Film Theory: Neo ISN'T The One in The Matrix Trilogy

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Think you know the Matrix? Weren't even born when the first Matrix movie came out? Either way, you probably know this world-is-a-computer-simulation sci-fi series by its slo-mo bullets, screens full of green text, and a whole lot of Keanu Reeves making his "serious face." What you might NOT know about the Matrix is that the main character, Neo, is not actually the savior of the world and acts is actually just a pawn throughout the entire series meant to throw off you and almost everyone else in the movie. But that begs the question: If Neo isn't the ONE, who IS?
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评论 24 198
Krysten Chambers
Krysten Chambers 4 小时 前
And they STOLE the storyline completely
Turquoise Snowflake
Turquoise Snowflake 8 小时 前
The Neanderthal
The Neanderthal 20 小时 前
This is Just a Fantasy, People. We Oust Be Thankful This isn't Our Reality.
Fantastic breakdown! Thank you!
Abbas 天 前
This program is based on human pschy to find out the feasible solution to contain this evil bastard.
Abbas 天 前
There is no god. Have fun with that.
Joshua Eppinga
Well, there was supposed to be another movie...
king card
king card 2 天 前
It is already said that neo is not the chosen one in tge film
chase noneya
chase noneya 2 天 前
Sounds good I'm sold
Kenny Lauderdale
Good video... But I'm sticking with neo
Anton Boludo
Anton Boludo 2 天 前
👹 Might Satan be lurking at your Chamber Door? 👹
John Siu
John Siu 2 天 前
Hmm, this make so much sense!
Todd Wolfe
Todd Wolfe 2 天 前
Hold up, HOLD UP. 12 years later. 12 years after the movie was released, some bonehead decided to come along and say that the fictional "One" isn't the One at all. People are going to watch this, study and critique this theory. My goodness, what has become of the ambitious in America?
Vladimir Gershkovich
the Comment of Mortebianca is Masterpiece! Thank you for this Comment!
Abbas 2 天 前
It does not end here.
tom althouse
tom althouse 2 天 前
cnvid.net/video/视频-PTW6VqTo7I8.html&feature=share Original author did have character used for Smith bringing the change to balance the equation, and not the Neo character. And it had nothing to do with battery power. All about the stimulation of the architect's mind through human conflict needing the agents for, then replaced by the stimulation of the pure power of the free humanity's worship, which the untainted humanity in Zion was needed for, to be brought out by an oracle at the right time. The Wacs did not understand any of this in their ripped off version of the original author's work. The original author's work was to save their careers after being pitched to Bonaventura in New York in '93. Check out the link.
William Groves
William Groves 3 天 前
That was actually awesome. Great theory to you
DontTestMe Boi
DontTestMe Boi 3 天 前
This theory makes the most sense
Dr. deng gerous
Dr. deng gerous 3 天 前
Nahh...You just took the blue pill!
Thomas Olson
Thomas Olson 3 天 前
What's wrong with you? You glorify Che Guevara. That wasn't a real rebellion. If the media didn't lie for their communist buddies, Fidel Castro would not have seized power. None of the war stories that were told actually happened. Fidel Castro bribed one of the generals to tell those lies. Che Guevara was an ivy league spoiled brat. He also molested little boys then murdered them. Che Guevara never stood up like a man against another man to fight to the death. All the people he killed were already tied up and gagged. Especially the little boys he murdered to silence about his pedophilia. Btw, I want to hunt you down. I would cut your ankles vertically and tie a rope around them and drag you around in my car until you die if I ever saw you. I would drive right up to the police station with your dead corpse in tow and tell them what I did.
Pigaroo 0000
Pigaroo 0000 3 天 前
And that he was missing something. He found that something and it made him happy he one
Pigaroo 0000
Pigaroo 0000 3 天 前
Actually..... think about it. Neo can fly... you never covered that. Second of all, the oracle actually said that he is not the one.
Joaquin Pineda
Joaquin Pineda 3 天 前
Armored Core III soundtrack ^.^
Tnecseroulf Yerg
stop saying "prophesized" instead of "prophesied"
Izan Reality
Izan Reality 4 天 前
Agent Smith only existed to stop anomalies. When Neo dies, Smith becomes an irrelevant program and is deleted.
