China's Ting Zhu on fire: 26 Points vs. Italy | Volleyball Nations League 2019

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Ting Zhu was clearly the top performer of the Chinese team during the match against Italy at week 3 of the Volleyball Nations League 2019 by scoring 26 points.
#VNL #VNL2019 #BePartOfTheGame
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2019年06月 6日

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Volleyball World
Volleyball World 12 天 前
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Ha La
Ha La 11 天 前
Parichat Butjan
Parichat Butjan 11 天 前
okiran syam
okiran syam 9 小时 前
Ting zhu spikes the ball like a unstoppable fire
thinking toname
thinking toname 8 天 前
Wow..Wow..Chinese team "the beauty and the beast" love it..Zue T the game changer and history creater..
Jose Virgilio Gonzales Calambuhay Jr.
The comeback is real!!!!!!! 🔥
Alex Nick
Alex Nick 9 天 前
didn't know Italy has black female
JZ VR 9 天 前
Best player in the world, China is the best team.
Mr. HeavyDebater
Still waiting for the highlights from this game.
Alice Liu
Alice Liu 10 天 前
看 朱婷砸球 真過癮, 豁出去了 別的球員防守的也很好 丁霞傳球傳了也很好 還有 姚笛, 殺一殺 義大利的銳氣 不然他們太囂張了
Xuehan Jiang
Xuehan Jiang 10 天 前
The best in the world! So all around! responsible for spike, dig, receive...she carries so many stuffs
9nefertiti9 10 天 前
Despite being Italian and therefore supporting Egonu, in my opinion Boskovic is just above Egonu and Zhu.
T 9 天 前
Zhu is most highly paid volleyball player in the world, man or women.
T 9 天 前
you can only compare Boskovic to Egonu. they play the same position. OH and wig spiker are two completely job.
Drew Acabu
Drew Acabu 10 天 前
I can now watch volleyball again because the number 2 of china is back.......i lov Zhu...the world's highest paid volleyball player, man or woman
bhawana gurung
bhawana gurung 10 天 前
The over confidence and arrogance of Italy sank them.
วิชุดา 'าาา
Waiman Cheung
Waiman Cheung 10 天 前
Waiman Cheung
Waiman Cheung 10 天 前
@Yc C 天下沒長勝球隊。我自己想法。沒有人天下無敵刘德华講過。依家係打球賽。而唔係打世界大戰。無錯係朗平講。佢仲話我地係打出人類既精神。你話我抄人我承認。但我覺得每一句都係啱既。正能量嚟㗎。
Yc C
Yc C 10 天 前
li tian07
li tian07 10 天 前
建议把张常宁也送出国打球 以郎导的人脉也能送进个好联赛打球 希望江苏那不要把眼光老拘泥于联赛冠军 虽然张常宁实力也不俗 但是有些球还是没有婷队有实力
ecthelion yoou
ecthelion yoou 10 天 前
Isabella Sin
Isabella Sin 10 天 前
婷( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ )棒!
C. X.
C. X. 10 天 前
alguem sabe onde ver o jogo completo??
C. X.
C. X. 10 天 前
Zhu Tinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
Mariano Batchine
Mariano Batchine 10 天 前
Whatever happens Italy is my favorite.. Since francesca piccinini was still playing for Italy
박명선 10 天 前
It was amazing game ever!!! Love Zhu Ting and all the players team China...cheering from 🇦🇺 Australia 🎉 Go go go for Gold 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
wowyzaoy 11 天 前
what!? China sent their best team? why, what, when, who and how?
JZ VR 9 天 前
Italy did too, they're using this as practice for the Olympics.
gmr 11 天 前
Egonu 39 points in this match
debukuma chubby
debukuma chubby 10 天 前
But she had more mistake also in this match!
jinfu fu
jinfu fu 11 天 前
Ricardo Mota
Ricardo Mota 11 天 前
Gente essa mulher é de outro planeta não é possível ela nem afasta muito para ataca que isso em
Eliyahu EJ
Eliyahu EJ 11 天 前
One of the 1.5 Billion Slaves in China who have never voted for their leaders or for their government and do not know what are the rights of the citizens and is the Freedom as a human being.
m1r2o3c4 9 天 前
@Eliyahu EJ Ok good luck then. Enjoy your supposed "freedom" live and let others live as they please. I will continue to support, admire and love this exceptional team no matter if they lose Because for me they are simply the best, I love them.
