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Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live.
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Dance on Sunset
Dance on Sunset 小时 前
Jungkook 2:49 thank me later guys
Norin L.
Norin L. 2 小时 前
Everyone's soooo surprised at how they can sing and dance at the same time lol have yall not seen Michael Jackson? They wouldn't be the first.
MyrthexLatoya 小时 前
with MJ people also always claim he his lip synching, because he has done that, especially in longer shows. but they always kind of seem to forget he also did A LOT of this performances 100% live...
Makayla Gill
Makayla Gill 2 小时 前
Those ad libs tho😍😍😍😍😍😍
sorahere 2 小时 前
hobi truly looks like a boy with luv
서한 2 小时 前
난 석진이 목소리가 청량하고 잘들려서 석진이 파트가 진짜 좋음
Namjoon For president
I always come back to this video
J G P 3 小时 前
lol theyre lip syncing
J G P actually this is mostly live only the chorus when they say " boy with luv" is covered with backup music cause its the moment where they jump and it would be almost impossible to sing that part well. Other than that its all live even backup band who were singing with them confirmed it.
MyrthexLatoya 小时 前
@+J G P yes, at first I thought that too, especially with Jin at one point. but that is actually the backtrack you are hearing, it was very loud. you can find MR Removed videos of this performance if you don't believe me
J G P 2 小时 前
+MyrthexLatoya a few times some of them pull away from the mic but the volume doesnt change. I live in korea and i see people do this live all the time. its sickeningly common. perfection above honesty and art
MyrthexLatoya 2 小时 前
lol they are not
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 3 小时 前
Lips sync at his finest😂😂😂
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 3 小时 前
Sp gay and only has 15milipn views😂😂😂
mochimin 2 小时 前
since when is gay an insult? lmao. we love our gay kings 😍😍
MyrthexLatoya 2 小时 前
can't hear you over the 215M views of the MV or the 711M views of DNA
marta 92
marta 92 3 小时 前
JHope singing and dancing with that big gorgeous smile, you can really tell that he really loves what he's doing
Jeon Jonathan
Jeon Jonathan 3 小时 前
BTS is unique. BTS paved the way bye
France Anne
France Anne 3 小时 前
Jin is smooth and calm...
Zaira Marie Batal
Zaira Marie Batal 4 小时 前
Why do I love this better than the mv?
Amy Xx
Amy Xx 5 小时 前
The smiles in the performance warms my heart 💗💗
Hannah 5 小时 前
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook 6 小时 前
the one wearing black is hot
JJK 5 小时 前
jeon jungkook Jeon Jonathan
mm g
mm g 6 小时 前
17 228
mm g
mm g 6 小时 前
bts 응원합니다. 멋져요.
Travis Williams
Travis Williams 6 小时 前
As someone who was a performer in my younger days. I’m very impressed with their vocals while dancing. They have lots of charisma and confidence along with the talent to make this go a long way.
MyrthexLatoya 2 小时 前
thank you for your kind words! please also check out their performance of 'Mic Drop' on SNL :)
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Nice choreography. I see and hear a lot of pop and hip hop influences, in this group.
NotLisa InSohluria
NotLisa InSohluria 4 小时 前
In this song they experiment with moohmbaton trap. Its one song that help catapult them into the spotlight due to its unique sound and the music videos references to philosophy and historic paintings. They literally can do it all: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91--Abm0pewwLo.html
NotLisa InSohluria
NotLisa InSohluria 5 小时 前
They are originally a hip hop group but have experimented with a lot of genres since their debut in 2013. Please listen to their song called "Home" from their recent album 💜
sophia g
sophia g 7 小时 前
jungkook’s ad libs are smoooOO00OOOooth @3:23
moon river
moon river 7 小时 前
I can’t even put a smile on my face if I perform this chillest bts choreo while singing in this small stage. 😂 I will mess up the choreo big time.
Jeffrey Day
Jeffrey Day 8 小时 前
There are three singers in the back doing most of the vocal work.
NotLisa InSohluria
NotLisa InSohluria 4 小时 前
They can't even speak Korean, but okay Chad 🙄
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
They are imitating 7 different voices and singing in korean?
KianaDahling 8 小时 前
I can’t be the only that watches a video of their performances and then watch them again 7 times so I can focus on each one separately and appreciate what they bring to the table...
