Avengers: Endgame - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Avengers: Endgame, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Brolin, Paul Rudd, Karen Gillan, Jeremy Renner, Brie Larson. Directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo.
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Movie cast
Movie cast 20 小时 前
Boring movie. Hated it
Daniel O'Rourke
I didn't like it. The first 2 hours of the film were really boring.
Josiah 3 天 前
Iron man dies
Josiah 3 天 前
Sachin C
Sachin C 3 天 前
A- was not satisfying to be frank This deserves a Rare "A+"
May Not
May Not 4 天 前
this was one of the worst movies i've ever seen
Arnold Patterson
+May Not In the end, I can only say "To each their own". It's just that "one of the worst" sounds too far-fetched, especially when compared to movies that are actually terrible. In that case, I hope other future movies reach your expectations. I loved Endgame though. You can say that certain humorous parts are really not necessary but, about the first hour, I really loved the way they handled subjects such as depression and learning to cope with losses.
May Not
May Not 3 天 前
+Arnold Patterson you're right, i haven't. I suppose the hype ruined it for me like chris said. The first hour of the movie felt completely unnecessary and stretched out. I was not entertained for even a minute since even the final fight wasn't enjpyable for me because i was already so mentaly exhausted from the boring rest of the movie
Arnold Patterson
Haven't seen many in that case, right? (Not like I would advise you to watch actually bad movies)
Marco Perez
Marco Perez 5 天 前
What grade did he give for this movie?
paranoid Z
paranoid Z 4 天 前
Miquel Graanoogst
When all the armies assembled in the end it gave me the chills.
the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0
i liked endgame but i hated what they did to hulk when I first saw it I was just thinking of Mr Jamison laughing when Peter asks him if he could be paid in advance i dont even concider it the hulk he talks to much i hate the whole idea of proffesor hulk he looked more like shrek I was just thinking he was gonna say what are y'all doing in my swamp so many missed opportunity no rematch with thanos no fight with cull obsidian he has no healing factor for me the best hulk is eric bana proffesor hulk is the opposet of what sten lee wanted him to be a scary fearful monster i liked how they embraced it in the eric bana movie the whole scary fearful monster thing and even making references to other monster movies like king kong frankenstine even the t rex from jurrasic Park Godzilla and when they ad the dramatic back story of bruce banner with his dad killing his mum and the phycological drama stuff make it even scarier so eric bana is my favourite hulk and i like how the eric bana film he is like an unstoppable force of destruction in the mcu besides the first two avengers movies he seems very weak and in the super hero squad witch i hated to death and in all the disney xd shows witch i fucking hate to they make the hulk a mentally retarded thing For me the perfect version of the hulk would be a hybrid of the el Ewing immortal hulk with the horror themes the bill bixby and Lou Ferrigno live action tv show with the hulk being like the 1931 Frankenstein the first hulk movie with Eric Bana with the dark phycologycal themes the Bill Mantlo and Peter David run and with a very dark horror disaster thriller monster found footage movie feel with fuck loads of jump scares and ultimate hulk with the cannibalism and savage hulk and worldbreaker hulk no one should be able to fuck with the hulk even if they kick his ass he comes back for revenge and goes besurker with blood thirst savage gorrila like rage like a loose cannon
this is a synthetic poop of a movie, not a "film"
Alton Kilbourne
Alton Kilbourne 6 天 前
Avenger endgame was a great movie
Cinematic Tendency
I’m just happy that I’ve been using AXE Body Spray for a number of years now.
James O'Connor
James O'Connor 6 天 前
Chris, you are getting worse
waleed shahab
waleed shahab 6 天 前
You gave Captain America civil war A+ and this A-. C'mon man.
Bella Ancheta
Bella Ancheta 7 天 前
I love your shirt
Talha Davis
Talha Davis 7 天 前
I hated it!
Ольга Шульгина
I am a girl from Russia, half of the audience in the hall were drunk as always. The film looked at one go. I liked the moment where the girl had to sacrifice her life for a magic stone for her friends. This is the saddest scene in this film. At the end of the film there was a moment when Captain America returned to the past and stayed there. This is strange and incomprehensible to me. Why?
Pavel Bandurco
Pavel Bandurco 7 天 前
I am a girl from Russia, half of the audience in the hall were drunk as always. The film looked at one go. I liked the moment where the girl had to sacrifice her life for a magic stone for her friends. This is the saddest scene in this film. At the end of the film there was a moment when Captain America returned to the past and stayed there. This is strange and incomprehensible to me. Why?
