Comparing CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE: Chloe $1850 vs Dupe $69.99

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Today, I'm comparing cheap vs expensive: Chloe Small Faye Backpack vs dupe. One is $1850 and the other is $69.99.
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UPDATED: How To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-qMX5lH4QJMs.html
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1. Chloe Small Faye Backpack (Moto Gray) rstyle.me/~am97j
2. Chloe Dupe (Gray) amzn.to/2DbYYIG
3. Nails: Essie "Go Go Geisha" amzn.to/2EMDUue
Some links (rstyle, amzn, shopstyle...) above are affiliate links. If you purchase, I will make a very small commission. Thank you for supporting me and my channel.
FTC: NOT a sponsored video. Both purses were purchased with my own money.
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JessiieSchembri 2 个月 前
For leather , it is amazing. We have handbags for $70AUD and they are fake. Not even leather
Cassandra Hurley
Cassandra Hurley 5 个月 前
Genuine leather is actually the cheapest grade of real leather. However that dupe is awesome!
Cheryl Smith
Cheryl Smith 7 个月 前
I want one but don't want to pay over 500.00 tho i have 4 kids and a 2014 gmc terrain i can't do a bag over 2000
Any One
Any One 7 个月 前
loved this series!
Chelsey Herrera
Chelsey Herrera 8 个月 前
Jeeeez girl you always have the nicest clothes and shoes and bags all the expensive stuff for your videos lol
Marietta Stadulis Lehman
On camera the dupe bag is looking like a bluish grey- would you say there is a blue tint to it in person?
Lesa P
Lesa P 8 个月 前
Do you keep the expensive things?
Proschetta 9 个月 前
Both bags hold things for you. Does one hold things better than the other ?
mup ku
mup ku 9 个月 前
$70 is not even cheap
Sharon Chy
Sharon Chy 9 个月 前
Nice video and thanks you for sharing 🙌
Yoeli Valdez
Yoeli Valdez 10 个月 前
I bought the same bag from forever 21 for less than 30 bucks
z 10 个月 前
70$ is not cheap lmao
Fina Francisco
Fina Francisco 5 个月 前
Definitely cheapER than $2000 though.😂 But yeah, my bags are mostly less than $20!😂
Sew Lolita
Sew Lolita 10 个月 前
Nice bags, but I stood waiting to see the inside of the inexpensive bag
krissy den
krissy den 11 个月 前
Beautiful bags
Lorena Moraes
Lorena Moraes 11 个月 前
Your hair looks stunning in this video!
Tenille Tollison
Oh never mind I don’t won’t the hardware to be already falling apart ugh 😑. If the hardware is falling apart, already, I couldn’t imagine trying to carry things in it, but anyway the link says they don’t offer Amazon prime
Tenille Tollison
Your pink for the dupe says they are 45.99 and 16.99 shipping and not available on Amazon prime:/. If u would PLEASE check it, and see if the grey it shows is the same one you have that looks blue... also my other ?? Is, do u know why it has gold hardware but a silver color clasp?? Is that how the Chloe is? Anyway the grey looks really gray so I just wanted to make sure that it’s just the camera doing that and is actually blue in person.. thank u oh and In your opinion IF the gray is actually more blue (now that u have yours) would you still go for that color?? Or for the brown or black? If the gray is actually gray, I’d assume u would choose it????
Tenille Tollison
I wish the yellow hardware was a little more muted... on the cheaper one but still looks nice
Honestly i have nothing against people who decide to buy dupes, whether it be because they can’t afford the authentic or because they just can’t justify spending an arguably inordinate amount of money for something that isn’t a necessity. I personally grew up in a family that could afford some luxuries and always believed that good well above average things will cost more -but not all expensive things are good. But the hardware color...is so YELLOW! If theres someone that actually prefers their hardware to be that yellow of a gold then go for it! But I personally am not a fan of that shade of gold to begin with (even real gold I only like white, muted gold, rose, or a really deep yellow gold.)
Kanori W
Kanori W 年 前
The dupe looks good except the hardware color is too gold. Hate that fake gold, it bit to yellow, makes it look cheap.
Marchelle Johnson
She must be making a killing... dayum! You KNOW she's keeping the Chloe! Of course, I suppose she manages to make it a tax write off... Geez!
Simply Samantha
Have you had any transfer issues with the Chloé bag?! I’m looking to purchase it but I’m not sure if grey is the color for me!
أبوراكان الميموني
الجنطه و❤ا💜و💙
أبوراكان الميموني
Kay M.
