Brooks Koepka: Every shot in record 63 in first round at 2019 PGA Championship

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kez kez
kez kez 9 天 前
wtf is this guy doing wrong to not even get a pat on the back
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones 12 天 前
Patronising commentators Watched this with the sound off
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker 个月 前
meh... not my guy. good player but not it. hes a straight machine and that power is real. but just not that likeable and other players have better all around game swing/techniqu
Cade Caughman
Cade Caughman 个月 前
The next great 🔥
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 个月 前
Lucky putts on the first and last holes with 4 missed putts under 15 feet in between. He could've shot 59 without any hole-outs.
mike jones
mike jones 个月 前
Don’t know why they call it a record score when it is 63 on a par 70. 33 golfers have scored 63s and some have been 8 and 9 under, on par 71 and 72 courses, still amazing though
mike jones
mike jones 个月 前
Oops, course record I just realised 🤭
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez 个月 前
the barely misses would've put him under 10...
TallahassZ Remington
Such a sweet stroke...
Nugget Doozy
Nugget Doozy 个月 前
Ev ree bod ee wants to choke the pga
Michael Seminatore
Is that SVP announcing?
Rich Moore Photo
Rich Moore Photo 个月 前
Brooks strikes the ball pure every time. Hell of a feat for a guy that swings for the fence. If my shot sounds like that once a round, I’m pumped
Bootus the Clown
Bootus the Clown 个月 前
Tiger who?
David Hammond
David Hammond 个月 前
Which came first ,The golf course or the airport ?
Don Carbon
Don Carbon 个月 前
if Americans would just just shut up
Carter Bowles
Carter Bowles 个月 前
Scary thing is he missed 2 fairways horribly. And missed at least two easily makable birdies
Bob Griffith
Bob Griffith 个月 前
A machine
Jim Gogg
Jim Gogg 个月 前
Tiger Woods isn’t in it , u see how much less ppl care lol golf is lame
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick 个月 前
Haha he is back on his yacht fucking his ugly ass girlfriend
streezus 个月 前
fucks wrong with this camera guy
Michael Amechi
Michael Amechi 个月 前
Amazing that Brook's win rate in regular events is not higher he simply overpowers difficult courses which + his mental strength is why, like Tiger, he is so unbeatable in the Majors.
Riley Lewis
Riley Lewis 个月 前
What a round this could have been if he made a few more 10 footers. He is just dominating the tournament. 🏆🏌
Tom Piscitelli
Tom Piscitelli 个月 前
Don't let this distract you that I almost shot under 100 last sat.
Marc-André Dandenault
meh... not my guy. good player but not it. hes a straight machine and that power is real. but just not that likeable and other players have better all around game swing/technique
swampThaang 个月 前
Not what I expected the 63 would look like. Great content... saved me hours.
wreckim 个月 前
For years, while Tiger was suffering with injury after injury...and losing his 17 girlfriends....there was this talk of Tiger can't keep up with these "YOUNG" guys crap--R.Fowler, Jason Day, Spieth, McLroy, DJ.... It was never true; Tiger's injuries, and his bad play in comparison could make a Web.com tour player look awesome. The dude couldn't even chip. Now, on this day of May 16, 2019...Brooks Koepka stepped up and played in a way that truly makes the statement: Tiger you're still good...but not THIS good. Just like Tiger did to all the others during his run. Koepka is not Tiger...he won't have 80+ wins on tour just for starters. But he officially has everyone chasing his tail on these Majors for a foreseeable future...including Tiger. Tiger isn't done...I still hope he can win more Majors. But he's no longer The Man out there...that's Brooks.
Ian Buchanan
Ian Buchanan 个月 前
Best player in the world right now and has been for the past couple of years.
Floyd Maxwell
Floyd Maxwell 个月 前
Many thanks for sharing this tremendous round
Angel Matos
Angel Matos 个月 前
The Clint Eastwood of golf
Lashorna Washington
now we are talking
Vlad Sanders
Vlad Sanders 个月 前
Too few shots to watch. At least with Tiger you get to see more shots.
mike jones
mike jones 个月 前
Vlad Sanders we had a guy at our club who always talked about every shot, we always hoped he had a great round....less shots to talk about!
