China blames US for massive Hong Kong protest

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Chinese state media is blaming the US for helping organize massive protests in Hong Kong. According to organizers, more than a million people took to the streets to protest a new law which could allow Hong Kongers to be extradited to China on a range of offenses. Critics say the move would make anyone in Hong Kong vulnerable to being grabbed by the Chinese authorities for political reasons or inadvertent business offenses and undermine the city's semi-autonomous legal system.
Though police put the protest size at closer to 250,000, there's little doubt that the march was among the largest since 2003, when 500,000 people protested against a sedition law -- and successfully blocked it. CNN's Matt Rivers reports.
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Cloris Xue
Cloris Xue 2 天 前
My family members are all living in HongKong , we barely see CNN or BBC report how those rioters attacking HongKong police and civilians with napalm bomb and brick , rioters are destroying everything , it happened everyday , rioters threaten people to support their democracy ideology .Try to say I am Chinese in HongKong among those thugs ,then you will be attacked for sure .Media are becoming the political propaganda , they don’t even care about the truth , what a hypocrisy world for Anti-China , our planet is big enough for all of us .
Tyler Lumpkin
Tyler Lumpkin 4 天 前
So you blame us then you cry for our intervention makes perfect sense
中国万岁 3 天 前
@Tyler Lumpkin becuz they are idiot like u guys have fucking liberard idiot... If u guys like them u guys can send them and let them have green card, but why dont u guys dont want to? hahahah double standard u living in a globlist puppet society under soro squats lol u dumbass, dont fool our chinese. China never want that kind of problem , is u guys try to make this problem and incite it, u guys should pay off of this retribution and judgment. Remember u guys own our china money, when will u guys pay off your debt for us? loser lol
Tyler Lumpkin
Tyler Lumpkin 3 天 前
@中国万岁 really then wtf were they waving the American Flag and trying to sing the anthem.
Tyler Lumpkin
Tyler Lumpkin 3 天 前
@中国万岁 don't know don't care either because it's not my problem China wants to act big go be big
中国万岁 3 天 前
Why don't the US don't condemn India rapist case or the class of Ethnic level in India and talking about their human right or universal value? But keep talking trash to china about human right? U see when the western world go low, we have to go higher, they use a double standard to criticize china but not India ... for what? becuz they are jealous china increasing growing modernly and much more betterment of their own country and society and they just try to point above on the high ground to China, they are hypocritical and disgusted with their own mentality of white supremacist which they are talking about human right issue on other country They have a huge human right issue which includes homicide of racist gun violent, and injustice appeal of trail of racist problem, is that human right issue ? I bet yes, but why they don't fix their own country issue and try to comment and interfere with another country issue LMAO... What I seen the western world have a good sense of bullshit skill and they want to drag china down by these issues and try to magnify them which they are ignoring their own country human right issue, very hypocritical and disgusting. The people in china used to longing for western value, but when they reach at the west, it is complete bullshit and fake and inconsistent with the fact they're talking about lol. Shame on you the western shit. U guys should learn some Eastern value now, Why japan, china, Singapore, east Asia country rising so rapidly and good at the economy, and much safer than the western society? the west should be humble and try to learn the EAST now!
中国万岁 3 天 前
haha, they are clown in hongkong, we dont want your intervention, the china government already told u we don't want that, is u guys try to seek out a chance to interfere and intervention in Hongkong affairs, btw, the whole situation is u guys incite it, there have been proof CIA and some leader try to incite these issue in Hongkong. U guys are the culprits that try to involve and incite our inner affair in China.
bacon likeguest
bacon likeguest 5 天 前
Uh then who paid those people to do the purge and attacking other,
hamza khancid
hamza khancid 6 天 前
pls china come tha Tin yuet
Colours619 6 天 前
USA IS BEHIND THIS CHAOS: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-TrZvlhizKb0.html
Vance Biondo
Vance Biondo 7 天 前
Louise Mae Brouder
Yin Lau
Yin Lau 9 天 前
America will pass the law, haha!
