A Tour Of My Plants

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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - cnvid.net/show-UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - cnvid.net/show-UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - cnvid.net/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - cnvid.net/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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oh no sis.
oh no sis. 分钟 前
my names Keisha and when Jenna quoted the ms.keisha I got so scared
Celeste Colunga
Celeste Colunga 5 分钟 前
“ what’s a plant that just likes to be wet as hell”
Early Man
Early Man 9 分钟 前
Jenna’s wearing the flannel Julien bought her for their boyfriend buys my outfit video!
Allyson H
Allyson H 10 分钟 前
So glad I’m not the only helicopter palm parent. 😂
Lari Love
Lari Love 12 分钟 前
this was so good for me to watch during a study break in finals week. Inspirational really
Rogue Uppercut
Rogue Uppercut 13 分钟 前
I wonder how Julien kept it together...
Jack'sVlogs 13 分钟 前
I like watching Kermit’s face the whole time.
Savannah Peterson
Savannah Peterson 16 分钟 前
This video is the equivalent of meditating for 4 hours.
Kayah Kirk
Kayah Kirk 17 分钟 前
Me when a villager visits my house in animal crossing
marmar shechez
marmar shechez 17 分钟 前
Jenna, you should name your beautiful palm Maui! Love this video, by the way. It is the start of...everything. :) Now a proud plant mother of 10 plants!
superboobs890 17 分钟 前
Looks like you need a green house! They even have small ones where your high humidity and high light ones could thrive
Lexxie Rousseau
Lexxie Rousseau 18 分钟 前
5:16 Kermit's face
Tessa Aleman
Tessa Aleman 24 分钟 前
The air in their house must be crisp af😂
Fitt Britt
Fitt Britt 27 分钟 前
I bought my first plant this week because of this video lol He's a snake plant.. I made a video on it if you wanna see .. lol Dink FAM!
My depressed pupper
My depressed pupper 28 分钟 前
Your boyfriend wont agree on you getting a cat? Just buy the whole amazon rainforest
CaffeinatedTomato 30 分钟 前
This was such a relaxing and wholesome video! Thanks for sharing!
T22 Gaming
T22 Gaming 31 分钟 前
surprisingly therapeutic to watch hahaha
BEAULIV 34 分钟 前
My grad thesis deadline is coming up and I’ve been having the most stressful and anxious day and this video made me feel so much better I can feel my serotonin levels rising I did not know how much I needed this video but I really needed this video
lily Schultz
lily Schultz 35 分钟 前
I loooooove this video!! She is so amazing
grace asher
grace asher 42 分钟 前
get elephant ears! I love them and they are so cool! if you put water droplets on the leaves it’s dope!!
brvihu 42 分钟 前
I went out and bought house plants today because of this video that I’m now watching for the third time in three days. I got two peperomias, two prayer plants, and two parlour palms, as well as a spider plant which I’ve already hung. I had to get all cat-friendly plants because I live with two demons.
Maaaaaaddee 42 分钟 前
How do you take care of your plants? Showering and such.. Do a video about it!
pluscookie 42 分钟 前
This is lovely.
Sim Virkk
Sim Virkk 45 分钟 前
Sarah Speelman
Sarah Speelman 45 分钟 前
What site did she say she buys plants from?
Anna Grushina
Anna Grushina 47 分钟 前
Здесь есть хоть один русский?
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore 58 分钟 前
This is my favorite video you've ever made haha and now I'm so inspired to take care of plants and because of that I'm saving my orchid from terrible neglect I gave it.. So thank you for this video and I can't wait to be a better plant mom!!
Michela Frediani
Michela Frediani 59 分钟 前
This video is so relaxing😍
Abigale Polak
Abigale Polak 59 分钟 前
I want to see you and Julien play episode together
Ordinary Potato
Ordinary Potato 小时 前
Poco Roberto should be nicknamed Bob... because hes short...
Nychole Newman
Nychole Newman 小时 前
That String of Pearls looks absolutely amazing oh my God
Nychole Newman
Nychole Newman 小时 前
Man I just want to mail you ceramic pots...
Nychole Newman
Nychole Newman 小时 前
Does that chinese perfume turn into a bush??
Nychole Newman
Nychole Newman 小时 前
That hoya needs more room and omg no terra cotta!!
Cheyenne Wild
Cheyenne Wild 小时 前
I love this I want a thousand plants but my cat would destroy them all and a lot of house plants are very toxic for animals if ingested :(
Emma Walker
Emma Walker 小时 前
While I'm sick and at home I'll just watch this instead of being at my botany class
Tony Hall
Tony Hall 小时 前
U and ur dogs should do asmr
Stephanie Starkey
OMG i loved this video. Thanks for the tour Jenna!
Bunny 小时 前
I honestly loved this video, it’s really awesome how you’re just doing the things that make you happy, and that really reflects through your videos. We love you girl!
Tony S
Tony S 小时 前
All beautiful plants except for the rubber tree plant. I 💘 plants but not that one..don't know why. Wisteria's my favorite.