Felicia R
Felicia R 8 小时 前
I cried and nutted
JJK 5 小时 前
Felicia R I-
Felicia R
Felicia R 8 小时 前
princess momo
princess momo 8 小时 前
Love this version 🤧
Cynthia Truong
Cynthia Truong 9 小时 前
For those who don't know, the woman in the back doing the backup vocals for the boys is Melanie Fontana, a composer of Euphoria, Boy with Luv, and Mikrokosmos :))
rhdbfk yu
rhdbfk yu 9 小时 前
I love you Jin 😍😍😍
Jane M
Jane M 9 小时 前
BTS did a great job and I love Jimin
Sandra Suarez
Sandra Suarez 9 小时 前
Beyond impressed!
jan Lastovica
jan Lastovica 9 小时 前
wow horrible singing live..and almost all of it is prerecorded . cant have harmonies or backup when yur bouncin around without a mic to face. fun choreography tho
MyrthexLatoya 小时 前
@+jan Lastovica Hey, Jan! You seem to have some misconceptions about BTS and this performance. This is all 100% live. BTS is actually notouriously bad at lip synching as you can see in a lot of their music videos. I'm not saying they don't do it at all, because they do, just watch their 'Perfect Man' performance, that was lip synched as well! But the focus was on the dance performance and not on the vocals, that's why they used a prerecorded track. Their live shows are also always 100% live. And yes, they do use a backtrack, because they are also dancing at the same time, which is incredibly hard to do. These men have incredible stamina but are still human and need to BREATHE, that's why they use a backtrack. As much as I love Pink and think she is an AMAZING singer, she doesn't have these kind of choreographies (I can only remember one song where she dances? Correct me if I'm wrong!), so comparing the two doesn't make any sense... Comparing them to Beyoncé or Justin Bieber would make more sense since they do actually perform choreographies at their shows. And yes, they too use backtracks or lip synch, doesn't make them bad artists though. The same goes for your statement about 70s artists. I'm not sure which artists exactly you are referring to but a lot of them also didn't have choreographies, so again comparing BTS with those artists doesn't make sense. All the members of BTS have amazing vocals and can sing very well live (whether it is your taste or not is a different story) --> cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-TiSCyZBK2_k.html (unfortunatly I can't find a video with more recent performances). Also the BTS fanbase mostly consists of people in their 20s and 30s and older, so no one is too old for BTS ;) Please check out their performance of 'Mic Drop' on SNL as well. Again this is also 100% live and the choreography is way harder than this one. The choreography of Boy With Luv is actually one of the simple ones of BTS. And believe it or not their performance of 'Mic Drop' was also kind of laid back and more loose than they normally do. If you want to really see them go hard you need to see this performance of 'Mic Drop' --> cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-nVHcXZK7pKs.html
jan Lastovica
jan Lastovica 4 小时 前
+Tae is bae thanks maybe will do. but lip syncing i believe is a sin lol. most all do it even those with great voices. was just struck by how they made absolutely no attempt to at least lip synch it correctly. thats wy i love pink..never uses a backtrack in performances. alot of the 70s singer/songwriters were the same. basically am just too old haha
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
I understand what u are saying but for me, they are pretty stable for someone who are jumping around...also, give their music a chance...u wont regret it
Marrysoon 10 小时 前
Jimin looking so damn good
elaine deblois
elaine deblois 10 小时 前
so cool boys
Danny L.
Danny L. 10 小时 前
dont feel surprised that your think BTS is amazing. it's the result of a team engineers and millions of dollars of strategic investment. the "boy band" is more science than art.
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
While there is a formula to boyband and yes BTS has had training too but they are involved in most part of their musical process including song writing and producing which makes them different
magic shop
magic shop 8 小时 前
They made their song and produce as well. Their songs have great meaning too.
Chubless The Bear
Chubless The Bear 10 小时 前
Yo they killed this shit🔥🔥🔥
Sylvia Park
Sylvia Park 11 小时 前
I am STILL watching this! Someone help me!!
old hag
old hag 3 小时 前
You are doing great, keep going. 💜
Matt Augusto
Matt Augusto 11 小时 前
The late Michael Jackson would have loved to meet them boys and collaborated with them.
nash charun
nash charun 11 小时 前
Jesus christ! What am I watching this totally new. Great performance though.
