Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | January 7, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Ximo Pierto
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Houston Rockets vs Denver Nuggets - Full Game Highlights | January 7, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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2019年01月 8日






评论 615
Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto 5 个月 前
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Marley bakary
Marley bakary 5 个月 前
Ximo nice job bro
Kyle Frost
Kyle Frost 个月 前
James Harden had another spectacular performance with 32 points and 14 assists He definitely is going to win the 2018-2019 NBA MVP He is the greatest basketball player ever
Kwatro Pogi
Kwatro Pogi 3 个月 前
15 best player no doubt
Lord_Syriana 4 个月 前
Guy's not staying up today to watch Rockets vs Denver 9pm CST 2/1/19. Good Luck and God Bless.
Ray Warren Jr
Ray Warren Jr 5 个月 前
yall instagram me @dustin_atx - - - - -
Z Z 5 个月 前
Rozay Recio
Rozay Recio 5 个月 前
Not Houston Rockets fan but not a hater either. I would love to see them keep improving. It's normal to see them doing great during the season. But in the playoffs, they have a trash ass record. Im from the Home of the 5x NBA Champs. SAN ANTONIO SPURS. We need another Texas team dominating & getting rings this millinieum too. Lol
Irala Agustin
Irala Agustin 5 个月 前
Why Isaiah Thomas don't play?
gan kenny
gan kenny 5 个月 前
not sure is cp the toxic of houston, game without him was great
LazyRestingDog cD1376
Rocket and Wiggins are very similar...............
Rockets nation bitch we dem niggas
Jimmy Bell
Jimmy Bell 5 个月 前
How good is Capela getting. He's really upping his game !
symbiot3O 5 个月 前
This is a championship team. Even without CP & E.G.
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez 5 个月 前
This might be another playoff game, hopefully James Harden play like this with or without cp3, capella got an steal coast to coast.
ximo is dead why still alive
Denzel Wilksch
Denzel Wilksch 5 个月 前
3:13 lmaooo "i wish somebody would guard him"
Denzel Wilksch
Denzel Wilksch 5 个月 前
PS Capela is a BEAST
Mike Morada
Mike Morada 5 个月 前
Denver got burned doubling James Harden every time he had the ball. It opened a lot of opportunities to his teammates. Props to the Houston Rockets supporting casts they delivered.
Micah Cheng
Micah Cheng 5 个月 前
Capela played good due to him being left open most of the time because of Nuggets doubling harden 99% of the time.
Maura Ramirez
Maura Ramirez 5 个月 前
Murray are you ok
Prince Jamal
Prince Jamal 5 个月 前
Rockets are back !
Taeyo Gotti
Taeyo Gotti 5 个月 前
I need one of them phone cases no cap
dbritton89 5 个月 前
6:36 Gerald Green a mad man.
Anti-Aqua makes the Roblox Oof sound in KH3
Seeing that happen to Jamal Murry was like watching your favorite character die in Game of Thrones...
The One Who Eats Lemons
If there's a Most Improved Player Award measured for three-year periods, I'm waging it on Clint Capela.
ralph canonero
ralph canonero 5 个月 前
That man needs a wheelchair!
Shareef Taylor
Shareef Taylor 5 个月 前
@7:07 Good D Plumlee. What are you going to do?
Shareef Taylor
Shareef Taylor 5 个月 前
@3:30 This guy has thrown some of the most impressive passes I've seen from a big man.
Shareef Taylor
Shareef Taylor 5 个月 前
Ximo, you are wrong for that thumbnail!
yung bull
yung bull 5 个月 前
"Heelll yes" 😂
yung bull
yung bull 5 个月 前
"And puts up a nugget of his on"
Ondrej Barinka
Ondrej Barinka 5 个月 前
Rockets reporters seem to know a lot about travels 👀
Robert Lucero
Robert Lucero 5 个月 前
528 that's a travel right there???🤣😂🤣what's the difference between that and the harden step back, I'll tell you, none,they are both travels
Myth Buster
Myth Buster 5 个月 前
Don't fool yourself, Malone and the Nuggets didn't take this game seriously. Coach Malone used this game to experiment a lot with different tactics for playoff games against Rockets. Both offense and defense were unusual for the Nuggets during whole game and also very inconsistent: 4 different tactics each quarter. In 4th quarter Nuggets were completely without starters because coach rest them for next back to back game tonight. Jokic was the only starter in the 4th played just 2min and that was mostly because backup center Plumlee was poked in his eye by Nene and left the court.