Joe Etoundi
Joe Etoundi 个月 前
Brooks Koepka is demystifying the toughness of Bethpage Black, by overpowering it. This dude's gonna win it by a double digit margin shots. Who wants to bet??
deldridg 个月 前
An excellent if not somewhat emotion/personality free round.
Indanek Waffles
Indanek Waffles 个月 前
coulda shot sub-60... just wow.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 个月 前
#38 on trending street
andy crossfit
andy crossfit 个月 前
The next Tiger :)
Arky2012 个月 前
Costas should stay out of golf, he made two announcing mistakes in first 6 mins, come on Bob??
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 个月 前
#37 on trending street
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen 个月 前
Frank Rivera
Frank Rivera 个月 前
MagmaleE1 个月 前
Did he bogey the 4th hole. I think he did.
Brian Wilmoth
Brian Wilmoth 个月 前
By by Tiger here comes Mr Brooks!
JasJones123 个月 前
PGA of America true to form is not missing a single opportunity for ad revenue, can hardly see the leaderboard for the number of ads on the page, in between every shot on their website no matter the featured group a minimum of 180 seconds of ad space. Just like the Ryder Cup the PGA tries to squeeze every drop of ad revenue from the PGA and the Ryder Cup that they can. The PGA would rather sell the entire screen in ad space if they could, and to hell with the fans of the game. The Ryder Cup has been turned into an unwatchable event due to the commercials.
onespeed 个月 前
He let Tiger win the masters.
Callum Docherty
Callum Docherty 个月 前
onespeed what’s it like to be severely autistic?
salvation 个月 前
Nobody lets Tiger win anything.
Glenn Stockley
Glenn Stockley 个月 前
please tell that corney yank commentator that this isn't baseball !!!
Arky2012 个月 前
That's exactly where Costas needs to stay in baseball
No Name
No Name 个月 前
i wanna see a video on the ball tracking technology
Joel Hassell
Joel Hassell 个月 前
Love these full videos. Just wish we could get them better than 720p. Not like 1080+ is new tech at this point...
David Powell
David Powell 个月 前
Brooks is a quick player? My hero in a sport of slow pokes. And that posture and swing...perfect.
Adam Kidwell
Adam Kidwell 个月 前
Sick camera shot at 9:00
Biren Ray
Biren Ray 个月 前
Adam Kidwell a MN
Gregory Vartian-Foss
probably the worst commentating I've heard. Way over excited and both don't seem to really know anything about golf. Golfers like Koepka wouldn't exist without Tiger. Tiger won 10 majors, 10 WGC, 46 tourneys total by the time he was 30. Comparing Koepka to Tiger is a complete stretch.
Arky2012 个月 前
That's Bob Costas for you, he should not even be commentating golf, stay the fuck out Bob
S G 个月 前
cameramen are terrible...
Joma _
Joma _ 个月 前
jhaz89 个月 前
Michelle Green
Michelle Green 个月 前
Fuck "Bruce" Koepka
Brady Derise
Brady Derise 个月 前
The ole boy is on right now.
Cristiano Sterrelo
As many birdie putts as he missed, could have finished with a 57
Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter 个月 前
They need more planes flying over
Emil Sjöstrand
Emil Sjöstrand 个月 前
Thank you, finally the content we all want. Now just fix the potato-quality :)
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 个月 前
How can you make that many fuck ups and still hit a 63 ...
Ian Woollard
Ian Woollard 个月 前
He’s a player that deserves more recognition by the media in my opinion. What a great player and what a difficult course. I hate to think how high my score would be here. Go Brooks
Arky2012 个月 前
Maybe without the media attention he will beat tiger and challenge Jack with major wins
Jeff Mojave
Jeff Mojave 个月 前
He is like Dustinn Johnson, with a better putter, and without the serious cocaine use!
salvation 个月 前
Most certainly a "better putter."
