China blames US for massive Hong Kong protest

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Chinese state media is blaming the US for helping organize massive protests in Hong Kong. According to organizers, more than a million people took to the streets to protest a new law which could allow Hong Kongers to be extradited to China on a range of offenses. Critics say the move would make anyone in Hong Kong vulnerable to being grabbed by the Chinese authorities for political reasons or inadvertent business offenses and undermine the city's semi-autonomous legal system.
Though police put the protest size at closer to 250,000, there's little doubt that the march was among the largest since 2003, when 500,000 people protested against a sedition law -- and successfully blocked it. CNN's Matt Rivers reports.
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bean cat88
bean cat88 46 分钟 前
Hong Kong is not China
K. Austria
K. Austria 小时 前
The World supports Hong Kong.
VAL. Loves
VAL. Loves 2 小时 前
🕊️{"Now a day's people are blaming this Land's are not the goverments Land's. For in Genesis 1:1-2 CLEARLY says Our Government/Leader/God Isn't Done By man But That Of Jésus Chríst Our True LORD AND SAVIOR."}🕊️
Kevin Ngo
Kevin Ngo 2 小时 前
ifunny.co/fun/4lmOl4yn6?s=cl tiennamen part 2
Julia Zhu
Julia Zhu 2 小时 前
I'm absolutely impressed of Hong Kong and really want to protest along with them.😢❤ Stay strong and don't stop! Your making history and your gonna change the future of yours and your children.😍 Absolutely beautiful!! Lots of love from a mainland chinese person from Germany!!!😢❤
Roan -
Roan - 3 小时 前
Junkie chigger communist government
Fadzilicious 3 小时 前
So Hong Kong who was given to China by uk is protesting because they don’t. Like or want to be given back to China. And some how it’s the USA fault? Ok
Why America become a nation? Because the early settlers was being extradited to England for a crime they committed in the United States. Hong Kong and Taiwan is a pain the butt of China as the new bully in Asia
Marc Morgan
Marc Morgan 3 小时 前
Did anyone really believe that Hong Kong would remain free under Chinese rule?
ATRAIU 3 小时 前
way to change your tune cnn
mabatommy 4 小时 前
The USA should sell Hong Kong some F35 to fight China
mabatommy 4 小时 前
China blames the USA for all the problems that China causes, China just can not accept responsibility for their own actions. China screwed with Hong Kong Not the USA, we did not enact an extradition law to screw with the people in Hong Kong , China did that piece of Crap on their people. So China take credit for your own crap and dont blame someone else for your own shit.
sad boy15
sad boy15 4 小时 前
Fallout is happening
Kevin Ngo
Kevin Ngo 4 小时 前
CCP is a disgusting authoritarian plague
Emily Scott
Emily Scott 4 小时 前
Hope Hongkongese can keep their freedom! Support Hong Kong!
saoxa07 5 小时 前
I pray that there won't be a second Tiananmen.
杨柳 6 小时 前
U.S. can not win the trade war so you play these dirty tricks to HK.
Michael Stuart Esson
We Europeans are slaves to Chinese money (loans) and we have seen time and time again how our governments shy away from criticising the hand that feeds us. This is absolutely the wrong signal to be giving our kids.
get a life !!!
get a life !!! 6 小时 前
China is asia's biggest headache. Always china. Gosh.
andrew liu
andrew liu 7 小时 前
I see the broad which say ‘save my daughter ‘, when I see it, it really confuse me what the HK really want. The bill behind the bill which is targeting to the criminals,not for some people who have different political opinions. So the man who are murders,who are rapists,can find the space in line of laws to escape the punishment from justice. In China, right now they really don’t need to extradite the suspects from HK, even some guys who want to introduce the ‘freedom ‘ to main land. The mainland doesn’t need to find such excuse. I really want to share some real stories happened in some countries. In 2018 , A high officer who use his power to help some businessmen and exchanged So large value assets which included cash , properties. So when this bad guy smell some information , before been caught, he flew to German. After he went abroad, the case was uncovered, the crime shocked the top leaders of this country. The final result is always the bad guys receive the punishment who deserves it. This bribe officers was kidnapped by special forces and delivered to his mother land by the defense minister plane when the minister was having a official visit to German. I tell the story just want to tell you, even The Vietnam can carry such operations, for China,it just a pice of cake. You can see many guy who always send fake news to insults China, but they don’t use the measures like Vietnam, this just issue the truth that this country won’t do such dirty stuff, so why you scare.
