Conan Plays Australian Rules Football With The Sydney Swans - CONAN on TBS

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The Sydney Swans teach Conan that footy is not the sport for him.
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评论 100
Moni Pampeloni
Moni Pampeloni 8 小时 前
Lewis is hot
Misses Witch
Misses Witch 10 小时 前
YoungCrezFr3sh 11 小时 前
why Conan shine so bright when the sun hits him 😂
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien 11 小时 前
At 4:30... Well, I stand up next to a mountain And chop it down with the edge of my hand
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien 12 小时 前
I'm impressed with Conan's "speccie." (That is short for spectacular, as in a spectacular mark (catch.)) "Mark" is to catch the ball. To jump up someone's back and mark the ball is a "speccie." Well done Conan.
Mitch Mccarthy
Mitch Mccarthy 16 小时 前
I'm from perth Australia....hit me up girls 😉
Jack_87765 17 小时 前
In Australia normal people cal AFL gayFL
ciaran devaney
ciaran devaney 19 小时 前
Conan is the best
waowolf 19 小时 前
Seethus 19 小时 前
Yeezlevi 天 前
Go the hawks
King Leaf
King Leaf 天 前
1:26 anyone see the bird on the bottom right?
You’re training with the wrong team lol
Sydney Ness
Sydney Ness 2 天 前
Will can drop kick me
DEJAVU 2 天 前
100% Irish albino.
K Z 2 天 前
Conan's a legend.
Hana Alsamman
Hana Alsamman 2 天 前
These are the most attractive men I’ve seen.... and then there’s Conan
TaArxidaMou 2 天 前
American are missing out on an amazing game
Leo Mord
Leo Mord 2 天 前
I love you Conan!
Kieran Lim
Kieran Lim 2 天 前
whyd he play afl when he could be playin rugby
Kieran Lim
Kieran Lim 17 小时 前
+Seethus ya but your talking about nfl, nfl does not relate to Australian football
Seethus 17 小时 前
+Kieran Lim " afl" only refers to the sporting organisation that governs Australian football, and the most elite level, that has professional players. Australian football is the name of the sport itself.
Kieran Lim
Kieran Lim 17 小时 前
+Seethus Wait what?? What point are you making?? I think I might need some sleep.
Seethus 18 小时 前
+Kieran Lim they called it that there, because they are.. wait for it... Professional afl players.
Kieran Lim
Kieran Lim 18 小时 前
They do call it Australian Football Legue for a reason
xPr1me Wolf
xPr1me Wolf 3 天 前
Is Nathan jones on the swans now?
Casey Flentye
Casey Flentye 3 天 前
Is this not rugby?
Seethus 19 小时 前
WirHyperboreer 3 天 前
Damn, NFL would be much more exciting, if receivers climbed on top of each other to catch passes.
Jose Armando
Jose Armando 3 天 前
Its rugby
Seethus 19 小时 前
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 4 天 前
Luis has a Huge Luis...🍆
Drew Bington
Drew Bington 4 天 前
Conan for MVP!
Monica Arevalo
Monica Arevalo 4 天 前
How Conan says footy is bloody hilarious 😂😂😂
Alysha Abandomations
This is the cycle of TRUST xDD
Scott Dally
Scott Dally 5 天 前
I wonder how long Isaac had to have the training mark grabber padding mat before he actually took one And I did not realise Will Haywood could kick it that far, I mean, he's a professional forward, so I knew he could kick it far, but that had to be like 60, 70 meters
Mike DEEZ 5 天 前
Susie Ballard
Susie Ballard 5 天 前
All of the sudden I really like watching rugby 👀
Edgeofreason 5 天 前
Susie Ballard Just a pity the Sydney Swans don't play rugby.
Erik Atlas
Erik Atlas 5 天 前
the glare off his pale forehead will blind his opponents
João Veludo
João Veludo 6 天 前
footy? swans? short shorts? bright yellow shoes? could this be any gayer?
Wombat 4 天 前
Mate, you should see what happens in the dressing rooms
Some very fine looking dudes on that team...
HGL 6 天 前
Conan is the whitest person ever xD
Suq Madiq
Suq Madiq 6 天 前
Blood nut. Should of had Warwick Capper show him the ropes.
Samuel Kajah
Samuel Kajah 7 天 前
"Who's laughing?.....We support each other!"
K Petri
K Petri 7 天 前
Conan you look like a leprechaun.
teefarox92 7 天 前
As an Aussie, I would much have preferred to see him play NRL... Rugby League. Man THAT would have been entertaining. AFL is boring in comparison to other football codes. League is the way to go.
teefarox92 5 天 前
Woah. Chill dude. It was just an observation. Not to be taken seriously. And FYI, Rugby League, is an Australian invention, Normal Rugby is English. The two are different games, but, still, no need to be aggressive.
Edgeofreason 5 天 前
teefarox92 You have completely missed the point.Its about all things uniquely Australian. Rugby is English...you have the usual NRL fan envy, get over it.
