Arthur kills three guys in the subway | Joker [UltraHD, HDR]

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Joker (2019)
Scene: Arthur kills three guys in the subway
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Storyline: In Gotham City, mentally troubled comedian Arthur Fleck is disregarded and mistreated by society. He then embarks on a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime. This path brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Joker.
Director: Todd Phillips
Writers: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (Arthur Fleck \ Joker), Robert De Niro (Murray Franklin), Zazie Beetz (Sophie Dumond), Frances Conroy (Penny Fleck), Brett Cullen (Thomas Wayne), Shea Whigham (Detective Burke), Bill Camp (Detective Garrity), Glenn Fleshler (Randall), Leigh Gill (Gary)
Production Companies:
BRON Studios (in association with) (as BRON Creative)
Creative Wealth Media Finance
DC Comics
DC Entertainment
Joint Effort
Village Roadshow Pictures (in association with)
Warner Bros.
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评论 16 333
Bandito Maxie
Bandito Maxie 23 小时 前
Nobody gonna talk about how he fired that revolver 7 times?
Jkeirejej Hehehehe
Jkeirejej Hehehehe 23 小时 前
3:53 this is not self defense anymore. With the first two, it was in self defense, so it’s almost ok. But this this guy, it has transcended self defense. He didn’t have to kill him, he could have let him go and it wouldn’t affect him. This is not defense. It is murder.
diggity donk here comes kronk
I guess you could say they got Arthur all *fired* up.
Amey Deshmukh
This story doesn’t inspire violence it is just showing how the rich are the villains in the society deciding how things should work when a small man stands his ground they look at him as monster in this story monster being the joker and villain being rich who are scared of the monster. Peace out!
Derek Avigliano
It's like kicking a dog then calling animal control after it bites you.
Serves them right You play stupid games you win stupid prizes
alright joshua
McDonald’s boutta run out of business soon
The Amazin Taco!
This is such a powerful scene. He realised what he's done, and contemplates shooting himself. I love how he kills the remaining person to stop the news from spreading. These guys were awful animals, and deserved to die.
Ozymandius 8
Ozymandius 8 天 前
He did he manage to shoot 8 times??
alexiaNBC 天 前
Sad thing is that this scene is based on a real event known as the 1984 New York subway shooting. A man named Bernhard Goetz shot and wounded four African Americans who he thought were attempting to rob him after they surrounded him, and was dubbed "the Subway vigilante."
Confusion 天 前
Can we appreciate how joker running in DRESS SHOES?
wendykdm 天 前
Just a fine comedic scene full of laughs courtesy of the Joker! :)
Meghnath S
Meghnath S 天 前
I'm a marvel fan but I love joker more than batman or superman.
Zero Mech
Zero Mech 天 前
I havent seen the movie yet but this wasnt really that bad. That was self defense. From what i have seen this movie is what happens when society goes too far.
fefed Kao
fefed Kao 天 前
Does anybody knows what brand of dye stuff that he use during the movie??
Shaynehurf Im
The three guy would deserve the gun hahaha
Ronald Gabriel
How many bullets were in that gun? Too many for sure.
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To be honest I’m on jokers side
Legendsters brotherhood
*i feel sad for joker no one understands him*
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 天 前
i remember how people clapped in the theater when he killed them. love this scene
Bante Hayes
Bante Hayes 天 前
Ahhh, satisfying deaths.
Reggie Kray
Reggie Kray 天 前
Some people say that the third guy was murdered in cold blood. I couldn't disagree more. You push a man to his limits and this is what happens.
kvsyaoran727 天 前
Arthur got out: “I have a condition...” and yet these unsympathetic, yuppie assholes ignored what he said and proceeded to beat the shit out of him for no justifiable reason. They got what the fucking deserved in the end. I have no sympathy for these Wallstreet wannabe knobheads
Alter Alter!
Alter Alter! 天 前
I started screaming "Lights out bitch."
