Film Theory: Poppy's Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED!

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Today we welcome another member into the hallowed halls of weird CNvid channels that will haunt your dreams - here's POPPY! This innocent, youthful popstar's videos are a bit more than they appear. But what sinister force is actually pulling the strings behind Poppy's messages?
THANKS to Thomas for the amazing editing work on this video!
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wolf the best
wolf the best 小时 前
hollly crap
nope nope
nope nope 2 小时 前
I'm scared
Rosaura Abrego
Rosaura Abrego 3 小时 前
Esther 3 小时 前
Esther 3 小时 前
Salad Fingers... Sally Face... Coincidence? I think not
Mimick cube
Mimick cube 4 小时 前
Mom walks in “MATHEW PATRIK?????!!!! WHAT THE FK AR YOU DOING!!???!????!!?!!? ARE YOU DYING?!?!” You “no”
Underfell frisk dreemurr {shy}
I share my birthday yeah Beyonce and I'm kind of scared that she's in the Illuminati but I'm not so I'm good, her birthday is September 4 same as i
Isamari Diaz
Isamari Diaz 6 小时 前
Yudith Polanco
Yudith Polanco 6 小时 前
Hory shet O_o
love couple gacha
love couple gacha 7 小时 前
Why cant it he called real theory or facts about that or the real or not.
Markiplier the fake
Markiplier the fake 8 小时 前
"Now that, sir, is a choking hazard, Mr. Satan" -Matpat 2017
raquel placeres
raquel placeres 9 小时 前
WTH i am scared
hi pie
hi pie 10 小时 前
"poppy is part of the illuminati" *clickbait detector goes wild*
itsrainingtacos4real Yay!!!!!!!!
she sees you when you're sleeping...
Andrew Bouchard
Andrew Bouchard 11 小时 前
She said her first and last name is poppy? Weird right
Theo Playz 322
Theo Playz 322 12 小时 前
I don’t really think the illuminati actually exists tough
Esquadrão Pipoca
Esquadrão Pipoca 13 小时 前
Anyyone at 2016
the grandad
the grandad 14 小时 前
The ultimate theory... PoPPy Is beLLE DelPHiNE COnfIRmeD
T- Series
T- Series 15 小时 前
Dude you fixing to get a hit on your head by poppy
MaxMilianmus’s Slave
is this a peladohphobian video
Ragnheiður Kolfinna Magnúsdóttir
But... Could this actually be MatPat?
Ben Sepeck
Ben Sepeck 16 小时 前
My music teacher said that poppy went to my school. She said this 2 years ago and said she got through 8th grade 5 years ago. On top of that she was apparently made fun of
gvijaya gunasekharan
gvijaya gunasekharan 21 小时 前
You have missed something I'll say you that you should do a part 2 of that poppy because there is a big story hidden that you should know l will start there is one girl colled Mars argo she was with tytanick singcler but she broke up with him so there is a vidio of her thing up bled then when she ran away he cept poppy
Leon Steinbach
Das stimmt meiner Meinung nach.
Le Raracoon
Le Raracoon 天 前
Some Eggs Or Something
Rose are red, Violet's are blue, I love you MatPat! I'm subscribing to you!
Melissa Snyder
^ / \ / \ :BOOM
Caitlin Matthews
Beleaguered means surrounded by enemy troops for anyone wondering. (Please don't "yell" at me if I'm wrong.)
Extra Lettuce
Hmhmhmmhmhmh I'm from the future soooooo who's watching this in 2020
Kwaku Badu
Kwaku Badu 天 前
She is more scary than will Smith's Aladdin
Luna Tomaselli
Their all there!!!
Luna Tomaselli
I watch poppy’s vids and I see all of the theories in their
Nicholas Lopez
sorry i no speel good
Nicholas Lopez
arnt the illuminoty fictional
Sisco Carlisle edits
This is what she wants you to think. She just wants views.
Harry Potter Fan Club
And I thought MatPat’s “Frozen” series was creepy
panda_ playzzz
panda_ playzzz 2 天 前
*Was i the only one thinking Trolls* Smh
RayRexDex 2 天 前
wtf da intro
Pudding Cup
Pudding Cup 2 天 前
Pudding Cup
Pudding Cup 2 天 前
I feel as though Poppy is trying to escape her life. Maybe she hates being controlled. Maybe they have hurt her.
The Real Pewdiepie
This is why you always watch till the end 18:21
I'm Currently Dying Inside
Tfw you're a young blonde girl watching a dude talk about how negatively sexual your kind is (I mean....I like hentai.)
Lydia Efternamn
Lydia Efternamn 2 天 前
Whats a mat pat?
Isabella Antwi
Isabella Antwi 2 天 前
Aaaand..... I have nightmares again.
