Anthony Pettis would love to fight Conor McGregor | UFC Fight Night | ESPN MMA

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Anthony Pettis explains what went through his mind when he jumped off the cage to land the Superman punch to KO Stephen Thompson at UFC Fight Night in Nashville. Pettis reacts to Conor McGregor's tweet, and "Showtime" says he'd love to fight McGregor and wouldn't mind doing it in Ireland. Pettis' head coach Duke Roufus joins the interview and the two explain their close relationship.
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评论 1 623
John Doe
John Doe 18 天 前
I'd fight Conor for 52 fuckin million.my grandfather would fight him for that kind money... No shit Anthony the bum Pettis would wanna fight him for the money no shit Sherlock....
Joon Lee
Joon Lee 23 天 前
the moment when pettis said his coach filled the role of his dad. you know pettis had teary eyes, maybe just mine haha.hahahah hhnnnnngggggggggggggggggg....
Juggling Taxi Famous
Juggling Taxi 🚖 Graduations
SAN FRAN 415 25 天 前
Watching this again, and why did Megan need to state she was from New Jersey ?? Lmao what difference does it make where she’s from , lol man. Women..
Donald Ducko
Donald Ducko 26 天 前
Funny liberals never protest MMA over toxic masculinity.
Jack KIm
Jack KIm 26 天 前
They deleted the highlights wtf
Sage 28 天 前
You know Conor is a easy fight when literally everyone is constantly calling him out. Khabib is a superstar now and a undefeated champ and not a single guy has called him out.
mr gwanson
mr gwanson 28 天 前
mcgregor vs pettis would be epic lets be honest
James Salie
James Salie 28 天 前
Tony don't do it you will be hurt.
Yung cobe
Yung cobe 28 天 前
Twood vs Pettis lmao
avery gentry
avery gentry 28 天 前
Conor would kill this kid after seeing Wonderboy wore his ass out, Got a lucky superman punch to get it done.
Humza Zafar
Humza Zafar 29 天 前
Pettis isn’t even on mcgregor’s or Stephen Thomson’s level. He got lucky with that punch. A real mma fan will not really consider him on the level we’re talking about.
Joan Nyemb
Joan Nyemb 29 天 前
Well none of that is happening now.
yes go
yes go 29 天 前
Winning VIA lucky punch and now he is calling out Conor. Dude, Thompson was beating the hell out of you but unfortunately he was stupid enough to let his guards down. The fuck, you dont deserve a fight vs Connor. Btw, he just announced his "retirement". Lol
YOUNG ELA 29 天 前
Something Tyrone couldn't do
amnesiai 29 天 前
I want to see connor get rag dolled by khabib again
BigMacKaz 29 天 前
Not gonna happen anymore since Connor retired
Smirky Whitemale
Smirky Whitemale 29 天 前
Well of course he would. I would get in the ring and fight CM for that kind of money. With swords.
Christopher andrew
It's all fun and games till someone gets punched in the mouth
Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett 29 天 前
Fuck google fuck the resistance lets fight🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
David Altmark
David Altmark 29 天 前
So many fighters want to fight Conor, do they know that McGregor retired yet?
sexy korean girl
sexy korean girl 29 天 前
its not a sport punching people
Doug Gunner
Doug Gunner 29 天 前
love these 4
Robert King
Robert King 29 天 前
And? Does anyone honestly want to listen to Conor bleat trash for a month during the build up as he hawks his whiskey and drags the sport into the dumpster
William Lewis
William Lewis 29 天 前
Gustavo Garcia
Gustavo Garcia 29 天 前
Pettis -"I'll fight anybody",was he referring to Woodley? Would dana white do Woodley vs Pettis, to fight for a title shot?
peter mcgrath
peter mcgrath 29 天 前
I WANT TO FIGHT CONNER, catch phrase and on the back of the t shirt FOOK CONNER I HATE THE COONT
MadakiNomaroishi 29 天 前
Michael Jackson is a pedophile 👌
Ali The Konqueror
*I wanna watch Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar!!!*
Jay Jordan
Jay Jordan 29 天 前
If Pettis fights McGregor I don't care if that fight is on the moon I'm going to watch it
DREVM 29 天 前
Anderson’s debut was 32 but he didn’t spend years before that cutting hard weight and getting hit by UFC fighters, he was fighting mostly bums. I think him debuting so late had a lot to do with his success. It’s not about age, it’s about miles and your chin.
DREVM 29 天 前
Duke is such a great guy. Love that Pettis has only stayed with him no matter what goes on.
indo 29 天 前
I cant stand a pettis
DREVM 29 天 前
Hope he doesn’t do himself the disservice of jumping back and forth between weights. Every fighter that’s done that (except for champions) just gets lost in the mix instead of rising toward a title in one division. If he just wants big fights okay but if he wants a title he should pick.
