CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019)

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Time to play. The full trailer for Child’s Play is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. Child’s Play hits theaters June 21. 🔪 #ChildsPlayMovie





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Noah Plays
Noah Plays 小时 前
Why are y’all hating on this the movie was well made and I actually enjoyed it chucky was adorable in this movie and wants to stick with u forever while the other one just wants to gain ur trust so he can get inside ur body this movie was awesome *claps* 10/10
La cagaron bien
Gabriella 6 小时 前
I watched this movie was way better than the original
Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles 10 小时 前
Okay, a quick question to Orion. Q: Why did filmmakers changed the name from good guy to Buddi? A: Oh well, you know, as we all know, the Buddi doll is a real thing, so by using the name, we hope to convince as many parents as possible for a reason why never to buy this doll to their kids again. No, but seriously, I have no god damn idea why they felt the need to change that. But honestly Orion, no good guy doll, no childs play movie, so I will have to label this as a spin-off movie. Because childs play, it is certainly not.
Otf Willie Glo-God Williams Junior.
#July 4, 2019. ™️ Best 🖤 Movie of the Year. 💯 💯 💯 🔪 Thriller/Slasher • R
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 16 小时 前
The movie is so damn bad. Waste of time!!! The actors suck and the whole Movie sucks.
Crystal Martinez
Crystal Martinez 22 小时 前
I prefer the orginal
Anonymous Dduuddee
At 0:44 they weren’t watching what you see on the TV in the trailer, they were watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Chucky sees that they enjoy the movies violent elements, and this is one of the things that inspires him to be violent for Andy's enjoyment.
Was that a fucking toy story reference at the end?!
Jessica Villarreal
So chucky is a killer hacker?
The Confucian Atheist
Weren't we left with a cliffhanger in the last chucky?
Rezwana 天 前
This movie gave me toy story vibes
Thunder Gaming
TBS J Stewart
Am having a good day so there's a app popcorn so where This is on it Or lion flix
Ephira 天 前
Hell yes.
JisOP 45
JisOP 45 天 前
How ironic that the amount of views this trailer got is the amount of money it pulled in lmao
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol 天 前
This made me feel bad for Chucky. He wasn't originally a bad guy in this
Gabriel Gutierrez
Luke Skywalker: You Killed My Father! Chucky: No Son, I Am Your Father...
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby 天 前
The best movie of chucky
Gabriel Mansilla
Chucky on the dark side of the force
ImTheGuy831 2 天 前
I like when chucky does this kind of voice 0:30 ? 0:39 if you want to the passion through in there till the end till the end 1:05 You let her up you let her up 1:23 weeeeeeeeeeee kiiissss or kiiill x6 or x5 Don’t be mean to chucky! I like how they made chucky! He’s looks handsome 😏
Your Local Wallstreet
Was an Okay movie
Alexander Ortiz
Alexander Ortiz 2 天 前
Well the trailer seems scary and loud but when you see it you might know if it is or not let’s see
i will steal your kneecaps
this movie better have an alex vincent cameo
FRONT N.R.W 74 2 天 前
I,m Chucky haha this Movie is Bullshit.
vortex 2 天 前
Is it worth to watch???
Satisfied_Gamer 2 天 前
Wtf happened to good guy, fucking disgrace
IBM Official
IBM Official 2 天 前
why was this only in cinema's less then 3 weeks in australia?
Connor S
Connor S 2 天 前
Ngl this looks kinda wack
MrPritt420 2 天 前
What the hell happened to that doll? It must of saw James Charles
MiinStay 2 天 前
ew wt h did they do to Chucky
Bunny BB
Bunny BB 2 天 前
This could also be a black mirror episode
Error 404
Error 404 2 天 前
Nope, sorry. Doubt this will be better than the 1988 Child's play's movie.
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct 2 天 前
Error 404 it’s close
Devastator 2 天 前
Mark Hamill's voice gave me chills when he finally spoke
henrymiller81 3 天 前
chandler 3 天 前
literally didn’t phase me at all like i’ve never been scared of “killer dolls” 😂 nothing actually scares me. like killer clowns no killer dolls no the only thing i’ve actually gotten cleared at was the conjuring but any other horror movie doesn’t phase me
I Love Marcus And Martinus Urska Mervic
Im going to whatc it today at the movies
Jeremiah Celestino Monroy
People should have watched it, instead of just bashing it. I love the classic Chucky but this one is pretty good to. Very modern. Very catchy.
Carlo González
Carlo González 3 天 前
T.scribble 3 天 前
This movie made me hate chucky forever. Chucky is dead hes not coming back just let him die
T.scribble 2 天 前
@Ultra Instinct bride is still better than this shit
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct 2 天 前
T.scribble it died when Bride was made dude
T.scribble 3 天 前
Delete this movie
Bora Gündoğdu
Bora Gündoğdu 3 天 前
Flim 4 e kadar cidden aşırı iyiydi ama sonrası aşırı kötü ve saçma
John Gear
John Gear 3 天 前
Got five mins in, saw the Chinese guying programming the doll to be evil, walked out. Not the Chucky I know what a waste.
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct 2 天 前
John Gear Lame ass reason to walk out
John Gear
John Gear 2 天 前
Horror films for me are about lore. For me if it’s got none, it just isn’t interesting or good.
White Chery cake
you just saw the first 5 minutes of the movie and instantly decided it’s bad cause ‘iTs nOt lIke tHe oRiGnAL” ffs it’s a remake not a reboot it’s supposed to have a different storyline
Mooky Blaylock
Mooky Blaylock 3 天 前
One of the worst remakes of all time
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct 2 天 前
Mooky Blaylock best*
Cannaman94 4 天 前
What the actual fuck is this 2019 bullshit? Goddamn I hate this times...
ひなぴよ *ちゃんひな
面白そうやけどこえーな。 てか日本人おらんの?
Na Bila
Na Bila 4 天 前
Udh nonton gue wkk
Dion Enis Nikci
Dion Enis Nikci 4 天 前
I watched the premiere in Germany yesterday and it was actually pretty good, in the beginning I thought this is a comedy but it got serious and scary later y’all should watch it, and the comedy aspect of it really fits
I Live in a Dollhouse
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