Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

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Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own pet dragon? The How To Train Your Dragon movies have made us think it would be a fire-breathing good time! Except they never actually tell us HOW to train a dragon or if it would be a good idea in the first place. I mean, these are dangerous wild creatures! So today I'm out to give us a FINAL ANSWER! Should you try to train a dragon? Let's find out!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman





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Ammar Elbehery
Ammar Elbehery 小时 前
What are you trying to prove here?
Θεό దేవుడు
what if dragons are not reptiles i mean the movies look like a reptile but they are caricatured like dinossaurs and dinossaurs were birds so maybe hey are some other kind of species like an massive fire shooting featherless bird
CJ 8 小时 前
Your premise that dragons only have a reptile brain is completely invalid because of the very obvious social structure seen in the movies. The mere fact that dragons appear to be social creatures mean that they would have evolved areas of the brain needed for social interaction independently (convergent evolution, think bats and birds). This is also obvious when we see that Toothless stays with his mate after impregnating and raising their young. These 'social' parts of the brain would allow them to feel affection for their humans and make training them, like one would a mammal, possible. The animals we choose to domesticate are usually social animals. Cats (yes, even cats), dogs, horses, cows, sheep, chickens etc. are all social animals. And as we see in the movie dragons are in fact social creatures capable of complex emotion, unlike other reptiles.
CJ 8 小时 前
Oh, follow up, these dragons are endothermic. Only endothermic animals curl up in order to conserve body heat as we see Toothless as well as the Terrible terror doing in the first movie.
mikieer marges
mikieer marges 18 小时 前
booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo
Marieli Delgado
Marieli Delgado 22 小时 前
Marieli Delgado
Marieli Delgado 22 小时 前
🖕🏻you are a mother f@cer
Lochan Lightning
Lochan Lightning 22 小时 前
Why does this have more likes that dislikes!!!!
The_Kendrasaur Channel
With all due respect, ARE YOU SURE YOU WATCHED IT? LIKE, AT ALL?
The_Kendrasaur Channel
Um, you have to consider that A: These are supposed wild animals, warring on a tough, hardened tribe so Hiccup doesn't know how he's supposed to treat creatures. Also, in Gift of the Night fury, Hiccup does give him an independent tail, but Toothless declines it, because he wants to be together. It's only when he has something else--A mate, the Lightfury-- that he wants to, because it is then and only then does Toothless actually have something else besides freindship with Hiccup. His instincts then take over. You're also forgetting that this is a DRAGON, not just a lizard or snake. In fact, most of the dragon models were based of mammals, birds and insects. For example, Toothless was based off horses, cats, and dogs.
Zaynab Guezzar
When ur that girl who still hasn’t seen the movie cause ur parents won’t buy the dvd
El_ General
El_ General 天 前
I think the biggest question should be how did the vikings not die from altitude sickness
It’s Timy I have small Willy
Ok cool learning about the brain but toothless brain is more evolved then a gecko or a crocodile
Edward Fuentes
I can't make my gecko shoot a 1911 i are sad now
evil 2theend
evil 2theend 天 前
The original book had toothless a small green dragon without any teeth and to train him they talked and so on
Raghida El Han Obied
I love you matt
Raghida El Han Obied
Matt pat: no stupid bad idea
Allison Browning
He’s a “slave” and so are injured tigers, eagles, every other animal in the entire freaking world
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 2 天 前
While I was watching this I got an ad for the new how to train your dragon game😂
Red Dragon Gacha
I got a httyd and on this video
manya bend
manya bend 2 天 前
ok now i am so mad just don't try to hiccup and toothless and go away from this movie
vappio 2 天 前
Madpat “A dragon that can’t fly is a dead dragon” Me WHAT ABOUT THE SPEEDSTINGERS
Super Wolf Pup
Super Wolf Pup 2 天 前
I’ve commented on this when it came out, but I’m doing it again to help you, Matpat, with the rage of HTTYD fans such as myself. You’re welcome. I was thinking you should make another HTTYD theory to appease us. This is the only time my theory sense has ever went off. You see, in the TV shows and movies where the Hiccup, the dragon riders, and sometimes other people would fall from heights that would certainly kill you. But the dragons would catch them, I feel like they would still die. Sometimes bye the arms. Yes, they would use their sharp claws and grab people falling from heights hundreds of feet up in their air bye the arms. The arms! Shouldn’t that not only kill you but also rip your arms off. I can see the thumbnail already: Hiccup should be DEAD. I don’t think Matpat will actually see this, so please help me get this to him by liking, putting this in his newest videos. Please help me out. I would really like it if he did this theory. I just hope he does more research on it than this absolute lie of a theory.
IceCream puppy
IceCream puppy 2 天 前
You have angered the fandom.
