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Elizabeth Olsen visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make vegetable tempura with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only?
Elizabeth Olsen stars in Facebook Watch series SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS: facebook.com/sorryforyourloss
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Elizabeth Olsen Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit





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评论 2 334
Chanzelle Engelbrecht
Chanzelle Engelbrecht 12 小时 前
I really enjoyed this now 👍🏼
gooni514 天 前
newspaper? ugh :vomit:
Vinson Li
Vinson Li 2 天 前
"We have 20 minutes" Elizabeth: *fuuu*
jojoinhere 4 天 前
should have used a chopstick instead of fork
shleesimm 5 天 前
It’s like they know each other already. Do they? I wonder
Angelous 777
Angelous 777 6 天 前
Carla you are a great voice coach teacher really, lovely Lizzie she is so adorable and beautiful both awesome ladies in their own ways
Vincent Choi
Vincent Choi 6 天 前
The hottest sister
11:34 is her knife upside down? 11:37 "oh whoops" yes, yes it was
Dishant Deepak
Dishant Deepak 7 天 前
She's so adorable! 😍
Kristi Kelch
Kristi Kelch 8 天 前
Ingrid Dubbel
Ingrid Dubbel 9 天 前
Mix Cracker is the best celebrity guest!
Reaghen cerda
Reaghen cerda 9 天 前
elizabeth play michelle on fuller house
A H 9 天 前
so... has Carla done this before because she's coaching her through this way too well
PC GAMER 10 天 前
My organs are collapsing watching them cook, this is how you people cook.
The GAMING Brother & Sister
UGH! They didn't use paprika 😤
C J 11 天 前
dave lage
dave lage 11 天 前
PLEASE get charli xcx on here i will die
Flamewheel37 12 天 前
I love Carla, but her verbal instructions could be better lol
Max 12 天 前
i actually love her voice
Chronicle Magpie
Chronicle Magpie 12 天 前
ill call her a risk taker lmao
maddox allen
maddox allen 12 天 前
“i’m glad you said af because it wouldn’t have been appropriate if you didn’t”
Dylan Reyes
Dylan Reyes 13 天 前
“are you eating?” i love how she says it like she’s offended that she’s eating without her
sarah zaidi
sarah zaidi 13 天 前
That's mushrooms pakoras 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jill S
Jill S 13 天 前
She's done way better than the other celebs I've watched that tried it
Alex Vasquez
Alex Vasquez 15 天 前
Look, this is great and all but, still, where be the Shane!!!?
bloody Scarlet-Uchiha
Shoutout to the lady doing jumping jacks in the back
Jenna Zohary
Jenna Zohary 15 天 前
I love these!!!
james prince
james prince 15 天 前
Wanda 😍😍😍
MadAboutLily 16 天 前
I want to see Kevin Hart do this 😭
Nikolas Kroslak
Nikolas Kroslak 16 天 前
She is less scary than I thought.
Alex 17 天 前
I knew she’d say six. What are the odds of that?
Angie Wong
Angie Wong 17 天 前
"they sink until they float right"
Mr -ZEEBZ 18 天 前
Her knife was Upside-down at 11:35 💀💀
Leonardo Ursini
Leonardo Ursini 18 天 前
ezra miller PLEASE
ImlekSutra 20 天 前
Wow, they both suck.
Vinod Bhandari
Vinod Bhandari 20 天 前
7:03 like a pinch of flour I heard like a pinch of paprika
Wendy Gerwen
Wendy Gerwen 21 天 前
Elizabeth is extremely smart.
Eloiza Carla
Eloiza Carla 21 天 前
Linda A caçula de Dona Jarnie♡♡♡
Samuel Weinzweig
Samuel Weinzweig 23 天 前
am I the only one that noticed she was trying to cut the lemon with her knife upside down at 11:34?? loool her reaction was great though
Caius Skeikx
Caius Skeikx 23 天 前
That moment when she used the pairing knife backwards xD
Mo G
Mo G 24 天 前
Needs a pinch of paprika
Sean Cunningham
Sean Cunningham 25 天 前
You guys, I’ve actually met Elizabeth Olsen and she is so sweet and this cool in real life. I’m definitely in love with her.
JT McAwesome-Face
I thought she was one of the Olsen twins at first and I was like damn gurl u look good. Not the same people at all tho lmao
Alexander Murhammer
Elizabeth Olsen is soooo beautiful 😮
KidCyclone 27 天 前
That mushroom looks like the infected off the last of us! 😂😂😂
BlakeAndreas 27 天 前
she oddly gives me Hillary Duff vibes.
tululublabla 28 天 前
"I'm afraid of big silvery things." Good thing you played in Age of Ultron.
Jonathan Vazquez
Jonathan Vazquez 28 天 前
OHMYGOD I love Lizzy!
Ciaran Hedderman
Ciaran Hedderman 29 天 前
It's interesting to see how Carla adjusts her pace and tone with the more experienced cooks.