Sports Highlight Central
mR. AnDersoN
2288danielpark 4 天 前
Props on trying to develop this theory but it doesn't even get past the first film. Here are my quick three points relating to the prophecy: 1. The ONE IS BORN IN THE MATRIX. YOU COMPLETELY LEFT OUT WHAT THE ORACLE TOLD MORPHEUS AND TRINITY. WHY?! Trinity was told she would fall in love with the ONE. Last time I checked, she wasn't kissing and making love to Agent Smith. It's also because of this prediction, that Neo does end up fulfilling the first part of this prophecy: A human BORN in the matrix. When Agent Smith practically empties an entire clip into Neo at the end of the first film, definitely killing him, Neo comes back to life to fulfill Trinity's prediction. Hence, he also upsets the entire computer mainframe as witnessed by Tank and Morpheus, fulfilling Morpheus' prediction that he would find THE ONE. There are no more doubts or questions by anyone after Neo comes back to life. Hence, NEO IN THAT MOMENT IS NO LONGER born outside of the matrix, but within. Literally. He becomes the anomaly after being reborn: he is now fully a part of the matrix, but unplugged as well. He can now see the matrix from WITHIN THE SYSTEM. Lines of computer code. He is simply the only ONE. 2. THE ONE WILL CHANGE THE MATRIX. Morpheus makes the point, during Neo's training, that there are certain RULES that govern the Matrix. One constant is that anyone who has ever fought against an agent has died. EVERYONE. Neo within only a short matter of time does the following: -He saves Morpheus from THREE AGENTS, (despite the fact that he had a helicopter machine gun) -He beats Agent Smith in a one on one fight at the train station. -He literally JUMPS INTO AGENT SMITH and blows him up from within. So Neo is literally changing this main rule of not being able to defeat an agent within the Matrix. And what happens when you change a rule within a system? You change the system. Hence, after coming back to life, blowing up Smith, Neo goes on breaking more rules: stopping bullets with the wave of his hand, flying at warp speed, fighting several agents at once, rejuvenating Trinity's heart, etc. He is changing the Matrix step by step. But the main change and the double edged sword: Neo has also 'freed' Smith from the rules as well when he first destroys him. So to recap: if an agent was technically invincible before, but has now been defeated, then anything was now possible. Hence, Smith SPREADS LIKE A VIRUS, replicating himself endlessly, trying to become even more invincible than before, changing the very fabric of the Matrix itself, like you stated. Neo was the ONE who caused this to all happen by destroying Smith. He changed the Matrix from that starting point. Which brings it to the final point: 3. THE ONE WILL DESTROY THE MATRIX. By the third film, Smith has now completely taken over the Matrix. No rules govern him. He is everywhere, controls everything. BUT the MATRIX is still INTACT. Even with all of his dominance and power, Smith simply turned the Matrix into a dark dystopian world, He alone could never destroy it. But the moment Smith finally lets Neo become replicated as himself, allowing Neo's code to suddenly appear everywhere, and become in control of everything, almost IMMEDIATELY the Matrix reboots. What happens when a widespread virus changes to the coding of an anomaly within a computer system? The prime program has to reboot. It's simply too overwhelmed. Neo ALONE defeats all the Agents and hence the Matrix itself.
totiman 2 天 前
Interesting points and agree except with the first. If we were to take mat's theory, it would imply that all of the oracles prophecies would be twisted lies hence trinity doesn't fall in love with the ONE, just some guy. but i don't believe that theory, urs seems more likely
Shubham Mishra
Shubham Mishra 4 天 前
Longest comment I have ever seen is on this comment section
Juan Hernandeztorres
I know this is old, but it is known that a program can be downloaded into a human body so in essence Neo could have been born WITHIN THE MATRIX and gone into a newborn and overrode its fluctlight(soul file).
Luke Buyak
Luke Buyak 5 天 前
Yea... poor theory. The story which you use to bring it down was simply a mythical legend to make humans think he WOULD destroy it and free all humans but that’s not the true function of the One... many programs go rogue... that’s what the Merovingian is.
Sidney Fein
Sidney Fein 5 天 前
WANs don't care about location.
Josh Fayemi
Josh Fayemi 5 天 前
This entire video is proof that when you want to believe something, you'll see everything through the exact lease that aligns with your theory ;)
Self-Rewarding Qbits Under Human Control
The "One" was an anomaly built in by the Architect because even though digitized the maker of the Matrix was once a human and put a final STOP system in its own system. Of course a movie needs a lot of Hollywood fights, special effects etc. to gain attention to a larger public and yes: the movie started to make a lot of people think about their very own true nature. Did you know that "The Thirteenth Floor" was also nominated but the Matrix probably "won" due to its 50 / 60 million dollar budget?
