4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
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4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Bethlicious Elizabeth
Bethlicious Elizabeth 16 分钟 前
lorenzo omlete
Jeremy McGuinness
Pro be using about 300 ingredients Me 1 ingredient
ALDC Breeze
ALDC Breeze 小时 前
No ketchup on that for you then Emily?
lemonimes 小时 前
Lorenzo is a level three no doubt
Tyler ward Vlogs
Tyler ward Vlogs 小时 前
Level 1 looks bad Level 2 looks amazing Level 3 looks vile 😕
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 小时 前
Level 2 *ALWAYS* looks better
Silver Dash
Silver Dash 2 小时 前
Does Lorenzo remind anyone of Po's dad from Kung Fu Panda 3??😂😂😂😂
Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh
I wished they focused on one cook at a time.
Jazmine Wright
Jazmine Wright 3 小时 前
When I saw that second omelet in the thumb nail I immediately thought of Lorenzo 😂😂😂 his good always looks the best
Corey Porter
Corey Porter 3 小时 前
They really should film them trying each other's food.
James Rodrigueza
James Rodrigueza 4 小时 前
Ok I'm waiting for the FOOD SCIENTIST to cook based on what she is saying. Let's see.
MrKrik45 5 小时 前
The Dodger Dog
The Dodger Dog 5 小时 前
In my opinion as long as it tastes good I can care less how it looks. I think people focus on the look more than flavor. The level 2 guy should have cooked the veggies before then mixed it with the eggs.
Andrea G Nochu
Andrea G Nochu 5 小时 前
I need a Lorenzo in my life!
clankle 5 小时 前
i want lorenzo to be my dad
Can we get to 1000 subscribers without a video?
Is this girl actually a food scientist?
Richard Dalier
Richard Dalier 6 小时 前
Home cook look better than expert
The Diamond Gamer
The Diamond Gamer 7 小时 前
People commenting on the new Food Scientist, while I'm here thinking "Damn, my omelette is nowhere near these ones (probably goes for the taste as well)". Also to be honest, I don't mind the new Food Scientist, I think having different characters gives more authenticity. (I know, I'm a hypocrite but idc)
Thunder Ursus
Thunder Ursus 7 小时 前
Lev 1 uhh 🙄 ok Lev 2 great 👍 Lev 3 to fancy but great 👍
Betül Kahraman
Betül Kahraman 8 小时 前
i hate emily see is so annoying
Jordan Mcallister
Jordan Mcallister 9 小时 前
That’s not cheddar cheese it’s American chemical shitstorm in a packet
Think About it
Think About it 9 小时 前
Lorenzo always makes the best foods lol
Jordan Mcallister
Jordan Mcallister 9 小时 前
Food scientist is 3 years old and likes Chucky cheese
Damian Zamo
Damian Zamo 10 小时 前
Most of yall clowning on my good sis Barb shes a professional chef for a reason and most of yall acting like you can cook better than her.
Montana Gardiner
Montana Gardiner 10 小时 前
Level 1 looks okay Level 2 looks delicious Level 3 looks like too much to me XD
Danny Hawk
Danny Hawk 10 小时 前
Y’all know Emily’s insta?
Duh_ItsMeh 11 小时 前
Level 2’s looks the best
June Müller
June Müller 11 小时 前
It would be nice if they tasted from eachothers dishes🤣💕
chimchim 11 小时 前
did she really put water on her eggs?? is that a thing wtf
THE R.C.G 13 小时 前
Dont let that lv 1 cook to be seen by Gordon Ramsay just saying
Sajad Naseer
Sajad Naseer 13 小时 前
I have one simple question What level is Gordon Ramsay?
Joshua Krasowski
Joshua Krasowski 13 小时 前
Level 1: Let’s just go on ahead and mess up.. Level 2: Let’s make some fantastic food that would serve as an above and beyond breakfast... Level 3: Let’s make it look fancy.
Elijah' Mathews
Elijah' Mathews 14 小时 前
lv 1: Looks ok lv 2: Sweet! lv 3: bruh...
