Could Zion Williamson Lead The NBA In Scoring?

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Zion Williamson has already provided quite a few highlights this preseason, but it's time to look at Alvin Gentry's offense to figure out why his shots are coming so easily, and if it's sustainable.
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OneofAKind 13
OneofAKind 13 4 天 前
I doubt it. It's a pretty balanced team and he won't be able to be that ball dominant.
Adam McLain
Adam McLain 5 天 前
i swear coach nick has the best leadins for an ad
magnetik 6 天 前
not as long as James Harden is in the league
Amine Briki
Amine Briki 11 天 前
Honestly, change the music, get some diversity in your video, two adds at the start plus advertisement for like 1 hour in the middle? Change your style a little and maybe I'll resubscribe...
Prudencio Paulino
Nope now with injury he cannot dominate anything.
Jeff Xors
Jeff Xors 17 天 前
This has MIKE KORZEMBA written all over it
DeanGl 25 天 前
The Rowing Boat
The Rowing Boat 25 天 前
What a joke. Injury aside, he's not even the best scorer on his team.
Joe Schumaker
Joe Schumaker 28 天 前
How the fuck you forget Brandon Roy in Portland!!!!
Naive -
Naive - 28 天 前
this video didnt age well
Avian07 28 天 前
Lose that weight first and we'll talk about him dominating the NBA.
Gazelem Cadizal
Gazelem Cadizal 29 天 前
who were after z's injury? 😢
Ezio77 Himura
Ezio77 Himura 个月 前
Latest: Injured already wtf🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
hshshshshshshs 个月 前
This kid will never step out of Lukas shadow.
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke 个月 前
Can't stop this man. However needs to develop a 3 pointer and get better with his jumpshot.
SentientCentrist 个月 前
Nope. Needs more 3-ptrs
Stephen Cheney
Stephen Cheney 个月 前
Zion looks like Shaq mixed with Westbrook.
Carl Hopkinson
Carl Hopkinson 个月 前
FatBoi in training will only lead the NBA in busted knee bustouts.
matthewjamal 个月 前
did Curry die? the man might fuck around and average 32 ppg
whosSizeeH 个月 前
No, didn’t even see the video, he can’t
T Hunter
T Hunter 个月 前
Out 2 months
George Bozhidarov
Coach Nik, a Lakers video pleaseeeeee!
Jose Nino
Jose Nino 个月 前
The question is can he avoid injuring his knees.
reef jones
reef jones 个月 前
Not this year
Fake life
Fake life 个月 前
Naaa the test will be against the claw
jamh4z3 个月 前
That's a better prediction than the Shamet's one lol
Tampa is back 5904
I don’t have any predictions on Zion career , he’s a rookie just watch him do thing , one thing for certain is that he has the passion to win and that will always take you far , he’s competitive, and all of you screaming injury injury what time of animals are you , basically speaking that up , i mean acting like Bron wasn’t 260+ running around like a freight train and how many times bron been hurt ??? Stop following the narrative that the media gives that he’s gonna be injured because of his weight and make your own analysis if you can
Ken Ken
Ken Ken 个月 前
watch his knees and ankles
Mitchell Ellicott
"Lead the league I'm scoring." You're better than that. Rely on your intelligence not Stephen A outrageous takes. 10 seconds into the video and I've lost a bit of respect for you.
Broadstreet Bully
Short answer is HELL NO
Until Chill
Until Chill 个月 前
[Hype Train Conductor upon seeing Zion in pre-season] "Full steam ahead boys!!!"
Obey the Shark
Obey the Shark 个月 前
With Harden and Westbrooke on the same team, KD out for the season, and Lebron aged trash, Zion at least has a possibility to lead the league in scoring
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey 个月 前
Harden say hold my beard.
Jason McKay
Jason McKay 个月 前
The short answer is Yes
William Baumert
William Baumert 个月 前
Ok he's going to be great but he's going to average at most around 20 (personally I think 18 which is less then doncic last year). Come on dude he is not going to lead the league in scoring! Chill the hype
BNA 个月 前
Zions averages this season 24.8 points 3.6 assists 7.8 rebounds 1.3 blocks 1 steal 58% fg% 32% from 3
mxsxkxcrc 个月 前
I still fucking hate hearing this music for 9 straight minutes
Jogvan Sorensen
Jogvan Sorensen 个月 前
Let him play one game first people
Jin Mendrez
Jin Mendrez 个月 前
Fuck you.. Nicktard Hauselman.
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge 个月 前
Dude Zions a great player but c'mon if he's in the top 20 he'll be lucky. This video is surprisingly stupid. This channel's kinda gone downhill a bit since the playoffs for some reason.
C R 个月 前
I can't believe you made a video about this.. he won't even be close. I love sports channels but Soley on you making this video there's no fucking way I'll subscribe. What's wrong with the sports world these days... Everyone's fucking clueless..
Jack park
Jack park 个月 前
People already acting like hes a top five hof. Cool your horses.
Hell naw
Jon Quist
Jon Quist 个月 前
This is a job for Dennis Rodman
joel tapia
joel tapia 个月 前
No 🤦‍♂️
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
Chiiiiilll leading the lead in scoring? Chill out now.
keven june
keven june 个月 前
hell no!
Henry Chung
Henry Chung 个月 前
What a joke... He won't even make All-Star this season. Luka is so much better, and even Herro will have a better Rookie Season
Montez Demarrco
Montez Demarrco 个月 前
Hell be too 5 in scoring maybe but no Steph Curry is taking it this yr
Lime Green
Lime Green 个月 前
Can we get a video on Ja Morant?
Caleb Ford
Caleb Ford 个月 前
Curry and harden make this laughable
FLEX 个月 前
You are a clown
NoopyVille NikkoWorld
Simple.....fuck no
If he leads the league in scoring as a rookie, he's a GOAT candidate. No doubt about it.
Michelle Vargas
Michelle Vargas 个月 前
He’s gonna destroy his ankles with all that weight.
Brendan Kelly
Brendan Kelly 个月 前
He might destroy other people's ankles with his handles 😁
immasoxfanbaby 个月 前
Shooting 60% on free throws will lose alot of games
tonzjah 个月 前
This music always hype me up. I have to contain myself couse i supposed to be working... Thanks Coach you are the best!
JJ skyflyer
JJ skyflyer 个月 前
Did you shoot from mid-range outside in three-pointers it will be way too much work for him to score all the inside in the painting of the buckets and leading scoring it would require him. The ball way too much and eventually the defense could figure out how to stop them from just running to the Baskin dunking
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones 个月 前
I can't wait to see kwahi vs zion
Xcyper33 个月 前
Zion is the closest thing to Broly in NBA.