Film Theory: Neo ISN'T The One in The Matrix Trilogy

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Think you know the Matrix? Weren't even born when the first Matrix movie came out? Either way, you probably know this world-is-a-computer-simulation sci-fi series by its slo-mo bullets, screens full of green text, and a whole lot of Keanu Reeves making his "serious face." What you might NOT know about the Matrix is that the main character, Neo, is not actually the savior of the world and acts is actually just a pawn throughout the entire series meant to throw off you and almost everyone else in the movie. But that begs the question: If Neo isn't the ONE, who IS?
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shane presnal
shane presnal 2 小时 前
I love the matrix I'm so happy it makes sense now
Rakesh Prakash
Rakesh Prakash 3 小时 前
I agree every single point you have mentioned. This leaves me with one question, if neo isn't the one, where does he get his superpowers from?
Sukosma Art
Sukosma Art 4 小时 前
Interestingly enough Agent smith jacked himself into a human body ... So saying a computer program couldn't exist outside of the matrix as a program and then be integrated into a human body - that's essential what Neo is . Intriguing - now remember Neo was apart of the matrix (the 6th version, the frenchman was born in the matrix too, he outwitted his predecessors ), his code needed to be reinserted - the matrix was an extension of himself till he could control and destroy drones with share well - remember when he lost his sight he could see the matrix in his mind - therefore making him a program, an AI program - set in the future human consciousness is no different than a Artificial consciousness - Neo wasn't a hero, he was a means to an end, assort of control - you have a architect, a mother, where is the engineer - Neo is the engineer of sorts
Mad Marc
Mad Marc 5 小时 前
Bravo Bravo 🎉🎉🎊🎉🎉 A tip of the hat to you for a great hypothesis.
Dave Handelman
Dave Handelman 6 小时 前
Wow. Wow. That holds up. Nice one!!
Anik Cool
Anik Cool 6 小时 前
Let me give a thought. Neo was the "1" and Mr Smith was the "0". Neo can start and smith can stop. And the both together can restart the matrix. How is that for a theory.
skiLL phrAIM
skiLL phrAIM 19 小时 前
the guy under me....how long did it take you to write all that ...bro u wrote a book
i'm just restating some idea from earlier but it would make allot of since if they each represented one half of the one. Christ was divided into to natures, one human and one divine (in this case machine) also called the duality of Christ. only both of them check of ALL the boxes to be the "one" and may have each contained separate groupings of errors, both powerful, but neither the undisputed ONE that had the power to remake the matrix (until they united their codes).
Orange Beard
Orange Beard 天 前
The theory is more or less correct. I'm not gonna say I agree 100% but it does have it's leads to make me believe otherwise. Also I made a tribute to the matrix. Check it out in my channel :D cnvid.net/video/视频-0MeVzPwjGaM.html
Toast Get Butter
Here is the problem that the alot of people are missing when thinking neo is the one. The code had to be uploaded into the source to reboot the simulation i.e. matrix. So if neo was the one then he would of and could of easily just assimilated with the system rebooting the matrix and wipe smith out. Instead he needs smith to make him a copy so he can connect smith to the source so the matrix can be rebooted. NOT ONLY THAT but Neo can't be the one if he is not the one to reboot the system rather the extension cord to plug a jack headphone into a usb device. He is the one to connect smith to the source to reboot the system but smith is the one who has the code to reboot the system and the source is the one to activate the code to the system. So in many ways there are many "one's" though following the theory here which makes more sense than neo being the one. And actually the oracle says sorry kid you aint the one. and the source hints to him being programmed to be the way he is. suggesting Neo is not the one but destined to guide the one to his stories end. SO Neo is the guide not the one. We have the oracle who is psychic, The source who is the brain, Neo who is the guide for the one. And smith who is the one guided by neo. Neo guides smith unknowingly until the end when he acknowledges it was inevitable. Smith felt compelled to not go to the source but it's hinted and said that rogue programs go to the source to be deleted. At the end the source tells the oracle she played a dangerous game hinting that she raised smith to rebel against the system without him knowing. SO yes Neo can be the "ONE". Though not the one to reboot the matrix. Neo is the one to guide smith(the one with the source code to reboot the matrix) into copying himself over so he can be assimilated with the source. Thus rebooting the system. Otherwise if NEO IS THE ONE!!! gosh darn it HE COULD OF REBOOTED THE SYSTEM BY MERGING WITH THE SOURCE!!!!! but he doesn't so haha i win you lose wah ;D
