
christina _ 10 小时 前
So my ex broke up with me in front of his friends and mine. Then started dating a good friend of my brothers. Yea it hurt and it still does. He was the first guy I ever loved, and yea I wish him the best.
MK B 10 小时 前
4:12 KOJI!!
Soul D
Soul D 12 小时 前
so many men gay here ..my god
lelaisreckless no cap
lelaisreckless no cap 13 小时 前
“how’d you get over it” “i smoked sum weed” next scene “i took a long time to greave”
Sara Home
Sara Home 14 小时 前
So wholesome "I through a burrito" Who just cracked up? Okay just me
Sue V
Sue V 18 小时 前
"Zack Warner you're a piece of trash!"...What about Zack Morris?? cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-cfekIylSSG8.html
Madison Labonte
Madison Labonte 18 小时 前
how could you leave these titties
Paola Suárez
Paola Suárez 19 小时 前
The end, tho. Hahaha how didn't people get it 😂
logli .l
logli .l 19 小时 前
“She could take my BALLS if she could!!” It feels like that sometimes.
I felt for that girl on the thumbnail... honestly I’m only 6 months into my relationship with my boyfriend.. but things aren’t going so well.... and I plan to break up with him soon... so when she came on- I just broke down with her 😭😭
Keke Foster
Keke Foster 20 小时 前
6years and he cheated and we were engaged he left me for his ex that cheated on him and he only dated her a year
Ciara Santangelo
Ciara Santangelo 20 小时 前
I hadn't heard from my boyfriend in a few weeks. He ghosted me new years eve. Found out he married another girl.... yes true story
MACABRE L.A. 21 小时 前
this was good.......i'm so used to women are victims men are victimizers men are bastards women are saints that is seems like the first time in decades i've seen something that genuinely covers all bases.
Daniella Agyare
Daniella Agyare 21 小时 前
"How did you get over it? " "Smoked some weed"😂😂😂😂😂
fj213 21 小时 前
Girl on 5:27 you are fucking gorgeous 💛❤️
Michelle Eriksen
Michelle Eriksen 22 小时 前
I'm glad they got to the part where people admitted it was their fault. I've only been through one official breakup and I think each is us would automatically think it's the other person's fault but then I got to thinking and the way I would out it is, "I wasn't what the other person was looking for." Neither of us did anything treacherous to each other. Simply the thing that nudged the breakup was I didn't like that he worked SO MUCH and he didn't like that I wanted to spend more time with him. He was introverted, worked long hours. I'm extraverted and value a life outside of work.
Carina Cruz
Carina Cruz 22 小时 前
Man does the girl in 4:40 got 2 colored eyess?? wtf thats got to be the most beautiful thing ever
Kahn 23 小时 前
0:37 maybe he was like I can't stand this girls snoring anymore I'm just gonna pack my shit and leave then he got addicted to having a good night sleep so he never came back
Courtney1997 23 小时 前
“She’d take my balls if she could” I feel it
Acocella Twins
Acocella Twins 23 小时 前
They found each other
Leo The Cat
Leo The Cat 天 前
My middle school gf told her friends about breaking up with me and on the way walking home I overheard one of get friends talking about it and I was DEVASTATED
Bespeon 天 前
"How could you leave these titties!"
Jimin 4life
Jimin 4life 天 前
*what's ur worse break up * i just started a relationship, mu first one, sooo *what do you think it will be like *the break up?....oh shit That was the moment she realized. sje gone fuck up 😆😆😆
NikChanel 天 前
Really wish y’all would let them tell the story with out all these cuts. lol. Some of them sound REALLY interesting and I wanted to hear more but y’all cut them off. Old girl who is mixed with black, old girl who paid off her credit card for a ring, old girl who got cheated on with her coworkers and manager, come on man... I need the full story.
Lemonxpeach 天 前
"How could you leave these titties"
Zarina Alexandra
“I threw a burrito”
Tshiamo molobi
These are the same people from the "100 people tell us what drugs they've done" lmao
b m
b m 天 前
0:16 0:44 2:07 2:34 2:54 4:46 5:02 5:08 6:06 u are ever so welcome
Frndus Bambulius
These cuts are awful, let us hear the full story!
Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima 天 前
“SmOkEd SoMe WeEeEd”
SunnyPone 天 前
4:04 exactly what I’m going through rn- and the guilt just hits u so hard
JonSnowIII 天 前
I once broke up with a girl because she told me she couldn’t stand the taste of water. The only way she could drink water was when she mixed it with like something sweet. I knew it was something I couldn’t live with it. It biologically makes no sense to me.
