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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

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thank u, next (Official Video)
Song available here: arianagrande.lnk.to/thankunextYD
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Taylor Tracy Walsh
Production Company: London Alley
Executive Producers: Brandon Bonfiglio, Luga Podesta, Andrew Lerios
Colorist: Bryan Smaller
Featuring (in alphabetical order)
Colleen Ballinger
Jonathan Bennett
Matt Bennett
Courtney Chipolone
Jennifer Coolidge
Gabi DeMartino
Stefanie Drummond
Elizabeth Gillies
Toulouse Grande
Kris Jenner
Alexa Luria
Daniella Monet
Victoria Monet
Scott Nicholson
Tayla Parx
Troye Sivan

Music video by Ariana Grande performing thank u, next. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.











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Michael and Glydel
Michael and Glydel 5 分钟 前
thank you next, bitch #coverhersong
Tamara Bos
Tamara Bos 6 分钟 前
0:24 & 1:14 Who is that sexy as hell guy??
Lommy 8 分钟 前
Looks like Natalie Portman with the dolls house.
Bernice Kamikazi
Bernice Kamikazi 9 分钟 前
I just love this song
yuki vitria
yuki vitria 9 分钟 前
Damn I can listen this song in full day...So good...
O hana
O hana 13 分钟 前
liti ssia
liti ssia 15 分钟 前
1. you sing well 2.your voice is so damn good. 3. I just love listening to your voice its magical. 4.you are an amazing singer , i barely take my ears off of your songs ,i just love your voice. 5. You sounds like a cuckoo ;) 6. Whenever you sing ,it feels as if sugar is being mixed Somewhere ..soon it'll turn me into a diabetic but still i won't stop adding sugar :D 7.Your voice is so melodious 8. Your voice have its own charm which no one can own..you are such an original and a fantastic singer. 9. You can also compliment like a tv reality judge. "Boss !! Your voice just drenched my heart ,i felt the pain you was trying to portray through your song .you was so into the song and the mood that i just loved it , i just loved your voice..you have a way to go. Just rock it " :D
Sujata Badhia
Sujata Badhia 19 分钟 前
0:34 she looks so similar to Ariana Grande
Liv Estok
Liv Estok 22 分钟 前
Hey did u recognize that at the beginning, when there was Collen Ballinger aka Miranda, Troye Sivan and others... at the background is playing music from 7 rings, which wasn’t out before tun😂😂❤️
SwoopsyLand :3
SwoopsyLand :3 33 分钟 前
Did every movie just hired ariana for reference ? Cuz I only see mean girls
Tacco kv
Tacco kv 40 分钟 前
The beats at first time is 7rings :v🤔🤔
Nadia Hedayat
Nadia Hedayat 44 分钟 前
Yo the beginning of 7 rings is in this wtf
Paulina Oleksy
Paulina Oleksy 44 分钟 前
Mean Girls, Bring it on, Legally Blonde ;)
samantha johnson-doel
samantha johnson-doel 47 分钟 前
ok this was the song I played with my first girlfriend
Tyranix 52 分钟 前
I love u Ariana ^^😍😘
w//Cookie //w
w//Cookie //w 54 分钟 前
Just: WOW ❤
Dayana Silverio Bernardo Giuliatte
Quem tem Tic Toc sempre escuta essa música
Gunay bieb
Gunay bieb 小时 前
Dat eerste meisje dat op ariana leek is gabi
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen 小时 前
Again. Cant hear what she is mumbling about. Shes such a joke!
시완 류
시완 류 小时 前
너무 좋아 진짜 ㅠㅠㅠ❣️
Payton Seely
Payton Seely 小时 前
I love it
T M 小时 前
So the song's name Needy was printed on her top and I've realized it now :) oh wow, so fast :)
Random :v maysaa Lol
I am a big fan of you ariana i love all of your songs even the ones that i didnt even listen to i still love it!
Meow Meow I’m A Cat
Love it!
tara 小时 前
Ok but those movie references make me feel so nostalgic
twicexonce.editsss YT
How does Ariana Grande 50M play button looks like
Shirley Inovero
Shirley Inovero 小时 前
Who knew what troy sivan said could be a music video
KJAwesomeness 13
KJAwesomeness 13 小时 前
Oh my god this was the girl from Victorious
Shahad Chouiker
Shahad Chouiker 小时 前
213 HAZE
213 HAZE 小时 前
FunnyCatVids 4Ever
Omg gabi !!!!
Zied Lazreg
Zied Lazreg 小时 前
ariana i very very love you
Amazon Girl
Amazon Girl 小时 前
Who is here after breaking up with girlfriend
fun songs
fun songs 小时 前
isn't Ariana Grande in Nickelodeon isn't she cat?
Gacha meme What
Gacha meme What 2 小时 前
eksine 2 小时 前
Thank you, sex
Bartu Dandik
Bartu Dandik 2 小时 前
0:14 background sound is 7 rings this is an idea xd
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel 2 小时 前
You’re not like legally blond
Nicole Gamer
Nicole Gamer 2 小时 前
On Victorious!!
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel 2 小时 前
Wow , ari legally blonde . Like that movies is so old .
ram kishan
ram kishan 2 小时 前
This song is amazing but thank u, next
Crystal Kittycat
Crystal Kittycat 2 小时 前
After, break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored. Anyone?