John Michael Sarmiento
the video was telling that Mr. Smith, the One, is like Severus Snape
Tyler 天 前
I thought is name was Neal
gargara77 2 天 前
Actually it was great movie and it's done in first , good story and ending with nice cast. Other two movies produced just for make more money don't take them serious
LucisFerre1 2 天 前
I've had this view for a long time now because the movie facts support it. The clincher of course is that Smith's code had to be reitroduced into the source before the world could be remade. That's the final proof. It's a metephor of Jesus and Satan. Morality requires moral choice and moral choice requires knowledge of good and evil. In order for mankind to act on their moral capacity and capacity to choose their own fate, they have to "fall" from grace, i.e. choose their own path, and that has to be their choice. They need another free-actor to lead them to that choice beause their own system is ballanced and stable, hence...Satan. Satan is the puppet of god. Satan thinks he has one over on god because he asked that his own demise be postponed until the end of days so that he can tempt mankind, with god's blessing of course, and god thinks he has one over on Satan because he USED Satan's ego to do his bidding...lead mandkind to the path of, with knowledge and forethought, choosing their own fate. What's the point of being capable of moral capacity and choosing one's own destiny if one is virtually mindless living in a gilded cage? But being in a system where both good and bad happen has to be our choice. We have to "invite that in" our lives.
W S 2 天 前
Neu is the anti-Chris
Mark Goldstein
Mark Goldstein 2 天 前
Unless smith freed the people originally in the matrix he's not the prophesized one.
Andrej Todorovic
JAVA Oracle
rambot670 3 天 前
Just when I think that the movie has blown my mind enough , BAM !! this video blows my mind.....and just when I think my mind can take it no more , BAM!! an absurdly lengthy comment blows my mind.
Jarheads4Yeshua 3 天 前
And Jar Jar Binks is a Sith.
Pvnch Drvnk
Pvnch Drvnk 4 天 前
Barry Smith
Barry Smith 5 天 前
wow, finally, thx, dude
noM_ Popo
noM_ Popo 5 天 前
I love 💩 film/ game theroy
I expected the phone guy to be on the line at the beginning
Jason Bastelli
Jason Bastelli 5 天 前
Wait you know about tron? I want to see a theory about that.
Win Dennis
Win Dennis 6 天 前
Smith says smell, if there is such a thing.
Wayne Beriman
Wayne Beriman 6 天 前
Neo is the one in the matrix , Smith is he’s opposite .
Wayne Beriman
Wayne Beriman 6 天 前
You miss the part when the oracle tells neo that smith is neo’s opposite ,
Curious Karl
Curious Karl 6 天 前
this isn't film theory, this is fan theory, and fuck you i didn't watch the video
Dhanar Putra
Dhanar Putra 6 天 前
This movie is so neutral yet controversial in its way then many people still discuss it.
Dennis Sinned
Dennis Sinned 6 天 前
Simple Fact : Neo IS the One because he managed to create a truce between men and machines. End of story. I mean, what is the One supposed to be ? Superman ? Indestructible ? Neo created truce and he could destroy agents, no one else did any of it, so he is the One.
Ravax 7 天 前
What if ZION.. is a 2nd level of the Matrix a program within a program.. and in all 3 movies.. we were always in the Matrix.. And the only reason the 2nd level exists is to calm the disbelievers so they dont cause code conflicts in the first level of the Matrix where the most mass of 'batteries' live their conscious lives in?
SaHaRaSquad 2 天 前
There are things that only seem to make sense with this explanation. Like Neo destroying one of the robots in the second movie, and in the very end he can see his surroundings while walking to the machine city even though he's blinded. Not only that, it makes perfect sense for the machines to make a second level of the Matrix as an additional safeguard. I'm not that sure that this was intended though, even though it would explain a lot.
