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This is the greatest video essay of All Time










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penguinz0 5 天 前
Animation by cnvid.net/show-UCZj7QQVYbWAVeQdCLBXZiyw
PetRock151 21 小时 前
Do more of these
Guarr 天 前
Bro ur gatekeeping literally everyone knows what blockbuster is
kobra6660 天 前
Not buying Netflix is just a big question on why they didnt get bought out and they could have changed things if they started the redbox
HentaiHistorian 2 天 前
I miss video rental stores...
Sora NioStaur
Sora NioStaur 2 天 前
this . . . was a really good video, thank you my dude
diab3tic bear
diab3tic bear 10 小时 前
Netflix is going to shit now isn't it?
Red Army Robin
Red Army Robin 10 小时 前
I'm wondering if the one in Bend is gonna live on. Like, people will make trips there just to see it, but who knows how long the novelty would last. Eventually the three dudes who work there are gonna run outta money if people stop going there, else they make it a tourist trap with blockbuster branding and dvds + games you can buy.
dankery._.memes boi
dankery._.memes boi 10 小时 前
Calio 11 小时 前
Fond memories of blockbusters growing up, the last time I ever went was when I collected my pre-order of GTA V 😥
Lara 11 小时 前
love u blockbuster always and forever
Will Corbett
Will Corbett 11 小时 前
Audio is out of sync
Chenquieh 11 小时 前
Lmao nice try Charlie, we all know yo u have a shrine dedicated to Blockbuster in your closet.
boofghost 11 小时 前
It’s high key Enrons fault, fucking lies on their finances
knights of jim
knights of jim 11 小时 前
Netflix is kind of dying now too
Jennifer Grasso
Jennifer Grasso 12 小时 前
What a well done video. I still drive by where my Blockbuster used to be and it really makes me sad. It was an event to go get a movie and snacks. 😒
John Shaffer
John Shaffer 12 小时 前
Google maps says there are two operational Blockbusters, both in Oregon. One in Bend and one in Salem. The last two of their species.
Kyrix lolifier
Kyrix lolifier 13 小时 前
their are actually 2 left the other is in australia
BeastlyMussel61 13 小时 前
My town had a Hollywood Video back in the day. I still remember how it looked inside and exactly where they put the PS2 games (this was how I played Sonic Riders), just walk in and it's on the left, 3 rows from the register. I also remember where they put Power Rangers, still on the left, middle row.
Savage Bob
Savage Bob 14 小时 前
we lived in rural oklahoma in 06 through 08 and my parents loved netflix. it was awesome. guess i never realised they were silently murdering blockbuster... RIP
sherlockwatson101 15 小时 前
Omg people actually don’t remember blockbuster ... dude it was the best 12 years of my childhood. Sleepovers when we’d rent two movies. Games I rented the minute I got a new console (or my brother finally allowed me to play one of his consoles) :(
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts 15 小时 前
good ol 2006-2008... renting my little pony movies like runaway rainbow and minty's Christmas and carebear movies to watch when at my dad's house. to play with my little pony dolls. To be 4 again.
4321jirb 15 小时 前
Family Video is still going strong.... I have like 3 in my area
Wolfie Tigre
Wolfie Tigre 15 小时 前
I went to my friends house and we started Watch big tv and i picked up the remote it had Netflix sling and other things i see this very dusty button it said blockbuster I’m not even joking this is 100% true
flip Bakker
flip Bakker 15 小时 前
look at Filmland in the netherlands, they changed from a blockbuster to netflix.
hotdoggrass 16 小时 前
that last Blockbuster will revive the company, guaranteed
Dustin Paciorkowski
Dustin Paciorkowski 16 小时 前
Lol we learned this in business class
H Koizumi
H Koizumi 17 小时 前
born in 82, consider myself child of 80s and 90s. Blockbuster were your weekend. The feeling when you step into the store was unlike anything today. It had that happiness vive which was hard to explain unless you were there yourself. Good times.