Warrick James
Warrick James 5 个月 前
Watched the game and there was at least 4 times where Rivers was open and he kept passing instead of taking the shot...
Jai Roberts
Jai Roberts 5 个月 前
Capela the man!!!🚀🚀🚀
Waheed Khan
Waheed Khan 5 个月 前
Jokic is no 7 footer, he is 6 10 at best.
jgsk78 5 个月 前
Oh btw, Harden 14 assists
jgsk78 5 个月 前
That's the best team in the what west. No problem. ... Rockets have proven everybody wrong and now having a blast on the court. Confidence!!!
sebastian z
sebastian z 5 个月 前
4:48 break Murry ankle than shot a 3 pointer foul with a four points play wow
I guess these bitch ass rockets are back to normal huh. Went from the bottom to the top quick. The NBA knows what they be doing. Shit be all planned
Predragon 5 个月 前
This S#it has to stop already, Rockets are playing 8 vs 5...FTs disparities (it was 30-11 before garbage time) when teams are playing against Houston are beyond ridiculous, Jokic got ONE FREAKING FT in 30min and was called for 2 offensive fouls SMH while Harden scored 32 on 7 FGM
Naman Doctor
Naman Doctor 5 个月 前
James Harden has more made free throws than field goals for his career...
Aleksandar Radovanovic
Then they should stop fouling him. Pretty simple, don't you think?
Ulises Ramirez
Ulises Ramirez 5 个月 前
Murray just got his first ice skating lesson apparently he forgot his ice skating shoes in Denver.
bintu stjean
bintu stjean 5 个月 前
4:52 Express has left the chat
Feng Lovex
Feng Lovex 5 个月 前
Harden scare of doing his travel back step after Curry attempt?
Orhan Milanovic
Orhan Milanovic 5 个月 前
Capela should thanks Harden for his career and Harden to the refs
Aloyz 5 个月 前
To all Harden's haters 1:23
Orhan Milanovic
Orhan Milanovic 5 个月 前
Only 15 ft. for James"free throw"Harden,i guess refs start to give Nuggets some credit!!!
playhouserage 5 个月 前
Join the Rockets...you join a team of elite career high snipers
Marcus Hamilton
Marcus Hamilton 5 个月 前
James Harden has prefected his craft. People can talk about the refs calls but he don't control how they do there jobs he just makes people no actually teams who try to contain him look bad. 2 time MVP
David Rabinowits
David Rabinowits 5 个月 前
capela has proven once again as a valuble asset. Hayden still got it too
S t a p l e g u n
S t a p l e g u n 5 个月 前
Jokic be a post scoring - rebounder who misses heavily contested layups first but then gets every board till it goes in LOL
nebojsa kondic
nebojsa kondic 5 个月 前
James(free throw)Harden
TOOhigh2QuiT 5 个月 前
murry got murked
Anthony ngop-loti
Anthony ngop-loti 5 个月 前
That's Why I have voted for Capella
A Rodriguez
A Rodriguez 5 个月 前
Harden being Harden still best in todays game.
plantation free
plantation free 5 个月 前
Man these Harden haters are not even embarrassed about sounding like some bitches. Lol
Gustavo Adolfo Gutierrez Valencia
When is the return of Isaiah Thomas?
Selly Frans
Selly Frans 5 个月 前
Jamal murray will not play next game due the ankles injury, expected to be back in next Rockets matchup.
Carla Jasmine
Carla Jasmine 5 个月 前
Lol harden still tried to get 35 to keep his streak...nice one
William de Murney
William de Murney 5 个月 前
Clint capela 31 pts, 9 rebs, 2 ast 'I think I'm an All-star'
LiMi4IT 5 个月 前
Well good luck GS this year vs Houston
Esperanza Serrato
Esperanza Serrato 5 个月 前
Harden is playing on a unbelievable level 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦‍♂️🖕🏽
15Robin15 5 个月 前
Nice bounce back rockets! And dayumm Jamal gonna need sum bandaids😷🤭
Theron Prescott
Theron Prescott 5 个月 前
Harden had 32 points only 7 Field Goals made, 6 of those field goals were threes!! he was 7-18 FG overall 6-15 3 point overall. he barely went to the hope so 12 of his points was free throws!!!!!!!!!!! that's ridiculous.
鄭承珞 5 个月 前
nuggets should stop using jokic double team harden and play more physically at low post. Let milsap attack low post instead of effortless pull off jumpshot! Maybe it can consume harden's stamina quickly.