Maika Tupua
Maika Tupua 7 小时 前
Carrie Lam is a bitch, Slut and an idiot!! She should step down!!! Carrie Lam should be assassinated....she is a destroyer of HK stability!!
Maika Tupua
Maika Tupua 7 小时 前
China president....is full of Shit!!
Da li Wu
Da li Wu 7 小时 前
Why are we so angry ? Hong Kong doesn't have the power to say No to China as it's just an autonomous administrative region(a city) only. Even worst, the Chief Executive is just elected by 777 voters appointed by Beijing - essentially anointed by Beijing. The poor track record on human rights, corrupted and untrustworthy officials and low level of law & order of the mainland give absolutely no confidence to Hong Kong people. Upon passing of the bill, we are afraid the Beijing communists can exploit it to extradite whoever Beijing thinks are dissidents or simply don't like by forging / making up criminal charges/accusations. After all, the Hong Kong court's legal process involved only requires prima facie evidence and the Chief Executive are unlikely to fend for us as he/she is not senior enough in the Chinese official hierarchy. The over a million Hong Kong people took to the streets (most of them are highly educated / professionals ) together with the majority of the legal professions are not informed/intelligent/credible enough to say No to this controversial bill ???? Don't trust the nonsense of these notorious and mean 五毛 (Fifty Cents) - Chinese Communists paid mouthpieces / stooges! They are just fxxxxx Chinese, not Hong Kong people!
On Guard
On Guard 7 小时 前
So again, the BBC has this report showing how an entire culture has had their rights revoked in China. Why is the United Nations not doing anything to put an end to this? Is it because China is on the Security Council? If that is the problem, there is a procedure in their charter to remove an offending nation from the position! Start the process! cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-WmId2ZP3h0c.html
儿砸乖 7 小时 前
WEST cunts take your hands away my country.
儿砸乖 7 小时 前
Disappoint of HK
姥爺姥爺 7 小时 前
USA destroy everywhere in the world!
Tjandra S
Tjandra S 8 小时 前
I believe US behind mass rallies,it is always done by the US.
Sean Arellano
Sean Arellano 8 小时 前
Beijing: We will rule half of the world! World: Look into the end of my M4 and say that again.
Marvin G.
Marvin G. 9 小时 前
why is it that this scenario looks similar to everywhere else where a head of state was ousted?
Ram Kunwor
Ram Kunwor 9 小时 前
Who choose Carrie lam to be Hong Kong leader since she betray Hong Kong 😒😕🧐
Ram Kunwor
Ram Kunwor 9 小时 前
Traffic lights are still on
Wonderful bgtng
Wonderful bgtng 10 小时 前
so funny! if there's an issue, US is always blamed 😂😂... Hong Kongers has 2million Legal Professionals, has smart young generation and concerned citizens.... US has nothing to do with that. Hong Kongers just know how to fight their own right. There may be serious criminals there but leave the country to practice their own system.
Aleem Pervez
Aleem Pervez 11 小时 前
Behind every successful man there is a crime; behind every rebellion/uprising there will be disguised face of America.
Andy always
Andy always 11 小时 前
HK police are traitors to its own ppl & country..
My Fun Playroom
My Fun Playroom 13 小时 前
Exposing Carrie Lam video PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juragan C
Juragan C 14 小时 前
And CNN is happy because CNN is a US Traitor
Patrick Kyo
Patrick Kyo 14 小时 前
US fake media..
