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Horten Ojongtambia
RB, you covered the KD-Warriors dispute the best! The detail is to tier 💪🏽
shock toast
shock toast 19 天 前
Top tier.
dilson manjenje
dilson manjenje 27 天 前
Facts only!
Ciriaca Campos
Ciriaca Campos 27 天 前
7-4 till the world blow
He fluent af
THEBloseNEWS 7 小时 前
I think Draymond overrated...on most top teams he would be average
JBlock 614
JBlock 614 天 前
Shout out Draymond KD soft af...
Amy Jay
Amy Jay 3 天 前
But he said no
Ryan feebler
Ryan feebler 4 天 前
dude carmelo looking thinner, lakers get him he is showing his love for the game still
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson 5 天 前
What is worst Very talented and filthy rich?Or thinking Filthy rich makes houses and automobiles GOD.Looking down on poverty stricken under privileged Humans.AKA poo Sam.
joshua batts
joshua batts 5 天 前
Lebron can’t make the lakers bring them in
George Troxel
George Troxel 5 天 前
Draymond "Drama Queen" Green
Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith 8 天 前
What happened with Melo?
Young World2k
Young World2k 8 天 前
Dramond green thinks to much. Sad the warriors let this average player intimadate the organization smdh wth
al reyes
al reyes 10 天 前
KD and only KD decided what he wanted to do.
James Bowser
James Bowser 10 天 前
Egos cost another great team a valuable championship ring. The warrior ring run is officially shut down. But, they will have decent season. Nets will be the same loser for a year or two.
James Bowser
James Bowser 10 天 前
On the play in question, if KD had run the floor, he would have had a great chance to get a pass from the fast breaking Green. KD's lack of communication with green and teammates led to that situation.
bmuzic1 11 天 前
Hell na they forces him they were getting there ass kick by the RAPTORS
Jonovan Green
Jonovan Green 11 天 前
Kd is covering for the warriors
Virginia Lawson
Virginia Lawson 11 天 前
Wavy Winsday
Wavy Winsday 13 天 前
If anyone pressured KD it was the CLAW! Lenard was on Fire 🔥. KD was trying to go Lebron on em.
Wavy Winsday
Wavy Winsday 13 天 前
Ben simons or J wall! Come on man... j.b j.wall and J.Butler would be a great team!
jahiem London
jahiem London 13 天 前
KD is just an acronym for kid w/o the I🤦‍♂️
2xtink 13 天 前
My likes are getting whipped away
It's not only toxic in L.A. Durant.. Golden State had a toxic feel too I see!
TruSol 14 天 前
Lebron tryn to get the leaugue behind him so he can win another ring
Jay Jona
Jay Jona 15 天 前
KD not good for the locker room ..if it wasn't for the Warriors big 3 KD would have never got a ring ...Draymond locked in KD can be replaced and bet he won't get a ring unless he go to Houston or the Lakers
2ez4meechie 15 天 前
Yea they pressure him they needed him they won't be winning another one no time soon
Mike Den
Mike Den 15 天 前
How can u blame anyone but fate! Nobody put a gun to his head, nor did the team say would let him go if he didn't play! The team, fans, media, all saw him grab his achilles during the Houston series! But only a few people like the Maxx kellerman's of the world mentioned it! He couldn't even go to the games nor travel!
SouthEast Wink 202
I dnt see how NOBODY has attempted to swing on draymond botch ass YET! If GSW didn’t have curry,I bet you they would have got rid of draymond before letting KD go........A decent team can when without draymond,but it’s only ONE KD
Lamaria Longstreet
Carmelo Anthony does not have it no more
Jay Sha
Jay Sha 16 天 前
Draymond Violated and Durant Demonstrated. F--K Golden State and now they suffer the Consequences.
The Airport Chauffeur
This is the Organization's fault! They should've checked Draymond a long time ago. How many more Super Stars aren't going to want to play with this team?
HaSTe_oNe 17 天 前
i wish KD the best, its all good! the best move he has done in his career was to leave OKC fr
D G is a assssoooole.
Jah TV
Jah TV 18 天 前
Melo is the best USA player ever that's crazy
Joe Dash 2
Joe Dash 2 18 天 前
Naw, only Kevin Durant ppl around him can “pressure” him to play. He’s a real superstar, they do what they want. However, he’s a superstar, he’s gonna play if he feels good to play, period. Yea, they weigh options. But still
Jay Goodman
Jay Goodman 20 天 前
Ice Cube got legit 3 on 3 league👍
vicki barbaria
vicki barbaria 20 天 前
Actually if you look at his attitude change it was when the victory parade. When asked if he was going to get the max like steph rhe comment, it was the owner or manager thst said it , was, " we steph ear ed it." KDs attitude from that day forward changed. Greens remarks may have made him upset, but I think that remark made the start. I think Green knew something tjat we did not.
