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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW





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评论 102 204
Pappa Clan
Pappa Clan 8 分钟 前
2:43 but... Its batman's cave, batman's suit, batman's black Alfred. Batman's gadgets, like wtf
Rania K
Rania K 16 分钟 前
Ruby Rose 😍😍
SuperMeme 123
SuperMeme 123 29 分钟 前
The only thing thats good about this trailer is the suit. It looks comic accurate then that gotham batman suit. Everything else in this trailer is so SJW and feminst bullshit.
Jaclyn ble
Jaclyn ble 29 分钟 前
you guys, i think she wants everyone to know shes a woman
chris mcdonald
chris mcdonald 33 分钟 前
And I thought Chernobyl was a disaster series....
Formula Dracionic
Formula Dracionic 38 分钟 前
Y’all being childish grow a pair she’s not “anti male” she said “I’m not gonna let a man take credit for a woman’s work” it’s the same way around a man tried to take credit for a girls work the arrow definitely wouldn’t get backlash if he said I’m not gonna let a woman take credit for a mans work y’all grow up Jesus Christ 😂
DC Comics Arrowverse
This trailer was god awful, but I feel like the show will be a little bit better
alex bophy
alex bophy 2 小时 前
CW-Cuck warriors
Lucas Ezequiel Sosa
Lucas Ezequiel Sosa 2 小时 前
Esa inclusión forzada, que asco.
Emily Monahan
Emily Monahan 2 小时 前
Dev Youngsta
Dev Youngsta 2 小时 前
Spidey-Kun 2 小时 前
Stooppppp leaving so maannyyy disliking comments!!!I cant like all of theeemmm
Cyril Garcia
Cyril Garcia 2 小时 前
"Batman gave up on us" Of course he did He watched the trailer
Toasty 2 小时 前
the hero we don't need, and the hero we didn't want
Toasty 2 小时 前
the hero we don't need, and the hero we didn't want
Mr. Robbins
Mr. Robbins 3 小时 前
Stop screwing over All American. Give the show the 16 episodes it deserves and not 13. If Black Lightning gets 16 episodes, you have no choice.
J4KE XXVII 3 小时 前
Alright CW I will forgive you if you rename this show to *BatMAM* just for the memes.
Caitlyn Elizabeth
Caitlyn Elizabeth 3 小时 前
I can’t believe this. I’m watching the arrow flash and supergirl cross over, and I was excited that they were going to Gotham until I saw Ruby Rose introduce herself as Kate Kane.
-Yam1n- 4 小时 前
Всем жабичам привет!
Elijah Senju
Elijah Senju 4 小时 前
The Only Good Thing by GreG Gaylanti is the Titans. Flash already fucked up
Jake Gage
Jake Gage 4 小时 前
I cant remember bruce wayne being a complete idiot
camarols duh
camarols duh 4 小时 前
Who knows this show might be so bad it’s good.... probably not though.
Golad kakarot
Golad kakarot 4 小时 前
she should be dead from that hit from that bat 1:19
Sam 4 小时 前
Should’ve casted someone who isn’t under 110lbs
Golad kakarot
Golad kakarot 4 小时 前
when is this garbage coming out ?
Joseph Stoneman
Joseph Stoneman 2 小时 前
Sunday October 6th.
Golad kakarot
Golad kakarot 4 小时 前
Cringiest show ever made
neoasura 5 小时 前
I'm pissed they canned Wayward Sisters for this??
Jay 3 小时 前
ikr?!? CW is dumb asf
Paul Wehbi
Paul Wehbi 5 小时 前
Beurk yak the worst that could happen to Superhero movies
notwotimes nel
notwotimes nel 5 小时 前
Lo lololol bitches please. So much cringe is bad for the mind
Charlie Begy
Charlie Begy 5 小时 前
When are studios going to realize that people dont want to see political agendas in TV/movies
stevo's clips
stevo's clips 5 小时 前
I feel sick
JDH0306 5 小时 前
At first I was excited, but it seems like it’s going to start to flop like The Flash and Arrow, where it’s dark at first and then becomes kid friendly and cheesy. I’d like the Batwoman series to be dark like how Bat family is...DARK. If this was a Batman series instead of Batwoman, no one would watch this. Any Bat family member should get a dark series or something like the Dark Knight trilogy was.
gorillapancake 6 小时 前
How do I dislike this twice?
