[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN

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After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams comforts her as the 20-year old cries amid jeers from the crowd.
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2018年09月 8日

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Lost Under the Sky
Lost Under the Sky 2 小时 前
You know even though Serena acted very unprofessional, I find it amazing how composed she looks during the trophy ceremony like she’s moved on from it. Great athletes in any sports have to easily forget and learn from their mistake and move on. The more they dwell on it, the harder it is to focus and play the game. It was a tough match for Serena, but I’m sure she’ll bounce back from this experience she put herself in
Pratik Chiku
Pratik Chiku 3 小时 前
American crowd... What do you expect ?
Pratik Chiku
Pratik Chiku 3 小时 前
Each drop of Naomi's tears should destroy the audience.
Pratik Chiku
Pratik Chiku 3 小时 前
USA and their people OMG. They are the ones in the centre of the problem.
Pratik Chiku
Pratik Chiku 3 小时 前
After that day I hate Serena and her fans. Some black people really make excuse of their color.
Tartanplanet355 7 小时 前
How did watching a video about Henry Cavill cast as Geralt for the witcher show turn into watching this. But seriously that was shit sportsmanship
IKA 10 小时 前
The first black woman was really praising Serena with disappointment in her tone of voice as to the fact she lost. The whole post-game ceremony was just making Serena feel good about herself. What a fucking joke, Serena was fucking destroyed and only made it worse with her shitty attitude. Can't wait for this waste of space to retire.
TheCommieBoy 11 小时 前
If I were Osaka I would bitch slam that chairwoman with my racket.
Kaptainrdean 16 小时 前
Above all, I hope this championship is what Serena is remembered for. Some of the most disgraceful moments in sport.
Fredrick Zoller
Fredrick Zoller 21 小时 前
fuck the crowd and fuck serena williams!
ravibhnadari5 21 小时 前
I want Naomi Osaka to rip Serne Williams apart in hopefully there Australian open Semi finals....and show whose the boss
crazy_ takechan
crazy_ takechan 21 小时 前
annajeehee 天 前
No more booing - really abd talks about herself We find u a sore loser
annajeehee 天 前
Rooting where it’s due she said practically Get over it - you lost You can never be champion forever -
King Aubameyang
I never realised they booed like that. Women’s sport really is a joke ain’t it. Apologising for winning 😂
Afaf Baker
Afaf Baker 天 前
F Serena
That lady who said Serena is a humble and respected person is a bitch. Like wtf. Naomi would’ve won even if there were no violations. But of course it’s always about Serena right?
Alexandru Celmare
Americans are all a crowd of uneducated people with brain disabilities...fuck aMERICA
RossBayCult 2 天 前
Serena’s had some shameful low points before, but this tops them all. 👏🏼
Know your world
Know your world 2 天 前
Looser Americans. Very soon within 8 years they will loose to chinese in economy.
Jayla Chatman
Jayla Chatman 2 天 前
I felt so bad for Naomi. Serena shouldnt of done that. The crowd needed to cheer not boo. Im an American and this made me feel bad
g4br13l r1b31r0
g4br13l r1b31r0 2 天 前
You practice your whole life-time, abdicating to common things and of your free time, to go to a championship, face a game and after you win it, you need to be sorry for your victory. Besides that, you need to support a stupid crowd yelling like if you don't deserve it. Holy shit
g4br13l r1b31r0
g4br13l r1b31r0 2 天 前
That's what happens when this stupid ideology comes to sports, right now the people need to apologize for winning Wtf
Daniel The Human
Grouping a country as a whole is a very ignorant thing to do. The crowd was full of very bad people but that does not correlate to the united states being a horrible place.
CarlosChip Morales
Serena looks like a man
Gabrielle Burke
Gabrielle Burke 2 天 前
Serena didn't ruin this trophy presentation the crowd did. The first thing Serena said was that Naomi played well, for people not to boo, that it was Naomi's first slam, for everyone to be positive. Yes she touched on being disappointed but so does every single runner up. The crowd turned this around. Naomi was a fantastic player and the crowd tried to take that away from her.
butterfly rw
butterfly rw 2 天 前
Serena was classy ass . she is a class act! so caring, so kind - at least naomi honour serena by saying it was a tough match or she should I think.. but her japanese background is different
Justine Egama
Justine Egama 2 天 前
crowds' soo rude.
M. Asefi 86
M. Asefi 86 2 天 前
Your vagina is huge serena
Kappa Ninja
Kappa Ninja 3 天 前
The crowds here are fucking retarded cunts, it was a fair win, and Serena saying she’s fighting for women’s right, no offence but don’t use your black skin as a defence mechanism for when you’re in the wrong, Naomi didn’t have to say sorry because she put up a hell of a match, this is why sometimes the outside world will hate the fucking US sometimes.
danx20 3 天 前
This was all serena blame, her frustrution and anger for being out play by a better player That night, serena was looking Who to blame for her bad game, turn this into a sexist problem wrongly, and she make sadly That osaka first grand slam was a nightmare, she stold happinnes from That Young player, she make all wrong
c4exclusive 3 天 前
Serena. Shame on her. Fake Christian.
joephel cabradilla
serena u fu ..... c ... kkkk up cheaters
Mundarra Drew
Mundarra Drew 3 天 前
Bring tears to my eyes 😭😭😭💯💯💯💯💯
mahouachi lina
mahouachi lina 3 天 前
0:37 I love the man near to Naomi he knew that she was hurt so he was supporting her ! RESPECT and to that **** crowd ... Go y'all to the hell williams LOST and Naomi deserved the win !
Jassy Kaye
Jassy Kaye 3 天 前
Praying the aus open finishes with Serena vs Naomi and Naomi wins and the Australian crowd will give her all the credit she deserves!!!!
Jassy Kaye
Jassy Kaye 3 天 前
The people of Japan would never do this if the roles were reversed!!!
Jassy Kaye
Jassy Kaye 3 天 前
M SATAN 3 天 前
i would never ever forgive Serena for fucking up Osaka's moment, fuck u Americans for being an embarrassment....
ricky slingers
ricky slingers 4 天 前
Love how gracious americans are in defeat
lewis frederick
lewis frederick 4 天 前
i can understand why naomi said sorry even though she did not need to .....i never would have ...she is a sweetheart in my opinion ....i give serena some credit for coming to naomis defense ...each of her actions deserves individual criticism or praise ...no exceptions
kineticdeath 5 天 前
that entire crowd should be blacklisted by whatever body governs international tennis, the lot of them should be shamed even more so than serena. Yes serena blew her top and could have played it cooler but that crowd, a bunch of faceless nothings sitting on thier butts in a stadium, are all pathetic
Marcos Lovan
Marcos Lovan 5 天 前
Lol where are all the Serena fans getting their logic? SORE LOSER!
Jack Abbott
Jack Abbott 5 天 前
Love how she didn’t even flinch when that guy stole her $3.8 million cheque 😂
No Return
No Return 5 天 前
what that lady in white dress said is a disgrace to tennis.. wtf
david meng
david meng 5 天 前
Poor Naomi
forever goung
forever goung 6 天 前
serena eres de lo peor...un papelon lo q isiste ...naomi vamos ganan autralia open 2019
APairOfPants 6 天 前
I'd support this humble and mature champion than a multi grand-slam egotistic bitch any day.
Jazmyne Ewing
Jazmyne Ewing 6 天 前
Naomi is a sweetheart wtf. She deserves to be proud and happy. This broke my heart. I like Serena but this made me so angry at her.