Natorsigth 15 小时 前
Us government will try to take advantage of this
Sans the Rocker
Sans the Rocker 15 小时 前
Haha they can say only that now eat bread blame us do bread blame us
John Wong
John Wong 16 小时 前
Good Luck Hong Kong ! 💪💪💪💪💪
Bluedreamsplanet Sin
Bluedreamsplanet Sin 16 小时 前
facebook.com/450867315005279/posts/2310391192386206/?app=fbl according to an Ambulance staff who was on duty at 12june, police arrested injured protester not only in hospital but also in Ambulance. They dragged the injured person out from amubulance who was already difficult to breathe. The staff said "he need go to hospital at once." the cops just said "don't make our job difficult."
Bulaoker Yue
Bulaoker Yue 16 小时 前
Central government doesn't care about how many people are on the street.... We mainlanders enjoy the show. just go on...
Cikgu Toh
Cikgu Toh 17 小时 前
Looks like d guaido scandal of Venezuela. Western propaganda narrative - need proper investigation before falling to conclusion, e.g. what r d rules exactly line by line, word by word? What actual case cause its introduction? CNN n BBC n operatives on d ground r west propaganda mouthpiece n trouble makers... not trustworthy Just look at iraq, iran, Palestine, yemen, libya, syria. ... Hkers should look in d mirror, r u kuaiLow or chungkok yan ahh?
Justin Law
Justin Law 17 小时 前
Can and will the United Nations come in and help also can’t just Hong Kong become an independent country I’m pretty sure they are economically strong enough to do so
歐陽雪 18 小时 前
fake news of CNN, FU~K YOU CNN
Austin Vu
Austin Vu 18 小时 前
A lot of abuse from some people but I can see a lot of support from India,Malaysia,Japan,Korea and many other countries.More power to you Hongkong.
Austin Vu
Austin Vu 18 小时 前
Support from Tibet
John C
John C 18 小时 前
Dont give in to the Chinese .. ! Hongkong deserve to chart their own destiny!
BigE 19 小时 前
ahhhhh commies
猫沙沙 21 小时 前
What would you think if the Chinese media supported the independence movement in Catalonia and Northern Ireland?Don't be so naive. Hong Kong is a part of China which is recognized by the British government. This is China's internal affair you arrogant westerners~
DeadPooL 1718
DeadPooL 1718 22 小时 前
Im not surprise how BULLY CHINA until now mainland China government are BULLIES....
sonofsueraf 22 小时 前
taib hashim
taib hashim 23 小时 前
Hong Kong Protest is NOTHING compared to ARAB Spring....
Ren_x_Orion 23 小时 前
Andres  Moreno
i think that the people of hong kong have the protest right because they see that your judicial condition is threatened with the extradition China. 2. hong kong oppose with the extradition because threaten with your judicial autonomi.the goverment chino is searching extradite the criminals of hg kg and they will apply its rules about this persons. 3. the persons on hong kong are claiming for the not extradition the your people. becouse this affect its politic inside and judicial. 4. i not find any similarities between our the goverments
John James
John James 天 前
The last two persons to believe is Carrie Lam and Xi. She claimed that she received no instructions from Beijing....true. Cos she received An Order!!!
Farida awalin
I'm not interested in politics,but I do support hongkonger to fight freedom human right from communist
عفيف موقع الاحمد
pretty sure america did it, its not that hard to stir a movement by putting in extremists or people to rile up a crowd, almost every country does it china does it, russia does it, infiltration of movements to destroy them from the inside from making it too radical or to make them popular, its a common tactic approved by many government agencies
عفيف موقع الاحمد
@sonofsueraf yes but we will never know the real truth, and its possible nothing was done but even simple automated bots favoriting liked posts can lead to ideas being spread and can lead to big things like this, just look up arab spring but we'll never know, they could be or they might not be
sonofsueraf 22 小时 前
No, there is no evidence suggesting so. China keeps blaming active foreign influence whenever they have problems.