Sadie Flemming
Sadie Flemming 6 小时 前
Slap shot Studio2006
*said nobody ever*
#1 Villian
#1 Villian 6 小时 前
Us Heteros: This show can not be saved.... Arrow: then she have failed this world.
cole fitz
cole fitz 6 小时 前
Swamp thing 93% on rotten tomatoes: cancelled Batwoman 393k dislikes : full speed ahead
Pandaiskey 6 小时 前
393k 👎😂
DDDarOOO 6 小时 前
no one will watch this, except lesbians… normal girls do not watch this kind of shows and for guys its just profantion.
agbrenv 7 小时 前
Bratwoman would be a more fitting title
Faheem Shuaa
Faheem Shuaa 7 小时 前
I'm Here to Dislike the video😂 WB and DC Destroy the whole DC
Idontbeatmykids 7 小时 前
Literally the only good show on CW is supernatural
Idontbeatmykids 8 小时 前
**Watches batwoman trailer** **Gets excited for the governments brainwashing tech** Inspired off Evan Ronda
Irene Feistyfox
Irene Feistyfox 8 小时 前
I'm so disappointed, I was looking forward to watching this and seeing Ruby Rose as Batwoman, but I hate this anti-male agenda that's being pushed. We are trying to teach inclusivity not have a horseshoe effect. SMH. So fkn sad.
Evaldas Jankauskas
Evaldas Jankauskas 8 小时 前
Pardon my french, but this is fked up...
David Nicholls
David Nicholls 8 小时 前
A whole new meaning to cringe it just gets worse all the time. They've completely lost any ability to write dialogue or story!
No Tresspassing
No Tresspassing 8 小时 前
Now Let's wait for PewDiePie to Destroy this movie in his Cringe Tuesdays.
Scorpio Snake
Scorpio Snake 8 小时 前
Someone please tell me this is just a Cosplay Porn !!
Dranged 2k
Dranged 2k 8 小时 前
Dranged 2k
Dranged 2k 8 小时 前
I don’t think it’s realistic that’s she’s knocking out 200 pound men with no super powers or training
Werewolf Alpha
Werewolf Alpha 9 小时 前
LOL. When will you morons realize people don't want to see this kind of garbage? You lgbtqxyz man-hating freaks are only 3% of the population.
stevepd1 9 小时 前
Wow! Justin Bieber as Batwoman! I never thought I'd see this. Shouldn't this be called "Batboy"? Why does he speak so monotone and act like a robot? My favorite part was when the blond lady hit him in the head with the bat. I wish she would have just kept swinging.
Kinslayer 360
Kinslayer 360 9 小时 前
Let's dislike this till it stops production!
Raffaele Montrasio
Raffaele Montrasio 9 小时 前
After this crap i expect a nightwing serie played by a transgender girl
Curtiss Wilson
Curtiss Wilson 9 小时 前
This looks so amazing
Slap shot Studio2006
Curtiss Wilson I didn’t know it was Opposite Day
Ashin Kusher
Ashin Kusher 9 小时 前
Just came to say this is trash..
ChEILoZ 9 小时 前
Came here to see for myself if it was really as bad as I heard, it was worse.
jaden 9 小时 前
Mark Villanueva Dela cruz
Wait is that Gwen??
Wyoming Isn’t Real
Wyoming Isn’t Real 11 小时 前
“I’m not going to let a man take credit for a woman’s work” She literally just stole his suit and his gadgets
i literally just forgot what i was going to say ́
If joker saw this he would call this a bad joke
Kurtis Blow
Kurtis Blow 11 小时 前
When will they get it? That the original source is a great story then they carbon copy it with disappointing results. Did anyone involved in Batwoman ever read the comic books???
