[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN

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After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams comforts her as the 20-year old cries amid jeers from the crowd.
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2018年09月 8日

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Richa Singh
Richa Singh 3 小时 前
Naomi apologising for winning is the worst moment a player can get. And afterwards in the press conference Serena says that she was fighting for women rights? Seriously if that's what you've been doing,you wouldn't have ruined the moment for the deserving girl. In the end you showed how you cannot take a defeat and that too in most disrespectful way. So much for feminism literally.
senses78 3 小时 前
Great job Serena! All the racists and sexists who hated you before now have a real reason to hate you. Self destruction mode.
Tuk3chu _
Tuk3chu _ 3 小时 前
Omg this is painful to watch
zlatan ibra
zlatan ibra 3 小时 前
I am naomi's fan now ...americans call themselves educated😂
Joaquin Gonzalo
Joaquin Gonzalo 3 小时 前
Serena Wiliams you disgraceful peice of shit.... this is horrendous..
Tuco Salamanca
Tuco Salamanca 3 小时 前
Serena throws a fit and loses and she’s still getting all the attention. What the hell is wrong with these people??
Cara cara
Cara cara 3 小时 前
I cried for Naomi. It hurt to see her apologizing for winning. Give chance to new generation. Winner will not always be the same. And Katrina and that chairman need to work on their speech. Why would Katrina even say that line. Is not she an educated woman?????
michael yee
michael yee 3 小时 前
Naomi Osaka you did great ,amazingly great...😊😁😀😘
andrew paulson
andrew paulson 3 小时 前
Omg this is heartbreaking
Dhanashree Patil
Dhanashree Patil 3 小时 前
I hate u Serena....😈😈😈such a looser and a bitch
LRFLekk 3 小时 前
Serena is a terrible loser wtf
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz 3 小时 前
Serena Is a good player but a piece of shit brat. She ruined the dream of someone who beat her clean.
Fermin Arce
Fermin Arce 4 小时 前
Serena will forever be the greatest female tennis player in the history of tennis so no biggie she will bounce back and win many more grandslams!!!
You are a fagg0t ph
You are a fagg0t ph 4 小时 前
Woman chated in a tennis winner won becuz shes good and dont cheat got booo for being good cheater gettin all support becuz she cheated nice this world is fucked up
sekseverler derneği
I want to fucking punch every person that were booing there. If i was naomi i would have yelled the shit out of everyone there.But she even apologized for serana's dumb actions...People needs to learn a few things from this champ
Fuck Katrina Adams and FUCK the audience. Its a shame she has to aplogize for winning, its goddamn ridiculous. Where the hell did the sportsmanship go?All respect to Naomi, she desreved it :)
Carlos Escobar
Carlos Escobar 4 小时 前
You can tell Serena felt guilty for this. It's a very awkward situation for the both of them
Remi Cartwright
Remi Cartwright 4 小时 前
Idiocracy is taking over meritocracy
Yoona 4 小时 前
The audience are fucked up
Will. I. Ferrell
Will. I. Ferrell 4 小时 前
Fucking hate the people who are booing, IQ = 50
Vanessa Ruiz
Vanessa Ruiz 4 小时 前
Stupid Williams you lost !!! She played better the rest it doesn’t matter, that was other thing. Stupid audience!!
Zsombor Molnár
Zsombor Molnár 4 小时 前
Fkn Ngr whre😂
kevin aguirre
kevin aguirre 4 小时 前
her team got $3.8 million, she’ll get over this quickly ;D a few good nights out
Calum Dunn
Calum Dunn 4 小时 前
Typical classless yanks
Tony Morales
Tony Morales 4 小时 前
Hope Serena steps on a Lego bare foot...
Tony Morales
Tony Morales 4 小时 前
Look at Serena fucking smiling what a fucking bitch. Naomi deserved her audience! Can you imagine working so hard and training just to lose it because of some cheating self centered cunt?
leisha Rox
leisha Rox 4 小时 前
I was in tears congrats Naomi u deserved to be so much happier ♥️
Aitish Kumar
Aitish Kumar 4 小时 前
Crowd freaking booed at the winner and Serena thinks they are "the best in the world." Now, Naomi deserves a freaking written apology from everyone in there including Serena.