Isabella Antwi
Isabella Antwi 2 天 前
Is this really Matt pat or am I just tripping? Help
RadioPusheenCat 3 天 前
War type studios
holy gingledoofle
Rekha Soni
Rekha Soni 3 天 前
I really wanted to sleep tonight
Deh Pigeon
Deh Pigeon 3 天 前
Lol Mr.Satan
Masked Ninja
Masked Ninja 3 天 前
she is 24 years old
SisterBreez 3 天 前
I recommend you watch Inside A Minds theory on poppy
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 3 天 前
Y are special in ur own way It's a complimen
Pidge musicals
Pidge musicals 3 天 前
I joined the notification squad 👌
oof mc oofer
oof mc oofer 3 天 前
In her video I'm poppy she says I'm poppy 666 times
Sophia aka yeetus the feetus
Phil Walls
Phil Walls 4 天 前
Get rral douche bag
Kash Crawford
Kash Crawford 4 天 前
After uploading this video, Matt Pat is reported missing.
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez 4 天 前
Poor girl.....shes in a situation that is very hard to get out of. I pray she finds piece and a way to get out and enjoy her life however she sees fit.
Cake Doow
Cake Doow 4 天 前
In the step 1 video there are lines that are showing on the screen when you look into the centre of were poppy tell you to look.... it was so creapy
Alexthe animation
Hey Notification squad... Love you mat ❤❤❤
Alexthe animation
Hey Notification squad... Love you mat ❤❤❤
Alexthe animation
Hey Notification squad... Love you mat ❤❤❤
Cake Doow
Cake Doow 4 天 前
I'm gonna watch the step 1 and 2 video or just send it to my brother who needs some control in his life
Skyhijinx 4 天 前
This video was...weird. I feel weird now.
Leon Steinbach
Leon Steinbach 4 天 前
Der Anfang war urkomisch!
Carson Ferguson
Carson Ferguson 4 天 前
Poppy? More like ilumapoppy
Micachu Makes Random Vids
I am confused of the intro
1Like=1 video
Amora Colin Edison
But hey it's just a theory... a film theory... But I think it's real this time................
Reese Hale
Reese Hale 4 天 前
I’ve watched practically all of the videos on this channel and this is by far the strangest.
The TasmanianTiger
i dont know if im misunderstanding the message, but i think that the whole poppy being controlled thing IS the message, and that she is trying to spread self awareness.
Lexi Kawaii kitten
Oh.... This is a lot less scary... Poppy is acting....
Dossen Canders
Dossen Canders 4 天 前
Please do another one of theses on poppy because she has so many more creepy videos one is called Get away from me and it is so creepy
EarthVoyage1281 4 天 前
Aye, this guy sounds like The Game Theorists. Weird, right?
Why do people think patty mayo is fake?
Hi I'm poppy,Im Why do people think patty mayo is fake!
Bells editing
Bells editing 4 天 前
plot twist: *mat is the leader of the Illuminati*
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 4 天 前
They've been
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 4 天 前
So strange with this whole poppy thing. Nothing coming out from either the Titanic side the police side nor pictures of the poppy side. Only thing I've Been Told is the F I'm going to use a liquid to powder eyeliner that but I have to bring the liquid and apply it at the last second I hope it lasts, or put it on earlier today and I hope it lasts all day!
Chili Dog
Chili Dog 5 天 前
Something about her freaks me out a little
Calebeast Gaming
I'm sweating and I'm scared😟😨🤤😱
D the Dork
D the Dork 5 天 前
Now we should probably talk about Mars Argo no?
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna 5 天 前
Guys I think he's Mattpatt
MeIz Unhooman
MeIz Unhooman 5 天 前
oh god i have 2 mega satanic monster drinks in my room i always knew me and my friends were in some kind of weird energy drink, pentagon cupcake, pixy stix cult
Jaraii's Sugakookies
me: eats rice ~ sees poppy kiss tide~ runs to the bathroom then pukes
Blade of Destruction
Matpat are you even real? is anyone else thinks it's real? 2019?
Fat Mermaid
Fat Mermaid 5 天 前
Matpat, I love ya buddy and I know this is an old video, but Baphomet isn't a demon. It's not even considered an entity in its own right...it's just a visual representation of the yoni and phallic forces of yin and yang which govern our universe.. meaning a very basic visual representation of the cosmos. People have simply bastardized it like we do everything 👌👌👌. appreciate you, though.
James Evans
James Evans 5 天 前
Aaaaaaand Matpat=Illuminati confirmed
Janeflowerbird and RainBowHoney
After I send these to the meme makers and lovers of this no one will ever find her again
DarkBunni_Gacha 5 天 前
Haha! That looks like the skull on my picture!
Ethan Stewart
Ethan Stewart 5 天 前
Will this video be Poppyular
adi gal
adi gal 5 天 前
she is poppy i am GROOT
J Sanity
J Sanity 5 天 前
Was that... Tap Map?
Daniela Odella
Daniela Odella 5 天 前
My friend watched poopy the brainwash video after than she was found dead
Pattonly Absurd
Pattonly Absurd 5 天 前
That beginning literally killed me
Lexi Kawaii kitten
But is he really matpat?
Nightcore Gacha
Nightcore Gacha 5 天 前
Beyoncé is the member of the illuminati that I’ve heard about the most.
taehyunggayboy 5 天 前
whats the church salvation thing?
miguel Alvarez
miguel Alvarez 6 天 前
Guess what im friend ian is the voice of salad fingers
Ban the fox sin of greed
Some people think poppy is being forced to make her vids
Spellstar da Wolf
Herry Herryansyah
Pick one Doritos:like Illuminati:hate
Locked out of my House
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