Eric "Butterbean" Esch - The Legendary Power in Boxing!

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In 1997, Eric Ash better known as Butterbean mounted the ring for the IBA world heavyweight title against Ed White. He won this fight by knockout and became the world champion. Despite the fact that this is not the most prestigious version in the world of boxing, Erik’s achievement is a matter of great respect...
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2019年10月 6日






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The World of Boxing!
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Carina Skipworth
Carina Skipworth 9 小时 前
Perth, Australia
Cobra 4 天 前
I'm from the womb
酒呑童子 5 天 前
Eddie Santisteban
@Ian A same
CleezyTHE SaucE
CleezyTHE SaucE 5 天 前
Ringo Gingo
Ringo Gingo 小时 前
Don't mess with butterball
eric duffy
eric duffy 小时 前
I wish bean would have dropped down to 275 and bulked up. He would have been a real threat to anybody
Jason Hendrickson
Jason Hendrickson 19 小时 前
Butterbean was a fucking savage!!
Blake Nivelt
Blake Nivelt 22 小时 前
7:17 poor guy wanted to give up, but the mustache said get your ass back in there!!!
Ben Vasilinda
Butterbean was all heart and had hands like a rock. I always enjoyed watching him fight, he was fearless.
Keanen Grewal
Here is a scary thought.... what if cus d'amato had gotten a chance to train him. Ouch.
Kev Dean
Kev Dean 2 天 前
You get him on his back and it's as cruel as kicking a turtle!
Mateusz Zakrzewski
Hollowichigo7 2 天 前
butterbean my ass thats "Fat Rocky"
OffThe XANs
OffThe XANs 2 天 前
5:10 dafuq is the other guy doin
OffThe XANs
OffThe XANs 11 小时 前
Ik but look at him he charged in..No cover nothin..dumb move ofc he gonna get dropped.The funny part is that he didnt even land a punch
charles mcfarland
charles mcfarland 12 小时 前
OffThe XANs the first punch wobbled him. The second one had him snoring for a brief moment before adrenaline and conditioning kicked in so he could try to beat the count.
chokeybear 2 天 前
HEY YOU. This is good. Make more.
Виктор Салимов
Хандоны,название на русском а перевода нет.
Rock Star
Rock Star 3 天 前
He's faster and more precise than most boxers nowadays..
Jay Spears
Jay Spears 3 天 前
closest thing to mutant powers are in Eric Esch's fists. Butter Bean
E L 3 天 前
Original Fat Badass
Infamous Yash Show
I remember seeing this guy fight when I was a child. I thought to my self... This guy is scary.. 😁
Naushad Hussein
Naushad Hussein 3 天 前
Very nice video... Thanks
joe abrams
joe abrams 3 天 前
He definitely has my highest respects. Powerful man.
Dylan B
Dylan B 3 天 前
Love seeing Butterbean fight. He's a KO artist, insane accuracy and knows how to put that weight behind him. He can move for a big guy but he doesn't have to move all the time because he can take some serious punishment.
Dakim Spruill
Dakim Spruill 3 天 前
Yeah man he was a great 💪🏾
EarthSkyP1000 Videos
Butterbean is "FAT" and that definitely powers his devastating punch. He does it best!!!
Spiral down viral
Names considered was Eric 'the blazed bronut' Esch, Eric 'Piggly Wiggly' Esch, but 'butterbean' stuck and worked.
dutchwardogs 4 天 前
Butterbean not forgotten.
Robert Court Jr.
Kurt angle really let himself go
Kali Der Löwe
Kali Der Löwe 4 天 前
I feel bad for Bart 😂😂
Vadim T
Vadim T 4 天 前
Борецкий что ли?)))
Daryl Parisi
Daryl Parisi 4 天 前
Damn didn’t know he fought against Freddy Mercury
Michael Eshleman
I saw Butterbean in American Jackass, he punched like Iron, that nickname belongs to Iron Mike. But Eric punches very hard :)
Adam We
Adam We 4 天 前
You have to wonder how far he could have gone if he'd been in much better shape. He clearly knew how to throw a knockout punch. With increased speed, and endurance he would have been even more dangerous.
