Cyberpunk 2077 - Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077
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Mark your calendars - Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC April 16th, 2020.
Pre-order now: www.cyberpunk.net/pre-order
About Cyberpunk 2077:
In the most dangerous megacity of the future, the real you is not enough. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant - the key to immortality. Customize your cyberware and skillset, and explore a vast city of the future obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. The choices you make will determine the story and shape the world around you.
Learn more:
Chippin' In is the track created in collaboration with REFUSED (Dennis Lyxzen, David Sandstrom, Kristofer Steen, Magnus Flagge, Mattias Barjed), All Rights Reserved, 2019.




2019年06月 9日

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评论 32 886
3:42 what we all came here for
ignacio leon
ignacio leon 54 分钟 前
Something is telling me that this game is going to be a huge flop.
Md Awan Rasool
Md Awan Rasool 56 分钟 前
cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-Q3REiqaE2Ks.html reactions in hindi.. it's a must watch.. guys..
Eugene Cheong
Eugene Cheong 小时 前
And PLEASE do not get this Sarkeesian lady onboard...she gives off this hyper bad juju vibe...peace... Keanu...yes...Sarkeesian...big no...
Eugene Cheong
Eugene Cheong 小时 前
The Crow of Yharnam yes...!!!
The Crow of Yharnam
CDPR said they have ZERO interest in her.
LeoCo_o 小时 前
He Looks Like T-Pain In The Feature
Hao ZHANG 小时 前
好吧,我继续等待,希望能够在夜之城里畅游,话说真的没有在线模式了么?我一直以为这个游戏会有超越gta 5的线上表现
killwize 小时 前
This. like. this. ...or, Why I'm slowly starting to support censorship laws.
Kuba Buba
Kuba Buba 2 小时 前
Lets go fuck them all
Виктор Чупров
Интересно у меня будет когда нибудь такая машина для этой игры)))
Johnny Cage n company
Its keanu Reeves from bill and Ted's excellent adventure
Hersh Mellow
Hersh Mellow 3 小时 前
CDPR, don't cave in to the (very few) unintelligent "journalists". They won't buy the game no matter what you do. We will, however. And you can clearly see we LOVE what you're making.
anton khilko
anton khilko 4 小时 前
Что за мелодия в конце?
Gergely Soter
Gergely Soter 4 小时 前
Time to make some calls about the Movie called Cyberpunk 2077, starring Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand. The movie must have Tom Hardy and Léa Seydoux, Cara Delevingne and Sasha Luss. Okey get the whole Death Stranding cast too, we live once!!!
Sharwin Manikpurkar
Sharwin Manikpurkar 4 小时 前
Seven years went by quick! 😂
Jesi Oni
Jesi Oni 4 小时 前
wet pants... cant wait for fallout without atomic destruction /lol
Vineeth Prabhu
Vineeth Prabhu 4 小时 前
Experience of developing 3 games so far and from the same series. CDPR got an immense respect and they feel to us like they had developed many AAA titles. Hats off to the great Team of CDPR DEVELOPERS. I had never felt to pre-order a game just by watching the trailer. This one an exception👏🏼😎
g Becca
g Becca 4 小时 前
Johnny Mnemonic + Neo + John Wick = *Johnny Silverhand*
Epic FH4
Epic FH4 5 小时 前
Is this the final trailer ? Since 2006 and we're still on trailers
Jesi Oni
Jesi Oni 4 小时 前
Doubt its final... There are rumors that Lady Gaga will play a role in it so she will need a promotional trailer as well.
ytviewerLem 998
ytviewerLem 998 5 小时 前
I've never heard "cocksuckin" as an adjective until now. gg cdpr
irfanimp 6 小时 前
keanu 2077 hahahahaha forever young vampyre...
eleuropeoOMG 6 小时 前
Cis White Dad
Cis White Dad 6 小时 前
I heard y'all are catching shit from the thought police. I don't play videogames, but I'll like and subscribe, because free expression is everything. EDIT: after watching the entire trailer I might have buy myself a console just for this game.
chronoss chiron
chronoss chiron 6 小时 前
why do i get sign in to confirm my age if i drop this into obs and yet here i auto login very bad outted video
YOU crazzy
Chris Jin
Chris Jin 7 小时 前
the city reminds me of blade runner 2049
nipe4u 7 小时 前
Вот ради этой игры я поставлю виду10, и игру куплю, да, именно куплю, потому что Ведьмак 3 от этих ребят меня очень впечатлил.
I just want my phone call
I dont get it. Did they just spoil a major character death? Is this scene canon?
Wiktor Brudzisz
Wiktor Brudzisz 6 小时 前
I'm sure this a possible outcome of certain decision. Propably Goin total gun blazin instead of sneaky/pacifist approach.
