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The one where I unbox the Chloé Faye, show you how I style it over winter, spring and summer, give you a little ‘What’s In My Bag’ and a 6-month long review all in one. PHEW. Have a read of today’s blog post if you fancy, here… annaed.uk/RP500R
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The B Family
The B Family 2 个月 前
Just purchased this bag ! And I love it!
Brandy Schade
Brandy Schade 3 个月 前
“You’re gonna have to save for it.” Nope, (yay!) just got it as a gift! Sooo grateful & thrilled.
Ada Solly Styling
Ada Solly Styling 4 个月 前
I adore this bag and I really want to purchase one. So I am so thankful you are reviewing her. All my bags are girls.
ohhhsopeachy 5 个月 前
The BEST Chloe Faye review video! Thank you!!!!😍
Megan Patterson
Megan Patterson 9 个月 前
Do you think a 13" macbook pro would be able to fit in this bag comfortably? Im thinking of using it for uni. Im deciding between this one and the burberry banner bag. Please let me know your thoughts. Xx
princess étoile
princess étoile 9 个月 前
Beautifull I loved it and the wrist watch too😍🤩
Hayley Alexis
i love this bag so much, its beautiful
Camille 年 前
Hi Anna, Thanks for the video. Quick question, in your bag where is the date code located?
Stacie 年 前
INSTEAD OF ONE WHATS IN MY BAG, WE GOT LIKE 5. Just found your channel 2 days ago and I have watched about 10 or 20 of your videos consecutively. i seriously looooove your channel. Always giving us more information than we expect, this is what I call real "content". thank you so much. You restored my faith in youtubers. For being authentic and so much effort!!! Love it
Amy Marie
Amy Marie 年 前
i think i've watched every chloe/luxury bag review on youtube & your video is BY FAR the best & most informative. like others have said, you've touched on every topic & i LOVE the 6 month wait to see how durable it is! that's what i'm looking for in a review, we all know the bags are pretty, that's why we are looking at them but it's the actual USE of the bag that matters (to me) & i appreciate your in depth review. This has really helped my research in my own investment. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. you also seem like such a down to earth great person. :)
Ferida S
Ferida S 年 前
Nice bag! But why didn't you show us if you can wear it crossbody?? And to actually see how long the strap is, and how long you can make it.. 🤔🤔
valentina sugar
Anna i love your style. very classic
Sarah Imran
Sarah Imran 年 前
Also I feel that the all leather version somehow marks more than the suede and leather combo. Is that just me or anyone else had the same experience?
Phoebe Meng
Phoebe Meng 年 前
AMAZING review! I also have one Chloe FAYE small backpack unboxing and review video on my channel. :)make sure click and have a look. Hope you guys have a nice day today!💕
Cristel 年 前
wonder what size is this... you are so sassy 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Stay True Warriors
New Subscriber :) Super cute outfit, very classy love it! 😍
Celeste Popio
Anna I just cannot decide between the all leather like yours or the suede flap! I love the mixed media with the leather/suede but your post made me love the all leather. Do you still love your choice or wish you had gone with the suede flap? xxx C
Abigail 年 前
really liked the style of this review!! do more of these please ! xxxx
Simona Mac
Simona Mac 年 前
love this video and now I am even more in love with this bag....😅😍👍
Naomi Hill
Naomi Hill 年 前
amazing video Anna!
Really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this video! It was really informative unlike a lot of other bag videos.
Alex Bohan
Alex Bohan 年 前
I'm quite new to your channel, Anna, this is one of the first one I watched and I have to say, I love your style. It's so simple and classy, videos like this are informative and helpful, I'm actually tempted to start a capsule wardrobe because of you. I love your vlogs too and how natural you are in all your videos. One very happy new subscriber. Can't wait for more!