Yudi S
Yudi S 7 天 前
Thank you for promoting dollar shave club instead of Gillette cucks
constantine92 8 天 前
i like your shirt
Torkel Lunder
Torkel Lunder 8 天 前
Clearly a movie for soyboys.
Arnold Patterson
+Torkel Lunder So, you're saying that the majority of people in the world are soyboys?
Torkel Lunder
Torkel Lunder 3 天 前
+Arnold Patterson no. It's just a movie for the boys og soy.
Arnold Patterson
........aaaaaaaand that is supposed to make you feel superior?
Suns Geek
Suns Geek 8 天 前
I love Chris Stuckmann!!!! Great video!
DigiFootage FX
DigiFootage FX 9 天 前
Great review. Honestly, I went into this movie thinking they could NEVER top what they accomplished with Infinity War. I thought Infinity War was a true cinematic masterwork, with a "bad guy" we have not seen on screen in such a way since Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy. Thanos was the best CG character since Gollum in LOTR, perfectly done in a believable way and given such depth that you forget you're watching a digital creation. How could they ever top that? Well, to my surprise and delight, they have. End Game is absolutely the perfect ending to this 10+ year story, and the ultimate payoff for fans. Honestly, I think in 10 years time they will be studying this in film schools all over the world as the screenwriting and character development in the Marvel Universe movies are impossibly good. I say impossibly because it should have never worked as well as it did. These are "super hero" characters that they actually managed to get audiences who never read a comic book invested in. That's a major feat of storytelling I don't think has ever been done before.
Arnold Patterson
+paranoid Z That's not how THIS movie was written, was it?
paranoid Z
paranoid Z 4 天 前
Hahaha dude wtf. They are superhero movies.... The story is basic af ... The hero gets his power it all seems like it's going down hill at some point and in the end he wins like what is so amazing about these movies? They are fun to watch but the story writting is nothing amazing
Lautaro Haase
Lautaro Haase 9 天 前
Where can i get that tshirt?
Derek Savage
Derek Savage 9 天 前
7:59 Mr. Stuckmann, that person you are referencing is called............a good film critic............
Arvid Paulin
Arvid Paulin 10 天 前
It suckt ass and i was ether pistoff ore just laughing at how stupid things where, ore laughing at the peps in the crowd that was crying. It was just a bad superhero movie.
Sophrosynicle 10 天 前
I'm still crying and eating spaghetti. Seriously A+, think about how they tied everything together.
YaBoiMalli 10 天 前
"I saw stuff And stuff was good" OK I'm sold will gowatch it
Ali 10 天 前
_so nobodys gonna talk about the fact that chris gave 2012 avengers a higher rating than this masterpiece_
NUTCool 11 天 前
This movie was a 6 for me honestly....it was so boring and low action until the final fight. This movie is overrated and overhyped and is only decent. 3 fucking hours jesus, no wonder I didn't love it. Movies shouldn't BE THAT LONG.
paranoid Z
paranoid Z 4 天 前
+BAT ASS what else there to watch them for? The story writing is basic af.
BAT ASS 9 天 前
So u only watch marvel movies for action
TheSP33DFREAK 11 天 前
Iron Man dies
mia mama
mia mama 11 天 前
mcu fucking suck
B Boy
B Boy 11 天 前
Worst super hero movie by far
Marc Scott
Marc Scott 10 天 前
I'm sorry but you're really retarded if you think that. Catwoman still owns the worst superhero movie title and that's a fact.
Max Valdez
Max Valdez 11 天 前
did you really need to review this one? you already knew it going to be good and it was going to be an A.
Milan Daniel
Milan Daniel 12 天 前
infinity war was better
Cameron Nelson
Cameron Nelson 12 天 前
This is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time
Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf the Grey 9 小时 前
then you haven't seen many movies. 6/10. Plot holes and boring. THis movie was sh*T
Cameron Nelson
Cameron Nelson 12 天 前
I give this movie an A plus
Amilcar Schettini
Cried at the funeral scene more than any funeral i have actually been to in real life.
Komfur #TheMighty
Alien, 12 Angry Men aaaand The Godfather, of course, Chris. Come on..maybe even Goodfellas.
Soumyadeep Banerjee
I would say that The Raiders of the Lost Ark is a perfect action movie too, Casablanca I would put right up there, The Shining is probably a perfect horror movie(though I understand people saying otherwise), There Will be Blood and Modern Times
Well, I thought pacing was fine. But I can also sit through 7-10 hours watching something too.