Joran Moore
Joran Moore 6 天 前
Hey MatPat! What about a Theory on John Carpenter's The Thing??? Who is The Thing at the end of the movie?!
Jeffrey Balaschak
Yeah your an overthinker
Raghu Kiran
Raghu Kiran 6 天 前
That's rather a very long comment...👍👍👍
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 7 天 前
Who else got 🤯by the neo one anagram? Seriously Matrick Patthew I had never thought of that.
Meh 7 天 前
This post blew my mind on a spiritual level I watched it high and it changed my world
No One
No One 7 天 前
Funny fact. Oracle never and nowhere ever said Neo is the one, just to support your claim further.
pearlmax 7 天 前
No, Jet Li is The One.
Joe Does Stuff
Joe Does Stuff 7 天 前
Uh... what about Trinity being told that the man she would fall in love with would be The One?
Ludwig van Beethoven
haw haw so stupid to analyze a pre-9/11 post-apocalypse movie
J Me
J Me 7 天 前
bUT the prophecy clearly says "when the first matrix was built there was a man born inside that had the ability to change what he wanted"...a man ...human being ...Agent smith is not a man with a phisicall human body ....he is an AI software
Lucas Nazario
Lucas Nazario 7 天 前
Hi my friends, for avoid all discussions, i just want talk the truth... really... NEO is the actor Keanu Reeves
Anubhav Das
Anubhav Das 7 天 前
It's been so long since the movie got released and still people argue abt the one.. to b true after watch so many videos may b it luks Smith and Neo are the Virus and the glitch, robots are the system and Humans are the character in the program
Abbas 8 天 前
"NO its not fair" actually was the true case. Smith wordings at the end of the matric revolutions. Oracle eyes was the deal. but Zion did not fulfill the agreement. Smith was actually referring to the deal which Zion made it with Merovingian. That brings us to the conclusion deal is made between us and him, but we are punishing him for our sins. Sins that we are committing and we are holding him responsible. This life is a curse given to us for our sins. Once again he will start again balancing the system. Balancing our sins that we have already committed and those we are going to commit. At the end we will hold him responsible for our sins and failure and get another life. But watch out from that sun mom(oracle). That sun is haunted. Do u think its that easy there is a god and Satan and we are his beloved creature. That is not the case. Its a very mean story full of shit and dirt.
Black Mafia
Black Mafia 8 天 前
WHAT kind of crap is this
auspicious audacious
Now that makes sense of the stupid series. I gave my dvds to goodwill 👎🏼
Abbas 8 天 前
What was the deal between architect and neo?. What choice he made?.
Viral Architect
Viral Architect 9 天 前
It's been a long time since my mind has been blown but wow. This is a great analysis.
Luis Cong
Luis Cong 9 天 前
there's one inconsistency, supposing that your right: none of this would have been possible without neo.
Walid Abdullahi
Walid Abdullahi 9 天 前
Gaddamn you Oracle (In Trinity's voice)
Silent Awareness
Anima tronia
Anima tronia 10 天 前
Very compelling arguement, always loved the Matrix and never thought of this! If you look at it that way, all those confusing things that were said make sense!
FIFTY6IX 10 天 前
Burger king burger foot...
JT 11 天 前
prophesized vs prophesied & lol
Bogdan Toma
Bogdan Toma 11 天 前
The original #metoo hypster before it was cool
Nickname 11 天 前
Abbas karimi
Abbas karimi 11 天 前
Holy shit Batman 😮😮😮
Abbas 11 天 前
I will be back.
Jarvis 11 天 前
My source told me the matrix was stolen from It's creator. I direct you to find Sophia Stewart. You can always google it and be told it's a false claim or interview her yourself.
Raul Fernandez
Raul Fernandez 12 天 前
Superior insight, fellow gnostic. All hail LVXifer, mankind's true saviour.
Shawn Babaay
Shawn Babaay 12 天 前
Hail Smith.
Xtof 12 天 前
well how about this theory, the matrix made them think they got out but theyre still there without even knowing, in which i found out at the last movie, this is how it goes. No one has truly gotten out in the matrix, i actually have some proof from the last movie 1. How did agent Smith even get out? this is the strongest evidence of my theory, smith is just some program used to protect matrix, he had no human form. And yet, here we are at the last part of the trilogy, Neo fighting smith on some ship where smith gets (physically) "killed". 2. Neo's digital vision it's a little bit connected to the agent smith getting out evidence because this happened on the part where they fought on a ship, if you hadn't seen this part yet, well, long story short, Neo tries to kill agent Smith, get's a bit blind but can see in black and yellow (*black and yellow plays*) or something which is impossible for any human, even if you are a digital chosen one.
