BFA ENDGAME: 16 Things To Do Once You've Hit Level 120 in Battle for Azeroth

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So, you've just hit level 120. What's next? Today's video will show you what you should think about working towards in Battle for Azeroths endgame.
EU Horde Community: www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/Oepy3DI5EO?region=EU&faction=Horde
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Nicholas Mutch
Nicholas Mutch 个月 前
DIII is better than guardians of ember :( the GOE moving and combat pace is too slow ) sorry fans. When he mentioned fp's and looking for them, i was tempted to his "m" to open map.. I need to control my impulses. Great info man, I will use it to the best of my ability, thumbs up and still subbed.
Trinity Warrior
Trinity Warrior 2 个月 前
So in other words there is nothing fun to do at endgame
Loafus Cramwell
Loafus Cramwell 2 个月 前
eh id prolly still rather do my raids and spam Mythic plus all day really i wanna farm dungeons
Joe 300 Boyd
Joe 300 Boyd 3 个月 前
So your a you tube personality. have you made your millions yet?
Arthrur Jackson
Arthrur Jackson 4 个月 前
what overlay are you using? I'm using titan panel.
Minoxiis 4 个月 前
Do you have a video on the addons you have in your clips?
Laz Iz Awesome
Laz Iz Awesome 4 个月 前
od b
od b 4 个月 前
1. Unsubscribe
Enzo 5 个月 前
Really quick and comprehensive. Thank you, kind Sir.
Tudy F
Tudy F 5 个月 前
my god, you talk fast.
Alex Miceli
Alex Miceli 5 个月 前
It isnt HER-B it's pronounced ERB or URB.
steelspark l
steelspark l 6 个月 前
As a new player, i find grinding for reputation is really tedious, the fact that it is likely to take same amount of time to unlock void elf and light draenei ffs
KingPharaoh TV
KingPharaoh TV 6 个月 前
Ima join the community on my rogue dantronic
Budliky CZ
Budliky CZ 6 个月 前
So there is nothing meaningfull to do.. nice moving on to FFXIV
SirKingHoff 6 个月 前
alliance plate armor looks sick af
Tarek Smili
Tarek Smili 6 个月 前
dude take a breath, I can't follow everything you say when you speak so fast, I'm gonna go for another video
Irudium1 7 个月 前
What to do when you hit max lvl ? You log out.
James Croyle
James Croyle 7 个月 前
Learn from every video of yours! Good material and excellent delivery.
xxgrapplex farmerxx
xxgrapplex farmerxx 7 个月 前
lol a guild social? never hear about that one , every guild i whas in are lone wolfs and dident help or what ever a guild has to do, so for me its very easy , no guild
Pure Cheeks
Pure Cheeks 8 个月 前
I will hit 120 today....I hope lol.....so I really appreciate your content and giving me an idea on where to go! :-)
Rush B
Rush B 8 个月 前
My list: 1. Gear up 2. Get exalted with Zandalari Empire for future zandalari troll main. 3. War campaign 4. Raid like hell
Trias 3 个月 前
R3M1ND 8 个月 前
y well im playing solo, so.. uninstalled ^^' but it was realy funny to lvl my druid ^~^
Mrnatox 8 个月 前
Sadly, all of this was retired 2 weeks into the expansion xD
IpostyFun 8 个月 前
lmao warfronts
GIT GamingIsTolerated
Solo legion stuff? Im a blood dk.
Cazzy 8 个月 前
I enjoy your videos. Even if you are a filthy Alliance.
Zstab Stabswell
Zstab Stabswell 8 个月 前
Play the last 2 expansion you skipped due to burnout.
Valcor 8 个月 前
So don't play if i like open world pvp ? Got it
Avenging Demon
Avenging Demon 8 个月 前
Cry on the ugly animations that tear through capes and shields?
Mystic Mark
Mystic Mark 8 个月 前
Do you gain rep from storyline quests? i dont seem to be getting any..
lexzbuddy 8 个月 前
I have enough gold, t doesn't matter these days.
Moba Gaming
Moba Gaming 8 个月 前
Lvling the other faction? :Lok'tar Ogar :D
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 8 个月 前
Reputation is the worst, I hope you either like waiting for emissaries or spamming all WQs every day.
Kesha S
Kesha S 8 个月 前
What UI are you using??
FireSnake 8 个月 前
crafting shows engineering, good joke xD
Jack Vai
Jack Vai 8 个月 前
this would be great...if the game would stop dc-ing me, and many others... and in many cases forcing a full router reset...this happened in alpha... got better in beta...and has returned now weeks into launch...doesn't happen with any other mmo i'm playing.
