Binging with Babish: Ube Roll from Steven Universe

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This week, Lars Barriga makes a reflection of himself in the form of a neon-purple sweet potato roulade. Beach City's resident grouch is no slouch in the kitchen, so no wonder it takes me 8 tries to get the friggin thing right. Baking is hard, guys.
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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 4 个月 前
Eggs aren’t dry, from what I’m hearing here in the comments - the more you know! Note to self: no more doing voice over late at night.
The Salty Dog
@John Benedetto I think I've got things mixed up all this time
Phalanx 6 天 前
the eggs they put in the microwave shits are dry
Gabriella Comito
“Ube” is properly pronounced with the “short e”, NOT the “long A”, I think!
Gabriella Comito
“Ube” is properly pronounced with the “short e”, NOT the “long A”, I believe!
Gabriella Comito
Actually, I may be a Western, but I’m very good at pronouncing words in Asian languages. It’s PROPERLY pronounced as ooh-beh, with short “e” sound like in “education”, not ooh-bay…
TakeMeToPeru 4 小时 前
am i the only one that read lube roll?
HLR 天 前
Uwe Boll: "Oh boy! Someone's making a video about me! "...oh :("
JustJanell 2 天 前
I like ube flavoring better than actually ube Same goes for strawberry but not mango, mango flavoring is disgusting
The Boss
The Boss 2 天 前
You keen the ube cake from the Philippines.
emily-sioux 2 天 前
Babish: I’ve watched enough Great British Baking *show* Me, an intellectual but also British: *attacked* iTs GrEaT bRiTiSh BaKe OfF 😤😤😤
emily-sioux 2 天 前
Babish: says stand mixer My brain: hE’s SaYiNg StAmP mIxeR 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Parker Hirschle
Parker Hirschle 4 天 前
Banish should make Steven universe super spicy donut
Christian Green
Christian Green 4 天 前
Steven: Whats Ube? Filipino Lolas: KUNIN ANG TSINELAS
White Death
White Death 4 天 前
Ahhh ube cake every pinoy birthday must have
Husky ViolentChanclas
Ube is purple yam.
Decay_ JPP
Decay_ JPP 5 天 前
I’m a simple man I watch Babbish who inspires me so much I love watching him while drinking my burger and eating my sprite
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox 4 天 前
“drinking my burger and eating my sprite” -Decay_ JPP
Whitney 5 天 前
“ i dont know how to bake “ *continues to bake* this guys funny lol dry eggs
Luna Lapiz
Luna Lapiz 5 天 前
... ube is a sweet purple Yam
Charity Changes Everything
You're supposed to roll it in a tea towel and refrigerate while you make the filling. Then pull it out, fill, and reroll using the teatowel!
The Suspect Tsarkula
Babish: So im going to use a "JAPANESE" recipe Filipinos: Am I a joke to you
Illuminated Demoman
8:33 dinosaur broke out of jurassic park
Delta 7 天 前
Babish: *AHHHH HAHh*
_SargentoCoelho _
Cooking video with Ubes: * exist * Filipinos in the comment section: *I T S F R E E R E A L S T A T E*
xPretender 7 天 前
Now that is delicious
Hayle Near
Hayle Near 7 天 前
James Ryan Pablo
Ubr is actually purple yam and it’s very common here in the Philippines. By the way, you could have used store bought ube jam, it’s in every asian or filipino store everywhere..
Derp industries
Derp industries 7 天 前
Babish would be the best crystal gem
Bobatea&flavorofAsian meow
ube=Sweet Purple potato, it taste kind of creamy . Simply steam it or bake it.
FlamSelk 8 天 前
Do you guys pronounce it as “binging with babish?” Or binging with babish
fetus deletus
fetus deletus 8 天 前
babish: **takes a few times to make the ube roll** filipinos: whomst summoned the almighty one
Jaiden Brie
Jaiden Brie 8 天 前
But......Purple Yam is Ube. Ube is just another name for it.
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat 8 天 前
Fun to watch, horrible to make. Tried 3 times following recipe on blog. I guess if he has issues, there’s no hope for me. Way too eggy, weird texture.
242 M.G.
242 M.G. 8 天 前
Filipinos big flexing in the comments until they realize they are just Asia's answer to Mexicans/Mexico
Cosmic Donut Boi
No one: People in the comments: No one: Filipinos: “insert Filipino dialogue here”
Gabriella Comito
“Ube” is properly pronounced with the “short e”, NOT the “long A”, I think!
Gabriella Comito
“Ube” is properly pronounced with the “short e”, NOT the “long A”, I believe!
Gabriella Comito
Actually, I may be a Western, but I’m very good at pronouncing words in Asian languages. It’s PROPERLY pronounced as ooh-beh, with short “e” sound like in “education”, not ooh-bay…
BURN-E 9 天 前
When people ask me what my favorite rapper is i'm just gonna say T-Whisk
The Henryverse
The Henryverse 9 天 前
6:08 Hey, man if any TV show ever do Puto boom boom youre pretty much on point there
Toriana Douglas
Toriana Douglas 10 天 前
I thought I heard him say eggs were dry ingredients but I assumed I heard wrong and was crazy and didn't bother rewinding to check. Relieved to scroll to the comments and find out I'm not crazy
roneybill 10 天 前
that is some serious determination. I mean I lost count of how many times you redid it
Final Argument
Final Argument 11 天 前
download333 11 天 前
After seeing how many pitfalls there are to this recipe, I'm even more impressed with Lars
Alm is Life
Alm is Life 11 天 前
ask a filipino how to make that. itll give u best answer.
Ondevilla 11 天 前
good ass vid man, alot of extra effort in this one
Noah Bach Frandsen
Now make the donut hotdog....
Chicken Wilson
Chicken Wilson 12 天 前
Id love to sort thru this dudes trash
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
I won't roll it; instead I'll add Ube into a special recipe with rainbow buttercream.
anime_ kingdom1
anime_ kingdom1 13 天 前
Can you cook like sanji from one piece
Mr. Kitty Saves The World
5:40 That one looks like it would’ve worked if you hadn’t done the powdered sugar thing.
Euhan The goose
Euhan The goose 14 天 前
I’m filipino. Because I think Lars is filipino too.
isabella alva
isabella alva 14 天 前
Amélie Geoffroy
Amélie Geoffroy 14 天 前
In France we preroll w a moist clean towel it works perfectly!(no icing sugar needed)
marina kasparov
marina kasparov 14 天 前
8:28 babish should be a new Disney villain
Romby Gamer
Romby Gamer 14 天 前
Ube for filippino red in a ribbon
JIgGLe JugGLE 3 15 天 前
Steven: Ube? Filipinos: *you dare challenge me mortal?*
Jacob 15 天 前
*Filipino Grandmas has entered the chat*
DIO The Vampire
DIO The Vampire 15 天 前
Do the meal tonio made in jojo bizarre adventure part 4
DIO The Vampire
DIO The Vampire 15 天 前
That being water that was frozen from africa Mozzarella cheese with tomatoes A very specific spaghetti (sorry idk the kind) And lamb with apple sause
Blue Craft Gamer23
The browning was normal
SuperChicken 15 天 前
“Ideally at room temperature but I’ll take 100 degrees” Europeans: *visible confusion*
The rest of the world*
Mylie Moo
Mylie Moo 15 天 前
Who always thought ube roll was sweet not savoury
the duck
the duck 16 天 前
you can just buy that in the pilipines
it's Choco
it's Choco 16 天 前
Just in a non gay way I love you babish
Denny Y
Denny Y 16 天 前
I almost teared up when you finally made it. I've never been so stressed while watching cooking videos. You're true inspiration.