Oliver Haas
Oliver Haas 个月 前
at 5:44 -> A drive DIRECTLY into the people : No FORE, and just a late hand-gesture...unbelievable.....!! Nothing learned from the last terrible accident , where a woman lost her eye
Stefan Coetzee
Stefan Coetzee 个月 前
@YikesBikes How is it not similar to baseball...? 1. A baseball is much softer than a golfball and travels shorter distances at a slower speed, i.e. much less chance of injury. 2. People in the stands are generally seated, facing the game, seeing all the action at a glance, whereas in golf, people in the target areas are generally moving around, mostly facing the fairway and not the golfers teeing off with a miniscule yet bullet-like white ball, i.e. much more 'blind' and vulnerable to what is happening on the tee than in baseball 3. There is more time and opportunity in golf too warn people, in baseball if you hit into the stands you are probably busy running as fast as you can to next base, not standing idly watching exactly where your ball is going. 4. In baseball, there is much, much more noise than on a golf course 5. In golf, as I have said ad nauseam, there is this little thing called ETIQUETTE which asks you to shout FORE when you see your ball could possibly cause injury. A rule that is not only useful over a 100 yards, which you would know if you had ever played golf yourself. Have you ever been on a golf course? Apparently not. You can hear shouts of FORE from a long distance, yes easily from 300+ yards away, even with other people talking around you, which by the way only confirms the need for a warning. Yes, I agree you are ultimately solely responsible for assuming the risk of getting hit with a golf ball if you attend a tournament, but that is not the damn point, is it? The point is that a shout of FORE can prevent a tragedy and is requested for by something called ETIQUETTE. Do you not understand this simple point? Well then, consider the following: Imagine YOU get hit by a pro golfer who didn't bother to call FORE, your eye is popping out of your socket, you are blind for life, but lucky for you, you have a signed glove from the guy who hit you, and lucky for you, you understand that it was YOUR fault - regardless of the fact that a FORE call might have saved you. You know, a simple, considerate adherence to ETIQUETTE might have made the difference between you being blinded or being dead. Surely this simple point is not so hard to understand? But apparently, it is.
YikesBikes 个月 前
Lol how’s it not similar to baseball? follow your logic... Marshall’s aren’t there and didn’t signal... ok just how then is someone in a crowd of people drinking, talking plus other commotion going to hear a golfer 300+yds away? The rules of etiquette were established when people were barely hitting over 100yds. If you’re standing along a fairway in the landing zone you alone ASSUME THE RISK of getting hit with a drive. Sorry.
Arjan Petersen
Arjan Petersen 个月 前
Americans and fore plus caring about other people. That doesn’t add up
Stefan Coetzee
Stefan Coetzee 个月 前
@YikesBikes You are proof positive that the words GOLF ETIQUETTE doesn't mean a rat's ass to you and idiots like you. Shouting FORE could potentially save someone an eye, or even from being killed. That fact is beyond dispute. But according to you, we are just 'Euro Pansies' to care about that. F..ck Golf Etiquette. Not for YOU, right? Not YOUR fault, if you could perhaps have prevented a tragedy. You think you can compare this situation to ice hockey or baseball - really? Are you really that dim? Listen numbnuts, nobody is saying it's the striker's fault if his ball or the puck goes south. But established etiquette in golf says you should shout FORE, for a reason. You are after all the guy who hit the missile. Pat Perez hit people in the crowds three times during a round at the Genesis Open. He didn't bother to open his mouth once, and people were caught unawares. No problem, because he made it all ok by handing out signed gloves to his bleeding targets. Yep - if that happened to me, I'd sure love a glove with the signature of the idiot who didn't bother to warn me, instead of a left eye. But I guess if that should happen, those people should just 'get over it' - according to the words of wisdom falling like pearls of shit from the lips of Mr 'YikesBikes'. What a stink.