Eliyahu EJ
Eliyahu EJ 10 天 前
@m1r2o3c4 I do respect your opinion. I would leave my comments even though I enjoy watching the game. But I may have left the same comments if North Korean players had done so well and performed the skills of World No 1 team after I had enjoyed watching the game. I would have commented that they would have been some of the 22 million slaves sadly. without access to CNvid, Google, G-mails except a few hundreds of thousands of Communists Party members. The same applies to the Chinese.
m1r2o3c4 10 天 前
@Eliyahu EJ I think you're wrong, I'm nothing or nobody to prevent anything, you're very free to say what you want, the question here was only why not just enjoy an excellent game We must not tear our clothes for other people's reasons, much less for politics. Let China be what it is and at least I will continue to admire and enjoy a magnificent team.Take good care of yourself, continue to give your opinion freely and now I say goodbye. I am not Chinese or a communist or anything, I am just an habitant of this world that tries to live well and respect. the opinion of the people.
Mia Hernandez
Mia Hernandez 11 天 前
Volley tryouts are in 3 days! ♡Wish me luck ahhhh i cant wait.♡ ill update you!♡
midori Chan
midori Chan 11 天 前
ZhuTing is a incredible and unstoppable player💖💖💖China team is never give up.
SHAKA OUI 11 天 前
bhawana gurung
bhawana gurung 11 天 前
This match proves that China doesn’t give up..
Irishnichole Soriano
From now on i love zhu ting amazinggg shes so littt and on fireee😍🔥
上山打老虎 11 天 前
Cheung Derek
Cheung Derek 11 天 前
It’s seems like if somebody brought Italy to the fifth set, Italy gonna suffer They’re physically strong but not mentally
Abi Gail
Abi Gail 11 天 前
I would say only this month. Last year all matches that ended in 5th sets except for the finals were in ITALY SIDE. like VNL 2018 while this time I would say that they are not totally trained as one after only 2 weeks of championship league. I really want to see these 2 teams in the finals.
Arch Atienza
Arch Atienza 11 天 前
The best match so far. The best showdown I’ve always wanted to see is Zhu vs Bosko but now it’s Zhu ve Egonu
Leeroyd Pelaez
Leeroyd Pelaez 11 天 前
Zhu ting is the one and only best from China. Nothing more.
C. X.
C. X. 11 天 前
full game? please...
Ian Ignacio
Ian Ignacio 11 天 前
She’s playing under pressure. She’s so amazing😫 An ace spiker❤️
Wi Anek
Wi Anek 11 天 前
Love💗 from Thailand💖
X Z 11 天 前
ai ping Pang
ai ping Pang 9 天 前
那是一只 非洲 斑马
Long SYD
Long SYD 11 天 前
Ronaldo Pontes
Ronaldo Pontes 11 天 前
A Zhu tem muita envergadura. Tem bolas que ela resolve por conta dessa vantagem é talentosa também por isso é esse monstro😎.
Bushangels 11 天 前
This is electrifying. Both team put on a great show for the audiences!
Zhu Kelsey
Zhu Kelsey 11 天 前
Zhu Ting always the best💕
Busket list
Busket list 11 天 前
Italia is great team in the world! Italia and Cina finished a great match for everyone!? Whatever happens, everything happens in the right time!
Ian Paul Tanguilan
Who won this match?
justdm 11 天 前
China 3 - 2 Italy
sept dossier
sept dossier 12 天 前
Ting is the best player for now, no doubt!
Фан Ляо
Фан Ляо 12 天 前
love zhu ting
Cansoni Canson
Cansoni Canson 12 天 前
Why don't they show the final set? CHINA won 15 - 13 over Italy. The Asians are triumphant!
D & P Steel
D & P Steel 12 天 前
China >>>>>> Winner
Rob Tuesta
Rob Tuesta 12 天 前
I don't know why but I saw Egonu very discouraged in my match. I think I wasn't the only one who saw that too, was I?
Andy Chung
Andy Chung 12 天 前
The classic match ever in women's VNL this year !
Clarisse Noelle Ramboanga
Well played China!!😍
Funny Story
Funny Story 12 天 前
Italy plays very good. Very man kind of play. But zhuting and China also did a wonderful wonderful job. Never give up. And li ying Ying really a next star of China. They both won the match. But Italy more just one strong point. But Egunou is really good. This match, china merite winner and show that never give up till the game ends!
Sonito Roman
Sonito Roman 12 天 前
Egonu solo quiere clavarr.. si el balon no le arman alto la planchan..
Lang Lalng
Lang Lalng 12 天 前
Yet the fooking Hong Kong independents is destroying this joy of sports at the same time.
