[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN

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After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams comforts her as the 20-year old cries amid jeers from the crowd.
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2018年09月 8日






评论 29 590
xo. juliee
xo. juliee 19 小时 前
naomi deserved that award after all the hard work. i am beyond proud of her and shame on this crowd who booed her. but at the end of the day she still took home the title AND the trophy so...in their faces. no hate though, i still think serena williams is one of the greatest tennis players but naomi is definitely one of them as well. naomi looks up to serena, and its obvious she has so much respect for her
Miller Travis
Naomi is shy and down to earth.. Congratulation. No worries about that piece of shitty crowd just prove that you will beat Serena next time again..
starfetishable 2 天 前
Empowering each other no matter the outcome 🔥❤️
Christian Torres-Rossi
As an American I have to say that this should not have happened I supported the Williams sister every step of the way. They represent our nation proudly and with grace and decorum. So I don’t understand why she would overreact like that and made a scene like that on her last match. Agassi wasn’t like that maybe the greatest American player ever should learn a thing or two from Agassi
Zoong Art
Zoong Art 5 天 前
she’s soo humble. I just want to go hug her
Zoong Art
Zoong Art 5 天 前
she’s soo humble. I just want to go hug her
Ms Koosma
Ms Koosma 6 天 前
Naomi apologizing for winning. Fans booing her for winning. Even the woman onstage congratulating Serena more than the actual winner. Her biggest moment ruined. Flat out disappointing.
Samusaram M01
Samusaram M01 10 天 前
Fuck usa
BrandonTube6632 10 天 前
I felt so bad for her feeling bad for winning
juggernaut breaker
most classless crowd ever.
Adec 11 天 前
American fans are piece of trash for booing a winner
popular shit
popular shit 13 天 前
As an American, I am very disappointed in my country
Nathan Gonzalez
Nathan Gonzalez 16 天 前
Tennis fans are the worst! Even more so than Patriots fans! Don't apologize Naomi for winning... give that piece of shit crowd the middle finger and go for another!
Jose Osorio
Jose Osorio 16 天 前
she said sorry for winning.... this is crazy, so humble, what a beautiful person
NCT BABE 16 天 前
The crowd was absolutely obnoxious and very biased. They showed no sympathy for Naomi. I feel so bad for Naomi 😔❤️
José Manuel Cervantes
1:42 excuse me WTF
Robbin Davenport
Robbin Davenport 19 天 前
The crowd was bitches.
Robbin Davenport
Robbin Davenport 19 天 前
Where is the respect on Serena and Naomi Name. Period...
bella2019 19 天 前
She should have scolded the audience in a right way
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews 19 天 前
Wow, I didn't expect this from a Tennis crowd. Such a shame to win, and feel nothing but sadness.
kayla bay
kayla bay 19 天 前
Why is serena getting hate?......
Abhay Vijay Mone
Abhay Vijay Mone 19 天 前
worst crowd ever!!!!!! shame!!shame!!! She was being sorry for winning the match!!
Zulvan Zhao
Zulvan Zhao 21 天 前
looking at her mom, it just makes me crying and melting my heart
I am sorry that it ended like this??? Girl you won its your moment you don’t need to apologize at all.
Carly Toomey
Carly Toomey 22 天 前
Serena is the Queeeen when it comes to tennis she always be number 1!!!!!! But this girl Naomi made my heart burst you can tell she worked hard for this so I applaud her and congrats on winning :) the crowd is Discusting honestly should be ashame of yaselfs !!!!
PrincessJada_FBV 22 天 前
Why is there so much hate on Serena? She told them to stop hating
Wangmu 23 天 前
Naomi all salute to u👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Arya Ng
Arya Ng 23 天 前
I think they booing to the umpire.
Chelssums 23 天 前
Naomi was only 20 when this happened. She basically just came out of her delicate teenage years and to be in that situation requires so much strength
golderp 24 天 前
Back *Black* stabbers.
nataliic 24 天 前
She’s so precious!!! 😖😖
Von Erase
Von Erase 24 天 前
What is it with Americano crowds
Jasmine 123
Jasmine 123 24 天 前
Why was the crowd booing for the naomi? someone please exblain
Kaylees Quiñones
She did look happy at all that she won
Kaylees Quiñones
Sunflower Seed
Sunflower Seed 25 天 前
Jess Z
Jess Z 26 天 前
Serena acting like she's wanting this to be Naomi's moment and yet as soon as the awards are opened she's standing there with the attitude pose over the announcer as her fans boo in support. wtf lol.