Renato Gormaz Cuevas
Who’s watching it in 2019? 🤯
bi mel
bi mel 2 小时 前
4:57 😂😂😭
NANO AD 3 小时 前
thank u, previously
LOTUS 3 小时 前
ariana is a nice person and all but i always feel like she's doing a disservice to herself and her talent. she has the voice made for classics and timeless songs but she chooses to do mainstream pop music...??
Caty bowe
Caty bowe 3 小时 前
Colleen Ballinger was in the intro!
Liellep 3 小时 前
Kriss Jenner 😂😂 at the end also
April Munoz
April Munoz 3 小时 前
My mom was wondering why you was singing a song about bacon and eggs. I told her that Ariana is saying thank you next. On the radio sounds like she is saying bacon and eggs. The more you listen to it over and over it does sound like bacon and eggs Lol.
Dunk 3 小时 前
0:00 7 rings who?
Dunk 3 小时 前
Nasri Mgambo
Nasri Mgambo 3 小时 前
this must be among her most iconic and memorable songs, but why it had to be so high school!!, childish
Alexis Tepase
Alexis Tepase 3 小时 前
At 1:51 , Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett ) who played as Ariana's (Cat) crush in a sitcom, Victorious , aired on Nickelodeon, walks in
Lol Klubben
Lol Klubben 3 小时 前
Lady Ink
Lady Ink 3 小时 前
dumbest song and most self absorbed shit ive ever heard
sephiroth 3 小时 前
L-I-N-K 3 小时 前
There's a really fat girl in the cheerleading rally, maybe she's pregnant
cяαzү ρяιηcεss
😘I love this song
Lexi Thprinses123
Lexi Thprinses123 3 小时 前
When she the girl said honestly knock me out and I punched my self in the face it was sick that’s gabbie from Nicki and gabbie OMG 😲
Ooof mans
Ooof mans 3 小时 前
“Sorry I dipped”. She hurt my man Pete.
sangeeta singh
sangeeta singh 3 小时 前
why don't they cast that last girl in the intro (who decided to punch her face) in "break up with your girlfriend"?
Ruslan K
Ruslan K 3 小时 前
Ariana without ponytail? Really? *That fuckin beautiful*
Psychotic Unicorn
Psychotic Unicorn 4 小时 前
Mean girls!
This Robby Kid
This Robby Kid 4 小时 前
Ok but who is that blonde guy bc daaaamn
mslovinglife100 4 小时 前
My favorite part of this music video, is when Paulette and the UPS guy reunite. Omg so many memories😍😍
Roblox Roblox Gamer
Roblox Roblox Gamer 4 小时 前
Fans if you love Ariana grande? 👇
Ansariaman Sr
Ansariaman Sr 4 小时 前
Ab maza nahi hai ariana me bahot jada phat gayi hai unki
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Siti Nur Syairra
Siti Nur Syairra 4 小时 前
Ohmaygod sugoi neh:)
Juliana Piskoulian
Juliana Piskoulian 4 小时 前
Omg I wish I could meet her. If I met her, I would actually cry......she is my idol.....her music helps me get through stressful stuff and she is a kween.
Chris Sherman
Chris Sherman 4 小时 前
So when she was brushing her teeth the print the toothbrush gave didn’t make you imagine of that being a dick in her jaw or throat ..?
Katycat Forever
Katycat Forever 4 小时 前
Ariana Grande: thank u, next Taylor Swift: Fuck U, Ex Flow La Movie: Te Bote Remix Me: Alone, Again :'(
Deondre Frazier II
Deondre Frazier II 4 小时 前
Anyone realize the bring it on cheer squads lol and story of moving and being poor Brittany
Ellada Allahverdiyeva
1:27 Kris Jenner
Victor Paredes
Victor Paredes 5 小时 前
2019 woo
mboiko 5 小时 前
Nothing better than 7 Rings...signed, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots
Celia Gonzalez
Celia Gonzalez 5 小时 前
Georgia Ashley
Georgia Ashley 5 小时 前
The seane when she was driveing into Harvard, her licence plate said 7 rings.
Música For You
Música For You 5 小时 前
"it was awesome" best part
Mr. Music
Mr. Music 5 小时 前
Cringe? No I’m the only one who thought that was cringe?
vise 5 小时 前
ok bye now
Kaitlyn L.
Kaitlyn L. 5 小时 前
Did anyone notice Colleen at 5:03
Jasmine 5 小时 前
I love this song. My mom however decided to point out that every time Ariana says “Thank u, next”, it sounds like “Bacon, Eggs”. So that’s what I now hear. 😑
eduardo gomez
eduardo gomez 5 小时 前
Me encanta
Super qerl 1
Super qerl 1 5 小时 前
Jeremy Castillo
Jeremy Castillo 5 小时 前
Everybody Spam Ari The Best In The Comments
Jessica 1996
Jessica 1996 5 小时 前
In 2 years Ariana Grande von der Werth ♡♡♡
Jeff Tingey
Jeff Tingey 5 小时 前
"Just a little bit needy." Written on her shirt walking into school.
Mish Lang
Mish Lang 5 小时 前
I just came here because I just watched Mean Girls
Felix MartinezMartinez
Airrace _
Airrace _ 5 小时 前
Oohhh theres a scene from legally blonde 😱😱
Augusto Andrade
Augusto Andrade 5 小时 前
omg arent u kat from kat and sam?!?!?!
Maritha Fonseca
Maritha Fonseca 5 小时 前
Mattdog 21
Mattdog 21 5 小时 前
2:28 do you here bacon and eggs? Like if you do😂 and at 4:41
Maritha Fonseca
Maritha Fonseca 6 小时 前
Hola si soy yo otra es la de el comentario largo mm
MYinfinitig35 6 小时 前
Meh. Next.
MYinfinitig35 6 小时 前
I thought it was the wrong video. Thought it was 7 rings.