Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet

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The first Wreck It Ralph was a fun surprise full of humor and heart. Ralph Breaks the Internet is... not that. It's a lot more like The Emoji movie. And full of sins.
Next week: Sins of two movies that have one word titles starting with D.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Tyler Hively
Tyler Hively 4 小时 前
Can someone please tell me what the 3 extra sins videos are please.
Stephanie Joobern
Stephanie Joobern 5 小时 前
Isn't Vanellope like 9? And Ralph is a grown man? Anyone else find it a little weird?
kiiper13 6 小时 前
I’m surprised you didn’t make a dirty joke about the dark web, that’s a sin cinema sins
Emmy Bot
Emmy Bot 11 小时 前
I liked slaughter race reminded me of GTA5. Seems like the rest of the movie has a lot of random stupidity and is basically waving keys in front of their audience. As if the audience are infants. I think most films are made to do this anymore and any or all original ideas are trashed. Lazy writing is in and stupid repetitive clichés are in to keep from writers actually thinking.
Bryan Aguirre
Bryan Aguirre 13 小时 前
The Moana water part was cool but she doesn't actually control water. The water in her movie was the ocean sooooo dies that mean the ocean was in that fountain?
Ebo fefe
Ebo fefe 14 小时 前
5:11 And this is a bad thing HOW?
take a shot every time this movie tries to be hip and cool
Hypereon 天 前
Can I just say that Disney existing inside the wreck-it Ralph universe implies that there isn’t a movie for wreck it Ralph in this universe, or the game is just marketing for the Wreck-it-Ralph movie? But that would mean that Disney was making Computer animated movies in the 80’s, which would mean that this either takes place in a technologically advanced by twenty years universe, or it just doesn’t make sense.
Charbomber 天 前
No removed sins for the movie accurately showing how people's characters look like in games instead of going the normal way of them looking totally realistically moving? I mean I don't know WHY it did but I found it kinda funny. Maybe it's my bad sense of humor...
Jon Mount
Jon Mount 2 天 前
Why did they ripoff something that sucks like the emoji movie they could of got something better
oreo penguin
oreo penguin 2 天 前
11:27 didn’t the woman say heart is one dollar Ralf need less than 318 k so why did he need to make more videos
12:47 except that is NOT how eBay works, if the highest bidder forfeits the item it would be offered to the other bidder for their highest bid. DING!
Gay Boi
Gay Boi 2 天 前
*watches cinema sins cause' you're too lazy to watch it yourself*
Coolyo 2 天 前
I accidentally found porn after I searched "blow and go"
Thanrick 2 天 前
Nothing about the Ralph rolling at the very end?? And the post credit scene you sinned was actually really funny
- DaKawaiiWolfy -
I think you forgot a sin At 1:47 and it’s that Sonic knows what the internet is and Ralph doesn’t and that doesn’t make any sense, correct me if I’m wrong
Culo 111222
Culo 111222 2 天 前
20:32 somewhere out their ill leave ralph
CRABSY6 2 天 前
Why when he enters the internet is there no porn
Swift Plays
Swift Plays 3 天 前
Can you do a Everything wrong with Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 1 and 2?
Patience Wallace
Elizamatronic 3 天 前
It’s called *ANIMATION* sins but most of the videos are live action am I the only person who noticed that
Alexis Leininger
Umm The glitching in Vanellope is in her DNA
PotatoQueen TheWeirdo
Wait if Ralph is behind her how can he see their face? Logic is making my brain cells die Ralph:*risks his life for her and her game and almost dies for her* Vanellope: OMG YOUR SUCH A RUDE FRIEND*tosses his necklace* Me: bish really? Your my fav but you do this?😑 is he a joke to you lady? Whhhhhyyyyy
Laura H
Laura H 4 天 前
You're forgetting that right after the princess rescue scene, when he just wakes up... so, how did he change clothes so quickly? He just fell into a dress. So... he would still have his actual clothes underneath, right...?
TheStellaGaming 4 天 前
Does anyone else think that the little girl in the after credits scene look like baby Moana? Just me? Ok.
SharkLord 321
SharkLord 321 4 天 前
Surprised he didn't bring up the rick roll
Toothful Mouth
Toothful Mouth 4 天 前
I liked both movies. They are good- i dont notice problems...
DJB Playz
DJB Playz 4 天 前
Jumanji: our mpc's only react to the things that are supposed to be programmed to say Wreck-It Ralph: I'm sorry were you saying something
Bryce Davenport
Bryce Davenport 4 天 前
My biggest problem with the movie is that Ralph is literally a grown man, while Vanellope is literally a child. Yet Ralph is insistant on being incredibly possessive of her the whole time. Something about that just screams pedophilia, without actually saying PEDOPHILIA.
Grid the xenomorph
what about the fact that when it was shown on the the phone, nobody had to bid on it, this is plot propelling bullsh!t
Keermie De Frawg
Googled "blow and go". Was disappointed.
inferiorflame 77
this movie should of came out 2019 so ralph makes a joke about creepy ass sonic
MatrixMushroom 5 天 前
I like how you made a refference to the alien thing you said in the video for the first movie.
MatrixMushroom 5 天 前
Am I the only one who thought that the tension between Vanellope and Shank was weirdly romantic? And then was super confused cause she's a little kid?
MatrixMushroom 5 天 前
I love how absolutely BS it is that a decrepit truck went faster than basically a Lamborghini *while it's in reverse.*
Casey Pawlowski
Casey Pawlowski 5 天 前
CinemaSins: It's impossible to make $27,001 on one day of CNvid Felix Jergen and Sven: Hold my Minecraft
Unexplainable Feelings
No ones gonna talk about how the dude said Des Moines wrong?
Braden Barnes
Braden Barnes 5 天 前
Ebay doesn't require you to add in payment info before bidding
I googled blow and go, I got car insurance now
Ron DeMuth
Ron DeMuth 5 天 前
I love the first movie but I hate the second one I agree with every point Please don’t hate me because I don’t like this one
Ayowin B
Ayowin B 5 天 前
Well then you haven't seen the steam marketplace when team fortress 2 is searched up
Scp ???? Jade Devil
my life is a sin after all I love puns
Tibenna Fraser
Tibenna Fraser 5 天 前
4:49 so much truth ...💀
Ditto Person
Ditto Person 5 天 前
You missed the 2nd credit scene.Its Ralph singing never give you up I'm not lying
Meg Fisher
Meg Fisher 5 天 前
i’m also adding a sin for ralph apparently not dying from the big tac pin getting so close to decapitating him, that thing was so goddamn close
Meg Fisher
Meg Fisher 5 天 前
i’m removing a sin for adding a stan lee cameo, but then bringing it back for having it so brief and so unexpected
Diego Cortes
Diego Cortes 6 天 前
Add a sin in your mind right now that HE DIDN’T INCLUDE THE RICK ROLL SCENE.
Ethan Rowbotham
Ethan Rowbotham 6 天 前
how the hell does sonic know what the internet is
10:50 Tik Tok
Lemon 6 天 前
.......no sin for the rickroll? Wreck-roll? Ralph - what do we even call that???
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