Obell XpRo
Obell XpRo 8 小时 前
[2013] Everyone: WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE CDPR: It's coming when it's ready [2019] Everyone: Surely you will give us a release date now CDPR: Releases it on the same year the pen and paper RPG is set in IM TELLING YOU NOW THIS WAS PLANNED ALL ALONG
Ushehdheh Jdjdheudhd
I cant believe that Jhon wicl is in the game
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 10 小时 前
with the controversy of the hypersexual Ad, it could be cool if CDPR put it in the game as a side activity to hack/destroy all the hypersexual Corpo advertisements. the more the Ads are seen by the denizens of night city the more security there is around the advertisements. for example with the street Ads, it's about not being seen by people who tell the corporation guards and with rooftop/skyscraper Ads there are gun turrets, Militech drones, and maybe brain frying traps.
Marcin Prokop
Marcin Prokop 11 小时 前
shawty 11 小时 前
bout to make my character a huge thot for keanu
Voshkey 12 小时 前
This game is gonna be GOTC (Game of the Century)!!
King slaayer
King slaayer 12 小时 前
I’ve watch this a unhealthy amount of times.
tuan tran
tuan tran 10 小时 前
ikr think i will watch it at least one a day till the release day
J0RD4N 75
J0RD4N 75 12 小时 前
i love future
hasan munir
hasan munir 13 小时 前
Now I just have to stay alive until 4/16/20.
Jesi Oni
Jesi Oni 4 小时 前
dont die at release /lol
Wow :)
Masum Rahman
Masum Rahman 14 小时 前
3:41 Here you go the BREATHTAKING moments
Chemota Avila
Chemota Avila 14 小时 前
Rip for all that people that pased away waiting for this game ..... I know that this Will Mark the end and beginig of a New era un the videogame industry
BNGBlindWolf 15 小时 前
Please ignore the SJW insignificant garbage negative press. The people who made it do not matter because they are not gamers and were not going to buy it antways. Even the people who read and believe their garbage are also not gamers and should not have their negativity effect this game in all its glory. Gamers are not disappointed with this game. It's the SJW crowd that bitch about everything they know nothing about.
The Last Wolf
The Last Wolf 16 小时 前
Sincerely guys, how do you think is going to look in the Xbox one/ PS4 base model? It is a doubt that has been in my head these last days.
Profil 44
Profil 44 16 小时 前
Keanu Reeves was the best decision for this kind of game 👍
Tux Penguino
Tux Penguino 16 小时 前
You had me at Keanu
Tux Penguino
Tux Penguino 16 小时 前
Keanu Reeves is the cherry on top. Make no mistake, this game is only great because it doesn't have all "De-Bullshitz" from EA/Ubi/Activision/Bungi/343/etc games as a service. (AKA - you are fed shit for the last 10years and YOU STILL KEEP EATING IT... ON PURPOSE!!)
KAVLER 16 小时 前
What is the soundtrack that plays in the beginning of the video, anybody knows?
LIKE1001 6 小时 前
@KAVLER Ugh, i wish i'd have seen it in time before the takedown.
KAVLER 7 小时 前
@LIKE1001 YEAH, it is deleted from THE INTERNET. I am surprised, I think I saw the video on youtube a few hours ago.
LIKE1001 7 小时 前
@KAVLER That's the song, but if you google it, you'll see that it was actually taken down from the internet, no idea why, too.
KAVLER 7 小时 前
@LIKE1001 I mean the song when the taxi comes in the beginning of the video.
LIKE1001 11 小时 前
Blouses by Sleep Steady
Hasbi Unix
Hasbi Unix 18 小时 前
then, keanu invite him to see hell, LOL
Survive Thsht
Survive Thsht 19 小时 前
wow glorified bullshit for when humans crap over the flora and fauna of the planet. This movie sucks ass.
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz 14 小时 前
Are u retarded ? 😂😂
THANOS EGG 19 小时 前
Wow, the game comes out on my birthday next year
Kķn_D :
Kķn_D : 19 小时 前
It's proved Keanu reeves is Neo (The One) in this Matrix ..and he exist simultaneously in everywhere...transfering consciousness with combat skills 😝😅
EasyFrag Live
EasyFrag Live 19 小时 前
зато сумерки 10/10
KeaNOOB 20 小时 前
3:45 is that a winter soldier LOL
WolfTau 20 小时 前
Holy $h!¥. It’s shadow run come to life!
Aurora Pacheco
Aurora Pacheco 21 小时 前
Damn I want this game
Joohn Cj
Joohn Cj 21 小时 前
Just do your own creativity and present us with the cyberpunk u guys created, don't give into others opinion. I already preordered 3 copies of your game. One steam, one gog and one ps4. Please don't make me regret my decision by removing content due to nonsense idiots who don't know anything about creativity. Love u guys. The Best and consumer friendly developer in these greed driven industry nowadays.
Devil Z
Devil Z 22 小时 前
3:48 your breathtaking
Jasmina 23 小时 前
Keanu Reeves!!! Best in multiverse!