Dr. Greg Goins
Dr. Greg Goins 个月 前
Listen to our new golf podcast - Down The Middle With Doc & Zip here: anchor.fm/doc-zip/episodes/PGA-Championship-Week-e4244k
Terrance ingram
Terrance ingram 个月 前
Spieth and Thomas are punching air
오빠왓다 个月 前
년중 한번 골프대회 챔프티 에서 라운드 하는 골퍼 입니다. ㆍ올해 56세ㆍ 2018년ㆍ기록 +1. (처음간 대회 코스에서)
오빠왓다 个月 前
내가 붙어 볼만하다 ㆍ티샷 비거리 ㆍ드라이버 300m ㆍ우드 250m ㆍ퍼팅 ㆍ아이언 샷은 내가 연습라운드 3번정도 하면 감 잡을거고
오빠왓다 个月 前
대단한 브룩스 캡카 선수네요 ^^
Jimmy Hoffmann
Jimmy Hoffmann 个月 前
That could have been a 60
Keokpa is already a legend He’s gonna win 9 majors. Monirali not a chance
Arjan Petersen
Arjan Petersen 个月 前
Once you get names correct,..
jay poma
jay poma 个月 前
Did he tie the record or set it?
Colddickrick 个月 前
Dudes a beast but even when he’s tearing it up he’s boring af to watch
RecorderBoi420 个月 前
woo hoo, pga are doing every shot things now. so happy, b slingzz and avid golfer got copyrighted. please do more PGA.com pls
Jon Cocks
Jon Cocks 个月 前
It's how I imagine I'm going to play each weekend. Reality is somewhat different
Redskies453 个月 前
Haha. When you're in bed Friday night thinking about how it's gonna go tomorrow.
MrPnutlewis 个月 前
I wish they wouldn't put the score number in the subject line.........
Stuart Marais
Stuart Marais 个月 前
Koepka looking impressive. Has the muscle power too for dealing with the thick rough there.
Phil Pollare
Phil Pollare 个月 前
This guy is going to get at least 10 majors during his career, trust me!
Arky2012 个月 前
@Phil Pollare true, however it really depends on the meltdown factor. If he can keep going and not blow anything big, he can prosper, however, if he does like spieth on hole 12 at Augusta, and ends up losing a huge major lead it could be bad from there, in other words all depends on situation.
Phil Pollare
Phil Pollare 个月 前
@Arky2012 look at rory etc you win some and then you fade out in the field and it starts to get harder for you mentally.
Arky2012 个月 前
Only 10? He'll challenge Nicholas
low 个月 前
This guy is a problem. Hes relentless
jasmar23 个月 前
Hahahahah 6:36 "Hey Brooks I got some big money on you!"...
P T 个月 前
“The second lowest round in championship golf” bruh it’s a par 70, compare what’s comparable
P T 个月 前
@Arjan Petersen That is not how it works lmao
Arjan Petersen
Arjan Petersen 个月 前
P T doesn’t matter. Course is more difficult
Joe Merritt
Joe Merritt 个月 前
Having toruble fonding this stat .. has anyone won the same major 3 years in a row?
CrushOfSiel 个月 前
180 ball speed, lol. Jeez.
David MacGowan
David MacGowan 个月 前
Appalling commentary.
Arky2012 个月 前
You can thank Bob Costas for his shity commentary
From Dusk To Dawn
Brooks shhoots a 76 tomorrow
From Dusk To Dawn
@Brian ryan I know right?
Brian ryan
Brian ryan 个月 前
Great call
Elliott D
Elliott D 个月 前
14:05 ?? No ball sound lol
Eric Walsh
Eric Walsh 个月 前
Tried to figure out my issue with Brooks. And I realized it’s annoying as hell to watch him wipe his putter before every stroke. What a dumb habit.
Outfit on point too
raysalsa1 个月 前
Shoots a 63 while making a mess of both par 5's by his standards. Just unreal strength and talent!
Lane Rogers
Lane Rogers 个月 前
Koepka is the best player on Tour, and it’s not even close!!!