Zalamael Semper Dius
Butterbean's greatest strength, was his killer instinct. He wanted to dominate his opponent, and win, and I highly doubt he would have cared if he killed his opponent in the ring. He was fearless in his approach to fights, because he could take a solid hit, and would often respond with a violent flurry rather than play defensively after taking a hit. In fact, he often forced his opponents to defend against him due to his reckless, berserker aggression, and they would often lose as a result. As this video points out though, his weakness, was his stamina, so a good strategy to use against him, would be to make him tire, and above all, don't let him corner you. Get him softened up that way, then you can start going back at him. And even then, he could always hit you with a surprise haymaker and lay you out. I would shit my pants if I had to fight a guy like him, he was intense to the point of being a killer, and his opponents felt the intimidation because of the way he carried himself when he went at them. Berserkers are always terrifying.
BUILDandDRIFT Driftoholic
Потом Майк его отправил на пенсию...
roundabout 6969
roundabout 6969 5 天 前
He was an absolute monster for his weight and had the power behind it
John Morax
John Morax 5 天 前
You can't not like Butterbean. A real fighter, by heart and by skills.
John Hansel
John Hansel 5 天 前
In my book he's right up there with the big guns.
Ivan Adams
Ivan Adams 3 天 前
Yeah man, you always knew Butterbean was going to bring it, the dude had a head like an anvil
Ty Clark
Ty Clark 5 天 前
I remember when I first started watching BB fight n laughed how big he was. It wasn't long before I realized he was a hard hitter. An from there, I became a fan of his. I too share your bullying in school n didn't believe in myself. At 18 I had a opportunity to follow a former IDF friend n somewhat of a mentor. As I too didn't have a father in my life, an it hurt every day of my life up until then. I did the education corps n went on to infantry training n for the first time in my life I accomplished something greater than myself. I was part of a close brother hood n sisters as well. Wasn't long after graduation I threw in as a red boot. The training took more of myself I'd ever endured before. Yet, whenever I struggled my brothers were there for me n I for them as well. I found out I could be part of a elite soldier brotherhood. When we graduated my brother's fathers were there for me as well. A feeling only ButterBean n myself n others would understand. It wasn't always fun, but I made it through with Jesus in my life. Yeah I know, they never once disrespected me for my faith with Jesus Christ. Funny thing was, at 24 I came back to the States n ran into that bully that pushed me around in school. He won't ever bully anyone else in life, if he did I said I'd come back n finish the job. Friends said he never bullied anyone after that night.
Mark Lynch
Mark Lynch 5 天 前
Holmes beat him
11B10 Inf
11B10 Inf 5 天 前
Mr. Esch is and will always be an inspiration and a favorite. 100yrs from now, they will know his name.
妙招姐夫oO 5 天 前
Sacred Light
Sacred Light 5 天 前
Fucking adds ruin this a bit!
Александр Сенченков
Отличный мужик, с добрым седцем, благодаря ему было вылечено несколько детей .
George Sand
George Sand 5 天 前
Testosterone monstrosities.
Paulino Morales condori
Raymond Jenkins
Raymond Jenkins 5 天 前
Definitely one of boxings greatest knockout guys that was the last great era for boxing now it's all mma and I just could never get into that Butterbean was a great boxer fighter and drawl
Yann Hartel
Yann Hartel 6 天 前
🤙great puncher n skilled Fighter
Jack Maton
Jack Maton 6 天 前
Your commentary and date stamps don't match up
Pan-Wakka 6 天 前
"Float like a BUTTERfly, sting like a BEAN!"
Rumpole Del Bailey
Very clever.
Throttle 6 天 前
When someone says a long reach is an advantage show them Butterbean!
Mateo 1289
Mateo 1289 5 天 前
Throttle leverage is advantage sshhhhh
su yong Tong
su yong Tong 6 天 前
300lbs and no neck is not only a great defense, but when 300lbs of mass x velocity connect on his opponent's head . . . it's also a devastating offense . . . "lights out baby . . . you're gone" !
Mihai Moisa
Mihai Moisa 6 天 前
Nice, i'm impressed!
NE ONE 6 天 前
Inspiring Mark Hunt...
Josh Kevil
Josh Kevil 6 天 前
Y does butter bean low key look like one of the engineers from polar express?
O D 6 天 前
Lol butterbean was trash, he got rocked by anyone who was a decent boxer. He was s fun gimmick to watch
Two Reel Fishing
His greatest KO was against Johnny Knoxville
Wong Siu TV
Wong Siu TV 6 天 前
Andy Ruiz vs butterbean
gil sousa Sousa
gil sousa Sousa 6 天 前
Verdadeiro majimbu
dani scheel
dani scheel 6 天 前
Luv Butterbean! Way to go!
Milton Antony Valdiviezo Infante
Ese John Erick es un loquillo... Yo que sólo lo conocía por el "Tembleke" xD