Roger Mills
Roger Mills 13 天 前
Am I high or did I just get mind fucked
Tucker Tooley
Tucker Tooley 13 天 前
It constantly questioned it in the movie and he didn’t even get everyone out
Leo Colless
Leo Colless 13 天 前
That was good.
jpthsd 13 天 前
NO you are wrong, Tom Anderson was the ONE...He started using his mind to change, control matters!! It means Matrix is just a computer (matter) so it is controllable even Smith! :)
LongBoarder Anonymous
Neo is the decoy. Same thing happened in the Blade Runner sequel.
spie killer
spie killer 15 天 前
First time I regret pressing "read more"
Ultra Instinct Vegeta
moody just
moody just 4 天 前
i saw your comment i was like what could happen and then i pressed and reloaded the page as soon as i saw the scrolling bar
Demetrius Martin
Demetrius Martin 15 天 前
The matrix should have been the only movie making it a saga is what made it so stupid
arjay polines
arjay polines 15 天 前
Blows my mine more
Colin Regan
Colin Regan 16 天 前
Agent Smith also changed the doors to bricks. Remember the black cat in the first movie.
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith 16 天 前
Neo and agent smith are just two sides of the same coin
edryle atanacio
edryle atanacio 16 天 前
"When the Matrix was first built, there was a man born inside who had the ability to change whatever he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit. It was he who FREED THE FIRST OF US, taught us the truth "- Morpheus Now Morpheus believes that they were living in the "first matrix".Not quite so. They are the sixth. "The function of the One is now to return to the source, allowing a temporary dissemination of the code you carry, reinserting the prime program. After which, you will be required to select from the matrix 23 INDIVIDUALS, 16 FEMALE, 7 MALE, to rebuild Zion." - Architect. Morpheus is one of the 7 males chosen by the the fifth ONE. Morpheus is referring the fifth One and NEO is the last of the cycle as prophesied by the Oracle.
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 16 天 前
Now that you explain it sounds like a Bible movie really
Arnold Schwartz
Arnold Schwartz 17 天 前
i am the one yes i am the one i dont need a gun to get respet
Imgonnafuckyou withacactus
Looks like we know how toby fox made undertake alive. And integer anomaly imprint. Lel.
Roujimoki Anime
Roujimoki Anime 17 天 前
Damn bruh chill with that bible ass comment , its too long to read son
Zac Dragon
Zac Dragon 18 天 前
so basically this is how it went. *humans create machines *humans see machines as disposables *machines revolt and create their own world *machines ruled over programs *and* humans *machines saw programs as disposables *programs revolt and humans destroyed them *humans and machines make peace Whats next???
Jawa Industries
Jawa Industries 18 天 前
I am da one da one!!
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 18 天 前
I watch the ad
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 18 天 前
He is the one
Jackie Rose
Jackie Rose 19 天 前
Ying yang
The Man in the Motorcycle Mask
The oracle told trinity that she would fall in love with someone and that someone would be the one. She fell in love with Neo. NEO is the one.
hell bird
hell bird 19 天 前
if he was not the one how can he fly do impossible things kill smith..and prophecy about trinity whome she love will be the one..i never seen her kissing agent :)
Sadettin ARSLAN
Sadettin ARSLAN 20 天 前
agent smith in the matrix is gollum in the lord of the rings. he is malevolent and destructive. but his misdeeds ended up being revealed a good thing for the greater good. without him being corrupted neo would never ever bargain with machines on his own terms. former the ones had no choice other than submitting to the architect. we cant know for sure but maybe thomas anderson knew that he could defeat agent smith but machines cant. he planned the peace deal in his head long time ago before seeing the hive mind of machines. he definitely would be in the place of 5 former the ones if not for agent smith's rebellion. agent smith's condition tipped the scales in this 6th iteration of matrix.
WP Daigle
WP Daigle 20 天 前
Makes sense.
Mtn Noel
Mtn Noel 20 天 前
You missed the boat by a mile as your thoughts smashed into the water at break neck speed. The Matrix can be seen from many levels. It's parallel with Orwells "1984" is obvious. Everything in our world is manipulated by the deep state or globalist cabal. You see it as some goofy fuvkin anime wow wow. Shitty music followed by idiotic theory... Good job..
