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Welcome to Brad's World. Join Brad Leone in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes grilled (and stuffed!) squid. To avoid getting tough and chewy squid, you should either grill it fast and hot or low and slow. These squid tubes are stuffed with tentacles, shrimp, scallions, garlic, ginger, spices and rice are dry rubbed with mustard powder, onion powder, salt & pepper, cayenne and coriander.
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Brad Makes Grilled Stuffed Squid | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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mukul dhiman
mukul dhiman 2 小时 前
In today's episode Gabbi shows off her daily routine at the test kitchen, while Brad cooks something in the background.
Emilia Wogan
Emilia Wogan 3 小时 前
i think brad would like julien solomita
shaun ballagh
shaun ballagh 9 小时 前
Nice dish Brad
Juliana Naccarato
i really wish he would stop saying *_the bodies_* ~
Evan James
Evan James 天 前
Any online source recommendations for the furikake and gouguchang?
Fariah Criss
Fariah Criss 天 前
Michael Hall II
Haha matt such a troll with that lettuce using chopsticks. Yes formal recipe!
Sergey Kopylov
3:26 pull back knife skills?? That's tricky!
Will Gegg
Will Gegg 天 前
Brad teach us more fish dishes
Ankush G
Ankush G 2 天 前
Am I the only one who had super dirty thoughts when he had the squid up against the piping bag. 🤐
mikebee02 2 天 前
What’s the count? 20+ ingredients?
Scott Wittie
Scott Wittie 3 天 前
Petition for "It's Dead! with Gaby" series
Claire Smith
Claire Smith 3 天 前
why does the raw squid look like a condom? haha
Dave Hawkins
Dave Hawkins 3 天 前
That look that the Seam of the chicken-skin on a REAL man's ball sack gets when Brad Says Wourder and there's no WOURDER written on the screen. OUCH
gracie yael doran
I would die for Gaby
Hemilly Lianne
Hemilly Lianne 4 天 前
i know we all talk about brad and claire but guys: brad and chris. two bros complimenting each others food. im here for this
TheHound 4 天 前
Great Cook: Wanna look at that pointing at the grill Camera Guy: Takes shot away from the stove and looks at cook 10:20 awful camera work by this douchey camera guy lol
Youi 4 天 前
I feel like Brad would adore Korean food. would not be surprised if he already does.
J ib
J ib 4 天 前
Plate it next time brad!!!
Chris Doe
Chris Doe 4 天 前
Awesome Recipe but its just not the same without Vinny
Despair 4 天 前
Feels really unprofessional and distracting having all that moving in the back. You need to respect your audience more.
tayyfvck 4 天 前
I love how he’s just like “a pinch of this a dash of that and boom, a fancy dinner”
Empty Giddy
Empty Giddy 5 天 前
what’s a banayna
alexmjimenez87 5 天 前
Recipe!!!!!! I want it
S.H. Swisher
S.H. Swisher 5 天 前
What kind of cleaver is Brad using? That thing looks awesome.
Joe Gelman
Joe Gelman 5 天 前
Whoever does the hiring at Bon Apetit deserves some kind of award. Every single person at this place seems beyond superb. Amazing.
Spencer Greenberg
Please my the recipe!!
U N 6 天 前
Not to beat a dead horse, but this show feels so different without Vinny.
U N 4 天 前
@Alex Rawlings It's gonna sound odd, but he made me *feel* like Vinny, as he took us along and engaged us in everything he's doing. I sometimes caught myself nodding to a remark he makes to Vinny. lmao
Alex Rawlings
Alex Rawlings 4 天 前
Brad did not seem quite as relaxed as he does with Vinny. Definitely different!
Kevin Kurian
Kevin Kurian 6 天 前
Engel EInzelgänger
Where’s Vinny & the pop up commentaries?
Cap’n Cringe
Cap’n Cringe 6 天 前
WHERE is the editor???
Elai Harel
Elai Harel 7 天 前
Please do a formal recipe!
horst rüdiger
horst rüdiger 7 天 前
Why does he say Coriander and not Cilantro? °_°
manoj j
manoj j 7 天 前
The camera crew(Vinni) and the chefs should switch the places and make an episode.. for the love of God , it's about time.
Cris GS
Cris GS 7 天 前
"Brad Makes Grilled Stuffed Squid" or "Chris Tries to Eat Some Lettuce". Either title works.
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 7 天 前
I make pastries, usually without a recipe
Ryann Mae Liljenstolpe
PLEASE write a formal recipe for this omfg i need it in my life
Felix Andrew Graham
I can't even with Gaby... "Hunting witches." So cute.
emmy 8 天 前
I love enska
Quentin Thigpen
Quentin Thigpen 8 天 前
This would be great if I had all 59 of those ingredients laying around
Azaghal1988 8 天 前
can you do these in a pan if you don't have a grill at home? ;)
star person
star person 8 天 前
guess i'm going to have to buy every shirt. what a shame :/
star person
star person 8 天 前
y'all are NOT afraid of spice on this show/channel i'm in love with it
Mike Phang
Mike Phang 8 天 前
What the brand of the spatula Brad's using? The big knife looking one.
Piggy Grimlin
Piggy Grimlin 8 天 前
"and I like to give it a bit of a.. *boop* "
Carol Renee Duran
This sounds fantastic. I'm going to bring it to the next bbq I get invited to xD
Daniel Litman
Daniel Litman 8 天 前
Koko 9 天 前
I thought I was here for Brad, but I'm actually here for Gabby hunting witches.