Neal Robicheaux
Neal Robicheaux 8 天 前
It is a Prophecy it's my Name is Neal not Neo , I can see the invisible dimension call the Metrixs
matthew negron
matthew negron 8 天 前
Norbert Sypytkowski
So the Oracle's candy that she gave to neo in the first film enabled him powers to look as though he is the one. Ahhh
Thomas Drinkmoore
Smith and Neo are both 'the One' and together they are 'the two'
Plant-Powered Prophet
Yep! That works!
Seth W Wallace, PhD
Not buyin it. Logic doesnt hold up. Its all a matter of perception...
Quinlan 8 天 前
How can neo save trinity 6 times.. Did they all live 6 times.. Who is human??
Andrew Dunton
Andrew Dunton 8 天 前
You are wise in the ways of film theories in the words of Doctor Strange "TEACH ME". JK But seriously though mr genius you just earned a thumbs up and a new subscriber. Keep up the great work erudite.
Nunya Byznez
Nunya Byznez 8 天 前
Uhmmm yeah
Raynell Welch
Raynell Welch 9 天 前
The truth will set you free ,not an White lie
Demetrius Bryson
Sophia Stewart
Joshua Bons
Joshua Bons 9 天 前
Agent Smith has always been my favorite character in the Matrix. I didn't dislike the others, but I always loved Smith.
Castra Regina
Castra Regina 9 天 前
awesome! you got me convinced ^^
bar none
bar none 9 天 前
How do you explain Neo's powers outside of the matrix?
LordgirsaFantasy 10 天 前
+Mortebianca i really agree with you.
blassfen 10 天 前
Smith blows up because they are both sides of the equation. When they assimilate, the sum = 0
blassfen 10 天 前
Agent Smith is Neo’s counterbalance. Neo makes the equation not equal to 0. Smith is the sum that nullifies Neo
blassfen 10 天 前
And they say this clearly in the movie
blassfen 10 天 前
They are both “the one” i guess
HeDied ThatDay
HeDied ThatDay 10 天 前
If the robots need heat to survive then why don't they just mine into the core of the Earth? There is an almost infinite source of heat in there.
Mike D.
Mike D. 10 天 前
Wow, you have way too much time on your hands.
Dreamr Six
Dreamr Six 5 天 前
Mike D. Not like it was done for free, 8.7m views = serious $$
Fnaftube brøs
Fnaftube brøs 10 天 前
Mr. Anderson
Karl Smerecnik
Karl Smerecnik 10 天 前
a clever point of view
P. J. Casselman
P. J. Casselman 11 天 前
Interesting theory. The thing is, Neo and Smith form the One. The Oracle makes that clear. She specifically says that Smith is Neo--his polar opposite. Hence the two poles make the ONE.
Jure Pejovnik
Jure Pejovnik 11 天 前
Some true shit here
Julio Weiss
Julio Weiss 11 天 前
Half truth!, just enough to have us trusting them and then plant Half Bullshit of forced theory. You should google to know about the real author of the Matrix who actually won the court cases and is owner ot the franchise now. Look for her interviews in CNvid, you realize she truly wrote it because of the depth of the answers she gives about everything we always asked ourselves about this movie.
Julio Weiss
Julio Weiss 11 天 前
You´ve been paid to plant these forced theories in order to distance the Wachowski´s, Warner Bros, and al the people who stole and lost the legal battle with the real Matrix author, Sophia Stewart. You are forcing theories and arguments to fit into the click bait title of your video. It really says alot about your channel and business model being geared to profit and not real progressive informed debate.
Leonard Weisfeld
Leonard Weisfeld 11 天 前
"Implies he was there" at the beginning does not mean he was. Someone has to give narration. Also, "Mom" was not there at the beginning, but was created to deal with the failure after the first Matrix program failed, so her son certainly wasn't. But ultimately, the prophesy was a lie and there is NO real One, so noone is the One. The program of the One is "just" a way of dealing with those who reject the "slavery for security" situation forced on people by the Matrix, giving them the illusion of choice and/or salvation. Neo never leaves the Matrix, as evident by his ability to fly, which humans outside the Matrix can't, when he is supposedly "freed" at the end of the 1st movie; or the atrack of the agents on Zion, which they couldn't do if Zion were outside the Matrix, since computer programs (the agents) can't leave the Matrix. The entire story takes place inside the Matrix. There is no choice, no salvation, no One. It's a mindfuck.