Kay M. 年 前
I ended up ordering the one from Amazon in the brown, it’s more like a reddish/rust brown in person but very cute! I have gotten compliments each time I have taken it out. 😊 thanks for this video!
Jadore Fashion
New sub.. what is the name of the bag?
Jamika Smith
Jamika Smith 年 前
I subscribed! Please more of these videos!!
Anaks Meow
Anaks Meow 年 前
So cool✔
Candy K
Candy K 年 前
"Investment piece". Umm... Usually items someone invests in are things for a business, or something they can sell, like stocks, a home, or gold. Would you sell your bag later on? Can it accrue value while you use it? I don't even think I've spent $1k on all the combined purses, wallets, and backpacks I've ever used and I'm 29. Lol
Camille S
Camille S 9 个月 前
the investment is having it forever rather then a couple years. I just invest in glasses so that I can see all these bags from the shop windows as I walk by the super expensive stores :P
Clara Howington
It’s probably dog or cat hide.
Honey O
Honey O 年 前
i bought the dupe for £25 new .... on a well known website
Ms TC ya
Ms TC ya 年 前
This bag is $20 on AliExpress
Ayten Yurt
Ayten Yurt 年 前
Hello there from you lask there is you found of products to su help it is do you know thank you 😍
Sue 年 前
Just curious....do you buy and then return all of the expensive bags and other items you compare and model at home?
Lesa P
Lesa P 8 个月 前
I would love to no as well, no disrepect.
Nat 年 前
I've seen a backpack just like that at zara!!!
E Trasy
E Trasy 年 前
Does the dupe one have the shoulder strap or can it be only worn as a backpack?
mermaid jelly
Let's call it what it is: stealing someones design and only stepping short of making a counterfeit replica by not including the brand logo. I get the original bag is overpriced but i personally would not buy a cheap knockoff that really tries to exactly copy the design. The design was stolen, period. Instead i would look for a similar type of bag in my pricerange (size, color, something with interesting hardware decorations) but that is an original design by that brand (or properly licensed etc.).
Nicole Lawson
Both bags are so pretty! I need to find a vegan version! XOs
Fabiola Arauz
I watched the whole vid waiting for you to talk about the inside of the dupe, never came!😩
Helen Muckle
Helen Muckle 年 前
In Canada the Fairy Bridal is 170.00 way over my budget. I did blow my budget on a Guess bag which was on sale for 80.00. I keep it in the closet as I don't want to ruin it. Maybe someday I will get it out and enjoy it.
Lora Macks
Lora Macks 年 前
I’m sorry but $70 for a bag! That is not cheap to me
Mary Chang
Mary Chang 年 前
It probably is another type of animal leather. There have been several articles stating that some of the leather may be something other than cow
Jenn J
Jenn J 年 前
Bummer the dupe is leather:( - but still a very great find for those who like leather specially for the price.
Kimberly Holt
I ordered the dupe in that gorgeous saddle brown. Can’t wait! I’ll never pay $1850 for a bag, but under $70, leather, and FREE shipping? I’m in.
Diane Nudell
Diane Nudell 年 前
I adore my duped in black, I hope you like yours;)
Hyyacinthus A
Nice video ! It is great that you are fasting.. so you are orthodox right?
Judy Cruz
Judy Cruz 年 前
I love Chloe bags but I am not spending that much money for one😩
Pia Zimmermann
it doesn't ship to Canada :(
Kinanti Puteri
omg i always love you! im all the way from Indonesia which you should visit
Notka67 年 前
Please !!!! let me know where did you buy you black top, it's stunning !!!
Mars and Crew
Yay!!!!! You got the Chloe bag like you wanted! Love it!!!!
Julie Colleran
Are you keeping the Chloe bag??? Just curious!
Ali Ernst
Ali Ernst 年 前
Love this series keep up the awesome videos 😍
emily mihlfread
I paid $25 for my back pack purse from Payless :D I will never understand the need for over priced name brand purses. I'd rather have a $25 purse with $1,825.00 in cash to put IN that purse ;) #GetSmart
M Mom
M Mom 年 前
For an almost $1800 difference, the Chloe isn’t worth it.
Giselle G
Giselle G 年 前
The reviewers of the Chloe bag on amazon say that it is not real leather but rather vegan leather.
katie walker
katie walker 年 前
Why didnt you open the dupe and show inside? 😭
Nadia S
Nadia S 年 前
Another great video!
Becca Lamb
Becca Lamb 年 前
I think 70 is expensive for a bag...