CaptainHAX Gaming
If you see a laughing person ignore him
Just a Florida man from 75th RR
Joker is a hero
ismagom2012 天 前
03:12 Love this small moment when he considers "suicide" by pointing the gun at his own head..so subtle..so powerful.
Xy David
Xy David 天 前
Joker: that's for beating me up
Joy Du
Joy Du 天 前
I mean they deserved it
MeMe Matt
MeMe Matt 天 前
3:15 Why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?
xtremebigg 13
He fired a total of seven shots
weeskle2 天 前
Вова Шабаков
Нет слов Ахуенноо......
DTylerFultzVA 2 天 前
This Joker isn't a mad dog biting everyone. He's the dog that was kicked and decided to bite back.
solid snake
solid snake 2 天 前
That’s a true justice they got what they fucking deserve
Cesi Perez
Cesi Perez 2 天 前
Bruh to those that say “the joker movie glorifies violence” y’all stupid, like that’s not what it’s trying to show. It’s trying to show you the behind the scenes of why most of these infamous criminals go through, maybe even the psychology of many people of what they go through like Jesus Christ, if you think about it this movie can save the lives of many people. Stupid people in our society thinking this glorifies violence think again. Watch the movie or clear your head or something like that
mako 2 天 前
Josh Mcgrath
Josh Mcgrath 2 天 前
When he was hyperventilating putting the gun to his head wondering what to do....one of the many things that got him the Oscar.
James Minor
James Minor 2 天 前
Wall street guy should sing "I Just Call To Say I Love You" when he approache Joker.
James Minor
James Minor 2 天 前
If he was punched and kicked .He will stop laughing . Fist and foot is his medicine.
YoutubeChannel 2 天 前
I don't know if that makes me a bad person, but I generally don't care about these guys. They were typical assholes, who got excacly what they deserved.
Daniel Monson
Daniel Monson 2 天 前
society creates the conditions for violence: violence is the last form of communication; only then do people listen.
Sass Master XIII
"in their last moments, people show you who they really are." All these three whack jobs were cowards.
ネロ帝 2 天 前
そりゃあ ジョーカーは銃くらいはもってるか…
Jay gohel
Jay gohel 2 天 前
Everyone is awful
Nate Shelton
Nate Shelton 2 天 前
I think he baited the douchebags. He couldve walked away from the circumstance but chose to interevene in this situation by instigating with his condition. He wanted to test the waters with the first two guys then he gunned down the third guy when he realised he could do it. For a moment he had some remorse but he then shrugged it off. This was his catalyst for the Joker.
CheerLey Lee
CheerLey Lee 2 天 前
I thought that gun can load up only 6 bullets?
Vibhum Pandey
Vibhum Pandey 2 天 前
You can see reality in R-Rated movies only. That's why I love them.
Regular YouTube Name
The 1st should have gotten a more painful death. Say he really got shot in the neck and while he is gasping for breath bleeding out on the floor, Arthur stomps on his stupid face killing him.
Chemical Spore
Chemical Spore 2 天 前
Was that an 8 round revolver?
g h
g h 2 天 前
Its all fun and games until the. 38 cones out 😊
Andrew LaFlame
Andrew LaFlame 2 天 前
I got such comic joker vibes from this scene and idk why, probably cause of the outfit. 10/10 movie
g h
g h 2 天 前
So they can do what they want but if you defend yourself your bad 🤔
horny nigga detected
Joker is my inspiration cause hes been through so much shit hes still smiling
My girlfriend wanted him to make them suffer more
Miwsky 3 天 前
That woman thought Arthur laughed at her too...
Migfunny 3 天 前
The worst thing is that Thomas Wayne said that these three “great” guys were murdered but if he only knew what they really did and how they were he probably wouldn’t have mourned them
Milanous 天 前
He also said "he didn't know them personally"
Simon Edgbaston
Simon Edgbaston 3 天 前
Brilliant I can't tolerate drunken idiot's ❤
His ability to make it seem like he's laughing but can't stop is amazing. Phoenix took it to another level in this movie.