2019 Hungarian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Max Verstappen starts from pole for the first time as he seeks back-to-back wins - but both Mercedes cars are lurking. Watch the best bits of some edge-of-your-seat stuff in Hungary!
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2019年08月 4日






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MaiilexF1 23 小时 前
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman 2 天 前
...That moment you realize "Hammer time" is not tongue in cheek.
Hamdan Ali
Hamdan Ali 2 天 前
1:27 any other motorsports commentator would have been hyping this up like crazy cos it was amazing.. crofty just says monotone as if they’re on a sunday drive.
Arnav Aggarwal
Arnav Aggarwal 7 天 前
Red Bull absolutely shit the bed on strategy in this race!
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney 10 天 前
2:58 to me it looked like the cars were floating.
Henry Dahl
Henry Dahl 10 天 前
I saw this race LIVE at the Edmonton Airport!
Sugahill1000 15 天 前
say what you will but lewis can drive the wheels off this car....
ReelSlot Face
ReelSlot Face 16 天 前
Hamilton and Sebastian is trying to be in the battle..
3:51 Dear Verstappen this isn't bumper cars bro, you had the inside line yet you managed to drive off the track, had Hamilton not ran wide you would've crashed into him, this is why you'll never beat Hamilton for a WDC. By the way you did a lot of talking about how you could beat Hamilton with equal machinery,then you turned around and signed an extension at RB..super questionable bro ✌🏼
3:51 Dear Verstappen this isn't bumper cars bro, you had the inside line yet you managed to drive off the track, had Hamilton not ran wide you would've crashed into him, this is why you'll never beat Hamilton for a WDC. By the way you did a lot of talking about how you could beat Hamilton with equal machinery, then you turned around and signed an extension at RB..super questionable bro ✌🏼
Adept 18 天 前
L. H بالفعل متعب. القيء. أبطال جدد المطلوبة
JJ Ortiz
JJ Ortiz 19 天 前
Racing against Lewis must be scary. He makes almost no mistakes.
Ajay Pai
Ajay Pai 20 天 前
this is why LH is great! when he is behind someone, he is like a dog with a bone in his mouth, never gives up, always at the gearbox of the car in front piling pressure. and when he needs to execute a strategy he is is executing it 110%. (ofcourse, having top merc strategists helps, but you still got to drive lap after lap with perfection). if MV or CL can do it, one of them would be worthy successor to the WDCs they have eventually coming to them
vinay590 25 天 前
Don't let this distract you from the main thing Lewis Hamilton is a six time world driver's champion : Lewis the greatest racer of all time
Derek Nascimento
Derek Nascimento 25 天 前
Screenplay by Lewis Ajajak
Derek Nascimento
Derek Nascimento 25 天 前
Produced by Martin Lhaan
Derek Nascimento
Derek Nascimento 25 天 前
Directed by David Corft and David Smith
Neil Vijeth
Neil Vijeth 27 天 前
I want to f1 racer.......plz try join in
Bailey Wilson
Bailey Wilson 个月 前
Is there a version without the announcer shouting?
Turbyo 个月 前
coming back and rewatching this, 3:29 if hamilton wouldve pulled that off, easily pass of the year
Tom Picker
Tom Picker 个月 前
Lewis is no 1.
Derby Racer
Derby Racer 个月 前
This was just a disappointment. I can’t even be mad at Mercedes, Red Bull just didn’t react at all to Mercedes’ strategy. Those soft tires should last 22 laps at least, there’s no reason why, on lap 57, when you had a 20 second gap to Hamilton, you couldn’t have fitted Max with new softs. Younger tires and faster compound, that would’ve been an easy win
Amanda Edith Chala
awesome race
Stephan Gildenhuys
F1 has become really boring
User 1
User 1 个月 前
This race shows the essence of why Mercedes is successful , trust, an extremely talented and dependable driver in Lewis Hamilton and excellent technical team. The great drivers all display that common trait to extract more potential form themselves when under extreme pressure. Mercedes would never been able to win if they didn't believe Lewis Hamilton wouldnt be to find, that extra skill, within himself to drive at another level. I saw a real team perform during this race. Trust and talent and Hardwork.
shahrul slipnot
shahrul slipnot 个月 前
The best hellmiton my idol
Miloslav Kuzela
Miloslav Kuzela 个月 前
Oh I hate Mercedes so much!!! They just have so much resources and so good cars...
Bryan Junior
Bryan Junior 个月 前
3:03 the car is fly
LinkLeoSF 个月 前
question: should Max have stopped for softs immediately after lewis got his mediums? that should've worked or at least give him a fighting chance right?
Arkdein 2 个月 前
3:01 the f1 cars looks like they are hovering mid air
Pim Prijs
Pim Prijs 2 个月 前
Redbull should have also gone inside with mercedes
Zaphod 2 个月 前
Half the highlights are turn 1. The other half was the pit lane. This GP needs to go.