DREVM 29 天 前
Anyone who knows boxing could see that punch coming all night. Every right Pettis threw kept creeping closer and closer, I was just waiting for it. Had no idea it’d be such a hard shot though, that was wild.
indo 29 天 前
Paid off
Austyn Joe
Austyn Joe 29 天 前
Everytime a fighter wins: I wanna fight connor
Ten Ring
Ten Ring 个月 前
Every one wants to suck on Connors nutsack after they win a damn fight be careful what you wish for Mystic Mac will demolish your wore out ass
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 个月 前
No way you mean to tell me another fighter wants to fight Mcgreggor thats crazy....what else is the sky blue today
Edwin Thompson
Edwin Thompson 个月 前
Why is everybody calling out connor hes shite everybody looking for the easy dude
GarlicIsGood 个月 前
Everyone wanna fight connor obvi for the money duhhhhh
James Faragoza
James Faragoza 个月 前
One lucky punch with a 1-5 in his last fights and he's calling out brock lesnar..... and he's a side talker, i hate people with those chins that aren't symmetrical. It's my ocd.
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler 个月 前
Wonderboy was picking your ass apart. gotta give props though. AMAZING finish. Askren v Pettis, Wonderboy vs Lawler....lets see em!
redskngod EL
redskngod EL 个月 前
Conor always has a lot to say when "strikers" win. Still trying to see if they can get a striker in there with Conor for that easy win.. smh.
redskngod EL
redskngod EL 29 天 前
+William Lewis ., For the record, my comment was a jab at the ufc's need to resucitate Conor's career by ensuring the possibility of him KO'ing of a standup figher. Is that clear enough for ya, genius!!! It was sarcasm. Now go back to studying boxing history.
redskngod EL
redskngod EL 29 天 前
+William Lewis ., I been watching prize-fighter and the UFC when Royce G, put this shyt together. Where the hell were you then? Sitting on ya daddy's lap, watching Barney? Save it, david!!!
William Lewis
William Lewis 29 天 前
You clearly don’t understand the goal of prize fighting and why the UFC or any fight organization is created.
Mikey 个月 前
Takes a special fighter to admit when he's been broken by wrestlers.
Insidious Vidz
Insidious Vidz 个月 前
Duke is so damn modest and humble; giving Pettis all the credit. He’s a brilliant coach. Creating the most underrated camp. Managing egos like Woodley, Sergio, Anthony, Felder all in one gym! Never any controversy. If Jones were kicked out of Jackson-Wink ONE day we would hear about it the same day.
D D 个月 前
Can we just officially say EVERYONE wants to fight Conor and make millions of dollars? Sick of people way bigger than Conor and way down in the rankings trying to call out the CHAMP CHAMP
Abram Porras
Abram Porras 个月 前
It would be good for Conor to STFU already I feel like I'll go piece that bitch up if it would get him to quit harping
Lindel Red
Lindel Red 个月 前
Do it for Milwaukee
Familia Story
Familia Story 个月 前
U Wanna Go Night Night Nigga, It Almost Throw Hands Thursday! 💯👍✔
Eloel 个月 前
dude was getting destroyed and pulled the lucky punch of the decade. stop the nonsense hype.
The Cosmic Consortium of Curiosity
He's wearing sunglasses indoors. Enough said.
William Freeze
William Freeze 个月 前
Pettis has been looking good his past two fights. People forget Anthony was holding his own against Tony until his hand broke!
Anthony Tubbs
Anthony Tubbs 个月 前
your washed up bitch! dont mistake LUCKY for Skill
Nick C
Nick C 个月 前
lol tyron couldnt knock out wonderboy but pettis did and his is a 155er
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey 个月 前
Lol who wouldn't now? It's an easy win and for some reason Conor's still ranked in the top 5 so it makes you look good
Pettis said he wont fight jorge Masvidal
Baber Khan
Baber Khan 个月 前
Pettis will destroy McGregor
Jin p
Jin p 个月 前
Petits deserves a fight with the bitch conor. Hes earned his stripes, he deserves a huge paycheck.
Rico Aguilar
Rico Aguilar 个月 前
Im from the 414. Bro you didnt get passed a first round without breaking your hand on one punch against an "ok" fighter!!! Stop it. McGregor would DESTROY you...
Machete Lopez
Machete Lopez 个月 前
Please people tell me you see what i see is pettis missing a right hand index knuckle or im going crazy 0:57
SoWhatteacup 1333
Is Connor relevant? His time off and his loss by tap... I think his mouth is writing checks his arse can't cash. Maybe stick with whiskey and find some humility. Watch Rocky 5 maybe? I'm a fan, but you went soft mate.
George Soto
George Soto 个月 前
Y’all needa have Ben train with duke that boy gots no hands
Brian Payton
Brian Payton 个月 前
I'm gonna be mad if he fights McGregor
Coach 个月 前
Anonymous 个月 前
He looks like bad bunny lol
ABQ SKY 个月 前
Conor is not the fight. Khabib is the fight. The McGregor puzzle has been figured out. (I can't stand Conors mouth, it makes him a punk.)