Komkrit Suwanwela
So pity Hongkong people being nosed by the US. So protest till your island has nothing but ashes like Arab spring.
the legend
the legend 天 前
JK Huang
JK Huang 天 前
Keep your dreaming.
PR's Chinese authorities and police force wayyy too gentlemenlike. Justice is good in Chinese hands. Bannon and Bolton, we will surely not forget 我们不会忘记
Tom Lin
Tom Lin 天 前
The comment section full of foreigners who only see the one side of the situation presented by the prejudiced western media, please take time to understand the actual situation before swallowing the crap BBC/CNN will feed you ,making comments about someone else’s country that you probably know nothing about. I’m ashamed of the people who can’t freely form an opinion and just band wagon, if more people are wrong than right does it make them right. Don’t just stand with people just because they are protestors against a government , educate yourself and form your own educated opinion. Only ethnically Chinese people whether overseas, in mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore etc will know the true motives charged behind these young people. It’s funny when the people with a prejudiced superiority complex play victim. Also, are the British really trying to pretend they are innocent people trying to lend a helping hand when they treated HKers as second class citizens/peasants in a racist apartheid with no democratic rights for 100 years, at least the Chinese recognise HKers as an equal. Don’t think people don’t know HKers are mostly worried about becoming obsolete as a financial capital as Shenzhen and shanghai are slowly becoming economically stronger, don’t think that ethnically Chinese people don’t know that HKers are pissed off that the people they once looked down on with prejudice are now wealthier, more competitive and up hold the very economy that gives Hong Kong any sense of meaning. Sure let HK have democratic freedom, but then zone Shenzhen as the direct competing specialised free trading zone and allow it to grow to replace HK’s role and then the true intentions of the HK people will show.
thebelt24 天 前
Now I get on the US for everything. Such as pointlessly escalating in Venezuela and Iran but I can confidently say the US had no direct hand in this
turbobenx 天 前
Lmao. What else is new? Blame US for everything.
Emmanuel Imoisili
Emmanuel Imoisili 20 小时 前
Ikr mabe they want to extort money blaming US
Kayssi Anas
Kayssi Anas 天 前
I think HK should work for independent, and i think it will be stronger , then under comenist low i dont think any normal human will want to live under government of china no one , you cant talk , you cant read the books you want you cant even use the internet , ..... you cant pray to the god you want freely, you cant choose your prosedent thats no ok its 2019 thats really not normal , all about the party , evryone need to work 2-3 more to make governments rich to control them more, i dont blame the people who think Chinese government is good , caus for the last 7000 years , from the empires time passing by colonialism to the colonists party all the time full control , eat , work and say the government is good , where in the world government tel parents how many kids you could have where where ?
Support!🇭🇰 For democracy and freedom🇭🇰🤝 🇯🇵 look after your body.     愛❤️香港 love from Japan.
Stanley Tang
Stanley Tang 天 前
I think China should sets some actor forces to do protest show at US and British country. How they will think.?
Drogon Daley
Drogon Daley 12 小时 前
Go live in china before you write such shite
Andrew Teo
Andrew Teo 天 前
The protest is useless.. China will have their way
Sanjayan PS
Sanjayan PS 天 前
I so badly want to see the CCP fall
Owen Zhang
Owen Zhang 天 前
Fully support HongKong government, democracy have to remain and loophole of the law have to be patched. If we don't have a reliable law system we will lose our democracy and freedom and human right. People can protest but no violent, people's voice should heard by government and careful considered only if it's feasible. A reliable law system is a very important and a very strong support for democracy and freedom. I want ask those protestors 'what are you againsting and do you know what are you doing?' A man killed his girlfriend put her in her own suite case wheeled her out the hotel room run back to HongKong and no one can do a thing about it. Is this is the democracy which HongKong People was looking and fighting for?
allen tey
allen tey 天 前
*Person A* : we support Hong Kong *Person B* : Do you know that American "insert something bad" this and that ? I swear troll are trying too hard to switch people attention. Lol. Literally in every comment section that have 20 reply.