Cheshire_Cat__ 小时 前
I had an Orchid once that was white with purple spots. I named her Purple Rain and I accidentally killed her. I haven't had a houseplant since. 😢
Ilse just me
Ilse just me 小时 前
my room is no good from any plant.... in the summer it is really really hot and i have the sun on my window for 5 hours but in the winter i have maybe a few hours of sun per week. i also like to water the plants al lot....sooooo they die
Dariaegorovna 123456
Прикольные видео
Sophie Grant
Sophie Grant 2 小时 前
jenna has such a kind energy like i’ve never seen anybody care about a plants wellbeing more than her. even the lil damaged plants she’s rescuing it’s so sweet 😭
Rubbish Flower
Rubbish Flower 2 小时 前
Sarah Trapp
Sarah Trapp 2 小时 前
You should name your palm Robert Plant 😂
Chrissy Hince
Chrissy Hince 2 小时 前
I AM a 32 year old lady! And I love plants.Yay!
Get Bogged
Get Bogged 2 小时 前
Put that alocasia in your room beetch it needs humidity that might be why he isn’t doing the best
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 2 小时 前
erm, i forgot to mention i grow stuff in the dark, beansprouts, they need water and heat, that's it! i grow them on my kitchen bench during the warm months! here's where i got the idea cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91--m74YYPVbWU.html you're welcome, maybe Julen can grow stuff to eat :)
big bananana
big bananana 2 小时 前
PLEASE do "my dogs in the role of pictures of the Renaissance" video it will be so cool
Betsy Waller
Betsy Waller 2 小时 前
Kerm is SO mellow in this video
Peacock For Sale
Peacock For Sale 2 小时 前
How do you water them when you are on vacation ?
Ginger Draws
Ginger Draws 2 小时 前
anyone else notice that she's wearing the pastel shirt Julien got her?
Bubble gum shiro
Bubble gum shiro 2 小时 前
Not realated but what about a new Jenna’s drunk arts school soap making
annazwetschke 2 小时 前
Hi Jenna! Try giving your hoyas something to climb on. They love it 😊
Aly Mckone
Aly Mckone 2 小时 前
Jenna.... In jeans??? Should we be concerned
Shekinah Parks
Shekinah Parks 2 小时 前
Could you do more dog videos
Jeanette Bowman
Jeanette Bowman 2 小时 前
Hey Jenna ! You should watch Garden Answer's youtube channel. She is awesome and will give you tons of inspo for your gardening ventures!
Dulcy Booth
Dulcy Booth 2 小时 前
Not boring, I love plants and wrote down the names on 2 I'd never seen before and now must have. Thank you!
ButtMuncher 3 小时 前
Can you do a feet tour?
Cyrida Melia
Cyrida Melia 3 小时 前
this video inspired me to go buy like 10 baby plants and I am very happy with my decision thank you Jenna
Alexis Lee
Alexis Lee 3 小时 前
String of pearls is poisonous to dogs do not let them eat it
Kittenselene 3 小时 前
House tour pleaseeee?!
Jahred Garcia
Jahred Garcia 3 小时 前
Only one ad *”cool”*
Super Gacha girl
Super Gacha girl 3 小时 前
Soon marbles will die then it will be JENNACIRMIT then kirmit will die and it will be JENNNAPEACH :D RIGHT????!!?!!?
Nixi Pixie
Nixi Pixie 3 小时 前
RIP in pieces Jenna, who may or may not survive this Aries season
Andi Brumley
Andi Brumley 3 小时 前
Jenna!! I feel like you’d love these gloves for your plants!! www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjO7Y7IjJHhAhVOuMAKHft2C1UYABADGgJpbQ&ae=1&sig=AOD64_1dvbpfHrfy4BdMCVZSJFON0KTtGA&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwiFuIfIjJHhAhULKa0KHdDJArAQwg96BAgLEAo&adurl=www.amazon.com/YTH-Digging-Weeding-Gardening-Gardeners/dp/B0722NCHR4/ref%3Dasc_df_B0722NCHR4/%3Ftag%3Dhyprod-20%26linkCode%3Ddf0%26hvadid%3D198092200243%26hvpos%3D1o1%26hvnetw%3Dg%26hvrand%3D7034536786044296941%26hvpone%3D%26hvptwo%3D%26hvqmt%3D%26hvdev%3Dm%26hvdvcmdl%3D%26hvlocint%3D%26hvlocphy%3D9018774%26hvtargid%3Dpla-350442713511%26psc%3D1.
Kitty Sniffer
Kitty Sniffer 3 小时 前
I need Jenna to put acrylic nails onto Juliens and her own toe nails and prove to me they’re THAT kind of couple
Аня Бондарева
I love you Yenna>
Hannah Potratz
Hannah Potratz 3 小时 前
Plant Lady Jenna is my new favorite
Nanji Marina
Nanji Marina 3 小时 前
I watched this for the 4th or 5th time last night while thoroughly cleaning up one of my plant's leaves one by one. It was a hell of an enjoyable time. 😍
Jake Greenaway
Jake Greenaway 3 小时 前
Has anyone else noticed that Jenna hasn’t used her intro for 7 months or was I the only crazy one imagining it was still there this whole time
tiffibean13 3 小时 前
I love that Jenna is wearing the shirt that Julien bought her which she initially hated
BaileyyJanette 4 小时 前
I friggen loved this
Rini Tea
Rini Tea 4 小时 前
I want to be a plant that belongs to Jenna so i can live a happy life, knowing im loved and cared for, without adult responsibilties. Great!