Sari Celis
Sari Celis 个月 前
She did awesome tbh
smiley37greg 个月 前
Lizzie Olsen , where have you been all of my life. Beautiful, down to earth, talented and more.... The most underrated Olsen sister of all time
Lilac Blue
Lilac Blue 个月 前
6:20 me before, during, and after every life decision i make
Inkara21 个月 前
Pizdec nahoi bliat
spacemansabs 个月 前
Mushroom Jew?
Filling In The Blanks -extra room for surname-
8:45 is a god damn mood if I have ever seen one
Laura Camila Moreno
I`m just watching this cause Elizabeth is so so so beautiful, I just can´t
Eddy SW
Eddy SW 个月 前
In my mind : *Wanda Maximoff tries to keep up with a professional chef*
Evander Vaughn
Evander Vaughn 个月 前
10:02 That's not how you use chopsticks Elizabeth.
jashna kapadia
jashna kapadia 个月 前
She making a cone reminded me of me in Math class
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes 个月 前
Wonder what face she pulls when having a poo ?
Julie Kang
Julie Kang 个月 前
she is a slightly upset perfectionist who likes to cook like me!
Andromagician and melioto
Love cooking like if you agree
theapplesauc3 个月 前
This seemed idiot proof .... but she found a way lol
Sadia Khan
Sadia Khan 个月 前
why is watching them eat it so satisfying?!
Skyy Barnes
Skyy Barnes 个月 前
Please get Billie Eillish on here
Cana Lo
Cana Lo 个月 前
lizzy's working space is so messy compared to the teacher's😂
ow 12
ow 12 个月 前
Did those customers in the backround know Elizabeth Olsen was in the kitchen?
Lottie M
Lottie M 个月 前
she kind of sounds like Miley Cyrus.
Andrea Flores
Andrea Flores 个月 前
Did anyone else notice she said Oobleck is made with baking soda and water...even though its made with cornstarch and water.😂
amaya kiyoko
amaya kiyoko 个月 前
*she so cute and genuine* 💕
Charlie Westfort
Charlie Westfort 个月 前
this is a good example of how video editing looks lol the sound and the screen link up and it looks hard to keep them on par.. i like elizabeth olsen
Emily B
Emily B 个月 前
Okay-I attempted a recreation and I have to say: fried lemons are the best thing.
PDT TV 个月 前
i want to hang out at Carla's house after school and help make snacks and I don't even go to school.
Jonathan Liew
Jonathan Liew 个月 前
At 11:34 is Elizabeth holding the knife upside down? Great work from both chefs tho! Looks really tasty :)
Jerky921 个月 前
Elizabeth is just wonderful
rainbowcoloredmind -
wow i'm in love with her
Sarah Kang
Sarah Kang 个月 前
You guys should do more of these. Just these two. Great but!
UWCB 个月 前
'Bartholomew and the Oobleck' is one of my favorite Dr Seuss books!
Dr. jur. E. Thompson
if there would have been both twins, I REALLY would have enjoyed this
SimCulture 个月 前
Must be so satisfying to break apart those mushrooms!
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover 个月 前
The Try Guys should do this.....
H H 个月 前
Sally Hawkins is a great cook 😳😳 who knows
Jim Nixon
Jim Nixon 个月 前
She is so charming and exquisite.
Jen G.
Jen G. 个月 前
Elizabeth is adorable in this.
Danilo Borja
Danilo Borja 个月 前
why liza is so adorable
David Helm
David Helm 个月 前
OMG! I pick Hen of the woods all the time.
emily alina
emily alina 个月 前
Lizzie is so cute omg
Nikhil kumar
Nikhil kumar 个月 前
But I have a question.................Why didn't she just fold the fingers and let the red magic do all the work ?
James Sun
James Sun 个月 前
Need paprika
Sarah Loves Veggies
She was super cute!
Joaquin Exequiel Laput
"This is far better than talking about a television show" had the laughs at that one
Oz 个月 前
She(Wanda) and Paul Bettany(Vision) should do a cooking show! At least one video doing paprikash!
Tanishah Nisha
Tanishah Nisha 个月 前
Marco Obando
Marco Obando 个月 前
how to NOT make tempura , this recipe is worng af but the vid still funny
Belladee P.
Belladee P. 个月 前
This one was a way slower pace than the other ones & easy.
Raj Vlad London
Raj Vlad London 个月 前
she is different from the others girls I love it
Linda F
Linda F 个月 前
Quick Tip: When doing any type of 'Tempura" always make sure your Tempura batter is 'Ice Cold' before placing it in your hot temped oil, you will thank me for this tip. I mix my batter while prepping and pop it in freezer for a few minutes before frying. Best tip I ever got, comes out crisp, light and delirious!
Christopher Yasona
@8:45 hahah
chocolatedumdum2 个月 前
Ugh not traditional tempura lol
Jensen Bell
Jensen Bell 个月 前
Lizzie makes me want to hang out at the beach house and crack jokes while we write a bunch of Thank You cards for the people who donated to some really cool charity event we worked on.