Can The Hulk Jump into Space?

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The Hulk's strength is incredible, but is it enough to launch him into space? Kyle makes the leap on this week's Because Science!
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评论 100
Kodi Guides
Kodi Guides 11 天 前
Put video too 1.25x, thank me later
Super Singh
Super Singh 11 天 前
You forgot that the hulk got so mad with one step he destroyed a whole world
Branden Dude
Branden Dude 14 天 前
You look lile Thor
BigBadWolf 17 天 前
Discount Thor talks about Big Green Fella for 15 minutes
Chris Goodwin
Chris Goodwin 27 天 前
goddamn that is beautiful
Silberzunge 28 天 前
Now shoot Hulk with the deathstar
Dominion gaming
Dominion gaming 个月 前
He punch motherf**king time How do you question if he can go at 11 km per second?!
Social Paranoia
Social Paranoia 个月 前
The thing about the hulk. Is that is strength is based off of anger. He's only as strong as he is angry. The angryer he is the more powerful.
Pillowking YT
Pillowking YT 个月 前
How in the Hell do u punch time. If im correct which is an inanimate object?
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 个月 前
Yes, he has done it before in the comics when he became World Breaker Hulk. He has done it on multiple planets too, obviously. This is NOT news, this happened a long time ago. Get with the program, this is pathetic that you fail to understand this.
The Keb
The Keb 个月 前
Hulk SMASH? True Geordie : Smash or pass?
x vibes
x vibes 个月 前
You know they never coded his spine and adamantium if they did he wouldn't be able to move his neck or back that's why the only way to stop him is to chop his head off.
Ian Oxenham
Ian Oxenham 个月 前
Would the force of Hulk jumping off the planet force the planet off its orbit?
Psi'on Phoenix Gaming
My brain hurts. Oooowwwww!
Warheaded Visionary
Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to punch time
Jimbo Doomface
Jimbo Doomface 个月 前
I read somewhere, maybe in the marvel encyclopedia as mentioned by Bruce Banner somewhere in the comments, that the Hulks power and transformations are fuelled by his twisted DNA giving him access to the energy of an entire other dimension of reality and is limited only by his anger. You've heard of vacuum energy, that's why Hulks power is incalculable, he's got an entire universe of energy to draw upon. It gives him the mass to become hulk sized and it adds to his smash power. I love it, it's definitely my favourite super hero power origin. He can be beaten if you clobber him before he gets to angry to beat, but you only get one shot. It's terrifying and awesome. Also he punched time. I need to read that comic that sounds hilarious.
Jimbo Doomface
Jimbo Doomface 个月 前
It's also the reason he doesn't need to eat or breathe- he doesn't need to develop gills to breathe underwater, he doesn't NEED to metabolise oxygen at all. Also, just think of the green energy applications, banner could solve the energy crisis and cut carbon emissions by putting hulk to work- he's got a limitless universe of energy to draw from.
Bartosz Bielawski
Except strength has little to do with that on it's own. Energy is there but are his muscles that fast? I don't think so.
ole banjolip
ole banjolip 个月 前
Infinite strenght tells me the answer to the title is yes
Jimbo Doomface
Jimbo Doomface 个月 前
Yeah, but then we'd miss all that lovely math!
Morleond The Mystic
How strong would you have to be to punch time?
Dionth Efatcunt
Dionth Efatcunt 个月 前
really fucking strong
PrimeMac Studio
PrimeMac Studio 个月 前
Makes you wonder if the Hulk could smash a black hole.
Conner Ross
Conner Ross 个月 前
The hulk would not want to be on this planet anymore.
Eclectic Cerebro
Eclectic Cerebro 个月 前
Heres a question...howmuch damage would the force of the hulks jump, do to the ground if he jumped into space?
Jeremiah Anthony
Jeremiah Anthony 2 个月 前
Can hulk be real by science
Jake Franks
Jake Franks 2 个月 前
Yeah, but it is not all about strength and power right? In order to generate the amount of speed that he would need to jettison himself into space, he would also need an amazing amount of speed, right? Although The Hulk is amazingly strong, he is not the fastest hero. Thus since he is not able to achieve the speed that is necessary, then he would not be able to leave the Earth’s orbit. I could be wrong. I was wrong once...once. LOL. Cool video though.