Mitchell Young
Mitchell Young 8 个月 前
I don't see a video about gearing in the description
Josh Kingz
Josh Kingz 8 个月 前
So I thought that all sounded really boring, I probably shouldn't continue playing this game. xD
J.S. Neto
J.S. Neto 9 个月 前
man you really need to speak slower.... its so hard to understand you!
ehyoumon 9 个月 前
Wow a video when you only show your face 3 times..... Jesus I miss the old bellulargaming
David Banterford
David Banterford 9 个月 前
Things To do at BFA max level. Do dailies to grind 7th legion rep Do dailies to farm AP Do dailies for resources to do table quests Do dailies for other faction rep Do some mythics Nothing fun at all besides the 3 farmable mounts and playing the ah
The cake
The cake 9 个月 前
Go hunt pebbles for the pet Baa'l. 👍
ArngrimTV 9 个月 前
Why am i watching BfA vids, makes me wanna come back.
Krom bob
Krom bob 9 个月 前
Cringeular gaming
JWL 9 个月 前
You either wear the same shirt in all your videos or you record all your dialogues in 1 sitting which is sad
Seth Houser
Seth Houser 9 个月 前
After you hit 120: 1.) Grind for azerite power 2.) Grind for gear 3.) Grind for Revered reputation. 4.) Clear side quests that have nothing really to do with anything. 5.) Then grind and grind more. Warning Raids are not available. Some dungeons are not in dungeon finder.
Carlo Andrea .me
Carlo Andrea .me 9 个月 前
why do you speak so fast?
Vojin Milojkovic
Vojin Milojkovic 9 个月 前
Its future old man and they are still assuming my gender and i cant make my chars the way i want gender fluid pansexual demiromantic half gnom half tauren spiritual shaman, Because paladins are too patriarchal
Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas 9 个月 前
Is it worth doing missions and opening chests for Azerite power before level 120, or is that a waste of time and resources?
Lord Dracoliche
Lord Dracoliche 9 个月 前
Play new toons, world quests.
peble 9 个月 前
please don't say toons
RaffoPhantom 9 个月 前
Do you have to do pathfinder for both factions seperately?
Chris Andrade
Chris Andrade 9 个月 前
The fun only starts after you hit 120
84Havoc 9 个月 前
Dude, please tell me how i can my UI look like yours?
jimmy walter smith the 3st
Head movement head movement No no no no noooooo
Christabub 9 个月 前
Honorbound rep
Emily Hill
Emily Hill 9 个月 前
at the end of the day, all these guides show me is you can level from 110-120 in 5hrs what a crummy excuse for an xpac...... that said it doesnt look as shitty as legion was.... IMO legion was worse than pandaland..... I played for over 10years and it was legion that made me quit
Vincent Harry
Vincent Harry 9 个月 前
Do the War Campagin - 0:25 Get Pathfinder - 1:02 Clear Out Zone Quests - 1:29 Gearing - 1:58 Artifact Power - 2:09 Crafting - 2:19 Activate A Contract - 3:07 Money Making - 3:34 Learning New Gameplay Systems - 4:22 Hunting For A Guild - 4:54 Join Communities - 5:19 Get The Flight Points - 5:40 Attempt Legion Content Solo - 6:01 Get The Najzatar Blood Serpent - 6:32 Level The Other Faction - 7:14 Transmog Hunting - 7:43
Steve Rose
Steve Rose 9 个月 前
It’s not endgame yet...duh. Holy shit, you CNvid guys are whores.
Tyler Robbins
Tyler Robbins 9 个月 前
You should do #1 while leveling dude..
NoVacantNames 9 个月 前
Ooh! Great video. Found a few more useful addons to download now. Thanks! :)
Jackie Wu
Jackie Wu 9 个月 前
seeing you're a fellow EU draenorian, the auction house experience is so atrocious it took me 30 minutes just to sell the herbs :( have you got any tips to speed this up?
Roxy Yarbrough
Roxy Yarbrough 9 个月 前
nice haircut bell!
Dan 9 个月 前
After getting to level 120 im already bored to death. Zero end game content. Running dungeons and recycled quests over and over is not fun.
Trollf ather
Trollf ather 8 个月 前
Wait 1 year for content. That's why I haven't even bought BFA yet.
O Stokes
O Stokes 9 个月 前
I find your face and constantly moving head hard to watch
Sebastian 9 个月 前
Bellular should be an NPC in WOW offering items that show treasures and secrets on the map :D
Free Speech Apologist
Finally, they've added scrapper. Fits the ideology of WoW expansions: "Scrap previous expansions!".
Vinu J Isaac
Vinu J Isaac 9 个月 前
Also... don't have a life.
Luiz Felipe Brisighello
Whats your UI addon?