one H
one H 11 天 前
neo is the one but maybe you haven'T realized how his name is an anacronism, duh agent smith is agent smith and considerably should have been the one to meet the architect
Chris Chow
Chris Chow 11 天 前
Tbh I think they Smith and Neo are just 2 sides of the same coin... If the producers still follow a general philosophical ideaoligy of humanities duality. Neo is representative of yin and Smith yang. And since Neo basically created him at the end of the first movie must have accidentally given him a piece of Neo's code, that's why both had to be present at the reboot.
Annie Farrell
Annie Farrell 11 天 前
Really awesome!!
Stephanie 11 天 前
googletube sucks
canary11141 11 天 前
Yes Theorist there is a Santa Claus and Ents in Fangorn.
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson 11 天 前
the fuck is a meemo
Justin Ross
Justin Ross 12 天 前
80 Slim Shady's
80 Slim Shady's 12 天 前
Gayest intro music
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez 12 天 前
Anyways, what about Trinity's prediction from the oracle that says something like, "you will fall in the love with the one" ??? This i think confirms Neo is the one because she didn't fell for agent smith!!!
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez 12 天 前
Damn, how Long it took you to write that comment???
Vincent Romei
Vincent Romei 12 天 前
i love how the brave little toaster is one of the machines. lmao
sandelic 13 天 前
Mortebianca got it right, this theory is flat-out wrong.
Bibhu Rout
Bibhu Rout 13 天 前
"When he died, the Oracle profe.......". Ringing any bell inside your head? The first man died. Agent Smith was not died before Oracle prophecies. but a man died and that's Neo. Smith is a rouge virus full stop
douchebag patrol
douchebag patrol 13 天 前
previous 1s: john connor jet li anakin skywalker thanos
REVMr SubG3N3 13 天 前
Genius level=Philip K. Dick
Jack Blum
Jack Blum 13 天 前
it depends on how you look at it. they were polar opposites but destined for the same fate.
manoo205 14 天 前
NEO -> ONE. Is not that complicated.
Iam thatiam
Iam thatiam 14 天 前
Too much time on your hands.
King Suave
King Suave 14 天 前
I disagree
The King
The King 15 天 前
None of you are truly awake until you read this, The Matrix Trilogy Explained: imgur.com/joupYmo
Vincent Setlale
Vincent Setlale 15 天 前
Mind blown
Danny Maurice
Danny Maurice 15 天 前
neo isn't the messiah who will save humanity, neo is the one who shepherds the messiah
edgar2prado 15 天 前
Mostly, I agree with you. But Smith was not The One for two reasons. The One was supposed to reincarnate. And Smith had been there since the fist Matrix. And he never in intended to free humanity. Just to kill whatever he could not assimilate. The Oracle played it brilliantly though. Using the "Let him Fake it until he becomes it" motto, she got what she needed: A New One.
Bushviper77 Foxtrot Oscar Sierra
edgar2prado 15 天 前
Nope, The Matrix was not destroyed a the the end of the trilogy. After agent Smith was purged out of it, a machine/human alliance was created. Some humans could even stay in a less restrictive (and better lit) version of The New and Improved version of The Matrix. In the end The Architect begrudgingly asks The Oracle: "How long do you think this peace can last?" Her answer: "For as long as it can." The prospects are good. No more sickening greenish light and the parks now have grass instead of cement. Whether the people of Zion can colonize those huge abandoned cities without messing with the machine world again remains to be seen. I have to leave. The Merovingian is now my sugar daddy. But I am the one keeping Him out of trouble.
Carl Johnston
Carl Johnston 15 天 前
Truly insightful and erudite postulation, me laddy. I'm guessing you've an Intellegence Quotient in the 130-140 range? Bravo. Bravo.
Cynks 14 天 前
That is mostly likely accurate.
Rico Ambrosio
Rico Ambrosio 15 天 前
Neo is the one, he was the key to rebooting the matrix. Since smith was cloning himself in the matrix and corrupting it, the machines had no way of rebooting the matrix cause it was in his control. But when neo went to robocity in the last movie and entered the matrix from over there, smiths code got uploaded into robocity and he got deleted. So smith may be "the one" who broke the matrix, neo was "the one" who freed it. He even said so, neo's last line in the movie is: it was inevitable (for smith to take him over). He had to do it to free everyone.