Derek Lowery
Derek Lowery 11 小时 前
*Cringe overload.. 😬😬*
skilled person
skilled person 11 小时 前
from bagirl barbra to batwoman, a cousin? this means Bruce is a liar telling us his bottler is the only family he has... oh, waiting on the Joker cousin for new generation dynamic duo, HAH
Heard They’re Reforming The DaWnGuArD
I’ve got no problem with a female superhero, but don’t just change the narrative of another known superhero to fit your agenda.
B Lee
B Lee 12 小时 前
So much money, time and production value wasted on terrible acting, writing, action and a bobblehead doll-looking costume. Ugh.
Michael Mello
Michael Mello 12 小时 前
“I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work” Should have gone with: “He abandoned us, so I’m not about to let him take credit for my work”
jp nc
jp nc 13 小时 前
Ty'Juan Bush
Ty'Juan Bush 13 小时 前
lucius fox looks like a geek
Ty'Juan Bush
Ty'Juan Bush 13 小时 前
this is hella whack and she really stole mans suit and they wonder why dis likes boomin
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 13 小时 前
Oh god...
Airs Rock
Airs Rock 13 小时 前
In the pocket / under the thumb / sell outs to the highest bidder - The Globalist Agenda. Why would they target a minority, garner hate and leave all that money on the table? Isn't this a business? Why the high risk? The answer rests above. Social engineering at it's weakest.
DieHare 14 小时 前
There's nothing to be said. Except, this is sad
Radiant HD
Radiant HD 14 小时 前
Someone call the Men ans Black stat! I need the past 3 minutes and 6 seconds of my life erased.
Maxwell Lewis
Maxwell Lewis 14 小时 前
Hans Solo
Hans Solo 14 小时 前
My favorite moment in this trailer is when 48 kg Ruby Rose slams that one guy into the door of that industrial fridge and it gets deformed. Couldn't stop laughing
Elliott Shepherd
Elliott Shepherd 15 小时 前
Adam Lambert's playing Batgirl? Wait I'm confused.
SayaKuro12 15 小时 前
*I AM A WOMAAAAAAAAN* I am a girl and I find that song comical because it literally plays when she opens the curtains sjdjshkjdgkk like it's so bad!!
SayaKuro12 15 小时 前
I hope that "imma take you down" ASMR singer is not Billie Eilish otherwise I am going to be real devastated.
The Virtuoso
The Virtuoso 15 小时 前
Well we dont have a Batman or a Superman anymore so...this?
Yaveh Suarez
Yaveh Suarez 16 小时 前
Cyxui 16 小时 前
I mean it’s a Man’s work that Batman is even a thing.
David Vega
David Vega 16 小时 前
Batwoman: Men are evil and they're the enemy. Male passerby: isnt that sexist? Batwoman: I'm a woman. I cant be sexist. Feminism! Male passerby: Isnt feminism about equality? Batwoman: Stop TRYING to force me to agree with your beliefs! You're toxicly masculine! I'm telling huffpost! We're gonna write an article about how evil you are! Girl power! Male passerby: You're seriously nuts. Your show is gonna fail.
Will Harison UC Irvine
Notice how it's only white men complaining in the comment section? Lol
Slap shot Studio2006
Will Harison UC Irvine so you have the power to know everyone’s color and gender in the comment section Interesting
AgentSmith-420 14 小时 前
I'm green not white!!
suckonthis u2be
suckonthis u2be 16 小时 前
I'm mixed race and I'm complaining, sorry to shoot down your wishful thinking, lmao.
YURxx DADDY 17 小时 前
Id rather watch madagascar 2
Hellfire 728
Hellfire 728 17 小时 前
She looks like slipknot percussionist had a baby with grimm
Hizarwan Jamil
Hizarwan Jamil 17 小时 前
Wow...she took on Batman's legacy and her FIRST priority is making sure the city know she's a woman so she can take credits?? I bet 80% of this show will be about her sexuality and gender.
Nicole Jay
Nicole Jay 17 小时 前
As long as that music kicks in you just know it’s gonna be bad lol
90s horror movies
90s horror movies 17 小时 前
from what i see at scene 2;16 the catfight looks like it will be the best part
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 18 小时 前
I wonder why people dislike it so much?