Carolyn Wansley
Carolyn Wansley 11 小时 前
I'm loving the comments. As it should be. They are all talented, beautiful, hardworking, and inspirational. ARMYs are proud of all of them. We'll done BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
nimagooy 12 小时 前
Hoseok is literally born to be on a stage. He's just so charismatic when he's performing!!!
Kay B
Kay B 12 小时 前
Yes, they are talented and good looking but I'm in love with each of their personalities. I'm so addicted to their shows. Jungkook truly is a manifestation of his older band mates. I really enjoyed watching them develop over the years, I wish them more success in life.
Marc Kenneth
Marc Kenneth 12 小时 前
*Welcome to the Fandom new ARMYS!* *A philosopher once said:* *Once you Jim-in, you can't Jim-out.*
Paola Itzel
Paola Itzel 12 小时 前
Love my boys!! 😍
Marc Kenneth
Marc Kenneth 12 小时 前
*The Maknae Line with BLACK SHOES. The Hyung Line with WHITE SHOES* 💜
Izabel Sena
Izabel Sena 12 小时 前
Manuel Poblador
Manuel Poblador 12 小时 前
Dat keyboard playing tho >>>
Saaya Zakaria
Saaya Zakaria 12 小时 前
Vote BTS at BBMA
Emmara Tandris
Emmara Tandris 13 小时 前
My 4 year old daughter is absolutely obsessed with them. I am a fan of them as well. She loves the one with pink hair. I’m actually not sure who it is lol. Can someone help with their names? Thanks loll
Emmara Tandris
Emmara Tandris 11 小时 前
Jina this is amazing!! Thank you!!!
Jina 12 小时 前
My 7 year old nephew is in love with BTS as well lol. From left to right @ 3:25 1. RM (Blond hair): leader of the group, main rapper (Korean name: Kim Nam-joon) 2. Jungkook (dark brown hair with white shirt and a tie): Main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper, the youngest 3. V ( Blue hair, also called by his Korean name "Taehyung" ) Vocalist, lead dancer, he's also an actor 4. Jin (in the middle, Korean name : Kim Seok-Jin): Vocalist, the oldest, nick name => worldwide handsome ^ ^ 5. Jimin (pink hair, Korean name: Park Jimin): Lead vocalist, main dancer (specialized in contemporary dance at High School of Arts) 6. J-Hope (brown curly hair, Korean name: Jung Ho-Seok): Lead rapper, main dancer (before debut, he was a member of underground dance team 'Neuron' and won many local prizes for his dance) 7. Suga (red shirt, Korean name: Min Yoon-gi): Lead rapper, songwriter, music producer (although these days, other BTS members also write and produce songs)
Emmara Tandris
Emmara Tandris 12 小时 前
Thank you both!!! I feel so embarrassed asking but thank you lol
Goldjade14 12 小时 前
Emmara Tandris RM Jin Suga J-hope Jimin V Jungkook I suggest watching a video called Who is bts : the seven members of bangtan to get to know them
Josh 12 小时 前
Pink hair guy's name is Jimin. BTS members: V, jimin, RM, Jin, sugar, J-hope,jungkook
Richard Douglas
Richard Douglas 13 小时 前
They look like girls.
NotLisa InSohluria
NotLisa InSohluria 4 小时 前
Oh, here we go with the fragile masculinity..
JJK 5 小时 前
Nah just very pretty men :)
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
They are pretty. I know. They are in touch with all sides of their personas and are dispelling the notion of toxic masculinity
Goldjade14 12 小时 前
Richard Douglas They are men in they’re 20s .men who known to write music with deep messages and meaning in they’re music . Addressing social issues and things we go through in life .
great one ko
great one ko 13 小时 前
koyukiny 14 小时 前
Their voices and moves are smooth like silk. This song is purely dedicated to armys and that is why they are singing with so much happiness on their face. It is a lovely song, tribute to their loyal fans, armys💜
j-hopes eyebros
j-hopes eyebros 14 小时 前
Idk why but the way Tae and Jin say "stronger" is really cute XD
Seda Reis
Seda Reis 14 小时 前
I love Suga😋😍
DarkPinayLover 14 小时 前
#JooElicious.cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-2bY64rtP0wk.html #HYOBSESSED.