Martin Cichowic
Martin Cichowic 12 天 前
What he said about nitpicking is exactly how I feel about the ending of Hereditary. It's an absolutely terrifying film straight up till the end, but the last 15 mins of the film are so confusing and make no sense to me. I get that the mother was practicing witchcraft with that lady but when Peter went into the tree house it just seemed like an unfit ending. But I look past that instantly because everything until those few moments are horrifically terrifying. To me the film seems realistic in the way the family falls apart, the trauma from knowing how your sister died and having that weight on your shoulders as well as having to deal with a mother that can't forgive what you've done. Endgame was great though and y'all should see it.
dissguy kokal
dissguy kokal 13 天 前
that shirt was too loud i didn't hear what he said
Christopher80611 13 天 前
Thanos be like damn i should have killed that rat
Adam Forbes
Adam Forbes 13 天 前
Why would you make a spoiler free review? If you are planning on watching Endgame, and don't want to get spoiled, don't watch or read anything MCU related online until AFTER you've seen the movie. I read no articles, videos, headlines or anything MCU related until AFTER I saw the movie yesterday.
Toxo 27
Toxo 27 13 天 前
Tharamaana Sambavam
Thor was stronger with Strombreaker in infinity war than in End Game with Mjolnir and Strombreaker.
Samer Samara
Samer Samara 12 天 前
He became an obese fucking hippo
Young Jedi
Young Jedi 13 天 前
“Uuuuuuuhhhhhrrrrr Aaaahhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr Uhrrrrr Aaaahhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr aaaaaarghhh.” Whatever Chewbacca said; 100 agree.
B-man The Champ
B-man The Champ 13 天 前
I will say one thing about this movie: Captain Marvel was every bit as insufferable as I thought she would be. At least she wasn't in the movie that long so it was somewhat tolerable.
Jaden McKillip
Jaden McKillip 13 天 前
I'm just gonna come out and say it...this truly is the greatest movie in the MCU. 9.5/10
Trade Gator
Trade Gator 13 天 前
And Indiana jones the first one..... pretty much perfect.....
Eric Cartman ™
Eric Cartman ™ 14 天 前
Riddle me this... Why didn't Tony just grab the stones in 2 seconds, like he did in Endgame, and make a nano-gauntlet to kill Thanos and his army, the WHOLE time Thanos was pinned in Infinity War...?
Arnold Patterson
Arnold Patterson 12 天 前
Eric Cartman ™ Tony wasn't aware about gauntlets in Infinity War and let alone you are expecting him to create one in short time. Even if Bruce told him in the sanctum about Thanos' gauntlet, he wouldn't have had the time to prepare one because Maw and Obsidian attacked right after. On top of that, he might've not even known how to prepare one until Endgame, where he took his time in preparing it. Were you really expecting him to prepare one in IW itself? He had neither the tools nor the knowledge to prepare by the time he fought Thanos on Titan.
Natalie Barnwell
Natalie Barnwell 14 天 前
Whoopee...I cannot wait to see it.
MC R-Techz
MC R-Techz 14 天 前
Sorry bro, but quite a few reviews from you, you do nitpick 🙃
MC R-Techz
MC R-Techz 13 天 前
+Toxo 27nothing
Toxo 27
Toxo 27 13 天 前
Oh no! What will we do?!
David Donally
David Donally 14 天 前
This movie was garbage
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 14 天 前
On which particular points...
_jp overture
_jp overture 14 天 前
You kinda look like star road from gardian galaxy LOL
_jp overture
_jp overture 14 天 前
I mean Chris Pratt
The HourKick
The HourKick 14 天 前
8:03 emperor much?
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man 14 天 前
22. Captain marvel 21. Ironman 2 20. Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 19. Thor the dark world 18. Ant-Man and the wasp 17. The incredible hulk 16. Thor 15. Ironman 3 14. Dr strange 13. Ant-Man 12. Black Panther 11. Captain America first avenger 10. Avengers age of Ultron 9. Guardians of the Galaxy 8. Thor Ragnarok 7. Captain America civil war 6. Ironman 5. Avengers infinity war 4. Spiderman Homecoming 3. Captain America Winter soldier 2. Avengers Endgame 1. Avengers
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 14 天 前
I liked Guardians volume 2. Weakest for me was Dark World, Iron Man 2, maybe Ant Man 1, and Ultron.
Matthew Manu
Matthew Manu 15 天 前
Where did you get that shirt you were wearing.
Ora House
Ora House 15 天 前
What they did to the Incredible Hulk was inexcusable. They basically turn him into a big green weak clown, the dirty basterds. There should have been a rematch between him and Thanos
Ora House
Ora House 15 天 前
This movie SUCKED!!!!
Sean 15 天 前
I watched this review only after watching the movie in case of spoilers.
Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler 15 天 前
Sigh. 2 F-Bombs for No reason & the girlie laugh. 👎
Gogeta99 15 天 前
And that means X-Men: Apocalypse was better then infinty war OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Gogeta99 15 天 前
Same rating like X-Men: Apocalypse WTF Chrissss
Marsh Mellow
Marsh Mellow 15 天 前
Everything that Chris did to avoid spoilers is what I did, then I went to the cinemas to watch the film and was bombarded with around 20 minutes worth of adverts regarding End Game including the toys. GRRRRRRRR!!!!
Funpuns 08
Funpuns 08 15 天 前
I knew it was coming and yet I cried Spoiler Alert: Tony Died
axel van hoorn
axel van hoorn 15 天 前
I fucking hate Instagram accounts I know one big spoiler because of them
Mike Dasik
Mike Dasik 15 天 前
You shouldn't be on Istagram if you haven't seen the movie yet. It's dangerous.
Rune Brændgaard
Rune Brændgaard 15 天 前
Was quite underwhelmed with this one, but think I'm just getting of tired of all these superhero movies. It's basically the same premise over and over again. I'm done spending my money on Marvel!
Rune Brændgaard
Rune Brændgaard 11 天 前
​+Marc Scott love the smell of but hurt haters in the morning :D
Marc Scott
Marc Scott 12 天 前
"Bye 👋👋 don't let the door hit you on the way out!"
Mike Dasik
Mike Dasik 15 天 前
Sad. But what can we do...
Ashish Chandra
Ashish Chandra 15 天 前
1.4 million subscribers......1.4 million views.....wow.....never seen that before.... congrats 👍🏻
Randy Reyes
Randy Reyes 15 天 前
A behemoth of a movie like this was never going to be perfect but one thing it is for sure is that it’s an amazing well made film.
MarioFan19 16 天 前
R.I.P Ironman :(
Oskar Henriksen
Oskar Henriksen 16 天 前
It's true what he said about 12 angry men and I'm so happy someone on the internet also realizes that
Silk Webber18
Silk Webber18 16 天 前
Wait he gave IW a B+ abd this one an A-, but he said he likes IW better.
Prestige _Flexx5
Prestige _Flexx5 16 天 前
“I am iron man” 👌💀
Jac Ob
Jac Ob 16 天 前
Thanos: Finally I have all the infinity stones and can have complete power Rat: I’m about to end this man’s career
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz 16 天 前
Review directed by Chris Stuckmann. Written by Stephen McFeely & Christopher Marcus
Omaha Keyboardist
Right! Written by the directors? Nah lol
charronfilms 16 天 前
5:21 I love Alien too, but the last third, while great, had too many flickering lights.
Derrek Speck
Derrek Speck 16 天 前
Too pro black and pro female for me
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday 16 天 前
Before we get started, does anyone wanna say Hail Hydra?
Frank Dai
Frank Dai 16 天 前
I saw stuff. - Chris 2019
John Striker
John Striker 16 天 前
I'm guessing after 3 HOURS, the Russo brothers decided to give audiences a break & be free to go early with no end-credit scene.. ;-)
John Striker
John Striker 16 天 前
Nah.... The rating should be like "A+"..... followed by 3000 pluses. ;-)
Lyle Hwong
Lyle Hwong 16 天 前
I give it a C+ rating. I thought Thor was going to say "I have the power!" Then beer belch.
Jumanji Jungle
Jumanji Jungle 16 天 前
Write for War Machine.
Beyond Reality Universe
Why didn’t you give it an A+???
Oscar Jara
Oscar Jara 16 天 前
Who the hell complains about the runtime? This is the LAST journey for the original cast.
Leah 16 天 前
We were joking that it should have been called "Avengers: Fan service". Not saying that's bad - I found the movie really enjoyable, but not my favourite MCU movie.
chwaca 17 天 前
I just saw it in one of the London's cinema and it was magnificent !!! I will but a digital copy for sure and watch it over and over again !!
Taylord76 17 天 前
*avengers are already assembled* Steve Rogers: “Avengers...AsSEmBlE.” But on a serious note, I did love this movie
UTU49 17 天 前
Maybe he should have said, "Avengers Ass... " And then Ant-Man says, "No! That's AMERICA'S ass!"
You know I liked Infinity War and Endgame but in the franchise is stated that there literally thousands of planets across universe with intelligent lifeforms most more superior than Earth's and the whole war is happening on Earth and almost all heroes are from Earth . Well it doesn't make any sense , a war in that scale would look way more different .
I didn''t cry in Endgame but I did in Ghibli movies .
Agam Bajwa
Agam Bajwa 17 天 前
I loved this movie to death but I've gotta say, infinity which got a B+ was better than this movie which got an A-.