Slap shot Studio2006
Miles Morales well it’s obvious why people dislike the show
suckonthis u2be
suckonthis u2be 9 小时 前
@Miles Morales Hm..a lot of corporate a🇸🇸 lickers say that. Well at least we know you're one of them.
Miles Morales
Miles Morales 10 小时 前
suckonthis u2be or you could just tell me? Maybe it’s sexist men who hate the idea of there being an largely female show??
Evil Plum
Evil Plum 18 小时 前
Cringe woman more like
Mouth Breather
Mouth Breather 18 小时 前
This is awesome! The show doesn't look great, kind of cheesy, but the internet rage coming from these triggered snowflake men, who've clearly never touched a woman, are the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. I'm dying. Seriously stop, I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard.
Mouth Breather
Mouth Breather 2 小时 前
That's exactly my point. All the guys on here are triggered to an 11 because the show MIGHT bash men. I watched the entire trailer, every instance where she says something that's questionable I can easily think of a scenario where what she says may make complete sense and it may be completely innocuous...or maybe you're 100% right, we don't know yet, that's my point. What I find pathetic is how triggered all of you became over a C level comic TV show that no one's seen. How are you any better than the triggered snowflakes from Oberlin college who destroyed that bakery? You snidely call them SJW's while using the same overactive internet hate mob mentality and go apoplectic to a 3 minute clip. Watch the whole show before freaking out, if it is a man hating show than bash away, until then chill out.
Slap shot Studio2006
Mouth Breather dude no one cares if the lead is a woman people hate the show because it bashed men and Batman to push its SJW propaganda
suckonthis u2be
suckonthis u2be 5 小时 前
@Mouth Breather Keep up the guessing, one of these days you might even guess one right 👌
Mouth Breather
Mouth Breather 5 小时 前
Thanks suckonthis. I guess I "won", I think you forgot I believe the show looks pretty terrible. Don't worry, you're close to Nevada, you can always drive to Nevada and legally end the streak.
suckonthis u2be
suckonthis u2be 9 小时 前
@Mouth Breather You enjoy rimming that corporate a🇸🇸. Now hurry along before you miss your short bus.
Noel Leon
Noel Leon 18 小时 前
Lgtbchdkahkeubahxkshjz BULLSHIT.
Game Gladiator
Game Gladiator 18 小时 前
Should have brought back the golden girls
Game Gladiator
Game Gladiator 18 小时 前
Batman: this is the reason I left and went to fox
The Butterfly Effect
The Butterfly Effect 18 小时 前
Cringe factory
Scotty 19 小时 前
This is not Batwoman it's remembering of when Robin got bat car out for a joy ride in Batman and Robin and saying he was batman
Impinainteasy 19 小时 前
anyone know the song at the end?
Nexus Tablet
Nexus Tablet 19 小时 前
My dislike got removed, so I clicked it again
MysticLucy 20 小时 前
All a show has to do is have a woman as the hero instead of a man like it normally it is or have the main character be gay and idiots lose their mind over how bad it'll be despite having yet to air, and when it does, they'll still be ready to demonize it over nothing.
Sebastian 1717
Sebastian 1717 20 小时 前
MAY GOD THE FATHER THROUGH HIS HOLY SPIRIT AND SON JESUS CHRIST BLESS AND PROTECT FULLY PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, HIS ADMINISTRATION, HIS FAMILY, HIS FRIENDS, HIS SUPPORTERS, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HER ALLIES. NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST THEM BY LUCIFER AND HIS TARES SHALL PROSPER. ALL MANNER OF EVIL WICKEDNESS CURSED AGAINST PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS REBUKED IN THE HOLY NAME OF CHRIST JESUS, THE ONLY SON OF THE ONLY ONE AND TRUE LIVING GOD THE FATHER OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB. Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. Psalms 109:2 - For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. Proverbs 19:9 - A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaketh lies shall perish. Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” AMEN AND AMEN Kim Clement prophesying about Donald Trump 2007 cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-eFfFtq1fljY.html #WEKNOW. And we're coming for you ALL. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. NO DEALS. We do not forgive. We do not forget. EXPECT US Luke 8:17 17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
Kleineganz 18 小时 前
I have to ask ... what the hell does this have to do with Batwoman?
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