Viktor Songlee
Viktor Songlee 14 小时 前
The level 2 chefs know what's good
Chris Bessey
Chris Bessey 15 小时 前
I'm actually judging level 3 hardcore. I think she made a few big mistakes.
Moo Moo milky Choco
Moo Moo milky Choco 15 小时 前
leyna duong
leyna duong 15 小时 前
is the “scientist” reading from a teleprompter
John Vincent Pangilinan
Is anyone wondering why we always see 1.4k likes in comments?
FuckFaceUnstoppable 18 小时 前
you forgot the Secret level Asian *Japanese omelet intensifies*
Noah Gatti
Noah Gatti 18 小时 前
This new food expert looks like a blob fish
Noah Gatti
Noah Gatti 18 小时 前
2 always wins
Jenni Rayflo
Jenni Rayflo 18 小时 前
I don't want to know what Lorenzo's basement looks like, but somebody should investigate
Trill Glizzy
Trill Glizzy 18 小时 前
Finally, a lvl 3 chef actually says “lvl 3” instead of *”IvE bEEn CoOkiNg fOR jEsuS cHriST HiMseLF sINcE ThE BegInniNG oF tiMe”*
TheGoondas87 18 小时 前
Wooo Emily! I can watch her ruin food all day.
Lorenzo's best
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 19 小时 前
Chef 2 looks the tastiest 😍
Mios Drink Reviews
Mios Drink Reviews 19 小时 前
Lorenzo is so funny
Glaugan 19 小时 前
2:00 God, I hate her so much, and I thought she wouldn't sink lower after I saw the burger one...
Angel Najar Gaming,Vlogs&More
No Matter What,Lorenzo's food will always look the best
Wizardly 9
Wizardly 9 20 小时 前
6:32 we love some intense cinematics 😂
Dexter Ramey
Dexter Ramey 20 小时 前
They should do a taste test with people from similar taste as each cook.
Parkour Fox
Parkour Fox 21 小时 前
i feel like level 4 should make her own version
Yan Yan Liang
Yan Yan Liang 21 小时 前
I make thicccc omelet s
Þórdís Bjarkadóttir
When I was 9 years old I could do lvl1.
I'm always a level one. Maybe 2ish. Maybe not even level1.
YUNG H20 天 前
Why the man always laughing it makes me laugh
Maya Sawyer
Maya Sawyer 天 前
no one: not even a living soul: lorenzo: aAaAnNnNdDdDdD sWiM
Andrea G Nochu
I subscribed because of Lorenzo
Randolph Mitchell
Omletes are my favorite breakfast food.
JLou, Doctor Evil
3 levels: Normies, housewife, and TRY HARDS
AK GamingClub
If u dont have a non-stick pan then, adding milk to your eggs will always help you 😋
Roger Sehnem
Roger Sehnem 天 前
Please, put all of them to try a new recipe.
Lugowski 天 前
Why are chefs obsessed with mushrooms I find them disgusting and I know I'm not alone
Kadence Blaine
I LOVE Lorenzo's laugh
Alvin Laverne Azores
at 6:22 that's me saying I told you I could pass the test
Preston Shields
5th video in a row I’ve seen Lorenzo
xXBluesXx 天 前
Level 3 Chef: “Whisking side to side doesn’t really do anything for you” Also Level 3 Chef: *wHiSkS sIDe tO SIdE*
Kyle Tooke
Kyle Tooke 天 前
1. Burnt Barf 2. Burnt with tasty stuffing 3. Amazing texture and appearance... just needs some meat in there For those of you that think #2 looks great... that egg is burnt on the exterior and will have a paper-like texture on the outside with poor taste. Egg should be light and fluffy in an omelet with no browning.
We all love Lorenzo
Thrift Store Gucci
Weird for the level 3 chef to not say "hi I'm beth and Ive cooked food for the sky gods and served Jesus Christ during mass"
AVH 天 前
Idk but I feel vomitish when I smell onion omelet
Kaden Marquardson
Level one chef eat French toast with Ketchup
Waelotheboss wael
I can’t trust level one anymore, she eats French toast with ketchup
BobTheBigOrangeBalloon :D
GoFundMe, to get Lorenzo his own cooking show.