Sophia 年 前
Colourlock Leather handbag cleaner and conditioner is the BEST, I use it on all my bags (Gucci, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Mulberry, Balenciaga) and it works amazingly on all of them, I can't recommend it enough! You can get it on Amazon. x
Ana Terrese Junio
I like my bags to be practical. I like my bags to be easy to use Well said Anna! Functionality is more important than status or brand. =) I am your fan from the Philippines. =)
Cith Moreno
Cith Moreno 年 前
Amazing review ❤️👌🏻
Amina Uddin
Amina Uddin 年 前
Please do a updated bag collection
BrigitteG18 年 前
one of the best bag reviews ever! please do this style again, and again! love from Australia xx
WHITLEYs on the GO
Love love this bag ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kristen Fiss
Kristen Fiss 年 前
Anna, where did you get that gold watch you're wearing in the bag unboxing clip? Lovely video, by the way - you always put so much thought, creativity and realness into your work!
bljts 年 前
I went to Harrod's when in England. I bought a tea cozy hahahaha😂
Danielle Lewis
what brand is the gold watch your wearing in the unboxing section!? i'm in the market :))
B. R.
B. R. 年 前
The bag really looks like it was made for you, it's gorgeous on you! Thanks for making this full video over time, including a bunch of different clips; it was fun to see the progression.. Have you considered spraying the interior with a suede protector? : )
alicia eve
alicia eve 年 前
Excellent review. Helpful
Lina 年 前
Seriously best bag review ever on CNvid! 🙌🏻✨
Michelle Kaplan
Omg it fits so much more than it looks like it would!!! Love the bag!!!
sarasr18 年 前
I've never seen a Chloé bag that I've wanted to buy (the Faye comes the closest, I guess), they all look too overly trendy for their time. It might be because I remember how ubiquitous the Paddington was and now no one will be caught dead wearing it, so I keep thinking all Chloé bags will go that way. There's always some detail about them that makes it look off and kind of annoying to me lol. Anyway, this is a great video and I've been so excited for it ever since you mentioned it way back when lol.
I have been going back and forth on the faye for months - so I have been waiting to see this video for ages! Very informative. Could you please do a review on the Celine trio?
Try This With Me
You are my favorite fashion/ beauty vlogger! ❤️
If only I could like this video more than once! So informational and a real thorough review without all the frills. Loved it!
DarkRuins 年 前
Loved the bag until I saw the price tag. I can go to Europe for a month with 2,000. Yes, the bag is absolutely gorgeous, but unless I'm a millionaire, I cannot stomach paying that much for just a purse.
Ellie Robinson
Loved this style of review! Not that I could everrrrrr afford designer but if I was this would be perfect with all the information given. It was amazing! Your on to a winner with this style of review! Xxx
Rachel Williams
This looks like it's on green screen somehow! ☺️
skyro222 年 前
Really appreciate the amount of thought and consideration you put into this video. I love the look of designer bags but hate the way most CNvidrs don't acknowledge how expensive they are, often portraying them as an entitlement of acquired status. Thanks for being real with your viewers and not buying into the elite hype around these types of videos, e.g handbag unboxing, what's in my designer bag and designer hauls.
Everyday Edit
✨Very in depth & informative. I appreciate all of the planning that went into this. Thank you ✨
hh love
hh love 年 前
Finally a luxury bag review that I enjoy to watch, no bragging no showing off, making acknowledgement to how expensive and thoughts put in to buying an expensive handbag!
Really enjoyed this video, been considering getting the chloe faye bag as well but the price!
Faye Morrow
Faye Morrow 年 前
Shoving your chicken in your bag 😂😂 so my life lol xx
Eli Esma
Eli Esma 年 前
Hey Anna ! This video is really great and well done !! (Even the iphone camera part i really liked it) what a great review! Thank you very much!! This was really original, refreshing and different from all the reviews we can see out there ! You really put an effort in it, the chronological review is very well made and very interesting :) ❤️ many kisses from france😘
Life of Riley
Feel like this is the most genuine bag review I've ever watched! I love your videos Anna!! Also, your makeup and hair is stunning 💛
Helen Hypnotic
Ugh I enjoy the design of these bags so much, but will never be able to afford it.