YouTuber 17 小时 前
Anyone else look at the yugioh cards they always sold by the counter? That was my favorite part lol.
PosMatic 18 小时 前
Friaza 19 小时 前
Matthew Devlin
Matthew Devlin 19 小时 前
Hollywood Video + GameCrazy > Blockbuster
Cynical Sheep
Cynical Sheep 19 小时 前
Anyone else ever just remember that blockbuster smell?
Carlito Moyer
Carlito Moyer 20 小时 前
We had a Hollywood Video in my neighborhood instead of Blockbuster. Those Spongebob and Rugrats tapes were my life
Sausprem 20 小时 前
not a word about Red Box????
Cdeck 222
Cdeck 222 20 小时 前
Blockbuster was like the fucking Dwemer of the Elder Scrolls
DailyPhoneVlogsDPV 20 小时 前
Why is the internet following me, the Mummy was my favorite movie since I was like freakin' 7 years old.
NotTheAverageGamerz 20 小时 前
Redbox was definitely a huge factor in the demise of blockbuster . They are outside and inside alot of grocery stores so when people go to get groceries they just see the kiosk and just grab a quick movie and when they return it they can get groceries again since it's at the grocery store. It's a matter of convenience for sure that killed blockbuster.
Starlesslemon 21 小时 前
I just miss game crazy
Starlesslemon 21 小时 前
I'm pretty sure red box had a bigger influence on closing blockbuster than Netflix
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald 21 小时 前
Blockbuster could've bought Netflix for 20 million, they didn't, now Netflix is worth 50 billion, biggest mistake by far, you also forgot to mention Redbox, people renting movies for $1 all over the place, and it's efficient, you didn't have to go in a store and talk to people, you just walk up to the machine, pick a movie, and rent it, then bring it back in like 2 days, it's simple and efficient, and was the final nail in the coffin for Blockbuster, also most libraries started stocking movies as well, that didn't have as big of an impact but it sure did affect Blockbuster.
Death Wizard
Death Wizard 21 小时 前
My blockbuster turned into a Asian market.
Ultra Pitabread
Ultra Pitabread 21 小时 前
I'm not as fond of blockbuster as everyone else, because of them the mom and pop video stores pretty much all went out of buisness
Noah Pegasus
Noah Pegasus 21 小时 前
After I saw this video, I remembered going to Blockbuster a couple times as a kid, and I don't even remember what films I rented. But I do remember that I was happy renting those films.
Mujtaba Rafid Ibrahim
Mujtaba Rafid Ibrahim 22 小时 前
down here in the third world countries There were ever one option since the internet: *piracy* babyyy
CringEster 22 小时 前
conan solved the mystery
idiotican 22 小时 前
Stop doing video essays
bumple dicken
bumple dicken 21 小时 前
wow with this comment alone he will do as he is told for his channel
idfk dontsub
idfk dontsub 22 小时 前
So youre telling me we`re 20 years behind on streaming technology?
i want yum
i want yum 23 小时 前
i dont think blockbuster was ever in my country
Ballin Balgruuf
Ballin Balgruuf 23 小时 前
Because of redbox, Hulu, Netflix. There I saved you some time.
Bard of the 90s
Bard of the 90s 23 小时 前
You forgot about two things: Redbox and Family Video. I worked at Family Video last year as ASM. The reason they're still around is because they own the buildings they're in and rent spaces to (usually) food places so you can get dinner and a movie. The late fees are also just charged as though you rented the item again without any discounts, so they're fair (after 30 days, you get charged the price of the item because we assumed you stole it). Family Video also has VERY little marketing, so they save a lot that way. They sell plenty of unused or outdated stock, and sell miscellaneous things like phone chargers and CBD oil. And they're not squeamish about closing locations. If a location is not bringing in enough profit, they'll close it and sell the building. It has its problems, but the system is pretty streamlined and they try to get employees to really push any sales, promotions, or giveaways that are going on. I see them do particularly well in low income areas where people maybe can't afford streaming services, new wrapped movies, or even internet.