Glitchy M
Glitchy M 天 前
I cant tell if this is a movie or a game cause the graphics look real
Adam User
Adam User 天 前
TrashPuck 2077
TheEncyclopediaofPopCulture 2
This trailer was perfect for revraling nothing about the plot and yet making me really excited to play the game or at least learn why they were trying to kill the protagonist.
Mike Venturino
SJWs need to fuck off Bunch of uneducated idiots
This makes me wish that Johnny Mnemonic was a better film. World building and dedication to the Cyberpunk aesthetic was pretty good in that movie, plus Keanu was one of the better parts of it. Sadly for me the plot was pretty garbage. Sure the Matrix had what was essentially "The Net" but their real selves lived in some dingy gross cave hiding from robots, Johnny Mnemonic definitely fits the type of Cyberpunk that 2077 is offering better than the Matrix does.
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 天 前
People who clicked on the dislike button are not breathtaking
Anton Fuckof
Anton Fuckof 天 前
Keanu AWESOME!!!
Davidson Thiago
Pat Remillard
Ok this is bad come on get over that dog man
Kuba Szóstak
Kto z Polski się jara?
Mr Lesir
Mr Lesir 天 前
this game is looking like absolute perfection, im black and find absolutely nothing offensive about what ive seen, the only problem is that i won't be able to play it sooner, BLOODY BREATHTAKING!!!!
gtdoering 天 前
This game looks amazing in everyway possible. Add in the fact that the SJWs are melting down over it is all the more reason to support it. SOLD. Keep up the amazing work CDPR. Don't cave to anyone!
lancemarch 5 小时 前
Savagelious 天 前
Wake the fuck up, Minecraft Steve. We have a village to burn.
joeh tom
joeh tom 天 前
I don’t actually know what to say
llJRLL1979ll 天 前
F*CK YES. Please dont listen to anyone, make this game how you want. We have the money, we will buy it.
Ferid Adil
Ferid Adil 天 前
Zeithri 天 前
So how many of you caught the Johnny Mnemonic references here? I'm sure there were other Cyberpunk ones but that were the ones I noticed.
Suuulan 天 前
Jackies voice actor: What do you mean you are going to kill me off? I'm the side kick. CDprRed: Well you are... Getting replaced. Jackies voice actor: What? By whom? CDprRed: The One.
Luis vega
Luis vega 天 前
I can not wait !!! I want to see the world quickly. I want to play.
K El
K El 天 前
That shit looked cool af
Yue Miyakawa
Yue Miyakawa 天 前
This is soooo good
Hana 天 前
I remember seeing this before Keanu Reeves became Jesus
bafana Mhlamvu
Антон Тереш
Czy ma sens kupowanie tej gry na ps4 slim?
Thomax Vision
nice movie. but it would suck as a game.
Anthony Neal jr
That must be Rated M for Mature
Mr. D
Mr. D 天 前
я бы такой фильм хотел! ШИКАРНО!!! жаль поиграть не смогу...
Szymon Non
Szymon Non 天 前
Tonual T
Tonual T 天 前
Keanu had predicted the future in 1995 !!! cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-J1okpAj7Fhw.html
MrSpynel 天 前
Блять, как же это охуенно
Benji Wis
Benji Wis 天 前
Hey CDPR, Please do NOT listen to the SJW's, they can never EVER be satisfied. Make the game YOU want. Those fucking cancerous idiots is not even gonna buy the game... Love you CDPR! Can't wait
DJ Alma
DJ Alma 天 前
This games will be awesome! Don't worry bout being too politically correct. Almost all of us gamer just wants to enjoy this masterpiece. I'll buy the game twice to support your work. Please just ignore those few haters out there.
Jesi Oni
Jesi Oni 4 小时 前
Its polish game... Poland dont give a flying fuck about SJW
Nahuel Maldonado
Nahuel Maldonado 8 小时 前
I'm a gamer not because I have 1 life, because I minorities
Sokratis Anagnostopoulos
They are not haters, they are snowflakes
I don’t actually know what to say
Augusto 天 前
You are amazing Cd projekt red !!!! This game is a must!!!
tatt oo sticker
Last scene is my alarm tone forever now 🤘
Björn Persson
Yawn... it seems the future stopped aging back in 1982. Most large cities in Asia already look more futuristic than this.
V 天 前
This is ALTERNATIVE TIME_LINE to ours so gtfo to your Asia
Thane Vakarian
Please don’t cave to the fake outrage. Most of those people would have never bought your game to begin with. I spent hundreds of dollars on the Witcher 3 and related merch. I am so hyped for this game but if you cave to this pressure I can’t in good conscience spend money on this game. Just ignore these people. Do the right thing.
Subi_fan 天 前
5.4K dislikes from the SJW losers and their faux outrage.
Lee Anon
Lee Anon 天 前
shutup and take my money!!!!!
its a game or a movie?
lapin_san 天 前
CD Projekt RED 🇵🇱🥇👏
Lieutenant Bootlace
(Seeing Jackie die) _Personal responsibility_
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 天 前
1:48 when i'm on toilet but I ate kebab with hot sauce
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