Brian H
Brian H 4 小时 前
what the fuck is wrong with people these days
Luke Passos
Luke Passos 4 小时 前
This is what you extreme sjws are achieving, an endless cycle of revenge, frustration and humiliation. I hope you're all proud.
Ganda Dilli
Ganda Dilli 4 小时 前
*Kate* *Reilly*
Aitish Kumar
Aitish Kumar 4 小时 前
This is just heartbreaking. Are we so much invested in memeing that we completely forgot the essence of hardwork and sportsmanship. It doesn't matter how good of a player Serena may be.Her behaviour in the match was inexcusable. She lost her calm. Broke the racket. (which was most probably more expensive than my current phone and holds a special meaning for a player. I can tell as a badminton player.) And went on to call the Umpire 'thief' for not agreeing with her stupidity. Even if she did not see the hand gestures of the coach, it doesn't matter. What's filmed is what's the truth. Not what she thinks of herself. She should have maintained her composure. Also, anyone who saw the match would see it very easily that Naomi was winning because of HER OWN HARDWORK. It had nothing to do with Serena. Shame on Serena for stealing someone else's hardwork. It's amazing that she then talks about "women's rights." More like "Brat's rights". Naomi deserves that title. Everyone loses at some point. If serena, the crowd and the lady in the white can't understand that, it's their problem. Edit:The question I am going to ask here is just a question out of fascination, not racism. Is this like a cultural thing in USA? That, as long as their own favourites win, it's fine but if someone new comes in, people try to put them down. I have seen this happen on youtube, in Hollywood and now even in sports. Also, we do have such people in our country as well but never heard of THIS hapenning. Again, this is a question out of fascination. No offence intended. Love the States for all the facilities they give. I just get the vibes that people feel a little too much entitled there. You can correct me, if you want to.
Dan Lead
Dan Lead 4 小时 前
Serena is an absolute disgrace as well as that presenter Katrina. They're representing their hosting country and made their fellow Americans look like a bunch of obnoxious spotlight stealing fools. These woman have no chill.
Cartoon's Movies Official
Serena williams is such a grate player, but Naomi played very well thats why she won .
Such a shameful behavior from the people of U.S.A....
Emma Aguila
Emma Aguila 4 小时 前
Serena and everyone else but Naomi are morons wtf...
maitreya gaur
maitreya gaur 4 小时 前
We gona get through this , can I have my half of 1.5 million which you won for ranting and cheating on court.
Rishabh Pandey
Rishabh Pandey 4 小时 前
This is America.Fuckin stupid audience! Serena is the biggest loser
Evgen Khersonets
Evgen Khersonets 4 小时 前
The gods must be crazy
maitreya gaur
maitreya gaur 4 小时 前
Worst audience ever, everybody that day in the crowd should hang their head in shame.
Ilona Bagdasarian
Ilona Bagdasarian 5 小时 前
Naomi is such a sport! So humble and modest . Serena needs to learn
edvdylanfan 5 小时 前
Serena Williams cries racism and sexism in Tennis even though they just crowned a Japanese Woman as the winner of this tournament? Any respect I had for this cunt (Which was not much since I don't care for tennis in the first place and low key expected an SJW side to this hoe in the first place) has vanished
Emrah 5 小时 前
I never really cared about tennis but I'm a Naomi Osaka fan for life now! Let's go champ!
m a
m a 5 小时 前
I haven’t known that American people are like but now I know all. I’m really disappointed. I love you Naomi from Japan!!❤️
Devi Coolen
Devi Coolen 5 小时 前
Naomi is my role model
Kendra Yearick
Kendra Yearick 6 小时 前
The fact that Naomi felt the need to apologize for winning is heartbreaking. She should be on cloud 9 right now. Shame on you audience for taking that moment away from her and making her feel bad for WINNING!
SpaceShammzie 6 小时 前
you Americans have to get you'er s*** straight...an absolute disgrace, grow up!