Joseph Svennson
Joseph Svennson 20 天 前
I agree Smith is the one. That part where Oracle said "No" to Neo being the one always stood out to me, but since everybody else went along with Neo being the one, I did too. This story sounds like Saturn, Gaia and Ouranous. Saturn = Agent Smith, Gaia= Oracle, Ouranous = The Architect. Remember how Gaia lied about Saturn's existence in order to overthrow Ouranous and let all the demons out?
Paul Stoican
Paul Stoican 21 天 前
Morpheus (Orpheus) = John the Baptist aka 'The Evangelist' Neo (New Adam aka 'Pigera Adammas') = 'Mashiach' / Anthropos Agent Smith = Adam Atar (Evil Adam 'Anti-Christo') Trinity = 'The Holy Spirit' aka 'Ruach ha'Kodesh' (in Women = Mary Magdalene) Cypher = Judas Thaddeus (Judas Iscariot) How bout them apples?
Mohamed Ismail
Mohamed Ismail 22 天 前
But wait... Who done it the first 5 times? 🤔 🤷‍♂️ If it was Smith... Shouldn't it have been the same "one" in the previous versions? And wouldn't he remembered that?
Kurogaea Monari
Kurogaea Monari 22 天 前
Ugh. Basically your just making us appreciate a machine who decided to go against the system, luike we never seen that before *caugh nier automata*. Neo's The One, to make that guy, Reload the Matrix. So he's still the One.
Marshall Ross
Marshall Ross 23 天 前
Good analysis. I agree, Smith is the One, but Neo is essential to Smith's "Oneness". Can't have one without the other. I will say, I'm surprised that they stopped making these Matrix movies. Also, they could have extended the franchise a lot longer. It didn't have to be a kind of ultimate trilogy. There is an implication that the story cycles again after Revolutions. Maybe they can reboot the whole thing.
Marshall Ross
Marshall Ross 23 天 前
Also, I just rewatched these movies after 15 years, or whatever, and the sequels were a bit better than I remember. Still, I feel that the producers tried to amp up what they though was cool about the first movie--the martial arts, the bullet time, the weird prophetic dialogue--but I think they lost some of the better aspects of the first movie, which were character development, and spot on dialogue. The original Matrix movie was really well done; the follow ups were ok.
Jimmy S
Jimmy S 24 天 前
isn't there a word limit on comments here? lol seems unlimited, mortebianca unlimited
Draugr from Sweden
I am agent Smith. You're all surfs in the New World Order.
FollowTheKat 25 天 前
rikwiz1 25 天 前
He was the one program that lead smith into acting in the fashion that he did. Mom knew how to stoke his ire. Fantastic.
Kly 25 天 前
I have a different theory about the Oracle and the Architect's relation to Smith and the Matrix, but hey, yes i do believe Smith is the one, for all the reasons you say. In a later video you point out that Zion is just another layer of the Matrix, and i believe it is too, now the thing is I believe all programs to be brainwashed humans that think they are programs and that Zion is the real world when its not, for some reason these humans either just are, or need to be brainwashed, I'm thinking its because they are the only % of humanity that has the ability to realize that Zion is just another layer, literally the 1% inside the 1%, the ones who would chose the red pill but then reveal to the others taking the red pill that it is just another illusion, thus collapsing the system. So the Oracle and the Architect believe they are programs, but at some point the Oracle realizes she is human and Zion is a lie, at this point the Architect doesn't know, he is still under the illusion that he is the Architect. So the Oracle who is a human brainwashed into thinking that she is a program, is tasked with making the one for the n'th time. She feigns ignorance and lies, in order to give Smith a chance to collapse the system, which has never happened, possibly freeing all humans from even the Zion layer...... The Architect knows that when the one hooks up to the cables in order to fight Smith he will fulfill the requirements to restart the Matrix, but surprise mother fucker, you were wrong, Neo is not the one, this is when he knew, he fucked up, and immediately he realizes the truth about Smith, the Oracle, and Zion. After Smith is done fucked up, everything returns to "normal" except now both the Oracle and the Architect know their realities are a sham. And he tells her "you are conniving a dangerous game", basically she is poking the bear, trying to destabilize the real Matrix in an attempt to eject everyone from all layers, definitely angering the real machines, which is scary even for the Architect. But hey its just a theory. A film theory. don't mind me stealing that thunder
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