Pooja Barkataky
from my limited knowledge of CNvid video making (I'm just a subscriber, and love watching videos. don't know much about the technicalities) i cannot imagine a bag review + what's in my bag video done better than this. 6 months worth of clips, talking through real life practical use of a bag and acknowledging the savings + insane pricing of a bag. you're the best! if anyone deserves, subscribers to manifold gotto be you. best video ever (so far) 😘😘😍😍😍 xoxo
lipstickaddicted 1234
Great video, very hones indeed and informative as well. Loved it :D
House Keeper
House Keeper 年 前
Ah it's a beautiful bag. But way too high maintenance for the money. if it were half the price , I might be thinking about buying It, but even Then, i reckon I'd have to have a more practical hard wearing piece. great video. x
Melissa Goh
Melissa Goh 年 前
Oh my goodness! I too bought my Chloe Faye from Harrods -- first online purchase from Harrods, and worst ever. I paid extra for it to be delivered internationally, and the shipment took 2 weeks to arrive. I emailed, got no response... Worst user experience ever, hands down. Was so disappointed because for a brand specialising in luxury I think they really should've done far, far better. Have sworn off Harrods online since then!
Melissa Goh
Melissa Goh 年 前
Btw, I paid extra extra for international delivery. It was the extra that meant it should've been delivered in 5 days max but it still took 2 weeks and over to arrive. Just a warning to all planning to purchase from Harrods online!
Sugar Snaps
Sugar Snaps 年 前
Guys Matalan is selling a knock off of this on sale for £8
Suzi Yang
Suzi Yang 年 前
omg the bag looks so great on you anna! you are gorg xx
Michelle {Green Earth Bazaar}
Beautiful bag - it looks so much like a classic Coach bag that I own. The bag shape looks lovely, and like you, I like to throw my things inside without thinking about it too much, but the style isn't the most practical for that. Thank you for such a thoughtful and honest review...I love that about you. 😌
Julia Tutt
Julia Tutt 年 前
Best bag review video. Ever.
Brooke 年 前
Such a great, informative and fun video. Well done Anna xx
Lexy Smith
Lexy Smith 年 前
I don't own a Chloe bag, but I always use saddle soap on my leather bags. A good saddle for a horse is typically made with a higher grade leather than that of a handbag so I always use the stuff I conditioner and clean my saddle with on my leather bags and I can see a huge difference! Maybe try it on a different bag first to see if it's a result you like, but it's a trick that completely changed my handbag care!
Amie123 年 前
Lexy Smith SUCH a good tip- I would never even have thought of using my saddle soap on my bags?! It's so obvious now I've read that 😂😂
Olivia Wiki
Olivia Wiki 年 前
This is seriously top notch content. So well thought out and the in-depth review is something I've never seen before. Love love love! xx
Griselda Becerra
great review, you put a lot of time and dedication to this video
Nesreen A
Nesreen A 年 前
I really like the way you recorded this video
Mai's Journey
love your honesty!!!
Ilina Sandler
This is by far the best bag review/what's in my bag I've ever seen. Great work!
Rachel Hayward
LOVE the Chloe Faye bag but I'm definitely tempted to go for a preloved one if I decide to save up for one. Especially with the Canadian dollar being so crap and some preloved bags being in almost mint condition!
Allaissa 年 前
i loved the honesty of this! and i loved how you filmed it over time and was dedicated to testing it out for a long time! great video!
Gracie 年 前
I will never own a Chloe bag but the effort and detail that went into this video was excellent and really interesting to watch! X
Penny Maycock
I loved this review Anna, you have such great taste and style. More vlogs please, or are they blogs? I don't know what the difference is!
IssyKew 年 前
"Wanker" is such a fantastically descriptive but completely undervalued word these days. Thank you for reviving it and giving me a chuckle. (Very elegant bag btw)
Jenny Welsh
Jenny Welsh 年 前
Thanks for such an in-depth review, Anna! Appreciate how long you spent planning out the content for this video.
Erica Yang Ye
please do a updated handbag collection video~~~and tips to declutter/retire your old handbags~~PLEASE~~~~
Jennifer Kavu
Always love your honesty, Anna. For someone as practical as you, and I mean that in a good way, I can see the cons of this bag. It is beautiful, however, and definitely can complete an outfit, but I also love a tote I can just throw things in and not worry about it getting damaged or what I can fit into it. Thank you for sharing...great video!