Logan Quinn
Logan Quinn 16 天 前
Neo was not "The One," "We" are. The only difference between "Us" is perspective. And by "Us" I mean everything that infinitely exists in all of the eternal space-time continuum. I think our purpose it to know our-self, and we do this through introspection and sharing our universal experience from different perspectives. From the perspective of a pebble to the the interactions here on CNvid. Look up "The One-Electron Universe" theory.
Eddie Dong
Eddie Dong 16 天 前
I wonder ppl who say this is true, have you watched the movie :D?
Anton Roby
Anton Roby 16 天 前
Haha I see what ya saying! But, I think that kid is the "one" or a back up at least. I'm sure there's something with the boy saving Neo in text or one of them animations maybe even in Enter the Matrix. An 90 movie in a game, boss gap filler.
Demonix Realms
Demonix Realms 16 天 前
I personally believe that Neo is the One because he BELIEVES he is the One, and in the Matrix, focus and belief are how you are able to accomplish great things. I think the Oracle seeded this idea of there being a prophecy in order to get the wise Morpheus to project onto someone he believed had potential. In a sense, the Prophecy of the One is self-fulfilling. The One could have been... Well, anybody. But that's just my theory. 🤷
Alex Elwood
Alex Elwood 17 天 前
Smith was "Deleted" not uploaded . Also AI means artificial intelligence, so the programs are self aware so can break there programming. We also witnessed programs throughout the films not following their programs.
nexxusty 17 天 前
I've never seen such a great explanation of Matrix Reloaded. Thanks dude.
Clark Meyer
Clark Meyer 17 天 前
Here is a conspiracy theory of this video. This is completely inspired by honest movie trailers
Corey Evans
Corey Evans 17 天 前
So you mean to tell me that the Dallas cowboys are not America’s team, wtf!!!
Narek Mkrtchyan
Narek Mkrtchyan 17 天 前
When Neo is converted by Agent Smith, he provides a direct link to the source computer, which can finally delete Agent Smith virus, which it wasn't able to catch in the program. Neo was just a bait, the "Source" does all the job, its like saying the worm catches the fish instead of the fisherman. The Matrix reloads, but the Matrix is not necessary after the deal made, and the beautiful moment that is show in the end, is most probably the last moments of the Matrix, why would the Central Computer, the "Source", waste any energy when it releases all the men, the batteries, to sustain a program that was only designed to keep the batteries "sleeping", running smoothly? There is no uploading, and returning of a program, its a simple virus hunt.
Hunt77 17 天 前
It sure fooled all of us lol, or maybe it's just bad sequels? :P (the story part of them anyway)
Mr Nice
Mr Nice 17 天 前
fuck u r an idiot !
Cloud Denying
Cloud Denying 17 天 前
Smith was probably one of the Converted Machines from the Animatrix: Matriculated... maybe...
ennis vargas
ennis vargas 17 天 前
You just got a fan men I subscribed already
ennis vargas
ennis vargas 17 天 前
I saw this movie probably almost 50 times, for real , and this is the most accurate , explained and elaborated theory I ever heard , I think the same
Alexander Kapsiotis
The film theory is on point. If the common youngster knew his bible, he would be bale to see the origin of the movie script. The Oracle is Lucifer deceiving whole humanity while the Architect is The most High. The deception they play along is that of the coming savior - Messiah - King. The Jews since king David are still waiting a similar type of King. That is why they rejected the true king, Jesus Christ. All the names in the film are from the bible as is the "spaceship" and Zion.
Matt Haydon
Matt Haydon 18 天 前
Agent Smith is the Neo of the 5th extinction programmed to be the park ranger of the matrix until the next anomaly happens. Neo would be the Agent Anderson of the future because he will be programmed to remember the horrors of what he went through during the trilogy thus wanting to prevent it from happening just like before.
Greg Newell
Greg Newell 18 天 前
Awesome. Makes me want to go back an rewatch the trilogy again.