Magic ears
Magic ears 天 前
6:04 the cuteness got me by surprise
sharon cynthia
I see HiHo kid’s chef.!!!!! His name starts with K... umm somebody help.?? Kazo? Kenzo? Dannngggg
Hap py
Hap py 天 前
5:15 *and I oop*
Mary Angh
Mary Angh 天 前
Welcome to 21st century where everybody has the same story 🤝 true love is currently unavailable 😁
My baby daddy broke up with me the day our son was born 🙃 now I live a city away and am happily engaged to a real man who loves my son as much as I do
4:50 Zach Warner FUCKKKKKED UP. She is a goddess among women 😍😍😍
Doolittle Williams
6:06 literally me
My 3 evil ex's First one: I broke up with him, because he was abusive, terrifying and cheated on me with my best friend who was his best friends girlfriend and he stalked me for nearly 10 years afterwards (we were together 6 months) Second one: Broke up with me by text, we got back together and then told me that I had to choose - either be with him with no trust or breakup with a chance to get back together, so I broke up with him, he was abusive (together 2 years) Third one: I broke up with him over the phone, screaming that I never loved him because he was abusive and then he stole my car a week later and never paid me back the several K's that he owed me (together 6 months) Yeah I knew how to pick them, with my current partner of almost 10 years and they're the complete opposite, super sweet, caring and supportive.
faith the Deer dog
For once im Happy im asexual
Bestgirl233 天 前
0:35 0:40 LMAO
Adel Chronicles
I must have been in this video for real!
Kat A.
Kat A. 天 前
"I threw a burrito." I dont know why that made me laugh extrEMely hArd😂😂😂💀
Cam Bam
Cam Bam 天 前
“Everybody breaks up with you?” - “Yeah.”
Amanda Harris dalyla
Break up get back together again Break up get back together again Break up Sleep with each other’s friends (ew) Get back together again (why) Omg! That part was hilarious!
lucky mojo93
lucky mojo93 天 前
What the fuck is doc OC doing in this vid? 1:04
Joe castillo
Joe castillo 天 前
Why is know one talking about the dude that said "I threw a burritio"lmao
George Lopez
George Lopez 天 前
just got reccomended this after a rough breakup today :( lost my best friend of 5 years... 5:23 made me cry because i relate to her so much
Avery Swan
Avery Swan 天 前
0:33 Conspiracy theory👀
Merissa Anaya
Why can’t I think of any of my worst breakups lmao I know I had at least one
Beverly Brito
4:22 👁👁 👃 👄
Rocio 天 前
4:29 Best one
Lama Lama
Lama Lama 天 前
“How could you leave these titties!!” I felt that.
Horse Reddish
How could leave these tiddys
Horse Reddish
2:07 she’d take my balls if she could
Wanna do the splits
My favorite lines: "I threw a burrito." 'How could you leave these titties!!"
Nada Ahmed
Nada Ahmed 2 天 前
Smoke some WEED🤣🤣😂
My Instagram is play._.bunny
“She would take my balls if she could” BAHAHHAHAHA
Lily Mars
Lily Mars 2 天 前
"I threw a burrito" I fuckin died gahagsfhsfahfa
Yamelyn Plaza
Yamelyn Plaza 2 天 前
“Everybody breaks up with you ?” Yeah me asf lmfao
Ethan China0Shop0Bull
6:06 lol
Mamacita Zhhh
Mamacita Zhhh 2 天 前
Jocelyn Cantu
Jocelyn Cantu 2 天 前
5:04-5:09 those 3 ppl had me dead 🤣
Kitty Alvarez
Kitty Alvarez 2 天 前
“Who the fuck is Jared?!”
bookdragon34 2 天 前
my girlfriend never really talked to me, she just kissed me and held my hand and wanted to have sex with me and call me pet names i realized i was in love with someone else and that i hardly even liked my current girlfriend at the time when i tried to break up with my girlfriend and she went to go kill herself then when i finally got over her and her death and i asked out the dude i had been in love with this whole time we dated for a long time i got depressed he got depressed i started to think that i might be trans i was trans but didnt tell him because he was straight and i was born a female and i loved him he started hanging out with this girl alexa she said she didnt like him and he said he didnt like her but i knew he loved her and a few months later he dumped me and hung out with alexa non stop i got distant i came out as transgender and he accepted me alexa and him sang a love duet at a karaoke thing that i was also at and they started dating he and i are currently best friends but what he doenst know is im still in love with him that will never change and i will not love anyone else its been a year i forced myself into tons of short relationships just to try to make myself get over him but i didnt work and i got more depressed than ever and i ended up breaking a ton of peoples hearts and im so madly in love with this boy still but i could never date him because hes straight and i came out to him as a trans man and i tried to fight alexa because i started going crazy but my friends pulled me off of her and now i will never get married, something ive always been so excited to do because the man i love is with some bitch and hes staright and im a boy so now im permidantly heartbroken
bookdragon34 2 天 前
oh also i tried to kill myself multiple times for that and because of other reasons
Shammah 2 天 前
"how could you leave these tities" Girl, same
Emiii Le
Emiii Le 2 天 前
Why does this show only have gay people??
Jacob Lemus
Jacob Lemus 2 天 前
“If you share your life with somebody else, and they leave, It’s like taking half of your life with them” dayummm
It's Just Kayla
It's Just Kayla 2 天 前
zack warner after watching this: Oh.
Victoria _
Victoria _ 2 天 前
*breaks up* gets back together *breaks up again* is shocked
Faith Hamilton
Faith Hamilton 2 天 前
Andrea 2 天 前
I wanna hang with them all
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 2 天 前
To my boyfriend when I want him to leave: *well ima go try heroin*
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 2 天 前
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