D Special1 Æ
D Special1 Æ 6 小时 前
This thing piss me off. Why not them give honour to whom it's due and boo the offender for her to take caution. This is why I disliked many things about the US. They over rate their things. Mtswww!
starry S
starry S 7 小时 前
なおみちゃんは本当に正々堂々と戦って勝った。でもアダムス会長もなおみちゃんの表彰式を台無しにした。チャンピオンはなおみちゃんです!チャンピオンの中のチャンピオンはなおみちゃんです‼︎ セリーナは表彰式のブーイングとアダムス会長の言葉で優越感に浸り安心して、なおみちゃんにカッコ良い言葉をかけ「良い人」演じた。バレバレです。最低。
Serena could have still supported her I felt she was kinda shady she could have put a stop to all this negativity towards naomi
vivek patil
vivek patil 7 小时 前
Congrats Japanese Tennis
Miles Christi
Miles Christi 7 小时 前
Serena is a disgusting person. Naomi is a true champion.
galit dol
galit dol 8 小时 前
It is amazing to see the ceremoney and the game that naomi osaka won ths u.s.a open final -- over and over again. She deserve it - There is no question.
Vojislav Mijalkovic
Vojislav Mijalkovic 8 小时 前
Serena Williams is a JOKE!! Should be ASHAMED of herself.
Weesky 8 小时 前
Fxxk americans
Howard Billington
Howard Billington 9 小时 前
All I can think; she deserved better. Just a nice human being who achieved her dream only to be boo'd. I hope she keeps winning and keeps bringing her personality to the sport.
Tiffany Cayce
Tiffany Cayce 9 小时 前
Absolutely horrible how all those ppl acted by booing that poor girl who worked her ass off to get to where she was n beat Serena fair n square. N it is even more disgusting actually beyond disgusting like I don't even think there's a word to describe how disgusted I feel about the lady in white n what she had to say. She should be ashamed of herself FOR REAL! Everyone seems to believe that she won bcuz the referee stole points for sideline coaching. Well guess what Serena's coach later admitted that he was making hand signals to Serena so his warning to her was 100% right. The funny thing is he didn't take any points from Serena for the actual cheating her n her coach was doing he took points for her un-lady-like behavior. She got caught n that is why she got so mad. Ppl don't get that mad about something unless they are guilty. She was mad bcuz she got caught in front of all those ppl in the stands and millions more watching on tv. N instead of just accepting the fact she got caught n moving on she acted like a fucking child n threw a tantrum which cost her the game. So it was her own fault she lost. For all her fans sitting in the stands booing that girl that had nothing to do with Williams downfall ur a bunch of assholes n obviously aren't true sportsmen/women. True sportsmen/woman can accept defeat gracefully! The only thing I can say positive is at least Serena comforted her.
meowmeowgrl 9 小时 前
I don't get why everyone is mad at Serena. Sure, she conducted pretty poor sportsmanship on the court, not going to try to defend her for that, but she is not responsible for the crowd's response. They are all adults. They should be accountable for their own response and anyone who booed Naomi should be ashamed for acting that way towards a young, impressionable player.
sprakle ec
sprakle ec 9 小时 前
Disgusting crowd the Americans are so rude
Maximillian Ford
Maximillian Ford 10 小时 前
Poor Naomi. Deplorable behaviour from the crowd. The only time they cheered her was when she apologised for winning. Let the girl enjoy the moment. And whoever that woman in the white dress is, just shut the fuck up. Put your American bias aside and let the deserved winner enjoy her time in the spotlight. Shocking.
Duncan 10 小时 前
fuck that nigress bitch
Redge Palma
Redge Palma 12 小时 前
People are so fvcking rude nowadays. How can they be that rude?! I don't get it!!
Tru3BLu3 12 小时 前
Shame for shame
Aline Cacchia
Aline Cacchia 12 小时 前
Chairwoman should be ashamed for what she said, williams once again showed her ignorance when she referred to her opponent by saying “she played well” and not referring to her as Naomi. My heart went out to Naomi, williams robbed her of the once in a life time joy of having won her first Grand Slam Final. Shame on Williams for her disgusting conduct.
