Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.
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scratch 5 小时 前
The winning of Darwin Awards has its importance.
scratch 5 小时 前
"Everest" spelled backwards is "tsereve". Which explains everything.
rokkhundur 天 前
I love the American measurement system, but it's a little confusing. How many pingpong tables are in one football field? And how many football fields are there in one Manhattan?? And how many Manhattans are in one Texas???
Robert Patterson
It has become a Sherade......should restrict to qualified climbers only. Evidently the only qualification is money, Sad the environment in a jungle or a mountain, always suffers becuz of man’s stupidity 😳😳😳
Qienna 天 前
Can someone explain the AT&T thing he does every video?
Melissa Henriquez
this reminds me of one of their older segments Antarctica: Don't Fucking Come Here
Tyler Keller
Tyler Keller 3 天 前
The actual climb itself, is relatively easy, in terms of mountaineering difficulty. That being said, it's not the physical hiking that is demanding. It's the altitude that people don't take seriously. When you're standing on ground, that is the same cruising altitude as a commercial jetliner, there's going to be some serious risks. The next time you get it in your rich âsś, bond trading head that you have what it takes, just crane your silly little neck up and look at a vapor trail left behind by a jet. THAT'S THE ALTITUDE OF THE SUMMIT. high enough to freeze the capillaries in your lungs, then burst them and kill you as you drown in your own blood.
Dead Purple
Dead Purple 3 天 前
He didn't even mention how there are frozen bodies on Mt. Everest that are actual landmarks to the route to the top.
CatYoga 3 天 前
Did I just get friking Rick rolled by a television show
James Lee
James Lee 3 天 前
I just got Rick rolled by my favorite news show and I ain't even mad
Robin Raphael
Robin Raphael 4 天 前
Such a sad feeling to make an achievement into commercial business. Shame on humans
The whole presentation was actually quite good, except for the end. The treatment, the 'shooing' away, of the Sherpa was quite distasteful. Seemed like the white guilt needs to come out soon.
Moosh Moosh
Moosh Moosh 4 天 前
I wanna be the first guy to get a tugger at the top of Everest.
steven morris
steven morris 3 天 前
MegaGideo 4 天 前
Kinda shows how many people had life handed to them and are desperate to show any real accomplishment at all. So why not exploit poor indigenous people to drag you up a dangerous mountain just to take all the credit at the top. The only thing I can find hilarious about this sham is that if you research these types of expeditions then you find out even the original trips up these mountains aren't that much different than the tourist trips of today.
Fritters87 5 天 前
LOL! Actually needed to sneeze then! XD
Avery Clark
Avery Clark 5 天 前
I can’t believe I got Rickrolled by John Oliver. My life is now complete
Bilal Mohammad
Bilal Mohammad 6 天 前
This is exactly like Homer in Mount Simpson.
Mad9977 Productions
lol the seal pony 😂
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 10 天 前
Honestly, 9 out of 11 deaths in a frat house being considered "sad" is still pretty generous...
Mad9977 Productions
the Everest is the highest garbage pile on earth, just stop that non-sense, there is no more glory to get.
Barking Ant
Barking Ant 10 天 前
Fuck that if you can't get to the top of Everest on your own then you haven't accomplished shit other than being a 1st world douchebag. And, look, I'm sorry but if you have no experience in mountain climbing and you insist on climbing a fucking mountain you deserve to die.
Visitant 11 天 前
Wait why is there white guilt that the rich people are paying Sherpas to risk their lives? It's not slavery. The sherpa can say no fuck you I'm not risking my life for you. It's not the rich peoples fault that the sherpas don't have many other options for work and it's not like they would be going there with money at all if there wasn't a service they were trying to procure. The sherpas are as much to blame for accepting the life threatening work as the rich people are for offering it. Rich people in North America also pay poor people to spend their lives doing miserable work that causes them to spend most of their time hating their life and wishing they were dead. FFS they also do it to middle class people they just get paid more. If you have a problem with it then it sounds more like you are criticising the short falls of capitalism that allows a system to be created where people with more capital than others can get those others to do dangerous or degrading tasks in exchange for a tiny amount of that capital. Which is a fine thing to criticise but you can't really blame the player you have to hate the game.
Rainbow Tea Games
Just in case you aren't sure...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makalu
Abhay Chavda
Abhay Chavda 11 天 前
He just puts nonsense when he doesnt have enough material :/
Aqib.A.C 12 天 前
Something I love about this segment is the fact that John was willing to wear some heavy snow pants for the entire episode just to prove his point at the end.