Elraize 001
Elraize 001 2 个月 前
3:07 *ricciardo exists* sees lewis and max ricciardo : ight imma head out
HJE Hissink
HJE Hissink 2 个月 前
Als Verstappen na Hamilton,ook naar binnen was gegaan, en op rode band weer naar buiten, had die deze wedsrtijd ook gewonnen!!
Japong Balas Videos
Japong Balas Videos 2 个月 前
Can’t wait for the next season. This race was epic. That strategy of Mercedes was conceived to perfection. I’m more of a Red Bull fan but I have to say that Mercedes had more ambition and the superb execution in this race.
Hauptsache Puls
Hauptsache Puls 2 个月 前
That one looks so ordinary and like just another Ham P1. But that one proves his masterclass like less races else
GoGoMong고고몽 2 个月 前
WOW~~ cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-XHBGQzUvxeY.html Wow! Drive 1600km/h-Highway
Mujahid Syed
Mujahid Syed 2 个月 前
The most dangerous places on Earth: 1- The Bermuda Triangle 2- The Himalayas 3- Turn 4 at Hungary
denzell cham
denzell cham 2 个月 前
sainz smooooooth oooperator
Gandalf with an AK-47
So they changed Albon and Gasly around mid season ? I didn’t even know that was allowed. I wonder why ?
Deibis Lewys Ferrer Maurizio
Hamilton = only cars! only Car .... the F1 is dead!
Buff Ectomorph
Buff Ectomorph 3 个月 前
Longo Oliver Izukanji simumba
I thought this was the best race ever but man you gatta watch Brazil man, I want ferrari to burry me at my funeral so that there let me down one more time.
SG 7104C
SG 7104C 3 个月 前
Mixed Feelings
SG 7104C
SG 7104C 3 个月 前
Albion Is From Red Bull (Aston Martin)!!! WTF?! I Am So Goddamn Confused About This All. 😐
SG 7104C
SG 7104C 3 个月 前
Who Else Watched This Video After Watching The Qualifying?
Nel Aom
Nel Aom 3 个月 前
Depois do Senna pra mim nunca mais teve um piloto brasileiro que brigasse por um pódio
Nel Aom
Nel Aom 3 个月 前
Sou fã do Lewis Hamilton hoje Pra mim e o Airton Senna do Brasil
Agent of Destruction
4:22 summarize how great this race was best of the season
Aнастасия Романовой
David Croft is annoyin in the beginning of the race...😣
Loughlin Holt
Loughlin Holt 3 个月 前
That battle between Danii and Alex was amazing
Firemarioflower 3 个月 前
The Ferrari race pace seems to be back at Hungarian GP level....
Koen Franssen
Koen Franssen 3 个月 前
The english commentor should sniff a little less coke.. My gosh this guy is annoying and hysterical...
E.M.P.E R.O.R 3 个月 前
I see Bottas has now been given the six time F1 champion set up, while Hamilton is left with the second driver set up that can't even produce a first or second row qualification on the grid. Doing Man Dirty The powers that be must think that I've forgotten about how they sabotaged Lewis Hamilton's championship campaign in 2016, Hamilton had the most D.N.Fs that season because Team Mercedes was instructed to help Nico Roseberg B.A.M.N to win the F1 tittle that year. Smh It's not a coincidence that a German F1 team, favoured a German F1 driver, to please the family of an Ex German F1 Champion who coincidentally is the father of Nico Rosberg. No matter how much championships or money L.W makes for #MercedesAMG team, they will always prioritise their white employees before their black ones. Hence why in the 80's and 90's there wasn't too many P.O.C in F1 because Rolex sponsored sports had a reputation for being places for wealthy white people with white privileges. Why is it only within the last 2 decades that we finally see Black Athletes being able to compete in prestigious sports like Golf, Tennis and Formula 1? Every season Team MercedesAMG plot against L.W to get their blonde haired blue eyed Nazi representative on the 1st place podium after every race. First it was Vettel, then it was Roseberg and now it's Bottas. F1 needs more P.O.Cs. May The Light Be With Eug
well futebol
well futebol 4 个月 前
Linda M
Linda M 4 个月 前
This is sooo awesome. Looks like little matchbox cars from above shot. I'm loving this pink and purple car.. wow the face reactions really say it all. Thanks for sharing..
Ryan Isaaks
Ryan Isaaks 4 个月 前
F*** in there Lewis
Nathan Mandjes
Nathan Mandjes 4 个月 前
Best race in this season so far. What a drive, a lot of respect and fair and square driving.
AJW10 4 个月 前
Germany and Austria?
David Johnson
David Johnson 4 个月 前
5:27 Lewis's assistance did not look too chuffed?
M T 2 个月 前
She just farted and hoped nobody noticed.
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 个月 前
@Toro Loco Yeah right sure.
Toro Loco
Toro Loco 2 个月 前
She didn't show relief because she was never worried or in doubt about the win
David Johnson
David Johnson 4 个月 前
Leclerc again. He is dangerous.