Fuck CNN and fuck the commies too. Eat my meat banana.
FaintGlow 天 前
I tot it's about a Taiwanese murderer who the Taiwan government wants the HK government to send him back to Taiwan to face justice? That led to the change in law, and then this protest, lol, so strange yet so funny when people protesting for something not related to them and even beneficial to the stability of the society .
Ethan Fate
Ethan Fate 天 前
Get the fuck outta here, these dumb ass protesters, did they even read the fucking bill??? the bill clearly states that the prosecution will not and must not associate with political differences and every prosecution will go through the highest court in HK!
Donald Powers
I wonder if any CNN FOLKS WERE invited to John podesta's house they were told that they would be there only an hour, GOOGLE it... because John podesta was hooked up with a global cultural strategist.....who said only a month earlier This.... as I've mentioned how we all have been QUITE CONTENT to demean government drop (rule of law) civics in GENERAL CON-SPIRE TO PRODUCE AN UNAWARE AND COMPLAINT CITIZENRY.........OR GOOGLE Nancy Pelosi SMEAR and WRAP campaign, or Hillary's video of not using gov't emails so the investigators CAN NOT FIND OUT WHAT SHE'S BEEN DOING. . THE BIG PLAYERS ARE OUT TO DIVIDE.......NEW WORLD ORDER... DANIEL'S VISION OF A DIVERSE KINGDOM THAT DEVOURS THE FACE OF THE WHOLE EARTH... LOOK WELL IN TO WHAT YOU HEAR....
Jeff Lin
Jeff Lin 天 前
CCP always blames others
Gabriel Soriano
They didn't expect that this will be the reaction of the people. Now Beijing can't blame anyone so they point the US
Looking Good
Looking Good 天 前
This what I'm saying, China existed more thousand years ago but never change, the Greaddy, the blamed, the useless, the copy dog, China is shit. 中国狗。stop blame and leave Hong Kong alone China dog!!!
mary Tam
mary Tam 天 前
How bloody the protest (Color Revolution commanded by CIA) in Hong Kong, the protestors claimed they demonstrated in peaceful manner, but you can see they were throwing bricks, metal barriers, sharp spears & harmful objects attacking the police.cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-ZQfOfIAexzw.html
darwin Charlotin
And that so called chef Executive is just a China puppet
darwin Charlotin
China are scary cats oh the US is the blame China better start taking there own faults they are rushing too quick to take Hong Kong china is a bully Hong kong should be an independent city state it should be two country with two different systems of government
N M 天 前
and Duterte is still supporting China. What the fuck we Filipinos will be in the next coming years. Go to hell China and Duterte
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
Britain and Europe are communist because of the non delivery of the referendum
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
America is communism with their rules
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
America don't like the idea then they can take a run and jump
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
Russia will supply Britain with gas
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
America has no hold on British trade we will buy oil from Iran without any outside interference
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
America offends me
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
America has no hold on British trade
Mountain Gentry
Huawei jz kick the Trump administration into submission. The world was behind huawei. But with this HK fiasco, the world now do not side china anymore. How stupid can you be to lose after you just won against a superpower. China should sack the officials that wanted this bill
Ken Mc Leod
Ken Mc Leod 天 前
Hong Kong is part of China. Always was always will be.
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
China trade with Britain forget Europe and America
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
Ni huin
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
Everyone wants to rule the world
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
America wants to rule the world yes?
Ab Aha
Ab Aha 天 前
Not good blaming, every eye will see and every ear will see the truth
LSD-Rick B-172
Screw China's communist government
skymonkey98 天 前
Sorry, it doesn't have signature of US support because it is so peaceful. The roads were clean after protest because young protesters even went back to pick up rubbish after shouldering tear gas. Not even US can have this type of peaceful protest.
Young Ho Seo
Young Ho Seo 天 前
Say no to Chinese government. Free Taiwan and HK. #RememberTienanmen 🇰🇷 supports Hong Kongers' movement
Theo L
Theo L 天 前
its none of kimchi business
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