Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets 3

Mr. Mind Blow
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NEW VIDEO!!! ➡️ cnvid.net/video/视频-itJNlsM9BM8.html
Mr. Mind Blow is bringing you AMAZING SCIENCE Toys/Gadgets!
Sit back and relax. Enjoy 10 minutes of oddly satisfying scientific curiosities featuring various engines with candles, ferrofluid toys, kinetic art that uses physics, optical illusions, various forms of dices, math toys/shapes and more mindblowing stuff!

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Amazing Gadgets
Amazing Gadgets
Amazing Gadgets
Amazing Science Toys
Amazing Science Toys
Amazing Science Toys
Science Toys Compilation
Science Toys Compilation
Science Toys Compilation
The Most Satisfying Video in the World
The Most Satisfying Video in the World
The Most Satisfying Video in the World




2018年08月 1日

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Mr. Mind Blow
Mr. Mind Blow 2 个月 前
NEW MINDBLOWING VIDEO!!! ➡️ cnvid.net/video/视频-itJNlsM9BM8.html
Bill A
Bill A 18 小时 前
Wait that mirror at 0:04 looks broken! tsk-tsk ;D
lisa_ clam
lisa_ clam 18 天 前
Mr. Mind Blow yo
an 8th dimentional being
6:06 computer simulations dont count as science gadgets.
Comrade Ushanka
Comrade Ushanka 个月 前
Its fake thats what it is
Ada Tekeer
Ada Tekeer 5 小时 前
1:58 en harika anlir
Ozan The Jedi
Ozan The Jedi 10 小时 前
You should change the subtitle as: *Satisfying Toys*
Richard Tony
Richard Tony 13 小时 前
6:08 what that thing called I want one
Mexican Food
Mexican Food 14 小时 前
0:50 I wanna do that
Saskia Putri MCPE
Saskia Putri MCPE 16 小时 前
2:21 wtf
Doge 22 小时 前
Can someone explain me why every one of these type of vids need to use meh/shit/irritating music
TeamAFK 天 前
Min 7:36 link to the music pls for download
Maray Sooo
Maray Sooo 天 前
I love it it's so good it's like a magic
Rik de Goeij
Rik de Goeij 2 天 前
wow cool!!!
davi Schmitt
davi Schmitt 2 天 前
Uata faqui quie miedo
Chris Contreras
Chris Contreras 2 天 前
So amazing video awesome stuff:D
ronny osman
ronny osman 2 天 前
mr gadget invent all the toys
Finn Strand
Finn Strand 2 天 前
None of the gadgets are related to science
Hòa Phan Minh
Hòa Phan Minh 2 天 前
Shontell Challoner
I luv Science so this is a dream come true Like if you agree
Suvendu Dey
Suvendu Dey 2 天 前
Great video....brilliant inventions
Team Goal TV
Team Goal TV 2 天 前
New mindblowing okeys!!!
Yogita Persaud
Yogita Persaud 2 天 前
Great for offices, homes, schools.
Yogita Persaud
Yogita Persaud 2 天 前
Indeed, mind blowing, the coolest, I would buy it.
The Pug Channel
The Pug Channel 2 天 前
This is mindblowing
kvaDrug 2 天 前
"Wow epic video love you so much" - Werner Heisenberg
F1XER 2 天 前
interesting, good video
M.B 3 天 前
Good video why? Because you are epic!!!!
Daniel Cultanov
Daniel Cultanov 3 天 前
Ну вапшее😍😍😍😍😍😍
BellaRose 3 天 前
some of these are dumb asf
entertainment for you
i like this type videos . ... thqz. keep posting this type of creative videos ..
Louis Ortiz
Louis Ortiz 3 天 前
dumb fucking clickbait trash
kristymomof3 3 天 前
Kurb0 3 天 前
6:27 thats a table not a toy or gadget
Bromigo 3 天 前
6:06 thumbnail
Bernardo Antonio
satis factor x3
NoNameC68 3 天 前
Please source the original videos. If you don't give people the opportunity to see the originals, then you're only stealing their work. It's dishonest as hell.
hacker 3 天 前
7:38 in greenville
Gianluca Giacoppo
6:38 free infinite energy btw
hacker 3 天 前
i was thaking the same
mutation333 3 天 前
This video isn't helping my head ache.
Jonathan Harder
Jonathan Harder 3 天 前
Where can I buy that coffee-mug?
That One Jigglypuff OFFICIAL
sorry but this sounds 10x better when you watch this while listening to Memes by NIVIRO xP
Teck X
Teck X 3 天 前
what is the name of the object at 4:00 ?
hacker 3 天 前
i have one
Michal Kulda
Michal Kulda 3 天 前
WOW #Mindblow
fofobik c
fofobik c 4 天 前
Clint Girdler
Clint Girdler 4 天 前
At 7:41 my brain heard “you there criminals have been caught in a further act of seditious treason”.
Mingal xDooxD
Mingal xDooxD 4 天 前
7:36 music?
hacker 3 天 前
no but it is in downtown greenville
Zeref Dragnell
Zeref Dragnell 4 天 前
What is the name ??? Plz
hacker 3 天 前
of what
akiraplaycutie 4 天 前
this is so satisfying
Acorus List
Acorus List 4 天 前
7:50 что это? Я тоже это хочу