Dank Gaming
Dank Gaming 4 小时 前
Didn't she used to have boobs? Now she has just marbles
Katie Bug
Katie Bug 4 小时 前
I hope they get a cat ❤🙏😺 CAT TOUR!
Katie Bell
Katie Bell 4 小时 前
Im a 23 year old lady. Close enough
NailsByYaGurl 4 小时 前
She has over 30 plants, she is wearing jeans and pastel shirt. I think she is having a mid life crises
Witchvortex 4 小时 前
I will be 32 in September, so I hope you don't mind, but I still watched it
Jaime R
Jaime R 4 小时 前
Jennaaaaaa. Please buy my pottery for your plants. You'll love them I swearrrrrr.
Marissa Shugart
Marissa Shugart 4 小时 前
i have an app on my phone, its called terrarium (not sponsored) & you just take care of a bunch of different plants. ive had it for a week and im already on level 90
Maggie Vail
Maggie Vail 4 小时 前
this is the fourth time i've watched this it is so therapeutic
Ace 4 小时 前
Only Jenna could make a 30 minute video about plants, get 4 million views and get a 99% likes to 1% dislikes ratio.
Mad Vibez
Mad Vibez 4 小时 前
I’m exactly like this but w/ succulents 😂😂 Loved seeing this video
Fruit Miley
Fruit Miley 4 小时 前
WHATTT Jenna is wearing a light shirt and jeans, what has happened??? Who is that giiiirl, why she is normal
Jasmine Newell
Jasmine Newell 4 小时 前
Please name one of your Hoyas “can I get a Hoya”
Lainstar 4 小时 前
Be careful of the plants that are toxic to dogs! I love plants and found out so many are toxic to my dog and had to get rid of a bunch of them. Bummed!! I have a younger dog that eats EVERYTHING. Seems like your dogs are very chill and won't have that much of a problem with trying to eat them but keep your eye out for any leaves that looks like they are munched on.
wixxkers piñata
wixxkers piñata 5 小时 前
faroshscale 5 小时 前
Can we talk about Marbles licking Peachy tho
Riley Rose
Riley Rose 5 小时 前
this is the most boring video i’ve ever seen and i watched the ENTIRE FUCKING THING and i’ll like watch THE ENTIRE FUCKING THING more than once i love you jennanaaa
Cyan Soul
Cyan Soul 5 小时 前
All I’m thinking as I see all these plants is “cool but I hope she hired someone to water them” the hours of watering them probably burn through half a day real fast. I have so much respect for people who take the time and put in the effort to take care of plants.
Ganja Momma
Ganja Momma 5 小时 前
Kermit is so cute just chillin while mommy holds him... 🌸❤️
Tracey Berkowitz
Tracey Berkowitz 5 小时 前
You say you don’t understand why we love watching content like this. I’d like to tell you that I enjoy watching your content like this because life, at least for me rn, has been so incredibly negative. Negative people. Negative beliefs. Negative and depressing things that you try to just accept that is part of the world even if you wish it could all go away. And even tho I try to accept that there’s gonna be shitty people. There’s gonna be shitty things going on in the world. And that’s just the way it is and I should just try my best and make what I can from it. I sometimes can’t handle it all and it just really sucks dude. It sucks to think that we have to just accept it and it’s never gonna change So to me. Watching videos like this. Reminds me the good in the world. Whether it be knowing there’s positive people like you and Julien existing. Or that there’s a much more positive way of looking at things in life even if it’s a mundane activity or task. It keeps my mind off of the negativity for a bit and makes me appreciate the little things I do have. So thank you for being such a good person and thank you for sharing such happy things. Your channel and many other small things in life helps me relieve the disappointment I have for our species tbh. It reminds me to just fucking chill and appreciate the little happiness that does sprout out from time to time. So thank you. And keep making such wholesome content. 😭❤️
Сладкий Кексик
Так непривычно слышать голос Дженны без перевода Камедистор))
Indigo Nightroad
Indigo Nightroad 5 小时 前
You should start a vegetable garden and do a series on it give us updates through out spring and summer!
Madi Mak
Madi Mak 5 小时 前
Can you do more videos of you cutting and colouring your hair pleasee
Desiree Delilah
Desiree Delilah 5 小时 前
I feel you with the plant obsession.
Katie Trevarthen-Land
Jenna’s house is currently producing 90% of all oxygen for the whole planet 😂 thank you for giving me oxygen Jenna!!❤️😂
Rachel Rogers
Rachel Rogers 5 小时 前
I didn't know about Logees until I watched this video. I was saving money until I learned about Logees from watching this video. Thank you, Jenna. Also, I hope to find someone who tolerates my insane hoard of plants like Julian does (I loved his panic when you described that you were making more plants via propagation). A fantastic video!
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