Ch 9
Ch 9 年 前
I want this bag so badly😍
Aimee B
Aimee B 年 前
Gustaface 年 前
This was SO GREAT! Love the effort and detail!
Ray22 年 前
I live in the U.S. so I checked out how it compares in currency and it's 1,795 US dollars. That's a whole lot of saving!
Naomi Kenya
Naomi Kenya 年 前
I love your style, it is so simple but beautiful! 💖
Karli 年 前
I'm not into crazy expensive bags (I have an Oroton bag I think you'd LOVE) but gosh it was refreshing to watch this. I don't think anyone else actually says how much they paid for their fancy bags which makes it seem even wankier. I totally get the "content with purchase but not in love with it" vibe you put out. Another great video!
The format of this video is INCREDIBLE
Huyen Vu
Huyen Vu 年 前
such a good review Anna! I have the Faye as well with the suede and I totally second your thoughts! xx
Veronika Nálevková
Finally someone who is being honest, thank you Anna! I never comment on videos but this one was so good that i simply had to. So much effort and thought were put into this.
Hannah Bellamy
I love this style video. The three sections--similar to Lizzy Hadfield's Testing Basics series--make it much more informative, engaging and dynamic for me as a viewer. Thank you! xo
I absolutely loved this method of doing a bag review. I appreciate the forethought it took to create this video and the review itself seemed more thorough as a result.
Luana Bordon
Luana Bordon 年 前
It's a gorgeous bag, but I LOVED your honest opinion... Sometimes I feel like people 'love' the bag just because of the brand, the name and the hype it has, but you really went into its practicality and when you have to save up for a bag like this, these information is so important to know! Thank You!!!
Vanessa Joie
Vanessa Joie 年 前
i've been dying for this video. i love that it wasn't just a first impression. i still love the faye though i was surprised at how thin the strap was. my one in charcoal grey just arrived and i love her!
Darlene Seng
Darlene Seng 年 前
I truly was thinking about saving for this bag but now I think I'll buy the trio bag instead...thank you for your honest and ever helpful tips❣️
privldz 年 前
I love handbag videos and this is one of the best one I've seen in a long, long time. I'd would like to see more of them from you.
Vicky k13
Vicky k13 年 前
I seriously thought this was going to be one of those " omg you have to have this bag" videos but I couldn't be more wrong. Really appreciated the thorough and honest review!
Jessica Prendergast
Really felt like your personality came through here! enjoyed this review!
Larissa Brito
This was such a helpful, thorough review. I wish all youtubers would be more honest about expensive bags, and not talk about them like they're Zara bags. I treat myself to a designer bag every year, and it has to be worth it!
I loved the flow and style of this video! REALLY enjoyable! x
A G 年 前
Such a shame that I could never afford a bag like that!
wizbitz82 年 前
Do you still use your Sophie Hulme Bowling Bag? I bought mine over obsessing on yours but I haven't used it in a while, feels more a winter bag to me, god knows why! Would love to see hoewyou style yours xx
Rachael Austin
I actually really enjoyed the honesty of this review, plus the editing is really good.I am kind of glad that it took almost all of 2017 to make, because it kind of took up through the year of how it really worked in you daily life.
Gabriela Udoff
Super helpful video. I've been eyeing this bag for a while and you definitely convinced me it's not worth it. Still super cool looking, though. :)
Eleonore Bon
Eleonore Bon 年 前
My momhas the one with the suede. I wouldn't say it's less durable, unless you really worry about every little spot on it. She wears it rain or sunshine and it's totally fine.
Kimberly Foster
This is the best version of this type of video that I have seen! I loved your take on it that you rolled everything into one place and I loved that you used the bag for so long before giving your final thoughts too! Thanks for sharing. I had entertained the idea one day of maybe saving up for a piece like this but I honestly am not sure I could do it. I appreciate some of the points you brought up!! Really helpful!!
Lauren Stainton
Howling at you talking about shoving peas in your bag 😂, I have to remember not to shove my lunch in my mulberry
nadiaemmalie 年 前
If you're looking for a really functional designer bag, would highly suggest the Proenza Schouler PS1 in tiny.
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