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Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

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评论 74 079
AKE56isbored 小时 前
She def regret saying she doesnt care when she saw the ranch video 😂
Mats Van Ravels
Mats Van Ravels 2 小时 前
Brianna D
Brianna D 2 小时 前
The opening the eyes gets me😅😂😂
Sean Mcardle
Sean Mcardle 3 小时 前
Not going to lie. I don’t like PewDiePie but I love his doctor Phil videos 😂 so you get my sub😜looking forward to seeing more of your videos
A C 8 小时 前
Kawanna !
Kawanna ! 8 小时 前
*I’m gonna take my kid to the old town ranch*
James Couturier
James Couturier 10 小时 前
The topic of a dominatrix is very *deeeeeeeeeeeeep* (if you know what I mean) winks*
Wilson Nasi
Wilson Nasi 12 小时 前
6:35 I'm dying laughing rn
Rebecca Montoya
Rebecca Montoya 15 小时 前
Sometimes I take a poop when I'm tired!!😂😂😂 I'm dying
Cactus freak
Cactus freak 15 小时 前
The whole point of the show is to GET SOME HELP
Cactus freak
Cactus freak 15 小时 前
My granddaughter is acting strange what should I do? A.call authorities B.ask her parents maybe they know C.call dr.phil D.talk to her Grandmas answer-C.call dr. Phil
RachREC 16 小时 前
14:09 Me in class "Do you not understand that..?" "I do understand that!" "Do you not understand?"
knowvoid 16 小时 前
Why don't you just contact major music companies to get rights to most songs?
Green Team BC
Green Team BC 16 小时 前
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Zain Aman
Zain Aman 18 小时 前
Hey kid let me tell you about my job 👀
Lulzim Osmani
Lulzim Osmani 18 小时 前
PewDiePie:i like to watch children cry, is there anything wrong with it Me: evrything PewDiePie: i didn't think so
Jillian Patnaude
Jillian Patnaude 19 小时 前
That thumbnail is art.
Milk Flavored Icecream
pewds, you innocent bb boi, you don't wanna know what a feminine product is
FBI. Gov
FBI. Gov 20 小时 前
Captions At 0:36 Roasted
Isabella Rigo
Isabella Rigo 20 小时 前
I love this
Alisha Daniel
Alisha Daniel 21 小时 前
Who needs interviewers when you can just send them to the ranch
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 21 小时 前
Grandma: Explaining her concern about her granddaughter Pewds: Wondering if those are beans in the background
Superduck 22 小时 前
Send her to the Ranch
Shafay Rajput
Shafay Rajput 22 小时 前
That 10:20 made me shit in my pants....
Parker Groves
Parker Groves 23 小时 前
Who you gonna call Dr. Phill
SwissCheese 天 前
5:16 I'm gonna put that face on a porn site.
Sophie McG
Sophie McG 天 前
0:00-0:14 is golden!
Abdullah Shakoor
Dr Phil is a BEAST
Lucky DL
Lucky DL 天 前
Y know what’s funneh I’m eleven (my grammar is on pont)
XxZacharyZxX 天 前
Pewds voice is way sexier than markiplier’s voice and TRUST me, he has a very sexy voice 👌👌👌
Joe Pursell
Joe Pursell 天 前
I ask myself...why do people want to watch this?
SergeiDab20 - Gaming
The girl is 14 years old... Having s*x 1 year ago means when she was 13, is that even legal?
Mikaela Vigil
SeNd hEr tO ThE REncH
Semiki san
Semiki san 天 前
i may know that mom from somewhere :O but i dont get spanked wtf
Simo Häyhä
Simo Häyhä 天 前
I dont care if someone has sex underaged as long as both sides are ok with it! Theres realy nothing bad that follows from 2 kids having sex! Exept maybe their parents are awkward around each other when they find out
BubblyTea-speed art studio
Qwerty Banana
Pewdiepie:all kids are stupid 9 year olds: *unsubscribe*
August Doetsch
smash a like for da ranch
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 天 前
Things no one likes Rage quiters Spoiled kids Spoiled RICH kids Kids That think there better than everyone And Meneta from my hero academia
Galidor Thingy
I need to get into the ranch, time to get spoiled!
Sarah Lester
Sarah Lester 天 前
Fav line from pewdiepie Felix ‘all kids are stupid. It’s just when their really stupid, it’s funny’ 😂😂
Dark meta knight
Sadie Estrada
*I love watching kids cry, this fills my day*
sofia a
sofia a 天 前
children: pewds: SEND THEM TO THE RANCH
The G Squad
The G Squad 天 前
I literally know her I’m friends with her fucking gabby
Sting the Eel the Cat
Cen we get T gay destroyed by Dr. Phil
mattew Cruz
mattew Cruz 天 前
The ranch sounds like you live in a ranch bottle
mattew Cruz
mattew Cruz 天 前
The death ranch is a rotten ranch bottle
Lilravin madness
im more mature than her and im 11.