Tawin Pintafai
Tawin Pintafai 12 天 前
The best match of VNL 2019 so far.
anlu Re
anlu Re 12 天 前
Forza cina
Wong Zheng Kai
Wong Zheng Kai 12 天 前
Which team win?
lei liu
lei liu 12 天 前
Wong Zheng Kai China3-2Italy
Cm OMEGA 12 天 前
Zhu so fast and so strong 💕
luckyxu 12 天 前
luckyxu 12 天 前
Bravo! Zhu Ting!
Popopa Popopi
Popopa Popopi 12 天 前
merci bien
ContMon 12 天 前
20 points Zho needs to beat Italy, while Egonu needs 50 points to win over China! This is the difference between individual and group play!
m1r2o3c4 10 天 前
Well said, when Italy plays they should say "Egonu vs ..." This is the reason why I love the Chinese team, they NEVER GIVE UP FOR DECEASED and if they fall it is with the face to the sun. LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!
luv Fed
luv Fed 11 天 前
@Eddy Sbstn me 2
Eddy Sbstn
Eddy Sbstn 11 天 前
love this comment
Jean Hinoguin
Jean Hinoguin 12 天 前
I love tzu ting the way she play amazing
Rodante galang Lacayanga
Who won?
Chen Uy
Chen Uy 12 天 前
Newyork Ivan
Newyork Ivan 12 天 前
super super ~ high point ,zhu
Margaret Lai
Margaret Lai 12 天 前
Bravo as always my heroine, ZHUperb! Wonderful crowd here in HK & I'm glad that I'm part of it!
Philip Zhang
Philip Zhang 12 天 前
both teams played really well. dun forget that team China has a legendary coach too
Jan Marvy Cose
Jan Marvy Cose 12 天 前
Zhu Ting has many fans in Philippines, i am one ❤🇵🇭
nova oricio
nova oricio 12 天 前
Me too
Parichat Butjan
Parichat Butjan 12 天 前
Steinbrecher T.
Steinbrecher T. 12 天 前
Zhu Ting ‘s performance is very far better than her colleagues
ssc 12 天 前
For me Zhu is THE BEST vb player in the world!!! ♡
oh 12 天 前
zhu ting nhảy cẩng cẩng như chó dựng đực vậy á.
oh 12 天 前
Egonu is better.
Jimmy He
Jimmy He 天 前
@oh Nonsense! It's a lesbian looks like a man!😄
C. X.
C. X. 10 天 前
Zhu MVP olimpic games, world cup and champions cup... And Egonu?
ContMon 12 天 前
Yes she`s amazing..
walnutz16 12 天 前
The best game I've watched so far
Son Sam
Son Sam 12 天 前
Egonu 39points with love. Egonu is the best in the world.
C. X.
C. X. 10 天 前
Zhu T >>>> Egonu
Benj Hernandez
Benj Hernandez 12 天 前
ZT is a volleyball goddess!
Deni Kumar
Deni Kumar 12 天 前
China team verry good
張政 12 天 前
Zhu ting: let me show u who is best spiker worldwide
LeeBee Sim
LeeBee Sim 12 天 前
昨天中国 VS 意大利,中国队明显是有进步的,要不然也不会赢意大利。希望中国女排再接再厉,提升个人的实力,这样才会走得更远,单单靠朱婷,小袁还是不够的,中国女排加油加油。一路默默婷妳的马来西亚球迷。
T 10 天 前
Jy Z
Jy Z 12 天 前
Yc C
Yc C 12 天 前
這場中.意.賽事,朱婷可謂搏到盡 意國雖强但18号艾格勞雖强但失誤太多,反觀朱婷也強的主攻很小犯錯打法正統反應快,中国如像意国 每個球員像朱婷般夠水準,便不用打得咁辛苦,好彩鬥志頑强赢意隊 攞返D面子
Joshwell Cabognason
Who won in that game?
Kami Truth
Kami Truth 12 天 前
Ruby Red
Ruby Red 12 天 前
Zhu 👑 Queen of Volleyball. ❤
Renante Aplacador
Egono spikes so strong but Zhu knows how to kill the ball Zhu is so clever❤️
Eugene Wong
Eugene Wong 10 天 前
Egono, is a woman?, think again, the hormon deposit
Starlight Janice
Starlight Janice 12 天 前
All China's members did well yesterday. Zhu is the best spiker and captain. Yuan and Yan are the best blocker. Li YY and Zhang and Gong helped the team to score many. Zeng and Liu is painful but they played excellently. Hu served well and broke the other's receiving. Wang and Lin received and dig well. Ding and Yao set the balls well. They were firing. The coaches also helped the team to get win. The audiences shouted loudly and made the atmosphere majestic. I hope China win continuously. Fighting China. Never Stop, Champion
Chris Malvia
Chris Malvia 12 天 前
Both team has a great player but what make difference in this game is the COACH. We never know what Lang Ping and Mazzanti has in their mind during the match
Chris Malvia
Chris Malvia 12 天 前
@Huat Lam agree with you
Huat Lam
Huat Lam 12 天 前
Lang Ping was decisive this time. She benched Gong (0/7) without hesitation and replaced with LYY. I guess Lang Ping have learned from her mistakes during WCC last year.