C.G.Tedjith David
C.G.Tedjith David 12 小时 前
8:00 Humble enough :)
zeno zoldyck
zeno zoldyck 12 小时 前
Fuck that chairwoman n fuck the fans too bunch of assholes
Fuck ur feelings
Fuck ur feelings 13 小时 前
That poor girl was miserable when it should have been the happiest moment of her life, well done Serena u skag.
Win Win
Win Win 14 小时 前
Serena ruined the match with her immature behaviour. It doesn't really help to comfort the winner afterwards. Congratulations to Naomi, I am sure she has many great, happy wins ahead.
The Flamingo
The Flamingo 14 小时 前
Omg the amount of money she got is the amount of subscribers this Acc has
Pritam Kutty
Pritam Kutty 15 小时 前
Well played Naomi.....
Unbox Ecom
Unbox Ecom 15 小时 前
Serena needs to shave her hairy armpits
Harmonix94 15 小时 前
Can I just give her a hug😭😭 she has such a genuine and kind soul...... She should NEVER apologize for something she deserved. YOU GO NAOMI!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
an optimist
an optimist 15 小时 前
This emotional i couldn't hold it😢
anita shirazi
anita shirazi 15 小时 前
No why say sorry she really good
stephanie dora Bush
stephanie dora Bush 15 小时 前
I was very sad to watch Naomi apologize for winning....
pecos lalremsanga
pecos lalremsanga 16 小时 前
Naomi.... On behalf of Asian.. We are so proud of you. And we are gonna proud of you always
Lloyd Banton
Lloyd Banton 16 小时 前
To address Serena Williams 2018 US open final I did not watch the game but I have this to say to Serena Williams let your tennis do the talking and not your mouth, on some occasion your opponent is going to out play you do not let that be a problem to you, the most important thing is you are still playing the game of tennis and there will be lots more opportunity so stop wasting your opportunity to be the best player ever in the woman game of tennis 🎾,Your main gold right now is to beat Margaret Court title, and that will definitely shut up 🤐 all the critics in the media that have a lot to do with how people will perceive you they will never make you forget that Margaret Court is still the best number one woman player ever, It will be very bad to see the statistician use statistic to beat you with if you do not brake Margaret Court title, you really do not want any one to hold that against you it is in your hands all you have to do is put more effort and planning in your tennis final, your opponent do a lot of study 📖 on you they watch video tape of you day and night to find your weakness and your main weakness is your service game falling apart by you some time rushing the game when you need to stay focus, get your service game right and it is impossible for any one to beat you, and do what your opponent do to let them serve first your opponent always want you to serve first so that you can drop your service game so that they can have a very easy game by not holding on to your service game, it is full time now that you turn the table and let them serve first to put them under pressure by attacking there game if you do not really know what they are trying to do is use psychology on you, when you serve first you’re at a disadvantage simply because your body is not fully tune up or insync as yet, for you to get a positive rhythm going the motivation may be there but your have to be in tune to get a feel of how the tennis court is playing, It is to be expected that the people that run and control tennis will tell the umpire to be very strict with you simply because they do not want to see you brake a white person record people still have racist bioses, you should know by now that white people have not change and it was said in the US open tennis 🎾 game that your manager Patrick Mouratoglou was coaching you in the stands, if that is true he should know better by now, he knows that is not allowed in the game, And I really miss seeing your father at your tennis games, he was your coach and your mentor and inspiration. So big up to your father and I do hope that everything is ok 👌 with him. And I cannot understand why have Serena take on a white person mentality Serena you are black and white people will always see you as black, even though you are married to a white man it make no difference what so ever, now you adopt the white people dirty nasty mentality of being very arrogant and you have move far away from your own culture and roots to embrace and adopt another person culture before and one say anything I am a very realistic person, yes I know that we have choices but it is what we do with the choices that we are given that is what define a person of been who they are. It is said that we are living in a white man world, but I begged to differ we are living in Jehovah god world 🌍. so did not the white man came and saw that the earth was here long before he came.