wong stella
wong stella 10 天 前
5' Denise Ho, First of all, u r not even popular in China so it makes no difference whether u r banned in China or not. Secondly, ur speech in the UN is a perfect example of ur biased opinion about China and ur rootlessly accusation of the Chinese gov. If u really care about democracy, why u did not speak up when Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou got arrested in Canada? Why u only speak for the rioters in HK? R u too blind to see what is really happening in HK? Asking UN to exclude China from the UN? Ur real agenda is just too obvious for everyone who has some intelligence. Stop using democracy and freedom of speech as a cover for ur HK independence demand. No gov will allow separatist like u, not even ur Canada, so pls do some good things and stop advocate violence in HK. Last but not least, if u don't agree with the extradition bills, at least tell the public which bill exactly u don't agree with. I bet u don't even know the content of the bills and u just directly "think" it will harm u. Well, if u r a decent person, why are u scared? U have ur Canadian passport anyway, so if things go wrong, u can just take off. But real HKers will suffer bc of u. What a shame.
Paitoon Khemapanon
Thanks guys for update and the information The best reporting There again What is right for the Hong Kong So they should stand up for they right I support all the Hong Kong people
Ben W
Ben W 12 天 前
So what if we are? Yea we support them, wtf are you going to about it you communist scum
Rrr Ss
Rrr Ss 12 天 前
hands of from china you zionist. I love my china and i love communism. your democracy it's a sham.
Jakefrum St8farm
Jakefrum St8farm 12 天 前
Keep up the fight Hong Kong
Gary Chung
Gary Chung 13 天 前
CNN, stop being bias - this is one example - cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-sEh-ykd5IxA.html
liu luis
liu luis 15 天 前
US government→ CIA→ NED→ HK opposition → riot protestors
filthyterrible 17 天 前
Is Carrie Lam a bit stupid? How many people have to tell you you're doing a crappy job before you step aside?
Aoeiu Bpmftd
Aoeiu Bpmftd 17 天 前
Well it wouldn't be the first time the Americunts meddled in other countries' internal affairs, and it certainly won't be the last time.
Gizziiusa 17 天 前
cant be a world leader if you cant take criticism. the latter will take out the former if you abduct the criticizers.
fu k u! freaking fake news! us go and fk yourself!
Bob Amato
Bob Amato 18 天 前
The us supports hong mongers anti extradition bill but america wants to extradite people like julian Assange.
Snowlion 19 天 前
Dear CNN, you are the worst news outlet working FOR the leftist goverment. Shame on you.
Jimjoztc 19 天 前
this one doesnt have oils, why bother much said US
Mag W
Mag W 20 天 前
Just report your shooting game in America. You got enough problems, leave China alone. You got another mass shooting.
Brendan Day
Brendan Day 20 天 前
Death to communism
周海旸 20 天 前
The children should not involved in.
Oscar Timms
Oscar Timms 20 天 前
CNN is fake news, Hong Kong wants to abolish communism and anyone who disagree with communist China will be crushed by the authorities or military and the protesters were peacefully protesting and the communist authorities deployed riot team to distinguish the protesters
He Huang
He Huang 21 天 前
A brand new message, a guy who wearing black colour masked guy cut off four fingers of a police. Terrible
Cheuk Yi Yip
Cheuk Yi Yip 18 天 前
Are you blind and didn't see that police try to put his finger to dig the protester's eyeball?! It was a reflex for the protester to bite and defend himself. See for yourself: images.app.goo.gl/VhVXTEyxdGd3exH6A
Personal 21 天 前
Are there more than half of HK citizen who actually support FreeHongKong? i heard it's less than half. probably only 20%. Can HK survive without China? water and electricity supplied by China. Looks like it caused more dead once HK independent of China. I don't think i want to be a murderer to support.
Jessie Cornelius
Jessie Cornelius 21 天 前
You think China wouldn't care they've got enough people and enough land but they're greedy they want control. once communism comes into play it never leaves after they come to power they say I will treat you like my dog if I'm happy I will if you make me angry I will kick you. There is no capitalism in a communist country you work for the government they pay you with food. You don't need money you work when they tell you to work. And the first to go are the disabled.