Lane Rogers
Lane Rogers 个月 前
Arjan Petersen looked golf? Do you speak English? And yes Tiger played good at the Masters and at the Tour Championship last year but Koepka has been more successful over the past 3 years than Tiger. You must get off to videos of Tiger Woods lol...
Arjan Petersen
Arjan Petersen 个月 前
Last time I looked Golf, Tiger won the masters, I didn’t see Brooks there. What am I missing here?
Jens Clarberg
Jens Clarberg 个月 前
Well, 4 times per year, yes.
evan 个月 前
Been watching golf for years but this is the guy who inspired me to start. Absolute stud. Listen to his interview on the “Pardon my Take” podcast, he’s just a regular guy who likes beer and pizza like the rest of us!
evan 个月 前
j luttrell had to bring in politics eh, beta move
j luttrell
j luttrell 个月 前
Hangs out with dirtbag Clinton at an NBA game! Yes, he a regular guy!
John Rotten
John Rotten 个月 前
He will win this tournament. Just gonna shoot 2 or 3 under the next 3 days and that will wrap it up.
e james
e james 个月 前
good call by the announcer at the finish........."I wouldn't put it past him".
roger peet
roger peet 个月 前
This guy is good. I would never go to the gym with him. Personally, I like how he had that round in front of Tigar.
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 个月 前
Well Blake, a step further, winning those Majors and going well whilst playing with Tiger would seem to indicate the higher the pressure, the better he concentrates/plays. That's in some people's nature.
Blake Martin
Blake Martin 个月 前
@Mark Mark Tiger has a small window, so I know he sees Koepka as a major threat, and the way he dominated Tiger when they played together shows he won't be intimidated by him, which so many golfers were 15 years ago. As far as his non-major titles lacking, maybe he gets up for the majors??
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 个月 前
Golfers have also historically had runs then faded. I believe Tiger's comment was more in the realm of previously, now, and well into the future, always a threat. I will add, 4 Majors in such a short time is certainly something very special, but clearly 2 PGA events otherwise in 4 years isn't. That part is quite confusing.
Blake Martin
Blake Martin 个月 前
Mark Mark Dude has won 4 of the last 8 majors, so only a fool wouldn’t consider him a threat.
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 个月 前
Tiger has said many good things about him previously, and considers him a real threat.
e james
e james 个月 前
when you're visiting manhattan.........you gotta check out bethpage black.
Hyo-Kyung Lee
Hyo-Kyung Lee 个月 前
Thank you B. Koepka and PGA.com. I feel very fortunate because I don't think I can see -7 again at Bethpage Black until I die. I think even AI robot can't hit this well. This is equivalent to perfect game in baseball.
YikesBikes 个月 前
He also made a lot of long lucky putts so it balances out.
Steve Don
Steve Don 个月 前
And it still wasn’t a perfect round , left at least 3 easy putts out there! That’s the scary part
J R Deckard
J R Deckard 个月 前
Great vid.
Daniel Furth
Daniel Furth 个月 前
this is unreal
anducc 个月 前
Wow! A couple more sinked putts and he would have been in the 50s!
I love how athletic he looks over the ball. Just looks so comfortable and it’s showing
Steve Thomsen
Steve Thomsen 个月 前
It’s a repeat of Jack overtaking Arnold as the best in his era...
Juan Ruiz Art
Juan Ruiz Art 个月 前
Bam Bam, wow, what a clinic! BTW, awesome video edit, Ball Striker style, thank you!
Juan Ruiz Art
Juan Ruiz Art 个月 前
@Arky2012 Yeah, another guy I can't stand is Michael Breed, he loves to hear himself talk.
Arky2012 个月 前
Yeah the editing was way better than the commentating by Bob Costas he's such a fucking tool
Matt Shirley
Matt Shirley 个月 前
Yes, Brooks! We’re pulling for you brother!!
game changer
game changer 25 天 前
Chase will get there. I think he struggles being away from home in Europe more than big bro.
우근육 个月 前
Koepka is a beast
Gage Leamer
Gage Leamer 个月 前
Why couldn’t he do that in Brodie Smith’s Putt Putt game ?
CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 4)