G 天 前
I remember renting Turok (the ps3 360 one) one day and the next day I heard the blockbuster near me was selling all of the movies and games to anyone who wanted them
Bryce Butt
Bryce Butt 天 前
Fuck Blockbuster, and Fuck Netflix
Risky Bisky
Risky Bisky 天 前
Wait how young was I when I last went to a blockbuster? 5? 6? Dang...
FermiGBM1 天 前
Nice eulogy for Blockbuster lol
Sean Minor
Sean Minor 天 前
I will always remember the day when 12 year old me was at the local blockbuster that was just giving away all its shit for free.
sato 天 前
dude i fucking remember blockbuster on demand and total access lmaoooo. we stayed with blockbuster until the bitter end too. :'(
Sir white a lot the pagan preacher
Basically blockbuster is a library but for videos...but now I gotta wonder why library's haven't went to shit.
AngloRebel 天 前
"the lessons that we learn are carved on the tombstones of others"
Spanky Dough Dandy
My local block buster became a gym and i was so sad when i went back to my home town and saw people exercising in MY BLOCKBUSTER
kyler124 天 前
You keep bringing up Netflix but Netflix wasn't really that big either. Blockbuster started dropping pretty early because their prices were just too much. I remember my Blockbuster only lasting like a month then closing. I think Redbox and family video is what killed it. Netflix was kinda a joke back in 2006 so I don't see much of an impact.
the orangebear
extra vision were irelands blockbuster
ChrisHazFun 天 前
If Blockbuster were to come back it should be as some sort of Cafe/Rental mashup store, before my local video shop shut down I thought what better addition to a place like that would be than a section where you can sit down and chill while your kids look for something to watch back at home, double down on the experience it offered.
ChrisHazFun 天 前
The Last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon: The 8th wonder of the world
Sfg116 天 前
“Live PD the game” hahahah that is great
Michael 天 前
dude this was a really cool funny and suprisingly interesting video
Alex Ryan
Alex Ryan 天 前
Problem i hate with netflix lets be real a lot of the movies and shows on there are mediocre or bad and they take a lot of the good movies and shows off thats why i loved blockbuster
Nathan Miller
I was born August 1st 2004 and I have fond memories with my dad of the final days of blockbuster
canti 天 前
Wait. Netflix is beginning to die now itself. Slowly, but its dying. The last Blockbuster may outlive the company it wanted to compete with, decades later.
Take a shot every time he says Blockbuster
Shtuffy does Stuff
I REALLY like this animation style, its like an amazing combo for Crititical
blidrob 天 前
There's STILL a Family Video open down my street. They mostly sell CBD.
Brandon Ferrell
No mention of RedBox?
Bombastic Dev
Woah, that copy of Monkey Trouble brought back memories.
how bout that Hollywood video?
NRT Danteツ
NRT Danteツ 天 前
Cut hair
0:16, these are the people that think 40k copied Starcraft.
Ethan Reid
Ethan Reid 天 前
What ab redbox tho
i have a copy of yoshis story that i rented from blockbuster but never actuly returned. still have it even after they went under.
Cheezeitzrice Insert-last-name-here
Dude I miss Blockbuster and I shed a tear every time I walk past the Redbox in my local Safeway
nadia 天 前
I used to go to blockbuster with my family and get movies and some cartoon seasons that we would watch together, you could get sonic underground and weird barbie movies, god i miss those days so much
EKG Eric Kelly Games
I never got to go to blockbuster only a few times because my mom didnt go after they asked for her SS#
Kazoio 天 前
As a kid, I'd always go to Family Video with my parents and pick out a video game or a movie. Only recently it shut down. A lot of people went there, though. I already miss that Family Video and it's been gone only 2 months.
random 天 前
I want an alternate universe where Blockbuster and Enron got in on the whole streaming service thing
Happily Ham
Happily Ham 天 前
Blockbuster was still profitable in Canada, but when the American Blockbuster went under, the Canadian Blockbuster was left with all of their debt and could no longer survive.
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