Grace B
Grace B 7 天 前
Those men, on that team, are the reason I’m studying abroad in Australia.
maxscameraguy 8 天 前
As an American Swans supporter, this is hilarious
Thien Duc
Thien Duc 8 天 前
You need Mason Cox the American pie on your show
fabulos pear
fabulos pear 8 天 前
He looks like Ronald McDonald 😂
Καπτεν Χαρλοκ
Conan is white. I mean...literally !!!
BeeVlogging 8 天 前
packed action in 5 minutes ! LOVE IT !
Robbie 8 天 前
It’s just a copy of rugby
Seethus 19 小时 前
Is it? Nearly everything about it is different.
Halston Rutger
Halston Rutger 9 天 前
Is this a serious game? It looks to be an odd game with no rules or validity.
Rafael Estrada Moncada
Captain America joke 🤣
Qayyum Chariff
Qayyum Chariff 9 天 前
Its Rugby, why do they call it football?
Seethus 19 小时 前
Do you know what rugby is? Of course you don't. This is nothing like rugby
Garry Russell-Jones
Where the Fock is Nrl, afl is the gayest sport In Australia ashamed to even be born here.
Seethus 19 小时 前
What's afl? That's the professional sporting body/ league. You call league NRL too? How embarrassing!
Tertiary Adjunct
Tertiary Adjunct 10 天 前
i might actually watch sports of our american beer selling clowns in armor looked like this.
Jorge Saenz
Jorge Saenz 10 天 前
Conan is the best!
Franchette RJ Zamudio
Ummm they should implement those shorts on hot players for the US as well 😍😍
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 10 天 前
Brian Fetrow
Brian Fetrow 10 天 前
Conan never has to worry about having skin cancer. Not from the sun anyway
Sw!neH!gh 11 天 前
Man, those footballers are hot!
David Houghton
David Houghton 11 天 前
I wonder how long an NFL player would last........15 mins would be my guess. What’s an average play in the NFL about 15secs?
The Golf Life
The Golf Life 11 天 前
Hahahaha it’s ridiculous how white Conan is! He’s like an albino haha
Luis Peña
Luis Peña 11 天 前
Who knew, eventually with time prisoners end up making really good looking babies.
Dillon H FC
Dillon H FC 11 天 前
terrible ‘sport’
Seethus 19 小时 前
Ok. You look like you are about to have a heart attack. And dart out your eyeballs
Tiana Odden
Tiana Odden 12 天 前
And Lewis is as tall as Conan, my tubes just untied themselves.
Cianisboss 12 天 前
Will got some serious distance on that kick
Adam Pappas
Adam Pappas 12 天 前
After he kicks it. WHOS LAUGHING!!!! WHOS LAUGHING!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Yogi The Force
Yogi The Force 12 天 前
Are there no ugly people in Australia??? Everyone is gorgeous!
Wombat 2 天 前
You haven't meet me yet Yogi, I'm Aussie and i have a head on me like a smashed crab 🦀
Jason 57
Jason 57 13 天 前
@5:57 man needs a NFL contract
Bakambi 13 天 前
I would turn straight for these guys. Alone their accent. I'd fall in love if an aussie told me "I hate you" the way that guy did.
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader 13 天 前
Interesting physiques. They look like soccer players but with a bit more upper body muscle. Looks like an incredibly grueling sport.
Dos Tap
Dos Tap 10 天 前
+Jeff Vader AFL does have a decent variety in height. Some players are only 5'7, They mainly play as small forwards that get the ball when it comes to ground in contests. Its usually a mix of tall forwards who go for the contested marks and the fast small forwards who go for the ball if it comes to the ground. But there are the medium size players around your height. who can be very good at doing both
Seethus 10 天 前
+Jeff Vader that's a big Texas forward who ended up actually making it as a professional player for the biggest organisation in the league. Have a watch
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader 12 天 前
Seethus I missed the boat on this sport. I am 6’0 and my ideal weight when young and fit was 185 lbs/13.3 stone/84 kilos. I am American and played soccer, American football, and basketball at high levels. But I was always bit short for basketball, underweight for football (and lacking the freakish acceleration and explosiveness needed for that sport), and a bit overweight for soccer (I.e. in order to play the full 90 minutes, I had to get my body weight down several kilos, which always felt too light). Who knew that Aussie rules might have been perfect for a “tweener” like me!
Seethus 12 天 前
Pretty much a perfect description. They have to be super fit because it's the size of a cricket field, the biggest football field by far. But have to be muscly because of heaps of tackling and crashing into each other.
Adriel Hernandez
Adriel Hernandez 13 天 前
I want more of this😂😂😂
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson 13 天 前
Aussie rules football is a real man’s game 💪
gamingsfinest1 13 天 前
Conan: Everyone: You should workout
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan 13 天 前
that kick at the end was pretty dope
JustCrafterHD 13 天 前
Damn australien guys re 🥵
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 13 天 前
2:31 *That is the WHITEST WHITE 😂*
weirdo whacky
weirdo whacky 13 天 前
when I was a student in Australia, my tutor told us the only way to get high marks in his class is to support his favorite footy team: Sydney Swan.