Nerdy George Washington
Chris has opinions. Who knew.
Ogami Ittō
Ogami Ittō 17 天 前
I have to admit: I haven't yet seen Endgame, and I don't plan to. Mostly, because the ending of Avengers: Infinity War was such a refreshing change compared to how superhero movies usually end. Instead of relying on time travel to bring about a timeline, where "good again triumphs over evil", I would be much more interested in seeing how the MCU continues to develop long after those horrendous events (with half its heroes dead or missing). Because, in all reality: Thanos seems to be the only one who "gets it". Population growth is exponential, while our universes resources are finite … in this regard, Thanos' actions remind me of what Bill Burr had to say on "population control" (in his standup special "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way“): „That's my plan: we should just make babys illegal for, like, the next like twenty-five, thirty years. Right? Wouldn't that be great? Think about it, somebody is born - three people born every second for one person dying - so if you not make anybody, it's like - bam! - somebody just died. Right? Somebody just fell down some stairs … somebody just tripped over a skateboard, right? And you know what? Fucking lanes just openin' up on the highway. Right? You know, you get to work a little sooner, you're in a better mood. Dude, you get it down to like thirty thousand people. Thirty thousand people would be the shit … Right? Superbowl comes along, everybody can go. Right? […] You wouldn't have to recycle. Dude, if there was thirty thousand people, man, everybody here could literally drive your own tank. You drive a tank, you could throw toxic waste off the top - you could shoot a bald eagle right in the head … nah, there's plenty of them, plenty of them. Dude they're shittin' all over my tank, what the fuck am I supposed to do?“ Of course, the events in Infinity War - in a kind of unfortunate "collateral damage" - cost Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot and others their lives. But, all in all, Thanos is the real hero here :-)
Benjamin Ballard
Benjamin Ballard 17 天 前
Spoilers Warning: No redeeming Arc for the Hulk not showing up in the last movie was expecting a big battle between him and Thanos but just got this weird big green CGI Mark Ruffalo...plus a fat Thor that for some reason can’t beat a no Infinity Gauntlet wearing Thanos even with the help of Iron-Man and a Thor Powered Captain America, and what’s worse is by playing with the timeline like that we get a No charter development Thanos by the end of the movie instead of the one they build-up in Infinity War. Then Not to mention that If they go back in Kill Thanos before he even snaps in the first place then there’s no way any of the following evens could have happened anyway! Plus what’s up with that scene at the end where Cap goes back and just lives an ordinary life doesn’t make any sense like not being frozen in ice was an option then he would have never got frozen in the first place! But anyway yeah I love it!
Daylight Comes
Daylight Comes 18 天 前
This movie was an utter disappointment and lots of it just didn't make any sense. If you really sit back and think about this movie, it's not a very good movie. They powered down Thor and the Hulk so far, why even have them there at all? I could go on and on with facts and just ruin how you see the movie.
Feil Vei
Feil Vei 18 天 前
Not really a spoiler: Did.. like.. nobody realise how this film acknowledged the series through the appearance of Jarvis?
4eva Dre Studios
4eva Dre Studios 18 天 前
If you’re watching a review without seeing the movie u deserve spoilers
GenericOpinion 18 天 前
Endgame sucked, lazy screenplay writing. Endgame basically saying no superhero battle is ever going to matter, just go back in time get the infinity stones snap your fingers and undo everything.....
GenericOpinion 14 天 前
​+Mike Dasik The storyline is so not believable, I wouldnt make up some villain that can destroy the universe anyhow, that doesn't leave any room for more powerful villains, and that negates Captain Marvel existence actually because where was she when Thanos wiped out half the Universe? She conveniently didn't know? Wasn't she supposed to help galaxies to survive? Who was she busy helping out? Some other villain who is more important and powerful than Thanos? She was nowhere to be seen until Nick Fury paged her up, so there must have been some more urgent matters she attended to other than Thanos. So Thanos destroying the Universe is just not so horrible. Wiping half the avengers is not so horrible.And besides in the entire Universe only on Earth there are superheroes? The whole Marvel Cinematic Universe doesnt make sense at all in that case...
Mike Dasik
Mike Dasik 15 天 前
Seems like you don't undestand what superhero movies are about. You really thought, even for a second, that half of the universe would stay dead? If so, I'm shocked you have enough brain power to even write your comment. It wasn't "lazy screenplay writing". It was common sense writing.
Pravesh Alva
Pravesh Alva 18 天 前
This movie was disappointing. Infinity War was way better.
GenericOpinion 18 天 前
Infinity War and Endgame is one and the same movie, you cannot say the one is better than the other, because without either one the entire movie wouldn't make sense.
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