Acorus List
Acorus List 4 天 前
Я тоже такую хочу
Acorus List
Acorus List 4 天 前
Что это было 6:06-6:20
Snoopy 2 小时 前
это развод на кликбайт, просто анимация
erik good
erik good 4 天 前
that is mindblowing
christian medina
😲wow speechless
Braxton Nicholson
7:41 ohh spiny hoops 1 like = 1 spiny hoop
Me.HungryLlama 4 天 前
Seppstone 4 天 前
Half of them are fake...
TheLegend Universe
0:48 I need that so I can fly away from my problems...
Bill A
Bill A 18 小时 前
And your fears will fly back right to you once you get into that crazy cluster phobic contraption. ha-ha
야리루 天 前
+firebeastfly9 feeling fear in high place :)
+야리루 what is that
야리루 2 天 前
And what if that problem is acrophobia (fear of heights)...😭
Techno gamers
Techno gamers 4 天 前
Mass Games
Mass Games 5 天 前
2:31 how do you get down
Витя Я
Витя Я 5 天 前
6:06 Good. Really good. Buuut, its so small? No. 1x0.5x1 - minimal size for that pictures, that its draws. (This eats tooooooo many energy, like 5kw)
Andrei Richmond Salvaleon
**Monument valley intensifies**
Ralsei [Male]
Ralsei [Male] 5 天 前
How are they amazing anyways? -.-
DanTheMan31 5 天 前
perpetual motion machines don't exist stupid
Woomy Woomerz
Woomy Woomerz 5 天 前
Alex 6 天 前
This is a satisfactory video.
Jogindra Sahu
Jogindra Sahu 6 天 前
really it's a mind blowing science instruments...
haroo86 6 天 前
Shit I'm going to be late to work
G Elerson
G Elerson 7 天 前
In case you're hung up on the perpetual motion machine, yes it is motorized. cnvid.net/video/视频-_gAchuS8SyU.html
Speed Zebra
Speed Zebra 7 天 前
8:50 that’s a lot of mirrors
LEE 7 天 前
Science is really insane! I really love science since I was a kid, and dreamed that one I'll become a scientist, but my family is against in it, they say scientists are just a bunch of crazy person, now I'm in my 20s I decided to be an artist coz I love arts, my family told me to get a real life. I can never be live and rich because of my drawings. I don't know where to go. I thought we have a free will,but it looks like I'm controlled of what should I be. 😔 Anyways I still love science. 💕
FURIOUS prathesh
After seeing this innovations i thought i also have to do like this but past many years i have thoughts not get an idea HAHAHA... U guys are stunned me wow what an innovation really u people r genius
Christine Wintour
Coolest things ever!🙀👏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Shane mike
Shane mike 8 天 前
Water going up with frequency and the proper hertz is cool
Shane mike
Shane mike 8 天 前
6:39 Perpetual motion
Carlos Trujillo
Carlos Trujillo 8 天 前
6:14 is only a computer animation :(
Rosliza Ali
Rosliza Ali 9 天 前
Go to the future
Dmitrij Shabalin
Joenard Jim Batac
Its a magnet
Joenard Jim Batac
Thats a motion
Mr Rashaud334
Mr Rashaud334 9 天 前
What is the name of this song, 7:36
The For Real
The For Real 9 天 前
This is how far tech has come! Yet us broke people never knew... Wowwww.
Abhishek Kr
Abhishek Kr 10 天 前
Awsome video
Алексей Алира
Что это было на 6:44 ? вечный двигатель?
Kyle Ferguson
Kyle Ferguson 10 天 前
2:58 is a fake music video and you should feel bad for lying.
SwaggyDaRat ッ
SwaggyDaRat ッ 10 天 前
0:52 the flinstones in the future
xoen6 10 天 前
7:33 damn, this is nice.
Raj maher Maher
Raj maher Maher 11 天 前
Please tell me that things names
Suhit Kumar
Suhit Kumar 11 天 前
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Simone Collobiano
7:45 mind blown
chrispinus Harambee
Man u a Is awesome
Vincent Wagner
Vincent Wagner 12 天 前
I whant this cloud !!!! Please say where do you get it
charzardpower 356
This is tripping me out man!
Bien Nguyen
Bien Nguyen 12 天 前
Tuyệt vời
Mary am
Mary am 12 天 前
5:26 1st of all, that is not a gadget 2nd, I think that was on musically
East Clintwood
East Clintwood 12 天 前
Saleh Mughal
Saleh Mughal 12 天 前
wow man what was that amazing what are you thing very nice and i liked your ending comment
Sean Cat Ramos
Sean Cat Ramos 12 天 前
i need a toy that i can afford
Eden Ghostkiller
Eden Ghostkiller 13 天 前
Lenny Bar
Lenny Bar 13 天 前
Bonjour, quelqu'un c'est comment s’appelle l'appareil bizarre a 6.07 min de la vidéo ? svp
Algan Osman
Algan Osman 13 天 前
08:42 omg this is incredible.. i want buy this 😍😍
Grandrok Micraker
blackZ34all 13 天 前
Anyone know what the one from 6:34 is called?
4 个月 前