2019 Hungarian Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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The 100th pole sitter in Formula 1 history was crowned at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
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2019年08月 3日






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Niclas Prater
Niclas Prater 29 天 前
WTF is this Williams
Denver Tablet
Denver Tablet 个月 前
My Birthday is 3.8.2019!!!
Elian Farrell
Elian Farrell 个月 前
Dutch fans legit look like the crowd in the F1 games. Just constantly jumping up and down and up and down waving their arms.
SG 7104C
SG 7104C 2 个月 前
Orange Shirt People Cheering For RED Ferraris
SG 7104C
SG 7104C 2 个月 前
Raikonnen’s Car Sucks, But His Skills... GREAT.
- Chiggy
- Chiggy 2 个月 前
Russel deserves that Williams seat.
the boss
the boss 2 个月 前
1:09 he said carlos is out of Q1
Hugo Jansen
Hugo Jansen 3 个月 前
James: Valterri, it’s James. We need you to aboard your flying lap. Valtteri: Copy that James!
mia haskurti
mia haskurti 5 个月 前
"Sebastian Vettel Cant Make It!" That Sends Max Verstappen Onto Pole Position
encinobalboa 5 个月 前
LeCrash Clercs again.
amid mammadov
amid mammadov 5 个月 前
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gabriel Reis
gabriel Reis 5 个月 前
Is fake
Jossy M
Jossy M 5 个月 前
The unstrained delight of the Sky commentary team at Max getting pole, and then their despondency during the race when they realised Lewis was going to win makes his victory and the fact he destroyed the opposition all the more sweater.
Kenn Mateo
Kenn Mateo 5 个月 前
honda engine
Alexey Dud
Alexey Dud 5 个月 前
Road Runner
Road Runner 5 个月 前
🔥 Max 🔥
Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson 5 个月 前
I know no one will answer this question, for some reason, that reason also being kept secret... Have the rules now changed to allow use of the DRS in Qualifying, whenever the drivers want to?
Chris R
Chris R 5 个月 前
@Gordon Anderson think you need to stop it with the conspiracy theories there fella 😂 it's about making the car as fast as possible over 1 lap What on earth is the issue?
Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson 5 个月 前
@Chris R So - why all the secrecy? WHY is this something for the announcers to yell about? Oh yeah, it violates one of the most outdated of rules, NO variable aerodynamics. So it could lead to advances in cars such as fans on wheels that force air thru hubs to cool the brakes and electric motors there, and cars that suck air in with electric fans and blow it out the back, giving variable down force, and a drag cooefficient in negative numbers {what? China already knows all about this, duh}}>
Chris R
Chris R 5 个月 前
Just in DRS zones, but in the zones, they can open regardless of what’s ahead
MLG 5 个月 前
Max is knocking on their door. Let the competition sort out itself. Look at basketball. Dominance of golden state came to an end eventually. #stoprulechanges Let the guys fight it out. Max will be lengendary to slay a dragon without help.
okow tina
okow tina 5 个月 前
Commentators were on point.
the jocker
the jocker 5 个月 前
We really need max to go to mercedes for thr 2020 season
william skrainski
william skrainski 5 个月 前
Fucking Honda
mixio hili
mixio hili 5 个月 前
Who is curious and wants to know, what kind of video this is? ⏬ cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-vscCs3eFeS4.html
Bruno Siqueira Silva
Am i the only one who noticed Hamilton didnt open the drs on Q3?
Hasdine bengrine
Hasdine bengrine 5 个月 前
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Hasdine bengrine
Hasdine bengrine 5 个月 前
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Hasdine bengrine 5 个月 前
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O O 5 个月 前
Wow they aren't really ever going that fast must be the track or something
Hephaestus 5 个月 前
This proves sainz or Russel should replace gasly
Hephaestus 5 个月 前
Why is this in trending for gaming
Damir Cosic
Damir Cosic 5 个月 前
Commentators were on point.
Justė Lx
Justė Lx 5 个月 前
Who is curious and wants to know, what kind of video this is? ⏬ cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-vscCs3eFeS4.html
Radu Robert
Radu Robert 5 个月 前
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Martin Anderson
Martin Anderson 5 个月 前
Ettore Pesci
Ettore Pesci 4 个月 前
That is true tho
james richards
james richards 5 个月 前
major fuck up by red bull cost the fans a fantastic race & possibly denied max verstappen a deserved victory.
WSSH SHOP 5 个月 前
✊ well 2:46 Kubica
Believe 5 个月 前
keep elfN qua
LUIZS_93 //
LUIZS_93 // 5 个月 前
Honda’s problem was that they got back to F1 too early in 2015 , now you can say they got that PU to perfection
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 5 个月 前
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Sifelani Justice Magodi
Max got schooled 2day
francesco gori
francesco gori 5 个月 前
Fa ex ferrarista.potete dargliela vinta .
趙家微 5 个月 前
Michael X
Michael X 5 个月 前
Getting pole this season hasn’t proved to be decisive. Even at tracks like the hungaroring
simply luk
simply luk 5 个月 前
Why there is not Polish F1GP are vehicle history is more then 100 years who is to blame who is responsible for this point whit finger 👉
Maverick Versus Everything
"Max is fu** killing formula 1 right now. Btw put Russel in a faster car and he~s gonna be a problem." --Bowser
Acegodfather12 5 个月 前
Hahahahahahaha. Oh, dear, Hamilton haters.
Fizz826 5 个月 前
Vtec kicked in yo
polimoli00 5 个月 前
Max, u killin' it!!
Arch Vile
Arch Vile 5 个月 前
You're all happy for Max but why? Well ok I am too but we all know what's going to happen tomorrow...
Connor Mcgee
Connor Mcgee 5 个月 前
wow #30 in trending in my country i wonder why
Mr Boggy
Mr Boggy 5 个月 前
Knob !
r3mxd 5 个月 前
but Lewis just won. LOL
Victory V
Victory V 5 个月 前
6 Times World Champion,? I hope so!!
Verton Arroyo
Verton Arroyo 5 个月 前
YES! GO! Vmax GO! Vmax
BLADE kano
BLADE kano 5 个月 前
Cars are slow asf
NickVonDuke 5 个月 前
Hope verstappen crashes and dies in the next race so I don't have to look at him any more than I have to.
Vivek 5 个月 前
The dutch crowd 🥰🥰
Rea Ian Cassidy
Rea Ian Cassidy 5 个月 前
Where are the haters of Hamilton? We all know it's out of hatred that you guys could compare someone who just got a pole in his life to another who's had achieved so many over the years. Rosberg is simply the #1 hater of Hamilton but on the race day he has shredded all your loved ones to pieces That's that hallmark of Hamilton
Southeast Daygo619
Southeast Daygo619 5 个月 前
What a race Hamilton with maybe the greatest comeback great Mercedes strategy
s0me1 i
s0me1 i 5 个月 前
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Southeast Daygo619
Southeast Daygo619 5 个月 前
@s0me1 i I'm not reading your novels bro fuck outta here.
s0me1 i
s0me1 i 5 个月 前
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Southeast Daygo619
Southeast Daygo619 5 个月 前
@The Prophecy Cat 😂😂😂😂writing book reports on CNvid
The Prophecy Cat
The Prophecy Cat 5 个月 前
@s0me1 i could you write me some comments each night so I can fall asleep quickly.
truth hurts
truth hurts 5 个月 前
Lewis hamilton goat.
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