Prashant Vyas
Prashant Vyas 个月 前
Pettis would lose to connor he is an inferior striker.
Cameron Close
Cameron Close 个月 前
Chuck liddel:id love to fight connor mcgregor
CaliFattz 个月 前
He didnt jump off the cage
CaliFattz 个月 前
He didnt jump off the cage
CaliFattz 个月 前
He didnt jump off the cage
Listen McGregor ain't fighting anyone he's overhyped overpaid overrated he's gonna cherrypick cerrone or some other guy
Andrew 个月 前
To be fair Pettis' last few losses have been to killers
Charles Charlemagne
Pettis & Duke have a Mike Tyson/Cus D'Amato thing going on.
Charles Charlemagne
I feel for Wonderboy but good to see Pettis get a win like that.
ĞØĐ 个月 前
Sub to sub everyone Sub to sub
Killagorilla 个月 前
at this point asking any fighter if he would like to fight Conor McGregor is just irrelievent.
Johnny 个月 前
Fuck ppl have short memories everyone has once again started calling out McNuggets. I mean his only good for trying to get the light shined onto him since he can’t win a fight anymore
John Doe
John Doe 个月 前
Anthony Pettis LOST TO FOLLOWING IN LAST 4 years..... Rafael dos Anjos, Eddie Alvarez, Edson Barboza, Dustin Poirier, Tony Ferguson. Conor McGregor DESTROYED all of them btw.
Charles Charlemagne
+John Doe that doesn't mean Conor "destroyed them" like you said. MMA math doesn't always work. They actually have an instagram page dedicated to people like you...check out "casualfightfan" on instagram. Its all comments like yours. I assume you are probably like 13 though so its understandable.
John Doe
John Doe 个月 前
+Charles Charlemagne Eddie beat rda you tard RDA IS WASHED UP DONE didnt eddie get melted by conor k thx? bye
Charles Charlemagne
Lol, casual....Conor never fought RDA, Barboza, or Ferguson. You know Google exists, right?
MikeGlasses 个月 前
This just in- “Ill fight Conor too for a payday”
Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett 个月 前
Your all week bitches i can’t wait till the civil war part 2 kicks off demacrats are gonna get there asses beat down in accordance with the second amendment
Jak Alone
Jak Alone 个月 前
take a ticket lol
Branon Fontaine
Branon Fontaine 个月 前
I'd enjoy watchin McGregor beat the brakes off of Pettis, it'd be hilarious....
Cali2FRESH 个月 前
Conor who?
Sean O'Brieon
Sean O'Brieon 个月 前
Gotta wait and see how Conor's horrendous rape case plays out, before people get too carried away. Considering the DNA, medical, and CCTV evidence in the hands of the Gardai, he may be going to pay for the lowlife, rancid behaviour. ( Was all through Dublin newspapers earlier this year, and recent word is that the young lass has made the statement, overcoming her fears due to death threats to herself and her family members.).... Time will tell, regarding how the case plays out, but, if convicted, he will be in a lot of danger as a sex offender in the Irish Prisons, and with a large price on his head, and a lot of hatred from high up in the Irish underworld.
Sean O'Brieon
Sean O'Brieon 个月 前
Not a good position to be in, by any means. But, that's the least of what scumbag rapists deserve.
Dylan Langhel
Dylan Langhel 个月 前
I like hearing duke
Dylan Langhel
Dylan Langhel 个月 前
I was so wrong about this fight
Comrade Fighter
Comrade Fighter 个月 前
Naw give him purple panties night... not the reds yet‼️
RelaxedRonin 个月 前
Duke is the fucking man - a true martial artist and coach of champions who puts his fighters first.
Snoopy 个月 前
I wanna see connor vs spence
Nico 个月 前
Why did they delete the full fight 😑 I was just starting to like ESPN for showing us the fights afterwards.
Skyline Fabrication
Pretty certain McGregor would dominate!
sdmfbastard 个月 前
Pettis vs fergason was one of if not the most awesome fights ive ever seen in my 32 years here. It was literally mortal kombat status. crazy flips and trixie tricks
Darren Huntington
& what about the kid from your gym who died after being in a cage & you slapped him for slouching after 1st round
eric edmunds
eric edmunds 个月 前
Pettis has had a little luck lately but he’ll get smoked again soon. Hasn’t been same since RDA fight!
Brayan Miranda
Brayan Miranda 个月 前
Thought Pettis was stroking out when he struggled saying "traditional martial arts style"
BeUnotATVrobot 个月 前
How about we fight the brainwashed TV robots
David 个月 前
Great relationship.
Estevo Thomasio
Estevo Thomasio 个月 前
He's wearing shades to hide a wife beater shiner. 😂
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