MiKe 9 个月 前
Why would i get Pathfinder? I'd rather complain in the official forums that this addon doesn't have content, freeze my account for a year, come back later and complain in the official forums that i want to fly in the new world but can't because i have to do a stupid achievement for flying... #sarcasm
tyler thompson
tyler thompson 9 个月 前
Think I might hunt for a new guild. Our guild leader is in army so he let for 8 month deployment. One of the elders asked for lead while he was gone to keep it going. He gave it to him and what a mistake that was. Guild leader came back and elder got in argument with him and kicked him out. I am the RL and now have to run everything through new guild leader. Fuk that BS bunch of us are fixing to bail if he does not give guild lead back.
CrazyToKeepSane 9 个月 前
Why are your link to videos that you said would be in the description not in the description. Disappointed.
RhyKz 9 个月 前
Do i recieve anything to unlock 100 world quests done?
Austen Joeckel
Austen Joeckel 9 个月 前
Can we talk about how stale the combat/class play has become and the absolute snoozefest that this game has become.
Nyet nein
Nyet nein 9 个月 前
re roll for world of melee craft if your not melee
Stormchild 9 个月 前
"Fog of war" in the Warcraft RTS games was the effect where already discovered parts of the map went dark because you have no visibility there; it doesn't mean "undiscovered parts of the map".
joseph arthur
joseph arthur 6 个月 前
yea , i think fog of war is good to have in such an expansive game.
Game On
Game On 9 个月 前
Thanks for the help and info! Love your content always really helpful keep it up big supporter here! :) #GameOn
MRPwn 123
MRPwn 123 9 个月 前
Not sure if mentioned but flight master's whistle works in the new zones
PewPewPew 9 个月 前
Max level in a day, ilvl 340 in 3.... well, such a fun xpac. c'ya in 2 years for the next one.
Kenny 9 个月 前
Love the UI! Can you tell me which addons you utilize? To you have a copy?
thejameslock1 9 个月 前
Great video
jignn 9 个月 前
How is disc priest doing now? Worth playing this expansion?
KonsNa 9 个月 前
There is no instant queues for healers any more. There is now too many of us. :)
Dom Aye
Dom Aye 9 个月 前
I played wow from bc to mists, debating whether or not it's worth to start playing again for just a casual player ? Is boa worth paying for wod and legion as well as boa?
Joshua Garner
Joshua Garner 9 个月 前
So that's what that shard is for....guess I'll sell it
Impact 9 个月 前
Is there an add on to find the side quests you haven’t done yet?
Val Goatus
Val Goatus 9 个月 前
"... a decent time to flog anything off..." mm, I see.
Your Savior
Your Savior 9 个月 前
I like your new haircut
Kristers Krūka
Kristers Krūka 9 个月 前
Perhaps i was unlucky, but i started questing in Nazmir...and dear green jesus, i have never been so bored, disgusted and utterly discouraged from playing WoW all together in all my 13 years. The quests, the story quite literally suck out my motivation to play at all. I really hate it, which is odd since as a casual ive always enjoyed quests and story, but BfA just repels me like a pesticide.
Kristers Krūka
Kristers Krūka 9 个月 前
Looks like mommy and daddy didn't teach you some discipline, if the best thing you can do is resort to insults. Pathetic children these days.
GBrah 9 个月 前
Lyriq Wise
Lyriq Wise 9 个月 前
Did all quests and side quests while leveling (except Stormsong, which I did after 120 lol) P.S. Doing all that will make you HALFWAY honored with those 3 factions
Scott Cavill
Scott Cavill 9 个月 前
Inb4 "out of content already because you rushed and now bored" videos
2monsterhairuglythe 9 个月 前
Not endgame though, is it?
Sir Mama
Sir Mama 9 个月 前
Kings rest. Endboss. Best wow Boss ever.
bishopking63 9 个月 前
It literally just came out how do you people do this.
Peyton Ibarra
Peyton Ibarra 9 个月 前
I am almost revered with three of the six factions. IL 319. Level 16 HoA. Three out of the five Pathfinder already done. Feels nice to be slightly ahead of the curve, instead of behind. Been having a lot of fun!
W3PO 1
W3PO 1 9 个月 前
Loving the background, simple elegant and great style.
Arthur Vandelay
Arthur Vandelay 9 个月 前
"once the faire comes around", no apparently you can put these on the auctionhouse already, i've seen em
ChaosIn13 9 个月 前
"Literally just play the game, but 10 minutes long"
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 9 个月 前
Get ganked by low lvls while trying to do your WQ! A brand new BFA experience.
Phig Newt
Phig Newt 9 个月 前
I’m just tired of doing world quests around people. I’m fighting a group of mobs and someone else fighting a group of their own over 20 yards away yet I somehow gain aggro on them then get overwhelmed.
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