Alex Dobre
Alex Dobre 2 个月 前
Once I was so mad, that I punched the air. That moment was when hurricane Gloria happened
Raleigh Roberts 3
Raleigh Roberts 3 2 个月 前
ME talking to a girl 1:15
Renz DaGreat
Renz DaGreat 2 个月 前
You could literally play the role of thor
Avvak 2 个月 前
the strongest material in marvel universe is whatever the f banner made his pants out of
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 2 个月 前
Could The Hulk ever get strong enough to smash himself?
LanderL9 2 个月 前
world war hulk survived in space, he wouldnt asphyxiate, he stood on the hull of a space ship that traveld to earth from another planet. Thats a really long time, vacuums dont matter to him.
Da Be
Da Be 2 个月 前
Punch time. Wut.
dark wolf
dark wolf 2 个月 前
Where were you my high school years! XD
xdragon2k 2 个月 前
The question is, can he changed the trajectory of Earth orbit with this jump?
Frenchie Valle
Frenchie Valle 3 个月 前
Great channel
The Author
The Author 3 个月 前
"And Rocket's Red Glare As the Hulk jumps through the air Gave proof through The Snap That the Avengers were still there. Oh Say does that Bruce Banner Shock waves O'er the land of Marvel and the home of Stan Lee."
ssrogers427 3 个月 前
Where does his additional mass come from? How is Bruce Banner not super dense?
Brandon M
Brandon M 3 个月 前
😲 "My pants ripped off!" 🤣I'm dead ~~~~
sdmitch16 3 个月 前
"My pants ripped off!" Pics of it didn't happen.
BlackoutWolf 3 个月 前
Steam Trainlover
Steam Trainlover 3 个月 前
ok wouldnt hulks mass increase as he got madder i mean typicly in modern depictions of hulk he gose from the size of a avrage persion to somthing thats fairly huge i feel liek the plausable sight and wieght changes as hulk gets angry/mad would varry becase intheroy he woudl pretty much gain wieght from effectifly becoming to big and strong now witht hat also said would that mean realisticly hulk could become to big and strong for hulk to even be on earth and have everyone oen aroudn him to survive wich intheroy be ratherfrustrating becase that woudl mean that he did all those feats of strenght and no one would see how strong and big he is ination to not even having that girl from mcu or ther femals hulk /banner has been known to have a fancy for
Ishrat Shaikh
Ishrat Shaikh 3 个月 前
0:43 his *FEATS* in the comics...... Eye sea wat chu deed their
Khắc cảnh lê
Khắc cảnh lê 3 个月 前
The first 4 minutes is him saying in about 8 different ways, "Hulk would need to reach escape velocity." Skip it, no sh--- Sherlock.
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 3 个月 前
Fals hulk can breath in spase
John J
John J 3 个月 前
My question is how strong would his heart have to be to get enough blood and oxygen to his muscles?
taputechnic 3 个月 前
Why doesn't the seismologist Tom Hanks go by Thomas instead of Tom?
Bilal Sheikh
Bilal Sheikh 3 个月 前
Do a video about how to punch time. I'm guessing it'll have something to do with the Flash moving at light speed and doing the infinite mass punch to make a black hole which should rip the space time continuum
Corretta gamejewels
Corretta gamejewels 3 个月 前
is the hulk jumping into space or is he pushing the earth away from him and out of its orbit? then would superman have to come put the earth back where it belongs?
Golden Light
Golden Light 3 个月 前
He was holding back in manhatan.
victor melgoza
victor melgoza 2 个月 前
Pssh if he wanted too he could of broke the whole earth with just a stomp
Wayne Howard
Wayne Howard 3 个月 前
The other problem about this is about wolverine his healing factor heals any injury as fast as it's happening so Hulk would have maybe a slight problem with that so basically the number is a bit lower than you think a better choice is ripping Thor or maybe his own cousin in half
Ben Clifford
Ben Clifford 3 个月 前
It seems like the earth couldn't support such a jump. I mean literally. Imagine trying to jump really high while standing on a large trampoline, without bouncing a few times first. You would lose a bunch of your thrust pushing the trampoline down, while trying to propel yourself up. And your legs are only so long, so there's a limit to how high you can jump on a trampoline, no matter how strong you are. With the ridiculous speeds that Hulk is trying to achieve while pushing off for the length of his legs, planet earth would probably act like water, and just collapse underneath him.
