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You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.
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评论 8 948
sethfire hii
sethfire hii 12 小时 前
I've seen some dry age techniques where they hang it in a freezer, is this same?
rockey Chaney 3 - roblox
Dry aged one looks like Joe Dirts Sky Turd
Business Dog
Business Dog 13 小时 前
I don't get why people don't like meat like this. It feels good to sink your teeth into those muscles and rip it apart, slowly savoring the taste of it in your mouth.
Dalton Renick
Dalton Renick 19 小时 前
Try using roasted garlic instead of powder or raw
David Mundschau
David Mundschau 20 小时 前
Pineapple ruins a steak. You can't even get a good sear.
Joseph Houde
Joseph Houde 22 小时 前
dude its steak, its gonna be good
billy mona
billy mona 天 前
Awesome Things
This meat makes a great roast beef sandwich ! Cut it very thin, bake it in the oven in brine. Enjoy over horsey sauce and onion bun or your choosing.Slice paper thin
Kid Peligro
Kid Peligro 天 前
So that Dry Aged steak is like eating meat from a newly mummified body
James Dean
James Dean 天 前
Markus, is that u?
Yanel Pena
Yanel Pena 天 前
Ok so i made the mistake of eating while watching this video
shoved to the right?
So glad i just finished eating or this would be torture..... you do good steak lol Well they looked good cooking LOL
Big Shaq
Big Shaq 天 前
Fact: Seasoning is more expensive than steak
Colby Chaos
Colby Chaos 天 前
You shouldn't tell him it's a 1 dollar steak. Just do a blind tasting.
Colby Chaos
Colby Chaos 天 前
The music makes the video very cheesy haha.
Colby Chaos
Colby Chaos 天 前
Omg Food Wars.
Rayyan El-Nafaty
Why do you enjoy wasting food so much?
foamypezz 天 前
Did they even cook it? Darken the edge, bingo!
isufan89 天 前
Gonna try the pineapple thing next time I buy a cow. I was using the round for roasts and thin steaks before
Bast Oto
Bast Oto 天 前
How about if you make a Tuna Dry Age Dude ?!!
Guga Ginga
Adrik BF
Adrik BF 天 前
i bet gordon ramsey would love your seasoning
...Jungle... 天 前
Medium-Well?! Absolutely barbaric!
Lacorgi 天 前
That's raw
Gkez Ad
Gkez Ad 天 前
TLDR : it wont, but pineaple juice wikk..
Unisporn 天 前
beside pineapple you could use honey to tenderise the meat, (but i dont know how to do it) (i read it on cookin book)
Dustin M.
Dustin M. 天 前
Im salivating over the pineapple marinade. Will definitely try this on different types of meats. Good video, well done. Kudos to the camera guy and chef. Cheers.
Hayten l
Hayten l 天 前
You can even see the juice under the pineapple steak
Elise 天 前
Do you think I could marinade a lot of cheap meat in pineapple and freeze it for the whole week for an inexpensive meal prep?
That Guy
That Guy 天 前
4:20AM, got to be at work at 2:30Pm..... now I want some steak xD
Eli E
Eli E 天 前
Dry age after soaking in pineapple juice?
Cameron Creasy
Jesus, you barbecued them. No wonder they failed.
LAWLZY560 天 前
Dry age + pineapple = ??
Braneesha Herring
I love roast 😋
Michael Karvonen
The pineapple sounds good but the pineapple will cost 5 dollars
nikorojas123 天 前
omg lmao I was like wait a second you guys sound like youre from Miami (where im from) looked at description haha sure enough you are!
nikorojas123 天 前
"angel are you ready to try?!?!" ".... yeah"
gladiussecus 天 前
Sorry for my english, but What's the name of that peace of meat?
gladiussecus 22 小时 前
@reifrei thanks!!
reifrei 天 前
Eye round
Eric A
Eric A 天 前
You can dry age a sirloin and have it turn out good right? I've never tried dry aging but want to. I'm definitely trying the pineapple method though! I never knew about that!
Rosemary Pimentel
Will definitely try! Thanks.
Bulb _Life
Bulb _Life 天 前
Bruh where did you find steak like that for a dollar. I wish I could eat that
Mylo 天 前
I literally am a vegan why am I watching this
Philip Robins
Great tip on the pineapple!
Iziino766 天 前
i feel like wet aging would be better with this
Why not try using the Butter-dry-age method for an Eye-round and see how it would taste?
I personally buy a chuck roast whenever I want a steak - then I separate out a couple steaks (or "Steaks" according to this video) before freezing the other portions two to a bag. For when I just really crave beef. I use the "steakhouse" method and it's come out so nice and tender each time even with that cheap-ass cut. But maybe I'm just not picky.
Lazy Hobo
Lazy Hobo 天 前
First my dry age is very different. But dry aging take a lot of moisture our. I use old style dry age. Cook meat. Set on rack outside Wait 5 days it done. I don't know how long it can last for. I seem to eat it before. I do know it last for over a months. Btw I live in a very dry and windy place. Make drying thing great.
Jus 天 前
Out of curiosity, could I use pineapple to tenderize meat if im allergic to pineapple? Or would the juices have already penetrated the meat lol
Hell yeah brother
Erik Mládek
Erik Mládek 2 天 前
It’s currently 2am for me and I don’t know why I’m watching this.
Tyler and josh are my dads tøp for life
Erik Mládek same
Purp vL
Purp vL 天 前
lol facts
swxpnil 天 前
Ikr, like why am i watching this 😂😂
Giovanni Monarrez
Erik Mládek dead ass it’s 2 am rn and I got pulled in too
ZombiePika 2 天 前
I think I'm gonna buy a pineapple and some cheap meat tomorrow and try this 🤔
Diego 2 天 前
literally anybody: USA people: 5:28
Kelvin Smith
Kelvin Smith 2 天 前
I went from watching iDubbztv make the 'World's largest toy popper' to this....
Jim LePeu
Jim LePeu 2 天 前
More fat in the dry aged one! 🥴🤠
nk 2 天 前
Nice voice
Saskia x
Saskia x 2 天 前
45... 45 days?!
Kirk Kinnell
Kirk Kinnell 2 天 前
Heinrich Berthold
For the pineapple one does it have a pineapple taste after washing off juice and cooking it? I am looking for a good way to make tough parts of beef more chewable but I HATE pineapple. If you can use pineapple to tenderize the meat then wash it off and not even know it was there I'm all in.
tasty clouds
tasty clouds 2 天 前
You guys chewing us cringy af
zumigata 2 天 前
Why am I even watching this, I'm vegetarian