Aaa Hunter
Aaa Hunter 22 天 前
What you want just a weak china...
Vicky Cao
Vicky Cao 22 天 前
Hong Kong is part of China
jessy zemg
jessy zemg 22 天 前
Yeah right . Fake news CNN lol
Mr_Lox54123 -_-
Mr_Lox54123 -_- 23 天 前
园公子 23 天 前
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin 23 天 前
China will pay with fire and fury, like you've never seen. -Trump
Lam Albert
Lam Albert 23 天 前
CNN is biased and has not revealed all the facts about the RIOTS in HK. CNN is NOT a news agent but its mandate is propaganda.
Mike Charlie
Mike Charlie 24 天 前
Texas should follow Hong Kong people to fight with US government for independence . People all over the world please give support to us.
陈宇 13 天 前
The American police are not as bullying as the Hong Kong police.
jobje Rabbeljee
jobje Rabbeljee 24 天 前
On recent; I have yet to find ms's Clintons opinion on Andrew Yangs views and intentions. I see forward to her welcome concise ebndorsement. Dems Unite! Dont fckn fight!
Gonzo6389 24 天 前
Lets stop choosing sides.....and Please check out Peter Navarro's documentary "Death by China"...as an independent, I'm asking for us to look at the real enemy...
Kim Seong Lau
Kim Seong Lau 25 天 前
So, Donald Trump is correct.CNN represents Fake News.The two presenters are lying through their teeth and they know it.
Synthetic Dawn
Synthetic Dawn 25 天 前
CNN wont admit that NED and Soros Opensociety are behind this
jack lee
jack lee 25 天 前
Pro Alaska independence!!!!
jack lee
jack lee 25 天 前
Beijing are not blocking news on Hong Kong btw
jack lee
jack lee 25 天 前
Tbh The US will gain a lot from a China in chaos
何燕 26 天 前
hongkong is a part of china!if the new generation want their "democracy of violence" even their papa US cant give them,then leave hong kong,go find your "Utopia"
Nina Volodina
Nina Volodina 24 天 前
何燕 26 天 前
fake news!liar! killer!
vincent Chen
vincent Chen 26 天 前
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily 27 天 前
Listen CNN, feel free to rehome those strays!!! Cos they are certainly NOT Chinese as they are holding American flags etc. Plz take them . Your FAKE NEWS can never cover up the truth. Hong Kong is part of China. It has nothing to do with America , so stay the FUCK OUT of our business. You will never BREAK China , whatever B.S. you are spreading
Max Rosenberg
Max Rosenberg 27 天 前
ytao jason
ytao jason 27 天 前
Max Rosenberg lol well-educated comments
ELSA YU 27 天 前
You were arrested becasue of your crook claims.
Cheng Ug
Cheng Ug 28 天 前
Hong Kongese : Please help Hong Kong 希望國際社會拯救香港 thxxxxxx
A F 28 天 前
And I blame China for censoring Chinese peoples voice, blocking the real internet and creating a propaganda machine that always protects the Communist Party. Xi is a dictator. #FreeHonkKong #BoycottChina
Chris Lim
Chris Lim 28 天 前
Everyone knows that its the CIA's fault
HB YANG 28 天 前
CNN you are so fake!
ThomasBlaa 28 天 前
Guess what.. China is right lmao
Yao Yang
Yao Yang 29 天 前
I hope The Elder can provide some advice for these young people in Hong Kong.
何燕 26 天 前
young peoples gross crap
Richard Tan
Richard Tan 29 天 前
Fake news, foreign country funding the protest and pay them by cash is busted with evidence. Maybe talk about that instead of just interview a third tier pop singer?
Peter Van Le
Peter Van Le 29 天 前
Communist country always blames US for their citizens protest, every one of them, China, Vietnam, Russia, Cuba..communist hate protest
TBustah 29 天 前
Even if you’re right, CNN, these protests are not a bad thing. News flash: not everyone wants to live under socialism.
KeyZsaWake 个月 前
Speaking of USA, have you guys heard about the term "deep state"?
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