I’m Army now
I’m Army now 14 小时 前
How utterly charming.
douglas jardine
douglas jardine 14 小时 前
I like the way they are so original to all the other American Idol type or Korean k pop acts if you put them up against 10,000 other acts you could tell them apart and if they always kept their hair black anybody would care, the clothes and generic hiphop dance moves really improve the all around original and deep soul moving not karaoke inspired musical art style also being so ahead of their time talking about social issues before it was the hip marketing move etc..
letslifelaughluv 14 小时 前
Coming back here once in awhile to admire this piece of artwork. Choreo, charisma, swag, looks, voice & TALENT, thats why I cant get enough of BTS. Oh and JIMINS SMILE. Bye
Azia Mcdonald
Azia Mcdonald 15 小时 前
jimin in that black suit and low v neck
CheckOutBTSgroup 15 小时 前
FOR NEW PEOPLE!!! FAST/ DANCE SONGS: IDOL, Fake Love, DNA, (Dope) , FIRE, run, (Blood Sweat & Tears) , Airplane pt. 2, Anpanman, Whalien 52, Jump, (Boy In Luv) ,So what, (War Of Hormones) , Danger , No More Dream , (Boyz With Fun) , Baepsae (Silver spoon), Am i wrong, 21st Century girl, INTERLUDE: Wings Slow or Romantic Songs: Jamias vu, Singularity, The truth untold, Spring Day, Serendipity, Tomorrow, Let Me Know, Rain, 힙합성애자 (Hip Hop Lover), Just One Day, Hold me tight, Autumn leaves, Coffee, OUTRO: Love Is Not Over, Butterfly, EPILOGUE : Young Forever, House of cards Rap or Hard Songs: intro;Persona, Home, DDAENG, Outro: tear, Mic Drop (3 versions), Dionysus, Bulletproof pt. 1, Bulletproof pt. 2, What Am I To You , INTRO: Skool Luv Affair , Nevermind, BTS Cypher Pt.1 , BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych , BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer (Feat. Supreme Boi) , BTS Cypher 4 Chill Songs: Boy with luv, Home, Make it right, Mikrokosmos, Waste it on me (4 versions) , Paradise, Love maze, Magic shop, Blood Sweat & Tears ,N.O. , 134340, Save Me, 2학년 (2nd Grade) , EUPHORIA, Miss Right , If I Ruled The World , I need u, Converse High , Move, INTRO: Boy Meets Evil , Lost, two! three! Solo Songs or SHORT MOVIES: Begin/ Euphoria: Jungkook Lie/ Serendipity: Jimin Stigma/ Singularity: V First Love/ Agust D: Suga Reflection/ Do you: RM MAMA/ boy meets evil : Jhope Awake/ Epiphany: Jin
Katherine E Campbell
Katherine E Campbell 15 小时 前
The moment the stage opens up like Inkigayo or some other Korean Network and then you remember that Emma Stone did the introduction because BTS was in NEW YORK!
This really is AMAZING
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 16 小时 前
The was small enough for them but they worked it out soo good There the best and mics were very low BUT BTS ARMY FOR LIFE JUNGKOOK JIMIN JIN V SUGA RM J-HOPE (JUNGKOOK IS MY FAVOURITE) BUT THERE ALL AMAZING
Irene 17 小时 前
Duh Dumb boy
Duh Dumb boy 17 小时 前
I don’t really like BTS, but the smoothness is insane.
NotLisa InSohluria
NotLisa InSohluria 4 小时 前
Indeed 💜 cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-v8z1TtlY1no.html
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
Thank u :)
Isicat 4
Isicat 4 17 小时 前
Please don't forget to vote for Bts at the BBMAS for TOP SOCIAL ARTIST! You can vote 100 times per day until May 1st 12:00 pm. ( PDT)!
br rk
br rk 17 小时 前
Can we get 25 millions v¡EwS less than a week.✊👊
Asha Gami
Asha Gami 7 小时 前
Let's not comment about views here as well Let this performance grow naturally
nat21myria 17 小时 前
Team work makes the dream work remember to check out the official video and hit the like button.