Halo Master 222
Elemental Dragon
dr.phil has a google in his head
Henry Gaming
Henry Gaming 天 前
15:25 -cries- NOW WATCH ME!
Hidden Shadow
I like watching children cry as well
We eat, we use the bathroom, we shower, and we have sex. Completely normal
Feelings 天 前
"I like watching children cry is that such a bad thing?" No, no it is not
luciano skaldeman
no i think babys are so cute when the cry
Stewie Griffin
Lara 天 前
The best part is the captions..
i thought it was funny that pewds doesn't understand how gross it is to throw a USED FEMININE PRODUCT (somewhere never explained in the video) thats why they showed all women's reactions becuase they know that's disgusting
Caroline Stellar
Pewdiepie: Let’s get into the mother. The dirty minded: Lmao
Callum TM
Callum TM 天 前
Goldbug 456
Goldbug 456 天 前
Dr. Phil is the Roast King Brian May is the Meme King
Gabriel Cooke
2019 anybody? One like equals 2019
Gabriel Cooke
Pewdiepie please dont cus all the time pls
NC6 787878
NC6 787878 天 前
can i tell u something about DOMINATRIX😍😘🤤
Dylan Rostafarri
She's going too the ranch! LMFAOOO
Spoons McGee Jr
Spoons McGee Jr 2 天 前
I’m sorry felix, I just can’t stop watching them and paying dr Phils bills
Tori 2 天 前
Send her to the ranch! Me too I wanna go to the ranch!
Ururaka Douijinshi
*B E G O N E T H O T*
potterheadarmy v
6:37 …… wWWaoiIUUwUAsIouU
Old Flame
Old Flame 2 天 前
Why would people willingly put their problems in the eyes of millions of people? When they can just work it out with a private therapist? Or ehyxdoesnt the mom just stop buying her shit? Or smack her around?
s. r.
s. r. 2 天 前
“it’s not a big deal” tell ur daughter that when she goes into labor 💀
s. r.
s. r. 2 天 前
they both sound high 💀
Joshua Kohler
Joshua Kohler 2 天 前
Marco Xue
Marco Xue 2 天 前
this mom makes me want to nuke the earth
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith 2 天 前
This video feels different
kiyoko blossom
kiyoko blossom 2 天 前
16:20 she’s crying because she be sO hApPy tO gO To dA rAncH 🤠 🐎
Blake Whitaker
Blake Whitaker 2 天 前
Any solution to a problem SeNd ThEm tO tHe RaNcH
OobooChoo 2 天 前
Shows like Dr. Phil have a whole audience filled with paid spectators that are told how to react, yes. :)
Blair Gubernath
Blair Gubernath 2 天 前
It’s like Hunger games with Psycho kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ilgar Çapkın
Ilgar Çapkın 2 天 前
11:51 i feel offended
VG VESON 2 天 前
Pewds should try weed
Waterysea 39
Waterysea 39 2 天 前
The ranch looks like a vacation
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 2 天 前
she's not that spoiled, she was just raised with THE worst possible method of taking care of a child
Arctic Potato
Arctic Potato 2 天 前
Her fringe is bigger than my life expectancy.
Riche Boy123
Riche Boy123 2 天 前
My brother likes t seriously
char-c Robinson
char-c Robinson 2 天 前
MoonDustShine 2 天 前
Gabriel more like Gag-riel
I always fart Blaze
I actually yawned right after he was going on his yawning rant.
Luisa K.
Luisa K. 2 天 前
He reminds me so much of nailogical
ViViSenpai ViViChan
Doctor Phil: exists Pewdiepie: *Give me a piece of that*
The golden nerf warrior
The psycho games
CWN HQ 3 天 前
This is the hardest girl ever known.
Its Ash
Its Ash 3 天 前
FireGaming 3 天 前
She Goes To The Ranch!!!🐎🐴
BarelyEvenGood 3 天 前
Pewds always happy when dr phil roasts other people
Zowie Mayer
Zowie Mayer 3 天 前
This is my first time watching pewdepie(sorry if I spelt that wrong)
Gacha Nina
Gacha Nina 3 天 前
Everyone else:This famlilly has problems Me:THIS MOTHER IS CRAZY!!!!ITS ALL HER FAULT!!!!!
Basket cat 2
Basket cat 2 3 天 前
I want pewds to go to the ranch I would pay good money to see that
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