Overlord Of Random
Overlord Of Random 3 个月 前
what program do you use to make your special effects?
TheSherpa 4 个月 前
How does one punch time?
Tσxıη 4 个月 前
*Hey random dude, not so intelligent enough to understand these Equation shit (like me), THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS "YES! HULK IS HULK"*
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 4 个月 前
Kyle you said that the hulk cant breath in space but in the comics he can breath under water so then wouldn't he also be able to breath in space?
Crow2099 4 个月 前
Actually the hulk can survive in the vacuum of space. One of his powers is to be able to adapt to his surroundings in order to survive. Say you had him trapped at the very bottom of the Marianas Trench. He would literally grow gills in order to breath and survive under water for long periods of time.
Inclusions 4 个月 前
Wouldn’t the earth get pushed out of orbit as well?
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 4 个月 前
Plumbob Stretchpants.
Spritemon 98
Spritemon 98 4 个月 前
His power is unlimited
Eli Mwambi
Eli Mwambi 4 个月 前
"Which is dumb...but awesome" *Nerd face locked on*. It is awesome.
Rage Auto
Rage Auto 4 个月 前
New drinking game. Take a shot whenever he says milllllllionnn... Last one to finish the shot has to take another because for every actions there is an equal but opposite reaction
Assaf Stone
Assaf Stone 4 个月 前
"A brilliant, burning BANNER shooting into space..." I see what you did there...
William Blaker
William Blaker 5 个月 前
He wouldn't need to achieve escape velocity, because he wants to return to earth. He only needs to achieve slightly less than orbital velocity to reach, say, the ISS level height, then return to earth.
James Richmond
James Richmond 5 个月 前
Why does Tom Hanks look like a killer psycho clown out of makeup?
Jaime Duncan
Jaime Duncan 5 个月 前
You don’t need to reach scape velocity to jump into space, clearly. It’s enough to jump , say 110km. The actual limitation is the surface he is jumping from.
Daniel Ong
Daniel Ong 5 个月 前
i mean, heart of the monster hulk is stronger still in every way, also hulk can survive in space
If the question is "is the hulk strong enough to...” Yes. The answer is yes. Comic book Hulk has unlimited physical strength. He just has to be angry enough.
Dean Phippen
Dean Phippen 5 个月 前
What is she-hulk's greatest feat of strength ?
lim Weyand
lim Weyand 5 个月 前
Man broke planets. World breaker hulk
Yash Karnik
Yash Karnik 5 个月 前
Eventually the Hulk stopped thinking..
Wiz Rad
Wiz Rad 5 个月 前
While it lacks the scientific (math) of your answer, there was a simple way to get the basic answer before you began. Hulk and Red Hulk have fairly similar levels of strength, with most people accepting some variation of the argument that Hulk has the slight advantage on raw strength, but Rulk has the advantage of skill and tactics BEHIND his strength making him more dangerous. I'm aware there are more details to consider, but for this comparison that mostly covers the bases. Given that the two are fairly comparable in strength, one could reasonably assume that Hulk can do just about anything that Rulk can do as long as it's a purely physical feat of strength. Seeing as how Rulk was able to not only jump into space from Earth, but also drag Thor and Mjolnir with him, it's not a leap of logic to assume Hulk could at the very least jump into space. Again, not "science" so much as a comparable observation, but it's a good starting point just to answer the question that was asked. Your work better answers the question "How EASILY could Hulk jump into space?" The answer, easily. Maybe too easily....
budycelyn 5 个月 前
poor hawkeye
Travis Cansler
Travis Cansler 5 个月 前
How do you write backwards like that?
Gabriel Cunha
Gabriel Cunha 5 个月 前
KTChamberlain 5 个月 前
Considering Kyle looks like Thor, shouldn't his "Hulk arm" punch himself?