Loupis 26 天 前
3.8 million dollars jeeeeeez
fruitoson 27 天 前
naomi is so mature and gracious i’m actually crying
sanamo86 28 天 前
Serena pathetic side huggging Naomi after pumping up the crowd to booing. Like a true bully, who gets their minions to throw the punches, never directly hits. Then when ur standing their with the cuts & bruises and the headmaster brings the bully, and the bully says "i didnt punch anyone, if my friends hate her/him I cant help it",
Naomi won against a man...she is the greatest tennis player ever...
de Bunnies
de Bunnies 个月 前
Ah typical american, lol
Dila Gebre
Dila Gebre 个月 前
So fucked Up
Allison Marie
Allison Marie 个月 前
Disgraceful 🙄
TypeSly 个月 前
Never thought I'd have watery eyes watching a tennis trophy ceremony.
Paris Alanah
Paris Alanah 个月 前
Serena Is so beautiful 😩😍
Unicorn DIY
Unicorn DIY 个月 前
when she said sorry for winning I burst into tears
Unicorn DIY
Unicorn DIY 个月 前
honestly I couldn’t even watch this
Da Gi
Da Gi 个月 前
Gracefulness humbleness class and respect. Core differences between black and japanese people. Serena was immature selfish and emotional. Naomi Osaka congratulations ! You were superior in every aspect. P.S I am black
Jaysin5506 个月 前
KYS 个月 前
She’s so cute, nice and respectful. Such Japanese behavior ❣️ she deserves the win.
zico zico
zico zico 个月 前
Naomi is kind because that's how Haitians are not only japanese
Brosse 个月 前
She robbed Serena of a beautiful moment. Osaka is terrible.
Fanny Craddock
Fanny Craddock 个月 前
they weren't booing Naomi....Serena is an incredible sports woman.....and Naomi a deserving winner...
olem 个月 前
While the booing might be directed at someone else, that doesn't even matter. When you achieve your dream and not only play against, but actually beat your idol, only for an entire stadium to boo, then yes, that is disgusting behaviour and the booing against her, no matter the intention. Serena massive ego and lack of sportsmanship made this all about her, and yet the crowd manages to be even worse in how they act. They made New York look like a city of assholes that day.
mingoy butterfield
Had they left SiSi alone Naomi would have lost . Let’s put that out there.... buy still sad for both parties to have to go through this.
mingoy butterfield
No Return ..... 👌 😂😂
Warri Garian
Warri Garian 个月 前
she's such cutey chick i love her
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones 个月 前
Serena is the most graceful competitor I have had to pleasure to watch in my entire life.
Mason Vasquez
Mason Vasquez 个月 前
Naomi shouldn’t have to apologize. She worked her ass off just as hard as Serena did to win the title.
I. Candice Moore
I. Candice Moore 个月 前
I hate she apologized!
I. Candice Moore
I. Candice Moore 个月 前
Hate they booed!!!!
Castasia Thomas
Castasia Thomas 个月 前
Why are they booing? Is it because Serena didn’t win?
olem 个月 前
Because they're cunts.
Marquise Scott
Marquise Scott 个月 前
Serena is such a class act. The greatest of all time
“Perhaps this is not the finish we were all looking for today”, how awful to say that.
No Return
No Return 个月 前
Anndre'a Rankin
Anndre'a Rankin 个月 前
That is soooo Disrespectful. Poor Naomi!😥
Jon Hendrickson
Jon Hendrickson 个月 前
Go away for good Serena. You’re an absolute disgrace
black mamba 33
black mamba 33 个月 前
The fact that they keep not acknowledging her Haitian side. She is not 100% Japaness.....but congrats Naomi 😁😁😁. She deserves this win!
Tifi Teletolio
Tifi Teletolio 个月 前
Naomi I am big fan of you I watch on your CNvid video go girl win another gs in Paris open I will be watching good luck .. from new Zealand
Alan Samuel
Alan Samuel 个月 前
What the hell is she saying at 1:42 ?
Ash_Ling Medivac
Ash_Ling Medivac 个月 前
taylor swift kanye west moment....fuck you serena
Dries Analog
Dries Analog 个月 前
how low can you go? well here it is. a disgrace for tennis. they behave like losing democrats.
Dries Analog
Dries Analog 个月 前
williams should be banned.
Taank Jhank
Taank Jhank 个月 前
Love you #Naomi osaka ❤️❤️
PaulyGTv 个月 前
Imagine winning fair and square against some oversized cry baby, bad sport, and getting booed for it....pathetic, she lost, she isn't that great if she fucking lost. THAT SIMPLE, Naomi is just a better sport too...ridiculous. Nothing sportsman like here. BUNCH OF LOSERS.