Alex Andra
Alex Andra 9 天 前
Simran Vim
Simran Vim 9 天 前
omg that looks so delicious :O
Devon Daviau
Devon Daviau 10 天 前
This looks friggin delicious. Can't wait to try it out myself. Seems to me you could do something like this and incorporate some of that YUZUKOSHO! PAM!
Emmasue Lady
Emmasue Lady 10 天 前
Make them publish it as a recipe!
kakuella 10 天 前
Korean have dish like this. It's called " ojingeo sundae", squid sausage/stuffed squid, and it's delicious 😋
Kevin Parzuchowski
Please post this recipe! Thanks Brad.
Thomas Warren
Thomas Warren 11 天 前
what kind of knife does brad have?
SeveralBears 11 天 前
Please write it up! Looks amazing
Lisa G
Lisa G 11 天 前
Mother In Law's gochujang, my favorite!!!!!
mashiro mitsumine
I love the clipboard part it sounds like he was going to explain how he brings it every where but it just cuts it out
Catt Johnson
Catt Johnson 11 天 前
He needs to write an actual recipe
BornSlyAsAFox 11 天 前
What kind of knife is that?
Person 11 天 前
pleaseee write this recipe upppp
irenefelton1 12 天 前
Such a great video. If we had the it's alive captions and things they would've taken away. Wow. Also Chris - highlight
Johnathan Jacobs
Johnathan Jacobs 12 天 前
So funny when he was like" no ones paying attention" I wasnt..
Elena Dimeski
Elena Dimeski 12 天 前
Dear god i love this show
Danny Garcia-Tunon
Please release this recipe
heyheyitsJoanna 12 天 前
I just want a loop of Brad slicing scallions because that was so calming.
Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris 13 天 前
I wish this recipe was written up, it looks so good. Still gonna try to make it though!
Girl in Redd
Girl in Redd 13 天 前
Chop chop chop the squid chop chop chop the squid chop chop chop the squid disappoint my father !!! 😭🧡🧡🧡🤣
Andrew Nielsen
Andrew Nielsen 13 天 前
I love that knife.
Christine Merritt
I don't know what most of that is inside it, I've never had squid, and yet I'm a bit desperate to try this
Morgan Cataland
Morgan Cataland 15 天 前
What brand knife is that??? Someone please answer
IIIPlasmaIII 15 天 前
Something seems really, really, wrong about the piping action segment. I should get my mind out of the gutter.
What’s Kraken
What’s Kraken 15 天 前
*locks my door*
195511SM 15 天 前
I've probably only tried squid 5 or 6 times over my 60+ years.......and I really only remember the stuff being difficult to chew. Like a mouth full of rubber bands or gristle. I only ever had it in restaurants, where I would imagine they knew how to prepare it. I can't recall the flavor, but it couldn't have been too bad, otherwise i wouldn't have tried it again. Calamari was what it was called. Is there a difference.?
Mark 15 天 前
How many condom jokes were made about the squid ? lol
Roberto Flores
Roberto Flores 16 天 前
That knife is nice where I can get it ???
Lilith in Leo
Lilith in Leo 16 天 前
not @ how i had to watch the vid a thousand times and take notes to get the recipe
Carlos was here
Carlos was here 17 天 前
low energy video
username4312 17 天 前
brad's world XD
Julie Waninger
Julie Waninger 17 天 前
Looks like a condom.
Tyler Clark
Tyler Clark 17 天 前
I wish fresh herbs didn't exist; I wouldn't be able to taste anything but cilantro in those. Gross.
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 18 天 前
Someone else noticed Vincent is not there??? wHAT hAPPENED tO VINNIE?
tk tk
tk tk 9 天 前
He works for Binging with Babish
Pyrus McDougz
Pyrus McDougz 18 天 前
Didn't know Nick Sax had a cooking show !
gblauv 18 天 前
Seems like Brad is silently dissenting here. Babish offered Vince more money and Brad pushed BA to hold onto him. It says so much about the guys/gals behind the scenes. Brad is super talented but everyone needs brilliant people alongside them.
Brandon Meador
Brandon Meador 19 天 前
What kind of spatula is that yellow one you're using?
TheBoyFierce 19 天 前
I would love a written recipe for this :) I’m starting to get seafood tastebuds and these look so good!
My monkey cum is made of Steel
Where is he
My monkey cum is made of Steel
Where’s vinny
crematory candy
crematory candy 19 天 前
*new York accent* easeh peeseh
HowItGoes31 20 天 前
Anyone knows the knife or cleaver he is using?
Kevin Surjanto
Kevin Surjanto 20 天 前
Lmfao this poor dude is so stoked to share his stuffed squid dish and everyone in the video and watching the video is so busy with everything else. People are like touring the place, flamboyantly checking watches, cooking their own foods, hunting witches C'mon people Brad's tryina make a bomb dish here.
Stefan Zubal
Stefan Zubal 20 天 前
more Brad Makes ..... boop
Lauren Peng
Lauren Peng 20 天 前
idol hands
idol hands 20 天 前
how the hell do i get a job here ?
Kevin H
Kevin H 20 天 前
Who else is recording?
fermindiaz1 20 天 前
it doesnt belong on a hotdog bun, but a po' boy!
ruddin nasir
ruddin nasir 20 天 前
the editing is lacking in this one :(
Calvin Stein
Calvin Stein 21 天 前
Would LOVE a proper recipe. I mean, I love Brad, but it's not easy to talk to people over Brad while trying to figure out what to do
Kara Arthurholtz
Kara Arthurholtz 21 天 前
brad should do an it’s alive episode of gochujang!!
schumacherenator 21 天 前
9:08 extremely nsfw