$70 is still too expensive sus
Mandie Cucinotta
JustFab has a similar dupe in suede and faux leather for under $50 as well which is great if you’re a purse hoarder like me 😂- gets the job done! www.justfab.com/products/Fabio-Shoulder-Bag-SL1824578-0111?kw=Fabio%20Shoulder%20Bag
Milabu 年 前
Oh I like it! Wish it had the zippers on the side, but it's cute!
Golden Carter
Calf skin? :(
Jena Amend Fitness
Have you thought of doing any vegan dupe bags? The leather industry is horrible and there are so many other gorgeous alternative leather bags out there. Angela Roi and Mat and Nat are 2 great vegan bag brands you should check out
Camille S
Camille S 9 个月 前
yes but leather is quality which is why it costs a fortune and thats what these high end designers care about. They don't usually use synthetic material because it's usually worse in quality.
MsJessyNola 年 前
Love this!!!!
MrsLoretta 年 前
Love that backpack/purse...Lucky you...but you are worth it...Huh ANdrey..lol xoxo Hugs Loretta
Sasha Grey
Sasha Grey 年 前
Wow!!! Thanks Milabu!!!!
Kadie 年 前
Please do more designer dupes! Love them!
Noha M. Abdelghany
I just got my car for $1850. I'm dead serious by the way!
Virginia Hutchinson
I really do love your comparison videos. You do a fantastic job, lovely lady!
Milabu 年 前
Thank you so much!
Kri 年 前
I love the Chloe bag! I wish there was one which is similar in design that can fit and carry my MacBook 13” Nice review, honey
Dena Daryabeigi
Kri there’s a medium size in this bag as well!
Linda Linda Linda
When cheap is still too expensive for yu😂
Ashley Fry
Ashley Fry 年 前
Freaking $69.99 is even ridiculous in my opinion! I don’t think the majority of Americans spend that much on a purse!
Chelsey Herrera
Chelsey Herrera 8 个月 前
Sure we do! Tons of women have coach micheal kors , kate spade and many many more and those aren’t even the seriously expensive bags lol
Trini T
Trini T 8 个月 前
Ashley Fry 69 is a bargain if you ask me. I usually pay 200+ and last me years!!
Lesa P
Lesa P 8 个月 前
Similar style $29.99 at Target. I got taupe, one of my girls got taupe as well, my other got black. Tons of room,can use it as a backpack or a purse.
MiVidaContigo 9 个月 前
Ashley Fry Yes too much for a tiny purse like. The most I have payed for a bag was $80 but it was a Fjallraven Kaken that I can use for hikes and short trips .
Lou 年 前
You forgot to mention the best thing about the Chloe bag is that it doesn't support child labor, human trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism. www.thestar.com/business/2017/02/28/fake-fashion-fuels-vast-illegal-profits-funding-terrorism-and-trafficking.html
Nata Iva
Nata Iva 年 前
Literally the most perfect style😍🙌🏼
Lori O'Neil
Lori O'Neil 年 前
Aww you didn't try on the dupe!!
owlbefine 年 前
Grey poupon😂😂😂
Milabu 年 前
Did you watch the commercial? hahahahaha
Looney Longbottem
I wasn't listening properly and thought the purple bag was the expensive one😑
iStulover 年 前
Lovely dupe ... unfortunately nop shipping to uk
Awesome video. You look amazing too! So beautiful!
Milabu 年 前
thank you!
Hi I'm a new sub enjoying your hair style vids! Just an idea could u not tell us what is what till the end of the vid, it would be great to compare without us knowing the dupe. I thought that would be a fun twist. Great vid I love your style, I've been suffering with depression and u are helping me do my hair and make an effort each day so thank you x
# nuyugls
# nuyugls 年 前
Thought the title was 1000$ vs 69,000$ Was like, how is that cheap?
Milabu 年 前
haha very cheap
ZomBelleGrim 年 前
You should compare cheap vs expensive makeup using the dupes from the hush app!
y4miko 年 前
I prefer the cool tone of the dupe bag but I think if the chains were silver or more like the real bag it would look 10 x better.
Alena Marie
Alena Marie 7 个月 前
im about 6 months late but i found a dupe on lulu’s! its called the “sidewalk stunner backpack” & its priced at $37!! total steal.
Milabu 年 前
cobweb afternoon
I love these videos! Your hair looks awesome today!! I wonder with the dupe brand how well the gold stays gold? How long or will it tarnish? It would be cool to do a video about how well a dupe lasts, not just handbags, could be anything. You've inspired me to buy things for myself this past year. Leather jacket, leggings, hair products, etc. You are bad for my wallet, but good for my self esteem. I think alot of us are on a budget and need to put thought into what we invest in, so these videos really do mean alot to me. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! 💟
Milabu 年 前
haha you're very welcome I love comparing items to each other and see if something is worth investing into or not... I'm glad you are enjoying these videos!