Ball Brother the First
I can’t get over the fact that she did that, serena looked like she was trying to make up for it, but that was just awful to do to someone on their first grand slam
Ogyen Tsering
Ogyen Tsering 18 小时 前
Crowd/Mob mentality/iq is like a 3 year olds kid. Booing one second and literally cheering after another. I want to line those knuckle heads up one by one and slap em on the face for the stupidity.
Tortuosit of Tapiola
Tortuosit of Tapiola 18 小时 前
What a disgrace. Very angry. They stole Naomis success. Thieves.
Yasmine Farah
Yasmine Farah 19 小时 前
SHE DESERVED THE WIN! Even though I am a fam of Serena Williams i am absolutely disgusted and I feel Niaomi with the rightful winner.
Nekaukitty 65
Nekaukitty 65 19 小时 前
Sorry Williams, but you did it to yourself and you're an actual piece of shit for making Osaka for felling bad about beating your arse. Get over yourself. #entitled.
delta force
delta force 19 小时 前
I'm surprised she didn't run off with trophy (Serena )
Nekaukitty 65
Nekaukitty 65 19 小时 前
*breaks racket in rage* "you are a role model".... 😕😕🤔🤔
Kenichi Tanaka
Kenichi Tanaka 20 小时 前
Was this racial discrimination against a Japanese player?
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 20 小时 前
That was just like Hilary and the democrats losing to Trump, lol I bet she is a democrat, that's how they lose.
松本亨 20 小时 前
I was feeling that people of liberty country are fair to all the people. But it was not. It is kind of racism.
KeTal 11 小时 前
I'm not sure if you're replying to me, but I surely was replying back to "Vancouver Sun" who said that he/she visited Japan and that Japan won a trophy for racism but he/she deleted that comment
松本亨 14 小时 前
Thank you for the reply. Yes, of course I know there is racism every where including our country. But I've never saw this kind of performance and the audience in our country. I was surprised because not one or two people, may be half of audience were booing. This is lynch.
KeTal 17 小时 前
Vancouver Sun Oh, how could I have forgetten to mention the white supremacy groups in America. Silly me.
KeTal 17 小时 前
Vancouver Sun Racism is everywhere and Japan is no exception. But to say they won a trophy for racism is laughable. Have you been reading some of the "English" comments here putting Serena down and calling her a gorilla or hating cause she's black? I'm from the US and racism is alive and well in the states. Blacks have been living here for a couple of centuries but why is there still racism here? Al least in Japan you can feel safe in your surroundings whereas in America you have cops shooting at you for being black.
maya salim
maya salim 20 小时 前
Im confuse..the crowd cheering her or booing her...
印象としては 正直な所、彼女は日本人ではない。 日本語が20~30%しか、話せないから。 名前と、国籍に日本が入ってるだけという印象だ 肌の色とかは別に気にならないんだが 話せないというのがとても気がかりなのです
Mosquito 20 小时 前
oh hell nah!!! if that was my daughter i would march my ass up there grab Naomi's hand and the check and bounced out of there.
Carina Parry
Carina Parry 20 小时 前
I shed a tear for Naomi, she deserves the win. Congratulations to her, bless her.
kevin3591 21 小时 前
Black people make me sick
Stacey-Ann Stevens
Stacey-Ann Stevens 21 小时 前
Naomi go I was cheering for you congrats
nabiam cheda
nabiam cheda 21 小时 前
Most pathetic audience ever
nabiam cheda
nabiam cheda 21 小时 前
Serena is an old wack...hertime s over
nabiam cheda
nabiam cheda 21 小时 前
American are sick fck....most sexist n racist mthtfckrs
Kinkar Debbarma
Kinkar Debbarma 21 小时 前
Americans lack sympathy I guess. Seriously 😑 I feel bad for Naomi .. She was so much outshadowed by Serena 😑
TheBloodVodka 22 小时 前
Did Osaka really apologize for winning? I think she won fair and square. Such a strange thing to say. She should be happy.
Dean Turner
Dean Turner 22 小时 前
That was the first and last bit of tennis I will ever watch.
Chinese Bull
Chinese Bull 22 小时 前
I will always boo Williams from now on. Unsportsmanlike idiot! You loser you lost!!!