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You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.
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评论 11 693
Baterodalo 17 分钟 前
That raw thing in the end gave me a aneurism
Sir ShmacksAlot
Sir ShmacksAlot 2 小时 前
magicfile75x 2 小时 前
Lmao bet they low key good
Master Coach University
Dry age = rotting... yum
yeah okay
yeah okay 3 小时 前
6:42 yueaahh
banditø clique
banditø clique 5 小时 前
You kinda sound like Alan rickman
Yelo 6 小时 前
yall saw that bug on the wall behind him 7:00
Karyle Gagalac
Karyle Gagalac 8 小时 前
Big raisin
Amooshroom wilkins
Amooshroom wilkins 8 小时 前
I am going to try this on my menu at work 😂
Christian Leitel
Christian Leitel 18 小时 前
2:54 sorry my guy, but that doesn't look like a fish.
Jerissa Martinez
Jerissa Martinez 20 小时 前
@:50 "You want the meat wet because it will give a better contact" ; )
Akal Chickering
Akal Chickering 22 小时 前
went through this process for a "1 dollar steak" hmmm ok...
ShxrkZz EU
ShxrkZz EU 23 小时 前
Haram go eat some salami for dem haramis hahahahaha
Sidney Vicious
Nobody sells a steak of any kind for $1. Your video is retarded
MrGabriele58 天 前
In italy we call it BRESAOLA❤️
Sobirjon Sharipov
Siim-Sander Sarap
This channel is pure food porn and I love it.
William Winstanley
you boys need to get regular prostate checks.
Anthony Ng
Anthony Ng 天 前
You are a wizard!
Glenn McGrew II
Thanks, bro, that was interesting! Now I have no interest in dry aging. ;) Have you ever noticed that a freshly skinned pineapple is spicy?
Shinski 天 前
look what they are feeding us smh
sakeman2006 天 前
I will try the pineapple method this weekend. In the Netherlands we call the Round Eye the "Rundermuis". Thanks for the tenderness tip.
The Random Videos Guy
Hungry jacks and Maccas ads be like
Maolen Vin Pelaez
What steak is not beautiful for you?
David Lyons
David Lyons 天 前
You can use kiwi fruit or papaya instead of pineapple also, their enzymes start to break down the fibres between the meat.
ilah huston
ilah huston 天 前
Dry-age the pineapple steak
mobile madness
2:45 - *"for at least 3 times"* 🤣
해피푸드 Happyfood
I want taste it!!!♡
gdidde 天 前
Where is this mashed potatoes video at
The Beginning Of Knowledge
Dry aged steak is dry :O
Urev 天 前
Forbidden licorice
bret schmaz
bret schmaz 天 前
So I need to get a $1 steak and a $7 pineapple?
Da Realgyp
Da Realgyp 天 前
The dry aged would have been better for 7 days! I have bought inexpensive rib roasts (during the holidays) and dry aged them ... would put them against the expensive rib roasts any day.
Nickalas Stewart
Try using Kiwi Fruit in replacement for the pineapple
Kevin Cassidy
Kevin Cassidy 2 天 前
Man, I need to try that pineapple marinade
Anthony Latham
Anthony Latham 2 天 前
you have not lived untill you did mash from Cyprus potatoes
vasile costin
vasile costin 2 天 前
you gonna eat a tender mummy....)))))
beale15 2 天 前
He sounds like he has a crossover of a Jamaican and Spanish accent
Deltorath 2 天 前
Can u do this with a good quality steak ? The pineapple method that is
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 2 天 前
Bro it looks like a giant raisin
Paulo Rondynele
Paulo Rondynele 2 天 前
Ta abandonando as raizes ? Pega com a mão a carne, osh.
Kristian Butterworth
Me to friend: fancy a steak tea at mine mate? Friend: yeah sure what time? Me: end of march 2020 pal
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn 2 天 前
Did he say 45 days?!
Dumb and dumber Dummies
They should do a dry aged pineapple steak
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
that's why you shouldn't be smoking kids...
Roger Johnson
Roger Johnson 2 天 前
“A lot of fat” 😂 I lost it when he said that
jumpieva 2 天 前
totally trying pineapple method on some cheap costco steak. I've done it once before in a slow cooker with a beef brisket but not quite the same...
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 3 天 前
This music is epic.
JP Ltd.
JP Ltd. 3 天 前
Spends 45 days ageing steak..."there is zero juice on it, this is not good everybody"
Davide Silvio
Davide Silvio 3 天 前
The dry aged one looks like Bresaola. Id be curious to slice it real thin and taste it with oil, rocket and parmigiano
Zombycow 3 天 前
use the bag, then give it the pineapple bath and see what happens
samuel pendon
samuel pendon 3 天 前
7:48 WOAH... did anyone else see that kool fork spin
Captain LazyArtist
I’m sorry but that’s a steak.
Real ApokalyptoTony
A Giant Enemy Raisin
ChiquitaSpeaks 3 天 前
@3:11 That’s my BBC
Richard Petersen
Cancer food
Basim Samoon
Basim Samoon 3 天 前
Damn that marbelling
Milli İçici
Milli İçici 3 天 前
meeat and chess dayı adamın yapığı ette şimşek çakmış yağın öğle bi göreli var
Jbelli 12
Jbelli 12 3 天 前
Why do I watch this when I’m high
Aminadab Morales
I wonder what he used to season the steaks?