Rahama Hamadi
Rahama Hamadi 5 个月 前
alors parlons basketball
NoRest NR
NoRest NR 5 个月 前
the defense moves of harden will always make me laugh
that was an eazy win
getmoney ordietryin
getmoney ordietryin 5 个月 前
Nuggets will not contend come playoff time.. There Center is a defensive liabilty i dont care about the stats he puts up.. His ass cant play no type of defense.. IM CALLING IT NOW DENVER 1ST ROUND EXIT!
Jesse Houston713
Jesse Houston713 5 个月 前
I'm a rockets fan but that should of been a travel after Capela stole it lmao 8:52
Preston White
Preston White 5 个月 前
4:50 to save your time
john bayern
john bayern 5 个月 前
i feel like watching Harden highlights...
Djibril Dia
Djibril Dia 5 个月 前
The king harden🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Man Who Laugh
The Man Who Laugh 5 个月 前
Trade CP3 for more CAP space... Houston doesn't need him he's also a trouble maker.
Joffrey Baratheon
Joffrey Baratheon 5 个月 前
I'm the best Are you up for the test
Ethanolis 5 个月 前
Chicken Nuggets
Joseph Tio
Joseph Tio 5 个月 前
Tucker three's are the best 👌👌
Canard98 245
Canard98 245 5 个月 前
I only saw this video but it looks like jokic had a great game on offense but a lot of points scored by the rockets were on pick n roll involving jokic i don't evene think it's much on him more the coaching they should bring a third man in
DayFul 5 个月 前
You can't put a body on someone without a foul being called this needs to change.
Iliyan Kulishev
Iliyan Kulishev 5 个月 前
04:49 Sit back, relax, enjoy.
Ric James
Ric James 5 个月 前
The Power of the Beard. 👏💪 MVP
Sweetzel Peresores
Sweetzel Peresores 5 个月 前
hayop ka tlga harden, unstopable
慰慰A 5 个月 前
Harden is unguardable.
Hard to guard someone that you get a foul called on you for just looking in his direction. The refs make him unguardable.
Naufal Adhila
Naufal Adhila 5 个月 前
cz foulable
Hank Rutherford Hill
Yet cant guard for shit.. Irony
invalid username
invalid username 5 个月 前
@Kaili Burns You are the most fucking autistic cunt in this whole comment section...the travel everyone refers to is the he performed at the rockets vs celtics. No one is fucking arguing that the one step stepback is a travel. Many times he has taken 3 fucking steps. That video you linked only shows his legitimate stepbacks not the times he has actually traveled. GTFO and STFU
Devin888584 5 个月 前
People really hate Harden, come to this CNvid video just to hate smh. Probably didn’t even watch the video lol 😂
joan ramos ramos
joan ramos ramos 5 个月 前
Too much 3 points shoot thats why harden can get 30pts plus.no fun to watch
dejan milic
dejan milic 5 个月 前
On 8.04 Harden screaming on ref in face, when Jokic does that he was ejected, this league is simple not fair. Houston is most ugly and dirty basketball
Kyle Valentine
Kyle Valentine 5 个月 前
Harden didnt try to draw contact yet jamal gets called for a foul😂
Jesse Houston713
Jesse Houston713 5 个月 前
Watch it again . He jumps up and hits harden in the arm
Mitsos Stef
Mitsos Stef 5 个月 前
Who is Jokic?
Rooster From Houston
Capella savage
MT Gaming
MT Gaming 5 个月 前
I know you guys is looking for the crossover by Harden so 4:49 your welcome
MrStensnask 5 个月 前
Not a bad game by the Nuggets but the Rockets were just better tonight
You can’t make claims Of existence without evidence
😂😂😂😂 you can actually hear Jamal Murray’s elbow and knee hit the deck.
dejan milic
dejan milic 5 个月 前
Thos was far away from fair game, this is insane what refs gave to Harden and Houston wtf.
Jesse Houston713
Jesse Houston713 5 个月 前
Djibson DaSilva
Djibson DaSilva 5 个月 前
At 5:30 he sho' did travel 😲
Howard Hill
Howard Hill 5 个月 前
Houston's looking dangerous
Tomàs Malavía
Tomàs Malavía 5 个月 前
"harden goes between two Nuggets... and puts up a nugget of his own"
Wesley 5 个月 前
AHAHAHAHAH, Fuck that Jamal Murray guy, deserved every broken bone from that ankle breaker
Life Is A Gift
Life Is A Gift 5 个月 前
If Jamal didn't slip James would have flipped 😂
Sahin Ceday
Sahin Ceday 5 个月 前
Harden detected on thumbnail
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