mollie mok
mollie mok 12 天 前
Best of the best in the world, I love Zhu Ting
張政 12 天 前
朱婷扣球線路又更多變化了 全場只被攔死一顆球 姚迪傳給她的球很多都不到位還是能下球 真的不簡單 198公分 接一傳又防守真的拼了全力 永遠的天下第一主攻 ♥
T 10 天 前
@張政 这场比赛1号小苹果打得很好,得了20分。拦网进攻发球都出色。颜妮今天拦网没有拦到,而且四号位拦网移动稍慢常常并不过去,进攻50%成功率,发挥一般吧。主攻张常宁进攻受阻不下球,替补李赢盈打得很好,3局进攻12 分,进攻成功率比朱婷还高一点,发球,拦网,防守,一传都有亮点。第一二局的接应龚对意大利还是不下球。所以两个主攻和曾上来轮流打接应,加强2号位进攻。 整体来说,靠团体赢球。
Yc C
Yc C 12 天 前
@張政 認同絕對是,朱婷剛從土國回隊太累,昨晚中.意大戰朱婷博到盡贏了顔臉
張政 12 天 前
Yc C 除了顏妮比較給力 其他隊友太一般 讓婷婷每場都快累死 接應一直沒有分攤婷婷壓力
Yc C
Yc C 12 天 前
對,朱婷一傳進步了好多,線路多了些變化,扣球力量大後排攻擊 十拿九穩,二傳姚迪傳球差些 如馮坤生於朱婷這年代最佳二傳 傳球得心應手中國隊可謂無得頂
Fabian S
Fabian S 12 天 前
Just can't wait to see Li Ying Ying to develope and destroys everyone!!
Fabian S
Fabian S 11 天 前
@chandler uy Yes, i hope :(
chandler uy
chandler uy 11 天 前
she should always be in a starter lineup
Fabian S
Fabian S 12 天 前
Asian Vs European + African and Asian Wins LOL. China will learn everything and they will fight till the end!! VIVAAA ASIAAAA!!
kzh 9 天 前
Haha! Trump disagrees with you.
January Yeung
January Yeung 12 天 前
I'm a big fan of the Chinese team from the United States. Does anyone know where can I watch the whole game? I appreciate your help!!
m1r2o3c4 12 天 前
@January Yeung I hope I could have helped you. regards
January Yeung
January Yeung 12 天 前
@m1r2o3c4 Thank you for your information!
m1r2o3c4 12 天 前
Hi, you can see it on Facebook, I just saw it there. Search VNL there is the complete game.
edward lee
edward lee 12 天 前
she is very good but dont forget the team members and teamwork.
T 10 天 前
@edward lee 朱婷好几个原地起跳扣球,落地重心不稳。幸好李盈盈第4,5局发威,朱婷没有那么累
edward lee
edward lee 10 天 前
網上看了不少對朱婷扣球後落地情况,認為她很累,對此,反而,覺得她並不是累,因當時二傳連續給她扣殺,而且難度越来越高,最後是她没思索地,立地跳殺得手。 其實,是可看到她的專注、投入比赛,也看到她的提升,也提高整體士氣,以前表現較沈默,現也振奮起來,形勢也開始逆轉了。
Jewel Lee
Jewel Lee 12 天 前
Li yingying ❤️
Paul 12 天 前
After losing 2 sets to Italy, China came back bigger, stronger and win. A great example of never giving up and persist until you succeed.
akka801 12 天 前
gxxodta tata
gxxodta tata 12 天 前
娴人 12 天 前
International superstar ~~Zhu Ting,Super volleyball talent, glamorous👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉
kenny roger
kenny roger 12 天 前
When Iguana is under pressure, she becomes useless.
Chung Cindy
Chung Cindy 12 天 前
Amazing game 😭
KEVIN W 12 天 前
This is totally a pre-show of the 2020 Olympic Woman's Volleyball Gold Medal Match ...
Douglas Raddi
Douglas Raddi 9 天 前
@JZ VR a voice of reason in a town of buttermilk minds
JZ VR 9 天 前
@Douglas Raddi China will take the gold just like in 2016.
Douglas Raddi
Douglas Raddi 11 天 前
What?! It will be a rematch of Serbia and Italy. Serbia will take gold
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