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Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan

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Tennis star Naomi Osaka revealed her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, so Ellen tried to play matchmaker for the two. Plus, the 20-year-old opened up about her recent U.S. Open win and the controversy over her opponent Serena Williams.





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Don Riller
Don Riller 4 小时 前
She has that socially polite Japanese manerism.
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Constitution 4 小时 前
Naomi Osaka - Stay away from all the evil liberals Anti-GOD, Anti-America show. Don't ruin your name Naomi.
Cute Things
Cute Things 5 小时 前
she speak using her lip hahhaha
Anmol Thakur
Anmol Thakur 6 小时 前
She is sooooo cute 😍😍😍
Rohana Ahmad
Rohana Ahmad 6 小时 前
Soft spoken person....
mohan aryal
mohan aryal 8 小时 前
How humble she is
Reginald Styles
Reginald Styles 8 小时 前
Great Champion ❤️😇😃😃
TwinkleWinks2 9 小时 前
Her reaction is so funny. Cute girl
Alex Sim
Alex Sim 9 小时 前
LOL this is so funny.
Thatweirdgirlholdinga watermelon
Naomi is very relatable
Marc Heffer
Marc Heffer 11 小时 前
Don’t let Hollywood corrupt u
Bradley Balshin
Bradley Balshin 12 小时 前
she has a pretty soul
Bradley Balshin
Bradley Balshin 12 小时 前
i like howe she is just herself....love u HATIA🇭🇹
Marée 12 小时 前
She's good. Really good. Based on what i saw here.
Joshua Hughes
Joshua Hughes 13 小时 前
she is like a lost puppy 😂
Fred ticoman.
Fred ticoman. 14 小时 前
She's super humble
Sorry that I crushed your ego while I also stomped you out in the game.. I'm so sorry for winning.. yes.. you should have done better.. Too bad
jcnba28 15 小时 前
She just earned $4 million and Ellen gives her a tv... that's bit of an insult no? lol
Does her jaw move
Alexis Maria
Alexis Maria 16 小时 前
She is so cuteeeeeee
da ca
da ca 17 小时 前
No self-respect. She dont like pictures, it must of been so tortureous for her. Allen such a disgraceful person.
Morne Pretorius
Morne Pretorius 19 小时 前
Telling you, if ellen can dress like a lady she would look beautiful
馬場康行 19 小时 前
pls call her Naomi-chan! she prefer to be called that,not Naomi.
hugo decroix
hugo decroix 21 小时 前
She is 20 damm
hugo decroix
hugo decroix 21 小时 前
She is 20 damm
Annette Jenkins
Annette Jenkins 21 小时 前
She reminds me of Tia and Tamara. Beautiful and Talented.
hugo decroix
hugo decroix 21 小时 前
Nice to see a shy and very respectful person
HoseTheBeast 21 小时 前
I became an instant fan when in the post match interview she was asked if she was gonna party that night and she answered that she is not really a social person and that she wants to go to bed and maybe play video games.! I mean i love a good party and all that but still i fell in love with her and her comment.
Wait!, I just found out that she's fan of Figure Skating's prince, Yuzuru Hanyu?. Legend stan Legend !!
Louis Thomas IV
Louis Thomas IV 22 小时 前
Shoutout to Andy tho. Nigga stay ready! 😂😂😂
miso mercy
miso mercy 22 小时 前
degrading and stereotypical that Ellen would reduce Osaka to nothing more than a brood mare.
Imane sahnoun
Imane sahnoun 22 小时 前
I like her alot she seems to be like a reeeeeally nice person ❤❤
Chris J Productionz
Shes half Haitian and Half Japanese?
Ogala Ali
Ogala Ali 天 前
How did Ellen get to know about the TV she planned to buy?
Danswrang B.
Danswrang B. 天 前
I actually got very emotional after her ceremonial speech. Thanks Ellen for inviting her. It felt really good to watch her happy smile which she should have been while grabbing her crown after the match
I just wanna say she deserves better in the tournament.
Holly Rossiter
Serena stole the lights from her... she's a thief too!
Purana Paapi
Purana Paapi 天 前
This proves, black people can be normal too if kept with civilizations
Poor Naomi, she was not ready for the wind that is Ellen. lol. Awww she's so shy!
wubieful 天 前
The Japanese are so polite! it's too cute
Xander17 天 前
Good clip showing the inspiring nature of Naomi Osaka, but there's an error in the vid title as Ellen is not being a matchmaker.
O Saldanha
O Saldanha 天 前
So NOT the ME.ME.ME. (SERENA) type of MANY typical AMERICAN teenager. Refreshing to see Family, Values, Modesty..Well done JAPAN!! A winner all the way!!
Raunak negi
Raunak negi 天 前
Ellen- Common u can make it happen, u r very famous now.. Naomi - No I'm not. Very down to earth ..
Shonna Muckle
Ellen your so very awsome and the funiest person in the world
Butchy Brannan
I loved this so much.
MM Studios fan
I feel bad for Osaka, Serena needs to apologize.
"Its so weird, like, you're a real person." - reason why Osaka will always be my favorite! xD
euro snuke
euro snuke 天 前
She is so sweet♡
1K subs with no content till I hit 1K subs
Are TVs really 3.8M dollars ?
Joosua Anttila
Awe she is so sweet! We need more people like her and less people like Serena. This was really great interview. I am happy that Ellen didn't just talk about Serena and instead made this interview about her. I am really happy for her. I'm sure she will achieve so much more. I hope she will have amazing future. She definitely deserves everything. And what happened was so hearbreaking. Why the fuck were people booing to her?! What a terrible audience. She won and I am really happy for her. Serena is one of the worst athletes I have ever seen. She blames everything and everyone else except her. She should apologize to everyone especially to Naomi for ruining this moment for her and admit that it was all her fault.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 天 前
I wish she had a crush on me, she is so beautiful
Isaiah Joseph
I like how they have a 65" tv still in the box on standby.. (assuming is was in the box)
Issa Melanin
Issa Melanin 天 前
Ellen is so funny😂😂
NishaT5454 天 前
I love Ellen! you can't watch this and not smile!