Bruzza Brooks
Bruzza Brooks 20 天 前
I think the Warriors was pressed to 3peat they should have not let him play
Big Mesh
Big Mesh 20 天 前
You look like Victor Cruz!
Patricia Mora
Patricia Mora 20 天 前
No I don't think the Warriors pressured KD at all.
Ovais A
Ovais A 18 天 前
It's not like they tried really hard to keep him off the court either.......look at how hard Miami tried to keep Bosh off the court no matter how hard Bosh tried to play, they didn't let him
Don Situations
Don Situations 21 天 前
How is Melo not on a Team?
Rich Burns
Rich Burns 21 天 前
No they did not pressure him. Team is down 3-1, u see where u can DEF come back and help them comeback and win it all, go for three peat. He targeted game five, and even with the one quarter he played he they got the win. Injuries happen, they beat other teams without kd or without curry
Rich Burns
Rich Burns 21 天 前
That Beal , wall, butler trio might come out east to finals
Team USA lost behind this😭🤣😭😭🤣🤡💩💯they treating melo like he got leprosy 😭⚰💯
Oozzie Halifa
Oozzie Halifa 21 天 前
Butler is a number 1 now?
Aaron Staten
Aaron Staten 22 天 前
I like Draymond but he made things personal with Durant which was a bad move when the entire organization wanted to keep Durant. That might have been the final straw that caused the Durant to for sure want to leave.
Amy Hall
Amy Hall 22 天 前
KD is a wuss!! He couldnt get All attention he thinks he is worth! Draymond says the truth. and hes too insecure to tk it! Grow up CUPCAKE
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 23 天 前
I would have loved to hear what Klay heard in that seat,
Charles Lu
Charles Lu 21 天 前
Klay got it in both ears!
Richard James
Richard James 23 天 前
I think Melo’s last few gigs hurt his rep.
Richard James
Richard James 18 天 前
42Laj did not know about that. Sad.
42Laj 18 天 前
And Carmelo cheating on a yacht on his wife's birthday , didn't help either. Karma getting him now.
ALj BeBe
ALj BeBe 23 天 前
Didn't they retire his #?! That's what I thought...of course he gona shut it down...
Cuz Lightyear
Cuz Lightyear 24 天 前
Has Rondo expressed his thoughts on CP even being in talks of going to the lakers ? Idk if you covered that if he did , I haven’t been clocked in lately
VolcanoTrigger 24 天 前
You’re trippin. Butler was winning and dominating. Embiid and Simmons were getting carried by him. Kawhi just got that lucky rim bouncer for the win.
Jacob Shelton
Jacob Shelton 25 天 前
KD is a grown man! He shouldn't have to listen to anybody telling him what to do... Moreover I don't think he does.
SP 26 天 前
Durant and Irving wasn't talking about Brooklyn in the tunnel. No way! They did that at a private meet-up somewhere else or on their cells. But the chemistry between them was obvious.
Stephen Perkins
Stephen Perkins 25 天 前
Donnie Chapman
Donnie Chapman 27 天 前
Well see if they win now. DG an ass hole
Super Tribe
Super Tribe 28 天 前
I ruptured my achilles and that is an injury that just happens... out of nowhere.
A M 28 天 前
He left because he is SOFT!!
MDR 17
MDR 17 28 天 前
KD left OKC to chase rings and he got two.
Darrell martin
Darrell martin 29 天 前
Draymond Green Is a hot head and because of that he will pay heavily. He has had a lot of success, but that will be deterred this season without Kevin Durant. The main reason for that is the lack of Depth of the starting five has changed. No Kevin Durant, Andre Igudala, and Clay Thompson out with Injury. With the exception of De' Angelo Russell. which shares the ball with Stephon Curry. Junk yard Dog!!!
Johan Massy
Johan Massy 29 天 前
Carmelo, you have options that will be much more appreciated by people in communities that far surpass your basketball skills. The hell with the NBA if they no longer see your value. You carried their company for many years. Use your relationships & wealth to enrich the communities of our undeserving African American & Afro Caribbean peoples in the U.S. & abroad if you so choose. You would be even more loved & admired because of it.
carmello is over rated player his not that good that's why he never win a nba finals
Elmo Thomas
Elmo Thomas 29 天 前
So are you suggesting that if you haven't one a championship, you're not a good player?
eric rombo
eric rombo 个月 前
Its the awfuĺ reason why kd left warriors.,