debinosa 18 小时 前
i love this slowmo intro haha
Goldjade14 19 小时 前
Quick background info about BTS . Bts is a 7 member kpop group (4 vocalist , 3 rappers ) They aren’t like your average kpop group or boyband like 1D, nsync . BTS is huge because they write & produce music with a lot of deep meaning and messages . They are known to tackle topics such as social issues : oppression , depression , anxiety, hate , bullying . Self love , self hate etc . They are also known to incorporate different genres into they’re music : hip hop , RnB , pop , edm , trap , etc South Korea is known to have a huge mental health and suicide problem . They’ve Also written songs out of personal struggles . Bts writes music to spread awareness and spread positivity . Which is why they’re unique and popular I’ve read comments from some people saying they become fans of bts because when hey we’re going through times of bullying or Suicide, they’re lyrics actually resonated within them and help them . Overall bts is huge because they put forth a lot of effort to show that “ MUSIC HAS NO LANGUAGE BARRIERS “ and has the power “ transcend & translate messages “ since kpop is half English half korean
lazy daniela
lazy daniela 19 小时 前
지완 19 小时 前
야 윤기가 춤을 저리 잘췄었나ㅎ
Kathleen Watt
Kathleen Watt 19 小时 前
Anyone who can't see how amazingly talented and gorgeous these 7 boys are, must have been cursed in a former life! We can only feel sorry for them.
chim chim mochi
chim chim mochi 19 小时 前
Anybody else who keeps coming back to watch this performance because it is sooo good. No just me ok
ola adegunle
ola adegunle 19 小时 前
New ARMY here! Pls welcome me. BTS ARE AWESOME 😎
Mirabela0909 15 小时 前
Welcome sweetie
Joudi Elisabete
Joudi Elisabete 17 小时 前
Hello welcome to our fandom hope u enjoy😭💞💞💞
koyukiny 18 小时 前
Welcome🤗 BTSx Armys are a big family. Once you get to know BTS, you will get so much joy and happiness in your life. 👌
Tmy LY
Tmy LY 19 小时 前
Welcome! Enjoy the ride!
Luna LovesYou
Luna LovesYou 19 小时 前
Welcome to the famdom! If you have twitter, check my pinned thread for bts content :) lunarlanguages is my account name
Nour Bts army
Nour Bts army 20 小时 前
آاااااااااااااااااااااااااميز هل أنتم هنا !! بصوت جين 😂😍
Isabella Baglio
Isabella Baglio 20 小时 前
Coming in here and seeing all these comments from people talking about how much respect they have for BTS now or if they're older and love the group is so amazing! BTS truly is a group for everyone in this world.
Gilda Grunto
Gilda Grunto 20 小时 前
This is an incredible performance by such a talented bunch with attractive visuals. They are very brave to perform live while dancing hard. They are pretty stable for that kind of choreography and performing live, but 1 stood out to me, the one wearing tie. He is amazing.
koyukiny 18 小时 前
Jungkook aka Kookie or golden maknae(maknae means the youngest in Korean) born in 1997 so he is 21 right now. He is the main vocalist and one of the main dancers. He is called golden maknae bcz he is good at everything such as singing, dancing, rapping(he rapped in their earlier days), drawing, vedio shooting& editing, etc. He is often called a muscle pig bcz he is full of muscles and physically very strong and very very athletic.
Luna LovesYou
Luna LovesYou 19 小时 前
That's Jungkook, the youngest. He's called golden maknae (maknae is youngest member of a group in Korean). He's golden bc he can sing, dance, rap, draw, take pictures, edit videos and do sports. He's good at everything :)
anastasia anabelle
anastasia anabelle 20 小时 前
lmao tae at the end with his thank yous
bangtan army
bangtan army 20 小时 前
I feel so proud my babies are growing. I've been with them since their debut
ogibogi76 20 小时 前
Worst crap ever seen hHhahhahahahaha
LISA 6 小时 前
Hahaha, you sound totally jealous. Relax.. 🍸
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
Keyboard warrior hahah...can only spit shit from behind the screen
Bee 14 小时 前
+ogibogi76 Stop. You sound like 13 old teenage tryhard
Nesr 15 小时 前
✨ cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-BnG1vFj4t6c.html
ogibogi76 15 小时 前
+El Thompson hahhahhahhahaha
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat 21 小时 前
I don't think I've seen choreography of this calibur before, particularly on live TV. Historical, to be sure! I think the comparisons to an "Asian Beatles" invasion might be apt...this is great stuff and grows with repeat viewing, atypical of most pop (particularly from American nowadays...we really need more stuff like this
NotLisa InSohluria
NotLisa InSohluria 4 小时 前
I'm just gonna casually leave the link for the dance practice to one of their tougher choreographies below 👀 cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-v8z1TtlY1no.html
MyrthexLatoya 15 小时 前
Thank you for the kind words! Please also check out their 'Mic Drop' performance at SNL, they show a completely different side of them in that performance :)
Brooke H
Brooke H 21 小时 前
Not a big fan of their music but the DANCING
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
Not to be that forceful person but do check out their discography...its really varied
Nesr 15 小时 前
Brooke H You should check out their album ‘Wings’ on Spotify, it’s one of their best! 🤙🏽
paolo b
paolo b 21 小时 前
i want a studio version with the snl instrumentalists
Sangho Yu
Sangho Yu 21 小时 前
Flawless!!!! you are the best!
