ANNABELLE COMES HOME (2019) Ending + New Spirits Explained

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Everyone's favorite evil doll Annabelle Comes Home in the latest entry in the Conjuring series. This time she's set her sights on the Warrens artifact room, unleashing all of the spirits within. Learn all about the new spirits, how it connects to the Conjuring timeline, and explaining the ending.
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评论 3 735
Max Wick
Max Wick 9 小时 前
The Samurai armor was not a bad spirit. It hinted that he tried to protect others. That's why he didn't do anything. He died protecting others.
Tyler Meehan
Tyler Meehan 10 小时 前
The Warrens should've filled the glass case with holy water. That probably would've stopped Annabelle.
I wish my ghosts threw money at me...
Mikedaddy 天 前
“Black skin demon” the SJWs are going to freak out
Homoerectos !
Frank you crossed the line You never ever ever ever ever eat another man's tacos
The Flash
The Flash 天 前
All I gotta say is 😂
sasukayl 天 前
Anyone else notice how in Annabelle creation the mullins couldn’t kill the Annabelle demon with a cross but Judy was able to ig the creators either forgot or was just being lazy ash 😂😂💀😭
Shubanator 9000
I’m sorry that a furry took your tacos
Leon Goken
Leon Goken 天 前
Regardless of what everyone says, I loved this movie!
Memorra Sylver
Memorra Sylver 16 小时 前
Nice to know there is at least one other person who does. Sure no one died in it but it was a very good movie.
Cadre Entertainment RSA
That brunette broad better learn. Her dad was right, its all her FAULT! The movie had potential tho, some of those spirits r going to cause HAVOC in the future.
Shining Galaxy
Shining Galaxy 2 天 前
Gimme back my tacos
Yung Min
Yung Min 2 天 前
Love your reviews, but a scary movie does not need a body count to be successful. Just off the top of my head, The Babadook, the Others, Poltergeist, Ammityville, 1408, Blair Witch all had zero body count.
Derpfail _
Derpfail _ 2 天 前
*wHeRe ShE gO?*
Leah Kirvin
Leah Kirvin 2 天 前
The crooked man actually has a movie called the crooked man
Sukhraj Dhaliwal
I deadass thought that when the blond chick (forgot her name) went into the closet and saw her every twin, I thought they would swap places but I guess not. That would’ve been a amazing twist
DaZe Titan
DaZe Titan 3 天 前
There is a crooked man movie I've seen some of it
The CrazyKingFox
Rip cockatoo
Neil Morgan
Neil Morgan 3 天 前
I watched it today. Enjoyed it. The exploration of the daughter's powers was new. It could have had more deaths but the plot really moved along
The stoned pizza delivery guy quite a character right
dhananjay raul
dhananjay raul 3 天 前
Movie was boring af !
iiDrippin Finesse
So we just gonna ignore that amazing acting in the skit
alden mcpherren
alden mcpherren 3 天 前
I don't get it just punt the ting down the road like a football what is it going to do WALK back to your house like a plebian?
DanceOmega 3 天 前
Stupid movie. Stupid characters.
haha im twelwe and watched the movie level 100 savage
Hermione Young
Hermione Young 3 天 前
You should do more intros like this
Furia 3 天 前
Is conjuring 3 is going to be the Amityville story? Murderer, Demon, Demon made him do it. Hmm i hope so
TheAllSeeingEye 4 天 前
im kinda interested about the cymbal monkey the samurai armor and the haunted tv and board game, hope they make movies about those
pissed potato
pissed potato 4 天 前
I really want know about samurai armor
John Grider
John Grider 4 天 前
There's a Crooked Man movie. It's God-awful
Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton 4 天 前
Thank you for making this ending explained I wouldn't shell out even a dollar to see this movie. It sucks,
Sir. Riley
Sir. Riley 4 天 前
Hahahaha I love the intro!
J Wild
J Wild 4 天 前
I love your channel. It’s always so good to have clarification with a hint of a theory in the mix
Spooky Babygirl
Spooky Babygirl 4 天 前
Lol can we just have a whole commentary think and frankenbell also do commentary and short skits
khan sakib
khan sakib 4 天 前
tur babab moga chilo
dark 4 天 前
This movie is a joke
Proțeus 5 天 前
10/10 intro/skit
Skye Agawa
Skye Agawa 5 天 前
I didn’t get to see this movie 😞 so I watch the trailers
Nick Dorenkamp
Nick Dorenkamp 5 天 前
Oh I definitely agree about your thoughts about the movie but the only thing I will disagree with the movie is that it taking place before the events of the first conjuring and that is because if you look closely or you probably saw some clear shots of it, is the music box from the first film which I guess is something the movie forgot about. In other words this movie actually as a interquel set between the events of conjuring and conjuring 2; as for the movie itself well if they had the intention to still make it a prequel to the first conjuring than what they should have done is make this the 3rd Annabelle movie more based on the actual story of the curse doll cause that to me would have been a much better movie. As for this franchise as a whole, yeah it clearly needs some fresh talent like I am up for some more stories about some of the stuff in artifacts room but more as a TV series than a movie like I do want to see a story about the Television set that predicts the future. As of now I have very little hope of the next chapter in the conjuring universe and its future cause I sware if they announce another Annabelle sequel and they say its going to be set on mars I'm done.