Nathan TV
Nathan TV 2 天 前
I agree with you except reptiles are actually smart but not to solve puzzles but rather in survival saltwater crocodiles and any other reptile move from hot to cold places and snakes are actually smart because if they weren’t smart they couldn’t think about escaping
galactic_Spino 2 天 前
Bruh cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-I7fZZUfvx0s.html The man who swims with a huge crocodile and frickin kisses it and loves it you can't say sh**
DixieDoodle 小时 前
galactic_Spino the man can love the crocodile the crocodile just can’t love the man
Gonzalo Liberona
Mattpat your incorrect i whac httyd sinc i was 8 or 9 and thas way i dislike the video so fuge off dumye sorry ps:show this to mattpat and tell im to make a noter video of this movie k
Elliott Hannam
Elliott Hannam 3 天 前
Can you really fault Hiccup for not trusting the Dragon. These are wild animals after all, and considering the fact that the alternative is Killing them, there is an argument to say this is better. And these safety measures aren't really malicious, just for safety purposes, as the dragon might fly you somewhere you don't want to go. Again, Hiccup was raised under a society that kills dragons on sight, so trust isn't really there. Vikings are brutal, and this is actually within what you could probably expect for them.(I'm not an expert though, so I might be wrong about that) Another point: Maybe Dragons have more complex brains than other reptiles, it doesn't seem that farfetched to me Not to say this isn't a decent theory though, just that there are counter arguments to the points you made
Sirius Black
Sirius Black 3 天 前
There are some lizards that have trust like Monitor lizards these can come when they hear you.
Yousuf Niloy
Yousuf Niloy 3 天 前
U r the greatest fool. Give some respect to this movie. Best animated movie in the world. Watch this: Everything great about How To Train Your Dragon. U will change ur mind.
Jill Terry
Jill Terry 3 天 前
My brother just named his kitten toothless
the dragon master 9000
1:07 oh and sonic
joão pedro Rodrigues
Matpat is pretty much PETA in the dragon world
PIG DIN 4 天 前
Toothless is a strike class in the movies know to be very intelegent and emotional
Privet Drive
Privet Drive 4 天 前
I got a how to train your dragon/dragons game ad while watching this 😂
Amy Fairchild
Amy Fairchild 4 天 前
When you said your first reaction to being scared is to run, I have to disagree there are to reactions. Fight or Flight. *Not* just flight. I almost always go with the fight.
Freddie Morandi
Freddie Morandi 3 天 前
Amy Fairchild you are so cool
He did it again, he overthinked it
Mr Eggroll
Mr Eggroll 4 天 前
This fucking theory perfectly encapsulates why somany people dislike and disregard your content. It's just sheer nonsense and rambling for ten minutes about something not set within the rules of the narrative. Honestly somtimes l wonder wether you've actually watched the film's you're theorising or wether you've just had an unmotivated script writer lazily conjure up infomation from wiki. And now look l understand why you made this theory which was to capitalize on the new movie but seriously? It really just shows your disingenuous and how you care more about money rather than making well thought out content for fans
grace grigg
grace grigg 4 天 前
Well film theory that “lizard” toothless was designed like a cat so he could be trained
alison Scott
alison Scott 4 天 前
Luxurious Gamer
Luxurious Gamer 5 天 前
Do you realise that this is a FICTIONAL movie for ENTERTAINMENT and not some ''realistic'' film.
Star The wolf queen
Do bunnies have emotions??????? Because I’m calling her name over and over again but she still won’t listen to me! Please help me train her....
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark 5 天 前
I hate you now
Shabaka Smkss
Shabaka Smkss 6 天 前
Their a dragon race to the edge
Puggin_ 6 天 前
Damn that was my child hood congrats you officially crumbled my child hood
PsykicSlycer162 6 天 前
3:34 Apparently Matpat is the past version of Baldi
Some Random Brony
I don't know if MatPat is a theorist or a member of PETA. Then again, he isn't lazy so he can't be a member of PETA.
Baby Blu
Baby Blu 6 天 前
Dragons are based off a bat-lizards and they seem to be the same brand of dragon because of how the light fury sleeps its bat like so considering the fact that bats are mammals and these dragons are bat-lizards they may in fact have the brain to love, idk I might be wrong, still luv your work tho
Umega Alfa
Umega Alfa 6 天 前
Brah... this episode's points are as useless as Snotlout's ideas. "Animal abuse"? The fu*k does it mean animal abuse in a world where the HUMANS are the ones trying to survive. Did you see the damn lizards? Even those little fu*kers that small as a hand can mess a adult human up. Also, if you skipped the first da*n movie, for generations, humans HUNTED dragons and dragons HUNTED humans, and other lunch sources... Does survival mean anything to you? What? Our ancestors that hunted dianosaurs for dinner should be acussed of "animal abuse" but T-Rex eating peasants around ain't a problem? Fu*k your points when you put laws from our world in another world and time.
Vult Libertas
Vult Libertas 6 天 前
Only people who have never met Kangaroos would want one as a pet, they are large, aggressive and stupid creatures. Cross that one out along with the porcupine eating competition.
Mushu the Dragon
Luckly im a flyless dragon
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