Redskins win win
Redskins win win 个月 前
steroids should of been banned for a year by the WTA for that outburst and fined $ 200,000
bd3n21 个月 前
Milo The Cat
Milo The Cat 个月 前
Serena Williams sucks
Irene GL
Irene GL 个月 前
Stupid audience
L A 个月 前
I got so pissed when she apologized for winning...thats just sad.
ashvanee prabhudial
Based on what I’ve seen of Naomi Osaka she is one of the most sweet & passionate girls. She loves tennis’s and just wants to do her best and I get that people think Serena is the goat but the fact that this girl achieved her life long dream and won the Title yet has to actually fucking apologize because everyone is upset she won is disgusting the look on her face when they boo and she pulls her cap to cover her face and you see the tear rolling down her cheek is heartbreaking, its a shame because she looked so disappointed. But Im a fan of her and I know Naomi has a bright future ahead.
RGG 717
RGG 717 个月 前
It's the sore loser serena, the black pac-man
Nein zu Korruption
this is so bad. i hope that naomi beats a lot of american tennis players really really hard. so unfair. well done naomi.
Synapse Collapse
Synapse Collapse 个月 前
Great seeing Serena comfort that girl. What a Class Act. Can't say the same for that crowd though.
JennyMia 个月 前
the only ones cashing in on all that drama?! N I K E. thank you Serena.
Spencer Gull
Spencer Gull 个月 前
Serena started playing like garbage, she got shook up and started acting unprofessional and lipping off an umpire. Thats what lost her the match. Not the umpire. And to call it sexist and racist, is so unprofessional and untrue. Serena has a history of threatening and abusing refs/umpires verbally. Act unprofessional, get penalized. This has happened to men more than women in the sport of tennis. (im not a tennis fan, i hate tennis. But a quick google search, and I found all the information I needed to form my option of serena. and she is a cry baby)
Jamie Enge
Jamie Enge 个月 前
Serena literally ruined what should have been the best moment for her.
Rachael Eng
Rachael Eng 个月 前
Naomi trained hard. Why the crowd feel she did not deserve a winning ? The audience want to watch a game, a new Tennis Star is Born or just wish their legend to win? If Federer lost in a game the crowd won't do the same. Tennis should be a elegant sport with high quality audience
Shaar Lahat
Shaar Lahat 个月 前
Serena was smirking and smiling the whole time while she was being booed. She felt it was her win and the negativity was her consolation prize. Very selfish. But that type of person is a child. They should have separated them both and given them their trophies at separate times during the moment so the crowd had no power. Watch Serena Williams face during the entire ceremony. She got a sense of satisfaction from the whole thing.
Alec S
Alec S 个月 前
Has anyone forgotten that Serena lost / defaulted in the '09 US Open for threatening a line judge.
Guess You
Guess You 个月 前
Naomi Osaka is the first japanese to win ... and her mom was right there watching But Naomi had to apologize for wining because the crowd was booing her because they wanted Serena William to win? These audiences are so rude and disrespectful (it’s just so sad to watch)
Hannah Lewis
Hannah Lewis 个月 前
OOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGG!!!!! That little girl that handed out the trophy was a girl I played!!!!!!
Chubby G
Chubby G 个月 前
Serena is an egotistical ape
Hyper Delirium
Hyper Delirium 个月 前
Serena Williams should be ashamed with her behavior. Cheating, unsportsmanlike attitude, sexism towards men, overall toxic behavior, and making her opponent feel worthless. Her interviews after the event were all petting Serena on the head telling her it will be okay and she is great. Naomi is 10x the player Serena will ever be, and i can tell from the trophy ceremony alone. I'm embarrassed that American audience treated Naomi like that during the ceremony, and i can see why there is resentment towards our country because of the nutters who act this way.
Gwayne-樣/-sama Anime On Piano Easy
Aditya Kiran
Aditya Kiran 个月 前
Yuko 个月 前
A great champion knows how to be a good loser. S. Williams proved that she was not. She had zero grace. The crowd here could not even see how everything was so unfair to Naomi. I felt really bad for her through out the match. This was the worst tennis final I had ever seen. Ridiculous.
Wungreiso Kashung
Tennis fans have a reputation of good etiquette. What happened with this lot.. Congrats Naomi Osaka..
TriciaSham 个月 前
"Perhaps it's not the finish we were looking for today..." What is that even supposed to mean?? I am beyond ashamed of the mindsets of not only the crowd but also some of the people on that stage.
Repanglangba jamir
Worst crowd ever!
Kori Rin
Kori Rin 个月 前
Naomi chan! Omg i want hug her! She is so cute T.T Fcking american cancers 👎 (dont worry, i know not all of american are like this...) Congratulation Naomi♡ にほん おめでとう ございます なおみ さいこう です
Foxy Johnston
Foxy Johnston 个月 前
Oh my god. Never watched the ceremony before... OH MY GOD! Got the girl apologising for winning??? Absolutely disgusting! And Serenas attempt at praising her and asking the crowd to stop boo’ing ‘now’ is VILE! Girl was amazing!!
Foxy Johnston
Foxy Johnston 个月 前
Cried watching this...
András R
András R 2 个月 前
Fucking williams!
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