Danielle's Habibis
thank you for the dupe discovery. I used your link.. :-) love it.
Danielle's Habibis
BTW, I have been a subscriber for a long time.. You have helped me a lot with my hair. I am hair challenged gal... especially as much as I workout I keep my hair in a pony tail bc i don't know what to do with it. I am thankful I have found you, I used mostly all your recommendations for hair products..Shampoo and conditioner and my hair been really behaving much better. I even signed up and got your discount on the Mixnature website. In love with their products... Thank you again. for the bag - I bought 2 - Black and Brown can't wait to receive them. I may give the black to my sister as a gift..<3
Milabu 年 前
You're so sweet! Which color did you go with?
y4miko 年 前
I saw at Aldo a purse that looked very similar to the Gucci Sylvie one. I wouldn't say it is an exact dupe because I think the colours were interchanged but it was similar enough for me to immediately think of the Gucci one. plus it was 60$ CAD so really affordable! they also have a very similar fanny pack from Gucci so they probably have many more dupes from other brands as well! I think you should check the website if you want to do more dupes videos like this one!
Erica Sharp
Erica Sharp 年 前
Please, please, PLEASE continue this series! I love the one on one comparison because it makes it easier for me while shopping for these dupes! Can you maybe do one for Chanel soon? Thank you Milabu! xo.
Milabu 年 前
I definitely will! I've saved a lot of money by comparing things! Some items are worth the money and so many are not.
Abril CZ
Abril CZ 年 前
And the dupe interiors? Are good? Wish you showed...
zenofwater 年 前
I wish you had opened up the less expensive bag
zenofwater 年 前
Milabu thank you for responding. ❣️❣️
Milabu 年 前
My bad! I honestly thought I put it in the video, but I forgot... The dupe bag has a black interior with only one open side pocket.
Ania Milena
Ania Milena 年 前
zenofwater yeaaaaah, i wished that too!!
marie paradiso
Wow !! Really nice i think $1.000 is way to much for a bag i'm cheap always look for a bargain its about the name love your vlog and love you ❤❤❤
Tenille Tollison
marie paradiso I agree somewhat.. and yes I couldn’t spend that much but honestly U do get what ya pay for sometimes
26babil26 年 前
good luck with your fasting
Milabu 年 前
Thank you!
سوريتي هويتي
Wow 😘😘😍😍
Alex Hetnandez
You are super cute!! Love your channel!! Now I’m going to have to buy this 🙈
Alex Hetnandez
Milabu I want the brown one ❤️👜
Milabu 年 前
Thank you doll! :) Which color do you want?
Kelly Cabrera
Love your room💜
Milabu 年 前
Thank you!
Lori Gleason
Lori Gleason 年 前
I was going to ask you if you keep all of the real vs. dupe items, but you answered my question with a yes. NIIICE!!!
Milabu 年 前
Not always. I never keep something I don't love :)
Suz Nr
Suz Nr 年 前
Lmao the «extremely not expansive» is already too expansive to me
MiVidaContigo 9 个月 前
Suz Nr Right? 😿
Cheryl Castaneda
The Chloe all the way! Depends on how much money you have and want to spend? Cheap one looks Cheap! And the bright mustard-ish handles give it away!
Agreed. Personally I have nothing against people buying dupes, it’s a personal choice. Whether it be because of a lack of financial flexibility or because they just aren’t the type to spend so much on something that isn’t a necessity is all fine and respectable. BUT THAT HARDWARE- ITS SO YELLOW!
Katelyn Lindsay
Agreed! I think that bright yellow gold looks so cheap
k beaverhousen
am i the only super broke bitch that thinks $70 is too damn expensive for a bag?? 😯
emily mohammed
It is expensive! I could get multiple bags for that price! I dont think the kind of people buying these bags care about being savvy though...
Jessica Flores
I’m a one bag type of girl. Once something gets ruined is when I buy another.😊
I wouldn't mind spending $70 on a bag, but this one does not look like it's worth it. It looks too cheap for that price.
Tu lan
Tu lan 年 前
I only have one bag & it's under $40 but hell bag is heavy, I just use my backpack all the time if I don't go anywhere fancy😅
Solina587 年 前
I am not even broke and I think $70 is way too expensive
Kacey K
Kacey K 年 前
I have the same cloe bag the same colour the same size..
I have a question , what do you do with the extra clothes you buy ? Sometimes are all the same like now , sheap and expensive I love you so much 😘❤
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