Duolingo Owl
Duolingo Owl 天 前
Epicurious have now removed the old scientist. I now believe in Lorenzo.
Martin Craig
Martin Craig 天 前
Lorenzo had me at "bacon". #RonSwanson
Lukeland 天 前
2:02 *"Pretty Much Professional :)"* OMG So Me XD
Aidid Azman
Aidid Azman 天 前
Lorenzos food prolly the most smack
Mia V
Mia V 天 前
level three looks like it would be level one
Scott McMan
Scott McMan 天 前
Blaahh! I know how to make omelets and they will never have wild mushroom and goat cheese. I don't care for that pretentious stuff. I like meat and cheese. "Didn't get any shell in there "this time". You are cracking your eggs wrong honey. Never crack them on an edge of anything. Crack them on a flat surface away from your bowl. Mistake #2: "I'm going to add a little bit of water". For what, water eggs? Does she have any idea why she's doing that? Never put any water or milk in scrambled eggs or omelets. #3: She really didn't blend the whites and yolks very well. She says she likes white and orange spots. Again, I don't get it. Why bother making an omelet. Just do over easy. The only thing she did that I do like is the half moon style, which I prefer, but she didn't get the top to the edge of the bottom. The round omelet is probably better for getting filling in every bite and holding it in, but I like some bites to just be egg. Both the first and second omelets were overcooked. However, the third wasn't cooked long enough IMO. I'd opt for somewhere between the second and third omelet. Then again, I guess it's whatever you like. If you like a brown crust on it, then by all means, overcook it. I don't mind a very slight browning in small areas, but for the most part, you want it to be yellow.. Frankly, I wouldn't eat any of these omelets, but remove the vegetables from the second one and that's probably going to be the one. Although, I'd have put the bacon inside when cooking. I like crumbled sausage and cheese mostly. But, I'll also cut up a smoked chop and put it in. Then again, if I was so great, I'd probably be a chef. LOL!
Bring back penny, and the original food scientist!
FadeYT_ 天 前
Subscribe to Lorenzo
Chemical Z
Chemical Z 天 前
There can be a 4 levels video unless Lorenzo is in it. Edit:Lorenzo looks a lot like the box office artist
Mar10 天 前
Lol Lorenzo lowkey makes the best food he’s like a level three most of the time lol
ItsKaito 天 前
Lorenzo really loves bacon
trashley 天 前
Lorenzo really likes bacon
neon wolf _alex
Lorenzo: Who doesnt like Omlete Me: me *in a grumpy voice*
hurB 天 前
No one likes Lorenzo
T.L B 天 前
First video I've watched on this channel and I'm a fan. Chef 2's omelette definitely would be the one I'd choose. The crispy bacon finishing it off is a complete winner.
Joe’s Dad
Joe’s Dad 天 前
Finally, not that other cancerous food scientist
i can't be the only one who thinks the food scientists voice is annoying
Catat Goo
Catat Goo 天 前
Ketchup :Emily 2010 Ketchup :Emily 2011 Ketchup :Emily 2012 Ketchup :Emily 2013 MUSTARD : JK KETCHUP : Emily 2014 Ketchup :Emily 5482 LVL UP Ketchup : Emily lvl 2 chef
Lia Larsen
Lia Larsen 天 前
Lorenzo’s confidence is super entertaining. 😂😂
emily. 天 前
Lorenzo’s looked the best
John Sanders
John Sanders 天 前
Level 1: Omelet Level 2: Good omelet. Level 3: Òmèllète
bad punz guy
bad punz guy 天 前
"I like to put hot sauce on my omelet." *Adds 4 drops* 😂😂😂 You should see how much we put on our food in Mexico 🇲🇽
Marcus022 Gaming
What's the point if they are tasting their own food they could say its tasty when its not lmao
Adam De Sousa
Being honest. Nobody cares to hear what the food scientists have to say
Shawn G
Shawn G 天 前
Lorenzo is so annoying.
Rama Fadhiilah
The number of times i watch this video: i'm just gonna 👀 it