Grace Deng
Grace Deng 天 前
She doesn’t even have a car omg she’s so different from all these thirsty celebrities lately
Ku Buku
Ku Buku 天 前
3.59 "Oh, Michael B. Jordan?" "Yeah." "Yes." "No." XD You guys just made my day...
Mustapha Tanimu
Ellen is so friendly with naomi i like this interveiw. Naomi you have a beautiful and soft voice congrats once again
Yalie Racquel
her japanese upbringing is so obvious and its too adorable 💕 she's very soft spoken and very well self composed, very well mannered too. She's so sweet 😍 Ahhh, i hope she stays like this throughout her entire career. congratulations our classy osaka, our champion naomi ✨
Anderson Lim
Anderson Lim 天 前
Noami is sweet. Ellen is sweeter😜
ImpromptuGal 天 前
Leave it to “celebrities” to gift a tv to someone that just won 3+million dollars. Good job Ellen... that shows your character!
Rishabh Pandey
Ellen trying to prove that the audience was not booing her but we all know what American audience was doing...And Serena did that on purpose
Kato x
Kato x 天 前
Damn! Is she real? What planet is she from? She looks like us.
Jovani Fisher
Same shoes at steve harvey show. #HUMBLE
Harshita Purohit
She is sooo sweet humble... bt i don't know before osaka that Japanese have also negros...
martin martin
Ellen supporting Serena Williams is childish
Aly  Julmiste
Aly Julmiste 天 前
Everyone talking about her Japanese roots for her accomplishments. Her father is Haitian and he taught her tennis. We have a lot of the same principles in Haiti. You take care of elders in your neighborhoods. There is someone by their side until their dying day. Respect everyone. They won't start a war, but they will darn well finish it. Very underestimated in their intelligence and athletics. Those were the 2 attributes that whipped the French in war. France decided to retaliate by going to Germany and to make all blacks unable to conceive. In the fear that they might one day take over. Blacks strong. Whites afraid of strong. They use their badge to take advantage of blacks. We drink bottled water now. No more tap water. No more poison. We will reclaim what is ours one day soon.
1 bias , 6 bias wrecker
vivek patil
vivek patil 天 前
Pure Japanese parenting effect
Serge Baron
Serge Baron 天 前
I understand what is like when raise by Haitian parents ,plus Japanese parents no wonder she's so grounded.
BarneyFife00 天 前
Wow, a star athlete who is down to earth!! This kid was raised right.
Skb 2408
Skb 2408 天 前
The original Japanese were Melanated people study history !
mat bauer
mat bauer 2 天 前
Great, an Asian that wannabe a nagga, but is she an Asian? looks like an nagga to me!
mat bauer
mat bauer 2 天 前
I think her skin said it all, but thank you anyway.
KeTal 2 天 前
mat bauer just to inform you, she is half Asian and half black
J.W Kamae
J.W Kamae 2 天 前
Thanx Ellen for not dragging sarena into this!!
Sami Al-Bakri
Sami Al-Bakri 2 天 前
Serena told her " there are not booing at you " what a good sport Serena.
Shane Mendis
Shane Mendis 2 天 前
Wow lot of lovely comments regarding her. Never seen like this before in my life.
Gerry Novis
Gerry Novis 2 天 前
True Champ...
anita shirazi
anita shirazi 2 天 前
So sweet
Maisa Mosan
Maisa Mosan 2 天 前
Beautiful,cute young lady
Jay Solis
Jay Solis 2 天 前
My God, Her parents raised an amazing person, She’s so sweet and humble.
Cherry Marcial
Cherry Marcial 2 天 前
Naomi Osaka is a Real Class Act!!!
Stevie Khoo
Stevie Khoo 2 天 前
She is so camera shy and humble. Naomi I am sure you will have a great future in tennis arena🎾. Keep it going!
dye0124 2 天 前
What a wonder girl !!
MLJ Shell
MLJ Shell 2 天 前
She IS so freakin adorable!!!
Carol 2 天 前
Serena William is an old sore loser
Nkumbi_TS 2 天 前
Michael B. Jordan? Yeah. Yes! No!
Esha 2 天 前
She’s hella awkward sheesh! Asking questions is like pulling teeth!!
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 2 天 前
I wanna know what Michael B. Jordan's response was.
1kallay 2 天 前
She has a boyfriend Ellen , no means no.
Esben Rasmussen
Esben Rasmussen 2 天 前
She is so Japanese
Aasha Rouse-Lovejoy
I love Michael B Jordan❗️ and I love Naomi❗️❗️
Liou jess
Liou jess 8 小时 前
They look cute together!
joseph white
joseph white 2 天 前
Very cute!
Kamryn Bre
Kamryn Bre 2 天 前
She’s soooo cute 💕
Janine Pillay
Janine Pillay 2 天 前
She's the cutest!!! So sweet!!
LiliSimon 2 天 前
Si like her
Aii Alaina
Aii Alaina 2 天 前
I love her already
Anant Pant
Anant Pant 2 天 前
Karen Schumer
Karen Schumer 2 天 前
I was just thinking, It would have been so great if Michael Jordan would have made a appearance just now.
Karen Schumer
Karen Schumer 2 天 前
I still love and support Serena, but she is such a passionate and driven player. I fee llike if you are a true American you will support Serena no matter what!
Mike D
Mike D 2 天 前
I want Bruce Jenner and Ellen to get together and join the circus