Mimic Me
Mimic Me 5 天 前
I hope the people that make these movies stop litering the horror genre with pure shit
Symere Carter
Symere Carter 5 天 前
Wolf wanted some fried chicken
AyySergeant 5 天 前
I mean his description of conjuring 3 sounds like AmityVille Horror House
Tommy White
Tommy White 5 天 前
The first experiment trying to make a horror franchise children friendly
StoneAF 6 天 前
Daniella IS prolly responsible for her father's death, look at how dum dum she is.
Totes1829 6 天 前
Am I the only one that isn't all that scared of Annabelle the doll anymore? at first sure it was scary but now its just run its course. This one was the least scary out of all of them. all it was was just jump scares.
Jairo Dussan
Jairo Dussan 7 天 前
Well....I found a *FREE* movie 😂
So we just gonna ignore the dog on the computer at 0:35
Kamrynn Hurtado
Kamrynn Hurtado 7 天 前
When his face is scrunched up he deadass looks like Jimmi Simpson
HH Adventures
HH Adventures 7 天 前
I think it was scary enough geez
Wierd Guy Amen
Wierd Guy Amen 8 天 前
Im more scared in a bathroom with the shower curtain closed than 'Annabelle'
Jared Shapiro
Jared Shapiro 8 天 前
This dude’s got one fat cat!
Disaster7317 8 天 前
alex toll
alex toll 8 天 前
I wished I owned the true haunted Annabelle doll, so I can drill a hole in the dolls butt area, then inserting a flesh light, so I can fuck her
ซัม ซุง
You should have took the taco when you go out
Regular Vegan
Regular Vegan 8 天 前
@0:52 Jumpscare😭😩🤧
Lena D
Lena D 9 天 前
You saying soda pop is the most terrifying thing ever
bowsercrusher19 9 天 前
I am wearing the exact same shirt that he is wearing
BritishEcho 9 天 前
The series will never top, or even come close, to the original Conjuring now... It's just getting worse and worse as it goes on. Makes me worry about the 3rd entry... I hope it's good.
Jameel Wilder
Jameel Wilder 9 天 前
I like this one way better then the other 2 films
GamesLover 1234
GamesLover 1234 9 天 前
Honestly, I don't like the movie. I hope James Wan will be directing The Conjuring 3 Edit: NOOOOO!!!!!
TheRadiopharus 10 天 前
It was a kids movie thats all
A ViRGO 10 天 前
_SODIE_ _POP_ i will now call soda that. 😌
Jhonen Dark
Jhonen Dark 10 天 前
I love his little skits lol
Chibi Wolf34
Chibi Wolf34 10 天 前
I can't answer all those questions 1: the movies based on cases of Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren don't expect too much from these movies 2: compare marvel cinematic universe and an actual case file of haunting that's like the worst comparison I ever heard.3: to answer simply you want to know all the the spirits that made there appearance in Annabelle comes home why don't you travel to the warrens museum they're your questions can be solved.4: yes Lorraine Warren's daughter does take up the family business and she is married to the guy that does the tour in the warrens museum.5:reason being why movies take so long to make from The conjuring series is that they have to ask permissionfor the people that experience it and actually have the case file Hanz de have to ask the daughter of Lorraine Warren And first and final Lorraine Warren has passed away. 😢 2019 RIP I wish I meet you.
lizzielu 252
lizzielu 252 11 天 前
The Warrens room is specifically warded and protected, they don’t just slap that shit in there and call it a day
gio b.
gio b. 12 天 前
annabelle and conjuring same 2 character connection yessss ❤❤❤
The Steel Eel
The Steel Eel 12 天 前
His cat casually sleeping under his monitor
CoRbInA lEe
CoRbInA lEe 12 天 前
You’re kidding me Annabelle Comes Home scared the shit outta me!!!!! 😩💀
Arthraelin Stromweiss
The one time it would suck to be a chicken...
Joey K
Joey K 12 天 前
So demons are less dangerous than a KFC
Maddy h
Maddy h 12 天 前
I actually liked the movie ig I'm not a true horror fan bc everyone on this video is giving it hate
Sammie Leigh Styer
Atleast he didnt take ur SODEY POP!!! lol
Slime ball/boy
Slime ball/boy 12 天 前
0:53 franka franka dook dook d- wait a sec wrong horror monster
SilverHoodHunter 13 天 前
kurtis vollert
kurtis vollert 13 天 前
i would of liked to see the haunted phone kill her so we can find out how its cursed
matin hannak
matin hannak 13 天 前
frankabelle seems like a much more interesting movie then annabelle
joe hickman
joe hickman 13 天 前
The only thing more scary than this film is that the directors thought this would a good horror film
Bryce Gladwin
Bryce Gladwin 14 天 前
I swear, he has the funniest delivery of a "conversational" tone i have ever heard.
Tristen elkins Elkins
Thought it was viewer holding your taco hostage
Maddy h
Maddy h 14 天 前
Ok so in The Conjuring 2 they explained that the crooked man is just one of the demons "disguises" if you would call it that (correct me if in wrong plz)
Sad Edits
Sad Edits 14 天 前
I always watch these and not the movies
Annabelle Comes Home full HD
Annabelle Comes Home
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