Deniel Claro
Deniel Claro 5 个月 前
You forget, but he can actually survive in space.
Alexander Anderson
Alexander Anderson 5 个月 前
So would that jump be strong enough to knock the earth's orbit out of whack?
Kalevipoeg 5 个月 前
Here's a question Because Science will never answer...suppose Bruce Banner is making love to his girlfriend, and in the middle of coitus he becomes the Hulk. 1: would she be irradiated and die (and how are people NOT irradiated by the Hulk being around them?) and 2: would his ..erm....growth....well....would she survive *it*? This question brought to you buy "things you should never ever say out loud in public"
ShoutLatios 6 个月 前
Kyle/Hulk moments: 1:17, 7:39 7:39 is the funnier one.
Justin I
Justin I 6 个月 前
At that point, considering he is indestructible and the earth is not, wouldn't it be more like he is kicking the planet away?
Warchief Lok
Warchief Lok 6 个月 前
How did the Hulk not launch himself into space by stomping Manhattan?
Coleridge 6 个月 前
The editor of these videos is so talented.. GREAT JOB
NP Tuber
NP Tuber 6 个月 前
4:14 Thor punching thor!! XD
Walter Shields
Walter Shields 6 个月 前
Took 2 minutes
Walter Shields
Walter Shields 6 个月 前
www.princeton.edu/paw/web_exclusives/alumni_spotlight/as_012506hanks.html Pic of Thomas C Hanks-seismologist
Mandalore the flatulent
Okay so the hulk jumps into the upper atmosphere then when he lands looks at you quotes goku saying, and this....is to go EVEN FURTHER BEYOND he then jumps into space lol
Eion DeAbreu Jr
Eion DeAbreu Jr 6 个月 前
Soooooo what are the hulks pants made of??? Cuz they dont break.
Dan Guillou
Dan Guillou 6 个月 前
The biggest difference between Hulk and other big strong types like Ben Grimm or Colossus seems to be how he can use his superstrength ability to improvise all kinds of weird effects like shockwaves, almost-flight and so on.
Thomas Wilfong
Thomas Wilfong 6 个月 前
But what about the earths rotation around the sun at that point? Wouldn't we also be launched the opposite direction with equal force?
kazuma desu
kazuma desu 6 个月 前
No one gonna mention that thor just punch himself
UltraAlex2000 6 个月 前
Ok, 15 min video just to say that hulk in MCU is like a maggot compared to the REAL one
Jay Dominic Sto. Tomas
Hulk's unique physiology adapts to his environment. No air, no problem. He's survived in outer space. Underwater? His lungs adapt, heavy gravity? Bone structure and muscles adapts. He's the Marvel OG of OP'd characters. :)
Ethan Henderson
Ethan Henderson 6 个月 前
I'm suprised you didn't add in earth's reaction to hulks jump, like whether or not his jump would slow or stop earth's movement or send it flying into the opposite direction or if it would have any impact on the earth at all that significantly mattered
Justin Sims
Justin Sims 6 个月 前
Only the worthy may wield Mathnir. Because magic. Or science whichever you prefer.
Nero Red
Nero Red 6 个月 前
Talking about him being able to punch time, that's actually one of several Gamma powered beings abilities. The capacity to interact with things supernatural/metaphysical/"extra-natural". Not all of them have such abilities but some do. So.... yeah.... Hulk
Mark Lanier
Mark Lanier 6 个月 前
If banner ever says “because science” in the MCU then I would bow to him.
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas 6 个月 前
Dude....marvel comics or movies or cartoons, I don't care who. Someone needs to make this a scene. The Hulk just jumping off a planet, his final goodbye. Only he lands somewhere.....
James Foulks
James Foulks 6 个月 前
so what i took from this is the hulk went back in time and created the big bang
Sober Irishman
Sober Irishman 7 个月 前
If hulk tore wolverine in half wouldn't it be the spinal cord being severed rather than adamantium?
strange lee
strange lee 7 个月 前
Wouldn't his legs just act like super pistons and hammer him into the ground like a big green staple?
Ronald 7 个月 前
this is probably how he ended up on sakar in thor ragnorok, jumping from planet to planet
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