RedBear535 22 小时 前
I have no idea who these kids are. Lets see where this goes.
Goldjade14 19 小时 前
Watch who’s is bts : the seven members of bangtan to see who they are
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind 21 小时 前
Check out BTS - Fake love, Mic drop, Not today, DNA, Save me MVs. Watch BTS UN Speech ( it was written by person who was speak there, and it quoted a lot of their lyrics ). This group is producing/composing/writing the lyrics by themselves and their music is very positive
Jiminie 22 小时 前
Just watched other kpop artist performed at us tv shows but going back to my ❤️ Their pure and unique with great performance that crosses your soul. So much love and respect for this boys !!!!
khals azmin
khals azmin 22 小时 前
BTS ❣️❣️❣️
Riddhi Prasad
Riddhi Prasad 22 小时 前
Loved it!💙
karisma 22 小时 前
how did this video pull me in so much that i've become an army in like a week????
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
Welcome to the worm hole
C T 14 小时 前
This was me when i saw them perform on NY day last year. Welcome!
Mirabela0909 15 小时 前
Welcome to family sweetie
MIMI CHOI 20 小时 前
Welcome. The more you know these boys, the more amazing they'll be :)
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind 21 小时 前
champoradosensation 22 小时 前
How are they not out of breath?
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind 7 小时 前
+champoradosensation then look at this too: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-BnG1vFj4t6c.html This one even more mindblowing
champoradosensation 7 小时 前
+Muse of Wind this is great!! Thank you!
Tae is bae
Tae is bae 7 小时 前
Intense practice
Goldjade14 12 小时 前
Kpop artists train for hours . 10-15 a day when they start out . Vocal training , cardio exercises , diets , dance practice . Their record labels decide when their ready to debut . Now they train less due to busy schedules
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind 21 小时 前
Look at this performance: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-k259rfFFAx8.html
John Estoy
John Estoy 22 小时 前
Wow i guess I hated too early. Lol but I wont apologize for the" Love is nothing stronger than than a boy with love" like WTF?!
koyukiny 17 小时 前
This song is dedicated to their fans. Unless you know their history, struggles, and their relationship with their fans you wouldn't get the lyrics. This entire album is a tribute to their fans
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind 21 小时 前
Check out Cypher pt 2, 3, 4, Outro:Tear and Ddaeng by BTS, u will like their lyrics and flow. You can find the sng subs on Youthbe
Tmy LY
Tmy LY 22 小时 前
LOL. John, you won't fully understand the meaning of this song unless you know their history. This song is specifically written to their fans and the sequence of their stories are years worth so from a non-fan point of view, you likely will not comprehend the true meaning behind this song. Here's a pretty good explained video of this song: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-qWGdUwmvSws.html Also, if you have time, watch Who is BTS? Just get passed the first couple mins of their silliness then this video actually gives you a great intro of each member: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-xu0IfBvZMRs.html
Chi Phan
Chi Phan 22 小时 前
V for everything 🖤
Vasiliki Poimenidou
Vasiliki Poimenidou 23 小时 前
my boys look carefree abd happy this comeback.lets keep that mood
김동우 23 小时 前
They are korean
Roman Julius
Roman Julius 23 小时 前
It's weird not to hear anyone screaming the whole song or doing any chants
SWalkerTTU 12 小时 前
There wasn't time to come up with one.
Sugarshaz 23 小时 前
Terrific! They are great live
elizelo zelo
elizelo zelo 23 小时 前
i love this performance just don't understand v's pants... haha
N T 23 小时 前
I see so many non fans appreciate this performance...imagine if they saw their mama or mma performances lol😂😂
Park Naras
Park Naras 23 小时 前
So many top comment :)
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