Dominick DiBart
Dominick DiBart 12 天 前
Should Nepal and Tibet tighten up their standards? Yes Should rich white people stop trying to surmount a mountain just for Instagram likes? Double Yes
Nimesh Ghimire
Nimesh Ghimire 12 天 前
I am from Nepal and Thanks John for covering this topic.
Robert Rowley
Robert Rowley 12 天 前
11:49 best part of that whole bit. Plus that’s what I do every time I come home from the gym.
scott besemer
scott besemer 13 天 前
What's the point of climbing Everest? Guess what, you're not first. Idiots.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 13 天 前
Gotta respect the drip at the end tho
kratoselric suzumiya
Mountain climbing might be the one hobby where the hardcore people pissed off about filthy casuals are 100% right
Alli9_9 Z.
Alli9_9 Z. 13 天 前
Did anyone else just look at John's pants when he stood up at first and go: WTF
Emily Alex
Emily Alex 13 天 前
Fun fact. Because it is so high up and so cold body’s do not decompose. Body’s are used as land marks. They are usually covered with the flag of the country they are from. Helicopters can’t get that high and people can’t take the body’s down because their body’s are dying. But because of climate change the body’s are melting down the mountain. It’s very sad. (Learned about this is my college geology class)
When the earth is turned into a gripping dungeon
Took him an entire 50 seconds to go through his umpteenth AT&T skit. I love him but god damn does he sometimes not know when to let a joke go.
Alex and the monsters
every time you say business daddy i really cringe really hard.
Koustubh Jain
Koustubh Jain 14 天 前
An at and t show making fun of at and t
HenryManson 14 天 前
14:40 now i really want a amateur circus tv show! xD
Carlos Amorim
Carlos Amorim 15 天 前
I love how nepal is killing obnoxious white people and taking money out of them at the same time, inspirational.
Ryan Earles
Ryan Earles 15 天 前
John Oliver(Business Baby) has done it again!!! AT&T, ROASTED!!!! ;)
Erin Spicola
Erin Spicola 16 天 前
ok, HUGE fan of the fact that he was wearing those snow pants the whole time
The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn
Highest phone call? Er, planes exist.
Per Du
Per Du 17 天 前
My Mount Everest is watching every single Last Week Tonight, and since I started with the oldest ones, I'm almost at the top!! I wonder what kind of picture I'll make.
Bridge Troll
Bridge Troll 21 天 前
I'm thinking of a term. It starts with "Late", ends with "Global Capitalism", and has "Stage" in the middle...
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man 22 天 前
Fat fuck shouldn't be climbing
Laura Hirsch
Laura Hirsch 23 天 前
"Don't get scared" ... Seriously? Is that a joke? Because what else is he supposed to feel?😅
Dr. Steve Phil
Dr. Steve Phil 23 天 前
One of my life goals is to see this rat faced bastard's show live
Necyn 23 天 前
A swede went up everest without shrepa help and without oxygen
Abhiram Kakani
Abhiram Kakani 23 天 前
Andre Fourie
Andre Fourie 24 天 前
"white guilt" What the actual f*? Always pushing an agenda.
Mehmed Duska
Mehmed Duska 24 天 前
Maybe I'm stupid, but if the sherpas have to put down ladders across the crevasses individually for hundreds of climbers, wouldn't it be more cost-effective in human capital for them to just build semi-permanent bridges? I understand that the climate and topography is generally unforgiving on Everest but I'm sure SOMETHING safe, however primitive, could be built as a semi-permanent installation every climbing season.
Alif Fadzly
Alif Fadzly 26 天 前
"Its so wide, three ladders need to be lashed together" would be a decent your mama joke.
blacktongue1000 27 天 前
You laugh at that Sherpa first date info, but I'm totally gonna use that if a woman ever talks to me
pashley1411 27 天 前
With all due respect to the true mountaineers, one good storm and collective intelligence of the human race goes up a notch. But dangereous jobs are the human condition. The coal miner a mile down who could be buried any time so you can watch this video.
Wheels Lifts
Wheels Lifts 28 天 前
when your brain swells so much that it leaks out your ears, it really describes your intelligence level. very low. it's pretty stupid to climb everest. with all the sherpas that help you, it's not really a great achievement anymore
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory 28 天 前
Everest has been a human rights violation for years...
iamnot amoose
iamnot amoose 个月 前
Rick rolled in 2019, well played LastWeek, gg
* FaboRules
* FaboRules 个月 前
Last week tonight with Barney Stinson
Nic DeGrave
Nic DeGrave 个月 前
That capitonym fact is a panty dropper.
sristi paudel
sristi paudel 个月 前
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Graham Colligan
Graham Colligan 个月 前
Everest - On the Top
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