TheBizzyOne 13 天 前
“Where’s Wally” Conan: what
Boundenship 13 天 前
Honestly I'm really happy AFL is getting the recognition it deserves
Edgeofreason 3 天 前
+Dillon H FC Envious are you? Just how many comments do you feel you need to make on here?
Dos Tap
Dos Tap 10 天 前
+Dillon H FC You are either A: A Soccer fan or B: From NSW
UnEd 10 天 前
+Dillon H FC How so?
Dillon H FC
Dillon H FC 11 天 前
Boundenship it doesn’t deserve any recognition 😂
The Cave All Strayed Up
Yeh, no steroids, no drugs pure men. It's raining men again How refreshing.
JoshTheVlogger 48
Jesus It's Actually Australian Football League AFL
Ryan Cooke
Ryan Cooke 13 天 前
4:30 that’s all you have to do to get suspended nowadays
Chris Sutherland
Chris Sutherland 13 天 前
Go Conan, that was pretty good! From an Aussie 👍
Doco T
Doco T 14 天 前
Have no idea why handball called football.
Dos Tap
Dos Tap 10 天 前
You can only score a goal (6 points) with your feet. You can score a point with your hands (1 point) but 99% of the time, its the other team punching it through and conceding a point to get the ball in their control
Seethus 12 天 前
Because unlike American football, the primary way of passing in this sport is actually kicking
Chandler Keaton
Chandler Keaton 14 天 前
I've seen worse athletes. Aussie football is the toughest sport there is. Tougher than rugby, tougher than soccer, and tougher than American football. I'm 36 and this is gonna be my last year playing.
Weekee Chew
Weekee Chew 14 天 前
This and soccer beat that kiddie American football any day. Helmets and all that kiddie protective gear. This is a real man's sport.
Limerence 14 天 前
Even the tall Aussie players are still shorter than Conan!
Kaso627 14 天 前
Conan should do one with strongmen
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan 14 天 前
Conan looks like Isaac Heeney’s uncle
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan 14 天 前
+Sir Spencer ha ha, DNA tests
Sir Spencer
Sir Spencer 14 天 前
Alexander Sillan I don’t know ? 🤷‍♂️ love father ? 😆 anyway that’s probably why he went to the swans and not the giants.
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan 14 天 前
+Sir Spencer If Mills and Heeney had a love uncle? Wait, what's the reverse of a love child? He has two sons to different mum's?
Sir Spencer
Sir Spencer 14 天 前
Alexander Sillan Calum mills
port02 Onstage
port02 Onstage 14 天 前
You're not doing this to jordan!
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan 14 天 前
Are you a swans supporter now? Best team to follow
Dos Tap
Dos Tap 10 天 前
+iAsbestoslol they have only won 2 out of their 8 games
iAsbestos 13 天 前
Aniruddha Sharma
Aniruddha Sharma 14 天 前
How is this different from rugby? Sorry, I only watch combat-sports.
Seethus 12 天 前
Larger different shaped field, different shaped ball . Different shaped and sized players. Way different rules, alot faster and no offside rule.
Aniruddha Sharma
Aniruddha Sharma 14 天 前
+sk8foryellow Okay.
sk8foryellow 14 天 前
Aniruddha Sharma it’s not even remotely close
crab basket
crab basket 14 天 前
When will the entire episode air on Aussie Netflix?
-  -Unit Theory- -
is it me or is conan aging backwards lol.Guy has a young body wtf
StageLined 15 天 前
This sport seems badass!
Eskimo 88
Eskimo 88 2 天 前
StageLined can be
Jang Lee
Jang Lee 15 天 前
Conan and kangaroo plesse
Mateusz Matias
Mateusz Matias 15 天 前
0:10 Assistant to the manager*
MrNiceHk 15 天 前
MotorPsycho 15 天 前
Footie? Footie is soccer you spoons and don't pretend you invented the concept. It's just a crap version of Rugby.
sk8foryellow 14 天 前
Footy* you clearly know nothing about it so your opinion is irrelevant
Sir Spencer
Sir Spencer 14 天 前
MotorPsycho It’s nothing like rugby ya dropkick
Tiffi Guevara
Tiffi Guevara 15 天 前
I just realize Conan's so white!hahahaha. And those athletes are 💗
VL123 15 天 前
Conan is a pale man..lol
adiesha1993 15 天 前
Conan must be the whitest guy ever been
Joshua Ontiveros
Joshua Ontiveros 15 天 前
At 4:45 conan trys to make everyone laugh!!!! 😆😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Dark Satchel
Dark Satchel 16 天 前
No helmets, no pads doesnt mean they hit harder. They arent hitting each other anywhere near as hard as NFL players do because of this very reason.
Dark Satchel
Dark Satchel 3 天 前
+Edgeofreason NFL lineman hit each other with the force equivalent to 2 cars going 40mph. Your little AFL players would crumble on contact.
Dark Satchel
Dark Satchel 3 天 前
+Edgeofreason lol "i was runninggggggg"
Edgeofreason 3 天 前
Dark Satchel. AFL midfield players average running 10 miles a game. your average NFL player would have a heart attack. There are many different ways to be "tough".
Dave S
Dave S 15 天 前
that's why Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a big issue in NFL but almost a non issue in AFL
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